tagBDSMHappy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Finally, the day has arrived that I can take down the tree and store it in the garage for another year. With a grinch-like grin on my face, I climb the ladder and hoist the artificial tree onto the highest shelf in the garage. Feeling a rather warm glow at last, the holiday bustle over I step gingerly onto the cold floor of the garage and feel arms grabbing around my waist.

Gasping in a cold breath, shivering at the unexpected touch, I can feel hot wet breath grazing my ear. Stiffening, I brace my feet and start to pull out of the unsolicited embrace, to see who has snuck up on me.

A growl of warning in my ear startles me into fear frozen limbs, I cannot move. The growl is tinged with danger, lust and I can feel the arousal of my attacker through the thin pajama pants. Realizing that I am not dressed for this cold temperature in the unheated garage, a shiver sets in, my whole body trembling.

The arm holding me rigidly in place tightens and I feel myself propelled backwards towards the open door. I whimper as I hear the rumble of the door closing, the solid thunk as it hits the floor and the rattle of the chain as I am locked inside with the intruder.

A length of caution tape is looped over my eyes, effectively cutting out all light and my hands are tied together behind my back. My breasts jutting forward, parting my unzipped jacket and thrusting at the fabric of my pajama top.

The cold seeping up through the soles of my sneakers, cold air swirling around my ankles, my teeth chattering as I shake, unsure if from the cold or the icy bands of fear that tighten my chest, make my breath a solid thing, fighting to take air into my lungs.

He carries me into the rear of the garage, where the tools are kept and I am dumped into a chair. I concentrate on breathing, just breathing, bringing my panic into a controlled state, filling my lungs, bracing my feet on the floor, trying to orient my body, decide where the exit is.

The sounds of him moving in the small space fill my ears, and I start to recognize the familiar pinging of the electric heater, at least I will not freeze. My arms are pulled up and untied, then retied above my head, and the rumbling of the chain falls brings a new panic to my breathing, I twist and turn, my body lifted from the chair, the sound of it scraping the floor as it is pushed away and I am suspended on tiptoe, swaying by my stretched arms.

His lips descend on mine, sealing his body to mine, he pushes my lips apart with his tongue and searches in my mouth, his wet hard tongue invading my dry mouth, lubricating it with his saliva. I gasp and he blows breath into my lungs, til I feel about to burst, chest aching as it expands, my nipples tingling and swelling, mistaking the kiss for passion. Traitorous body responding at some animal level to this ravaging kiss.

The heat rising, giving a slight flush to the exposed flesh of my belly, shirt rising with my upstretched arms, a pale swath of quivering flesh exposed. Soft wet lips tracing a liquid fire across that strip of flesh, muscles rippling as my hips twist, pushing closer to the source, hot breath further heating my wet skin.

Thumbs hooking the waistband of my pajama pants, feeling them slide down my legs, puddling at my feet. Tangled pants, I feel my sneakers pulled off, cold feet grazing the floor, pants removed and my legs spread. A bar tied between my ankles, holding them spread, my feet clearing the floor, suspended from my wrists, aching wrists, making me whimper. The cold feel of something at my pussy lips, spreading them, pushing into my wet pussy, then thrusting upwards, taking the strain off my wrists, but my body weight almost completely resting on the phallus shoved deep inside me, braced on the floor.

Too shocked to do more than whimper, my covered eyes crying in frustration, the sound of a power tool turning on, it presses to my mound, vibrating my clit. Strong vibrations, feels like the palm sander, making my clit swell and buck, pussy dripping thick liquid, every twist of my body driving the huge hard phallus against the pulsating walls of my pussy.

The cold steel of a blade on my belly, sound of tearing fabric as my pajama top is ripped open, exposing my heaving breasts, jutting nipples, clearly evident of the excitement my body takes from this rape of my pussy.

My nipples pinched and tweaked, the hard peaks swelling, the feel of cold rubber and the ratcheting sound of the clamps as they are attached to my nipples. Screaming at last, giving voice to the atrocities, he chuckles as he tightens them more, until I am afraid my throbbing nubs will pop right off my chest.

My spread legs are attached to the chain falls and pulled up...veeing my body, the pressure taken off my pussy momentarily and then the blindfold removed. Blinking in the light, I see that the object in my pussy is attached to a rod that is clamped to the bar holding my legs parted. Every movement makes it dance inside me...and then I feel myself moving, lower, the ceiling recedes.

His hands part my ass cheeks and the cool liquid drizzles over me, he spreads it on my ass, and pushes his finger inside, spreading the lube...then the ratcheting sound of chain falls, the scraping of the chair, he positions himself, comfortably seated under my tethered body, and as I go lower, the feel of his cock rubbing along my slippery ass crack, then, with a sudden ratcheting, I am lowered enough, his hands gripping my hips as his cock slices up into my ass, fully embedded in one slick thrust. The tightness painful, my ass spasming on his thick cock, my scream high and long as my body drops onto his cock, I can only stare at the pole stretched between my ankles, the rod fastened to the pole, my pussy stuffed full of artificial cock as the real cock throbs in my ass.

He groans in my ear, biting my lobe, tearing painfully into tender flesh. He nibbles my throat as his hips lift up, driving deeper in my ass. The feel of the sander pushed to my clit, his cock ripping open my ass and the hard phallus in my pussy, he reaches to release the clamps from my numbed nipples and the pain rips through me. Screaming, I twist and turn, only serving to drive onto his cock, his breath whistling from his mouth, so close to my ear carries the pure lustful nature of his attack, my screams and the shaking of my body turning him on even more.

With an anguished cry, I cum, screaming, my clit exploding from the powerful vibrations, my greedy wanton body ignoring the viciousness of the attack and turning every feeling into pleasurable lustful release.

As I gasp for air...shuddering all over, his whispered words in my ear, simultaneous with his scream of orgasm, the hot rush of his essence filling my ass, I realize that this is no rape. The warm fuzzy feelings replace the cold fear as I cum again, twisting on my lovers cock, milking his seed from him. Relishing his ragged breathing and whispering of soft mushy words. Between gasping breaths, I whisper, "You're early!"

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