tagIncest/TabooHappy Nude Day Ch. 06

Happy Nude Day Ch. 06


"I think you're hard enough for the real demonstration, Daddy," said his daughter. She reached for her purse and pulled out her lipstick. "I just need to apply some lipstick first. I do this every time I give a, I mean, my lips a bit dry." She applied a thick coating of bright red lipstick. "I'm ready to take your cock in my mouth now, Daddy."

"Lipstick on the old dipstick," whispered Jason to Michael.

"I'd fix her dry lip problem with some of my especially formulated white cream, eau de Michael," whispered Michael to his friend.

"Yeah, in your case, your spunk is more like toilet water than toilette water."

"Very funny."

"Shh... Pay attention, Jason. We are doing this for your benefit, after all. Continue, then, Susan...for the sake of your beloved brother's education."

"Okay," she said making herself more comfortable on her knees by removing a small pillow from the sofa and placing it beneath and in between her thighs.

In the way she hugged that pillow between her legs with the hard edge of the fabric in close proximity to her pussy and in constant contact with her clit, she appeared like she was getting ready to get herself off while she sucked her father's cock. Watching her deft placement of the pillow, Jason wondered if she had done this before with this particular pillow while watching late night television. He watched her thighs move in and out and forward and back, as if she was a grasshopper getting ready to jump or a cricket getting ready to sing its nightly song. He could tell from the erectness of her nipples that she was already sexually stimulating herself with the secretive movement of the pillow.

"Are you sure you're comfortable, Susan? Do you want another pillow," said Jason seeing the pillow stuffed deep between her legs and knowing full well what she was doing with her leg motion.

"No, I'm quite comfortable, thank you," she said giving him a quick look and even a quicker smile.

"Now," she said looking up at and directing her conversation to her brother. "If I took Daddy's big cock in my mouth," she said stroking her father's cock. "As I did with Michael's cock and if I sucked Daddy's cock deep in my mouth while slowly stroking it and licking the length of it with my tongue and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, then normally that would be a sexual thing. Yet, since this is a demonstration, it's not."

"So, let me see if I understand. What you are doing now by stroking his cock and maintaining his erection and giving him a blowjob later is non-sexual," said Jason playing the fool. "I mean, because this isn't for real, it's just a demonstration of a sexual thing."

"Yes silly," she said. "If this was for real, then in essence I'd be giving Daddy a hand job and a blowjob and everyone knows that's a sexual thing. God, I'd never do that, no way. I'd never jerk off or blow my father. What kind of daughter do you think I am? I'm not into incest, that's for sure. That's disgusting," she said while still slowly stroking her father's cock and looking up at her brother. "Do you understand, Jason?"

"Really? You're kidding, right? I mean, yeah, I think I do." Jason turned his head, rolled his eyes, and let out a big sigh. "I mean, I think I'm getting the idea between what's sexual and what's non-sexual by your unselfish demonstration." He winked at Michael who was trying to conceal a laugh. "It's all so very confusing."

"Maybe, you should show him what you mean, Honey," said her father a bit short of breath. "He still has a confused look on his face."

"It's not a look of confusion, Dad," he said under his breath to Michael. "It's more the look of horror. I don't know which is worse, Susan blowing you or you allowing her to blow you?"

"Shh," said Susan shooting him a dirty look. Involved in giving and receiving a blowjob, they no longer paid attention to what he was whispering about with his friend.

"Nonetheless, it's important that he understand the difference between sexual touching and non-sexual touching, which is something that I should have explained to him years ago, otherwise, once he gets out of college and gets a job, he'll have all kinds of sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him for inappropriate touching."

"Like the one your young, hot secretary filed against you, Dad for exposing yourself to her?"

"What? Oh, that. No, that was, uhm, just a case of he said, she said and the company, uhm, settled out of court for an undisclosed amount without accepting any wrongdoing."

"Then, why did they fire you?"

"Oh, no, uhm, they didn't fire me. I, uhm, resigned."

"I saw a guy on the sex registry list that looks exactly like you."

"Gees, Jason, don't they teach you anything at college? Everyone has a twin."

"Yeah, okay, Dad."

"C'mon, Jason, I'm trying to show you something here and at least show some courtesy and your appreciation by paying attention."

"Thanks Dad, you're a saint for helping me out with this," said Jason with his sarcasm no longer heard or missed completely by his father and sister who were focused on something else. "I don't know what I'd do without my perverted Dad and my slutty sister," he whispered to Michael.

"You're welcome, Son. It was my fault for not sitting you down and explaining about the birds and bees long ago." His father looked at Jason and smiled before addressing his comment to his daughter. "Maybe after you're done with your demonstration on me, Susan, you can demonstrate on your brother by taking his cock in your mouth, too."

"Sure, I can do that, Daddy. It will be my pleasure to take my brother's cock in my mouth for the purposes of a non-sexual demonstration."

"Gross. Please don't," said Jason taking a step back.

"Okay," she said, "if you'd rather not. I'm only trying to help you."

"Even though you used me to demonstrate on before," said Michael already beginning to get an erection, "I don't mind sacrificing myself and my cock again for another demonstration to help my friend."

"Shh," said Susan, Vivian, Jason, and his father at the same time.

Jason couldn't believe it when Susan finally leaned down and took her father in her mouth. He watched his sister slowly consume her father's cock deeper and deeper in her mouth. Licking the length of it, she swirled her tongue around the head of his big prick while stroking him faster with her hand. With all the practice she has had in her four years of college as an Art Major, she was quite skilled at the art of giving a blowjob. Truly, she was an artist, who was in actuality, an artist.

She licked his big banana like a giant, orange Popsicle and so much like a woman who had been in the desert without water too long would have engulfed and consumed. Watching her work her magic on her father's cock, it was no wonder her college football team had won every game hoping to reap the reward of Susan's sexual team spirit once the game ended. She made him want to play football, suddenly. Definitely, his sister could and should turn pro. The Patriots could have used her to win the Super Bowl last year.

Touchdown, he thought, as he watched his sister ever so gently cup and massage her father's balls while sucking him as she stroked him. Ever so delicate with his balls, she was more forceful with his cock. Never had he watched a woman alternate the motion by changing hands from cock to balls and back again while stroking him. Certainly, she was ambidextrous and in the way that she worked on his cock with either hand, had he not known she was right handed, he could never tell from this non-sexual display.

His father closed his eyes and put his head back while breathing quicker and a bit more swallow. Susan, a good and obedient daughter and intent on helping her brother understand the difference between sexual and non-sexual activities by sucking Daddy's cock, so that he would have a genuine appreciation for Nude Day being a non-sexual holiday, was doing a good job demonstrating just the opposite, unfortunately. Only, in her exuberance to demonstrate non-sexual behavior on her father, she skillful worked her magic with her willing mouth and talented tongue all too well on dear, old, eternally horny Dad, turning the non-sexual demonstration to a sexual exhibition.

It was then that he put a hand around the back of his daughter's head and fingered her blonde hair while humping her mouth and ruby red, lipstick covered lips with his hips. It was then that Susan started making those cocksucking sounds that all we men love to hear when we are receiving a blowjob from our lovers or, in this case, daughter. Those sounds make us feel that the women love giving us a blowjob.

With her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide and her red lips exerting the correct amount of pressure around her father's stiff prick, it appeared that she was really getting into the demonstration by rhythmically moving her head back with every forward thrust of her father's hips and forward with the retreat of his hump. They were as one in their non-sexual exhibition. Back and forth and in and out, his cock was being treated to the best blowjob he has ever had, no doubt.

The cocksucking and heavy breathing sounds of gulps, slurps, and smacking of her lips filled the room as Michael and Vivian watched in silent awe, as if they were watching a porn movie. Only, what they were watching instead was the live action of a daughter artfully, skillfully, and lovingly sucking off her father.

With all the red lipstick markings along the length of it, his cock looked so much like a waterline on the side of a ship in port at low tide. Steady as she blows, Captain. Three inches, four inches, five inches, six inches, seven inches, eight inches, and more, she took Daddy's big cock all in one gulp and started all over again by swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. In and out, again and again, if you didn't know how to give a blowjob before, watching Susan suck cock was a lesson in learning how to do it. In she took his prick and out again she pulled it while sucking and licking it. Her flicking and licking tongue worked overtime, as he Dad fucked his daughter's mouth.

It was then that her father reached down and began feeling, fondling, and caressing his daughter's breast while fingering her nipple, first her right breast with his left hand, then her left breast with his right hand, and then both hands. Immediately, her nipples responded to the touch of his experienced fingertips. Masturbating herself with the help of the pillow tucked between her legs and held tightly there by her shapely thighs, she was moaning now with his big cock planted deep inside her mouth. Jason watched her wiggle her ass from side to side and back and forth along the length of the hard edge of the pillow's fabric that was in constant contact with her pussy and clit.

"Okay," said Jason with a worried look on his face. Certainly, he knew what was coming, (pun intended). "I understand now. Really, I do. For the sake of everyone, there's really no need to continue this blowjob, I mean, non-sexual demonstration."

His pleas for restraint and sanity were only met with more cocksucking, heavy breathing sounds of gulps, slurps and smacking of her lips, and thrusting humps. Her mouth was now filled to capacity with Daddy's engorged prick. With mouth gaping open, Michael was transfixed as he stared at Susan sucking her Daddy's cock and Vivian with fingers in constant rubbing contact with her clit was transfixed as she stared at Susan's Daddy getting sucked. No one spoke but Jason. It didn't matter. They paid him no never mind.

"Okay, you can stop blowing Dad, now, Susan. Dad? Hello? Is anyone listening to me? Earth to Susan and Dad, hello? I definitely do understand the difference between sexual and non-sexual. Susan, please you can remove Daddy's cock from your mouth before it's too late and before your regret your non-sexual actions. Okay?"

"Okay, yeah, there, right, I think we've proved our point, Susan" said her father with a nervous and out of breath laugh after breaking out of the daze.

Only, Susan was somewhere else sexually. Still moving back on her pillow, her thighs helped to work their pressured magic to her clit. She was about to have an orgasm with her pillow, her second one from what Jason could tell. She continued sucking, stroking, and cupping and caressing Daddy's big balls while sucking his big dick and rubbing herself with the pillow. In and out she sucked his cock. Licking and lapping, she paid special attention to his sensitive head. Unable to pull his cock out from his daughter in time, his mouth gaped open and his whole body tensed. He appeared ready to explode a load of cum in her mouth that welled up and erupted from his feet.

"Yeah, I completely understand now what a non-sexual holiday this Nude Day is," Jason said laughing with the knowledge of what was about to happen and knowing that there was now no hope of stopping it.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"

His whole body shuddered and quaked. He held her head in place as she continued sucking her Dad. Even though he stopped humping, she continued sucking and stroking him. Maybe it was an automatic reaction for her to continue sucking and stroking when she had a cock in her mouth, maybe she was thinking that she was doing it for the team, but her father was beyond the point of no return. He no longer possessed the control to stop the flow of his warm, oozy, liquid passion for his daughter and her experienced mouth and tongue.

"Susan! Oh, my God! Baby Doll!"

Maybe she was thinking of blowing and stroking the Captain of the college football team or the coach or the equipment manager or all of their Dads again, who rode in the back of the dimly lit bus with her and with a blanket over her head, so that the other sleeping cheerleaders couldn't see her passion for football, on the way home from the winning game. Maybe she was thinking of sucking off her brother or her brother's friend or both. Maybe she was imagining it was Vivian's or her mother's or grandmother's pussy in her mouth or all three, instead of her father's big, hairy dick, but whatever she was thinking, she was somewhere in another place while sucking Daddy's cock.

"Susan! Fuck! Oh, my God! I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming! Please! Don't! Stop! Don't...Stop!"

Maybe he was imagining fucking his wife's mouth, maybe he was imagining it was his fired secretary sucking his cock, maybe he was thinking about getting a blowjob from his mother-in-law or maybe he was imagining Vivian's young pretty mouth at the other end of his cock, instead of the reality that he would face after cumming in his daughter's mouth. Nonetheless, he reached behind her head with his two hands and began fucking her mouth again, as if she was Betty, the blowup doll that he had such a daily fondness for, back in his college dormitory room so long ago, whenever he was alone and lonely.

With spasms of involuntarily humping, he did not let go of his daughter's head until he unloaded all the cum he had to give. Finally, he released his hold of his daughter's head and pulled his cock from her mouth spent and exhausted, but sexually satisfied.

Intent on getting off herself no doubt with her pillow secretly rubbing against her clit, it took an explosion of cum to wake her up from her sexual orgasmic trance.

"Daddy, you shot your load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it, all of it. Gross Daddy," she said spitting out his cock and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and smearing her ruby red lipstick across her face. Again, she wiped her mouth with her other hand smearing her lipstick in the other direction. Now, looking much like Batman's Joker, she clownishly looked up at her Dad.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"How could you do that to me? Oh, my God, there was so much of it," she sat back on her haunches looking up disappointingly and disapprovingly at her father.

"Oh, my God, Susan, Baby Doll, I'm so sorry," was all that he could say now that she brought him back to reality with a thud, but he wasn't done, just yet.

"You nearly gagged me with your massive dick and all that cum Daddy. I've never had so much cum in my mouth at one time. You've ruined my National Nude Day celebration," she said.

Maybe, she triggered something in her Dad when she admitted that she never had so much cum in her mouth at one time, meaning that this certainly wasn't the first time that his not so virginal daughter had cum in her mouth. Maybe, he had suspected she had been doing more than her cheerleading duties with the football team. There were always men around helping him with the chores around the house, washing his car, painting the fence, and mowing his lawn. She told him that it was part of the good community spirit they teach them at school.

There were some lonely nights after watching a porn movie of a woman who does an entire professional football team and maybe he had envisioned her doing him while wearing her little cheerleading outfit without wearing panties or a bra. That may have been the vision he had of his beautiful and sexy daughter sharing her good community spirit and giving one up or several dozen up for the good of the team.

"Rah, rah, shish, boom, ba..."

Yet, whatever the reason imagined or real, just as she said that she has never had so much cum in her mouth at one time, her father unloaded a second involuntary ejaculation that exploded and splashed gobs of warm, oozy cum across her face. He gave his daughter a real cum bath, this time, no doubt. She had cum that landed in her hair and cum that dripped from her eyebrows and eyelashes, nose, mouth, and breasts. She had her Daddy's cum everywhere.

Thank you for reading my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Please take a moment to vote, make a public comment, and/or give me feedback. Your support is why I write. Your feedback will motivate me to write a better chapter 7, which promises to be an even a hotter chapter than was chapter 6.

If you haven't already, please take moment to add me and/or this story or any other of my stories to your list of favorites. Thanks, Freddie, Bostonfictionwriter.

To be continued...

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