tagIncest/TabooHappy Nude Day Ch. 05

Happy Nude Day Ch. 05


"Fucking incredible," said Jason under his breath. "Why don't you just take Daddy's cock in your mouth like you did with Michael's cock and suck him off, too, while you're at it?"

"I can't believe you, Jason. You're such an asshole," said Susan leering at him.

"You had Michael's cock in your mouth? You sucked off Michael? I can't believe it," said her father.

"I wish," said Michael under his breath and low enough for no one to hear.

"Yes, I did, Daddy," she said shooting her brother a sour look before looking up so innocently at her father. "I had his big, hairy cock in my mouth, but I didn't suck him off," she said while mouthing the words, sorry, to Michael.

"Oh, my God, Susan," said her father

"Although, now that I think of it, he may have oozed a bit of pre-cum on my tongue in the way that you accidentally oozed pre-cum on mine and Vivian's tummies when we hugged and squeezed you a little too hard. He didn't cum in my mouth or anything like that, though, no way. Besides, as you know, that's not what Nude Day is about, Daddy. It was just a non-sexual demonstration for Jason's benefit."

"I don't understand. Why did you have Michael's cock in your mouth, then," said her father giving Michael a curious look.

"It was all Jason's fault, Daddy," she said, as if shooting him with a handgun in the way that she pointed a finger of accusation at her brother.

"Jason! What is wrong with you? What the Hell did you do to make your sister put Michael's cock in her mouth? How dare you make your sister do something as vile and disgusting as that?"

"Damn, there are worse things in this world than she could have done than sucking my cock," said Michael.

"I'm sorry, Michael," said Jason's Dad. "I didn't mean that they way it sounded."

"Dad, chill. Are you serious?" He looked at his father. "I don't believe this. I'm dreaming. This isn't real. It can't be. This is surreal."


"Yes, Baby Doll. What is it?"

"I was innocently," she said looking at her brother, "using Michael to demonstrate sexual versus non-sexual conditions to help make Jason understand the difference between the two. Unfortunately, for him to make that comment, he still doesn't get it," she said shrugging her shoulders and shooting Jason another bitter look.

"You've tried your best, Honey," said her father.

"Really, Daddy, I don't know what else to do to help him understand. I was only trying to help him, Daddy. I was only trying to be a good sister to him," she said hiding her face in her hands while feigning a tear. "And now I did a bad thing by taking Michael's cock in my mouth.

"You didn't do a bad thing," he said leaning down to hug his daughter. "You did a good thing by taking Michael's cock in your mouth and trying to help your brother understand better about sex.

"I'm sorry, Daddy.

"Now, see what you've gone and done, Jason. You made her cry."

"Crocodiles don't cry, Dad."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, Daddy," he said mimicking his sister's voice.

"Well, I don't know what else we can do to make him understand that National Nude Day is a non-sexual holiday either. Unfortunately, I think my son is," he paused while turning to give his son a look of disappointment. "I think my son has a seriously twisted outlook about sex. I think he may be perverted."

"Oh, my God," said Susan. "I can't believe my baby brother is a pervert," she said sticking out her tongue at him when her father wasn't looking.

"Gees, Dad, are you kidding me? Me? Peverted? I'm the only normal one in this nuthouse of sexual deviants including you for fingering your daughter and her hot girlfriend on the pretense of checking the smoothness of their waxed pussies."

"That's enough out of you, Jason," said his father.

"Really, Dad, c'mon, that's so lame, Nude Day or not you've been lusting over Susan and her friend for years. I've seen the way you look at them with lust in your eyes. I've seen the way you stare at their thongs and at their hot bodies when they pranced around you in their tiny bikinis. You've been waiting for your chance to see them naked and to get a feel of their hot, young, firm and voluptuous bodies."

"Block your ears, Honey," said her father covering her ears with his hands. "Don't listen to him. Shameless sexual perversion has demented his mind."

When comforting Susan, he stood so close to his kneeling daughter's face and lips with his dangling cock that if she yawned his cock would surely have fallen in her mouth. Unfortunately, up early to help her mother with the holiday arrangements and tired from the activities of the day, thus far, she yawned.

"Oops, sorry, Honey, I didn't mean for my cock to fall in your mouth like that."

"That's okay, Daddy. I'm used to it. When having my pussy waxed by Paul, the owner of the salon, he accidentally kept sticking his erect cock in my mouth every time I screamed out in pain. I was so embarrassed for him, as I am for you, now. He was just trying to be nice by participating in the Nude Day celebration, but between being naked and seeing me naked while waxing my pussy, it was too much for him apparently."

"Uhm, yes, definitely, without a doubt, it was embarrassing, yes, very embarrassing for me to have accidentally inserted my cock in your mouth when you yawned. I'm sorry."

"That's okay, but since you've already just had your cock in my mouth, let me try it with you, Daddy."

"What do you mean try it with me? Try what with me?"

Susan lifted her hand to her mouth moving it back and forth, as if she was giving some lucky guy a blowjob. The motion of which made Jason's, Michael's, and her father's cock involuntarily throb and twinge with lustful desire for Susan's mouth.

"Do you mean that you want me to stick my cock in your mouth? Do you want to blow me? Is that what you mean, Susan?"

"Yes, Daddy, I mean, no, Daddy," said Susan. "It's not a blowjob or anything like that, Daddy. It's just like what I did with Michael. It's just for demonstration purposes only used in principle to help make Jason understand."

(Caution: Disclaimer. Unless you are intent upon sex and giving or receiving a blowjob, no one reading this story should ever try taking a cock in their mouth for demonstration purposes at home. This is strictly for demonstration purposes and for Literotica professionals only.)

"Gees, I don't know, Susan. I mean, even though this is National Nude Day, a non-sexual holiday, even though you practically gave Michael a blowjob, and even though you are kneeling naked before me now and I am standing naked before you with my cock so close to your lips, we may be crossing the line between decency and incest a little bit here, that is, if I went ahead and allowed you to put my cock in your mouth."

"Do you really think so, Dad," said Jason throwing up his arms in exasperation. "This is unbelievable."

"Quiet you little pervert," said Susan. "No one can go by anything you say because you're sexually twisted," she said wringing her hands as if she was wringing his neck. "Everything you say and do is suspect of perversion and deviant behavior."

In a Kodak moment, her father looked lovingly at his beautiful daughter poised on her knees while looking up at her Daddy with her big, baby blue eyes and neatly fashioned short, blonde hair. Gently, he stroked back some hair that had sexily fallen across her eye.

"Please Daddy? I want to do this for my poor brother."

"I don't know, Susan. Let me think about it. Okay?"

"Okay, Daddy. Take your time. There's no rush."

The Jeopardy clock hardly started ticking when he responded to his daughter's question.

"Well, after long and thoughtful consideration, I'm giving you my consent to continue with your demonstration and to take my cock in your mouth."

"You call fifteen seconds a long and thoughtful enough amount of time to consider an appropriate excuse to have your daughter blow you; I mean to respond with your permission to have your daughter demonstrate on you by inserting your cock in her mouth. Oh, brother. This is too much."

"Believe me, Jason; I'm doing this for you and not for me. This is my sacrifice to you in hopes that you will finally understand the difference between sexual and non-sexual and realize that National Nude Day is not about sex at all."

"Just as I am so proud to have such a wonderful daughter, you are lucky, Jason, to have such a sensitive and giving sister who loves you so much, as to demonstrate this act of kindness and self-sacrifice for you by taking my cock in her mouth."

"Give me a break. You two are piling it on thick. Just do it and get it over with, please and blow Daddy already."

"There's nothing sexual about me taking Daddy's big, hairy cock in my mouth," she said looking up at her baby brother. "This is just for demonstration purposes only. It's not like Daddy's going to lose control, put his hand around the back of my head, fuck my mouth with his hips while fondling my delightful A cup tits, cum in my mouth, and expect me to swallow his cum like all the other men I have experienced."

"Yeah, okay, Susan, if you tell yourself that enough, you'll believe it, too."

"Other men? What other men? How many other men have you experienced, Susan? And what do you mean by experienced? I thought you were a virgin. I thought you were saving yourself for the right man and for that one special someone."

Susan looked to Vivian, her secret lesbian lover, and winked and blew her a secret kiss without Jason or her father seeing her.

"Never mind Daddy. Wipe what I just said from your mind. Forget that I ever mention other men. You are the only man in my life, Daddy."

"If you have a telephone book handy and a few hours, Daddio, I can give you the names of all the other men."

"What's that supposed to mean, Jason? Just what are you implying?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to call someone."

"She's right, Jason. We'll just do this one demonstration to finally prove to you for once and for all that there is nothing sexual about National Nude Day."

"This ought to be good, but please don't do it for my benefit," said Jason looking like he was going to vomit.

"Now, pay close attention to your sister, Jason. We're only trying to help you understand the significance of this National Nude Day holiday. Now, watch closely what she does."

"Gees, you guys could make a million bucks selling this online as porn. Daddy fucks daughter's mouth with his big, hairy cock just for demonstration purposes."


"Jason, enough!" He looked down at his dear daughter. "Please continue with your demonstration, Susan."

"Okay, Jason, now if I did this to Daddy's cock," she said wrapping her little hand around his big cock and stroking him while looking up at her brother, "then that would be a sexual thing. See? Watch me stroke Daddy's cock. Are you watching me?"

Unbeknownst to her father but aware to Jason, Susan, a highly lusted over, I mean, a highly regarded college cheerleader was the hand job and blowjob queen of the football team. Every member of the squad had used her to celebrate with after winning against the opposing team. With that motivation in mind and knowing that Susan would make for a winning celebration sexually special, her college football team went undefeated in all four years that she was on the squad, something they had never done in the collegiate history of the school.

"Yes, Susan, I can't help but watch you stroke Daddy's cock. Watching you give him a hand job makes me wish that you had your hand wrapped around my stiff prick and were giving me a hand job, too."

"By all the snide remarks that he's making Daddy, he's still not getting it."

Balancing herself on her knees in front of her father, she looked up at her brother before looking up at her father. She stroked her father's cock longer and faster than she did Michael's cock trying to prove her point with her hand and by giving her father a sexual hand job instead of non-sexual touching. Jason watched his father's cock grow, stiffen, and come alive in his daughter's hand. Michael already had an erection watching Susan give her father a hand job; I mean, demonstrate on her father.

"Yes, I understand the difference between sexual and non-sexual just as I understand the difference between incestuous sex, immoral behavior, and jail time."

"Stop with the disrespectful jokes, Jason, and watch your sister play with, I mean demonstrate with my cock."

"Did you see how Daddy immediately got a huge erection with me giving him a sexual hand job?"

"Yes, Susan, I did," said Jason looking like he was about to vomit. "That was amazing. You are quite the little vixen and very skilled with getting and giving erections. You should be proud of yourself. Rah, rah, shish, boom, ba."

"Daddy, tell him to stop with his hurtful comments. He makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. He makes me feel dirty."

"No, Baby Doll," he said touching her cheek. "You're not a dirty girl nor are you doing anything wrong. You're Daddy's little girl," he said humming the lyrics to the song before venting his anger and sexual frustration on his son. "Jason, just stay quiet while watching your sister's demonstration."

"Gees, Daddy, you really do have a big prick. I had no idea," said his daughter. "It's massive. I can barely close my fingers around it. Mom is a lucky woman," she said looking up at her father and batting her eyelashes.

"Thank you, Honey. Yeah, I've had your mother moaning more than a few times with my big cock in her pussy, in her mouth, and/or up her ass."

"Eww, Dad, what the fuck? Why do I suddenly hear banjo music and see hillbillies lined up with farm animals waiting for Susan to explain the definition between sexual and non-sexual and you selling tickets to the event."

"Daddy! Tell him to stop. It's hard for me to concentrate on your cock if he keeps making more hurtful remarks."

"Stop Jason and pay close attention to what your sister is doing."

"See? When she gave me that erection, that was sexual," said Jason's father looking over at his son and smiling while his daughter was still on her knees jerking him off.

"I think you're hard enough for the real demonstration, Daddy. I'm ready to take your cock in my mouth now."

"Continue, then, Susan...for the sake of your beloved brother's education."

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To be continued...

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