tagHumor & SatireHappy Nude Day Ch. 07

Happy Nude Day Ch. 07


Maybe, she triggered something in her Dad when she admitted that she never had so much cum in her mouth at one time, meaning that this certainly wasn't the first time that his not so virginal daughter had given a blowjob and had a man cum in her mouth. Maybe, he had suspected her passion for football was, indeed, deeper than the game and that she had been doing more than the cheerleading duties expected of her with the football team after the game. Now that he thought about it, there were always young men about helping him with the chores around the house, washing his car, painting the fence, running his errands, and mowing his lawn and never would they accept payment in return for their services rendered. They'd even thank him.

"Thanks, Mr. D. We'll see you next weekend to help you rake the yard."

She told him that it was part of the good community spirit they teach them at school, and maybe it was. She told him that being the Head Cheerleader she was very popular and had lots of friends, and maybe she did. Yet, the only friends he ever saw her with were male friends. The only female friend he ever saw her with was Vivian.

Now, he wondered how literal that title of Head Cheerleader was. Maybe and more accurately defined, she was the Head, Head Cheerleader. He imagined her giving head non-stop. He imagined her sucking cock after cock with every team member cumming in her mouth and leaving sexually satisfied, as she jumped around and cheered in between blowjobs while wearing her ever so cute cheerleading outfit without bra or panties.

"Gooooo team! Go!"

There were some lonely nights after watching a porn movie of a woman who does an entire professional football team and maybe he had envisioned her doing him while wearing her little cheerleading outfit without wearing panties or a bra. There's something about an energetic cheerleader jumping around while wearing Bobbie socks and white sneakers while watching her skirt billow up and her breasts bounce around, then there's those Pom Poms.

What a funny name for something so fluffy and so colorful and looking so much like chrysanthemums and dahlias.

"Yeah, baby, shake those Pom Poms all over my naked, erect cock."

"Rah, rah, shish, boom, ba..."

That may have been the vision he had of his beautiful and sexy daughter sharing her good community spirit and giving one up or several dozen up for the good of the team while his cock was firmly held in her mouth by her lips.

Now, he wondered how many men she had done and which ones. Yet, what did it matter? Accidentally or on purpose, sexually or non-sexually, his daughter had not only wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock, she stroked him to an erection. She aroused him just by watching her stare at his cock, and then to feel her hand around his prick was like nothing he had ever imagined or experienced.

Even all those times he jerked off in the shower over his mother-in-law, this father and daughter quality time spent was so much better. After cumming in her mouth, he felt a special bond for her. He was wickedly deranged to have done what he did, but truly he didn't care. A man without a guilty conscience, he wanted to do it with his daughter again and again.

It was her idea, after all, to give the non-sexual demonstration. Oh, please, what was she thinking by calling that a non-sexual demonstration? She's got to be kidding. Certainly, she must know that what she did, even before he shot his load of cum in her mouth, was all sex and nothing but sex, incestuous sex with Dad.

By the look on his face, just as he couldn't believe she begged him to allow her to take his cock in her sexy mouth, he was shocked when she confessed that she had Michael's cock in her mouth, albeit for non-sexual demonstration purposes, as well. Either she is as dumb as she is blonde or she is as depraved as he is. He figured she was very blonde, but not so dumb. Hell, hearing her talk about it and having her touch him and suck him was the most sexual experience he ever had.

It was amazing to feel her hand wrapped around his cock while she was on her knees and looking up at him with her lush blonde hair, pretty face, and big blue eyes. He loved it when she stared at his cock while she stroked him. With a big smile on her face, he could see the lust in her eyes for him when she did that.

Take a moment and imagined yourself in his place. What would you have done? Can you imagine, a 22-year-old daughter wanting her 48-year-old Dad? He couldn't believe it. No one would believe him, yet, he couldn't tell anyone that his daughter sucked his cock for fear that they would chastise him and ostracize him. What would his friends say? Hmm, he wondered, what would his friends say?

"Are you serious? No way! You're kidding! Your daughter blew you? Susan? The Head Cheerleader at college? And you shot your load in her mouth and she swallowed it? All of it? And then you gave her a cum bath, too? No way! You're the man. Put it there, Pal. I always wanted to do my daughter, too."

He imagined all his friends buying him beers for the opportunity of hearing him tell them the story over and again while embellishing the tale taller with more colorful details after every beer.

Truly, this National Nude Day was the best holiday ever and he couldn't wait for next year's celebration. If there were a flag, he'd salute it. If there were a song, he'd sing it. And if there were a National Nude Day dance, he'd dance it.

Maybe, next year, he'll invite people from work. Yeah, why not? Maybe, his old secretary will come. Damn, she was a hottie. She had a rack and a big ass.

Even though she appeared disgusted when he pulled out his erection and stuck it in her face and nearly in her mouth, he could tell she wanted him. Oh, yeah, she wanted him alright. This lawsuit thing was just a diversion and a way for her to get some money out of the company, no doubt. He could tell that the only kind of dictation she wanted to take was to suck his dick.

Besides, why the Hell not, bygones will be bygones. She should forgive him by now. They paid her off not to press charges against him or his company. She should be happy that it all worked out for her, and that restraining order against him is no longer valid in any court of law. Maybe, he'll call her to invite her to next year's National Nude Day celebration.

He couldn't believe it when his Susan stopped to put that ruby red lipstick on her lips. Lipstick on the dipstick, he heard his son say to Michael. That was hot when she stopped to do that, and her lips with that lip gloss felt so slimy good going up and down his dick. Christ, she's such a freakin' hottie. She's got a body and so doesn't Vivian, her hot friend. The two of them are what he'd call Disco Babes in his day. He loved to do the two of them at once.

When she reddened her full lips like that, he wanted to push his daughter down right there on the rug and nail her pussy with his big cock. He wanted to pound her ass in the thick pile of the rug and screw her wet pussy with his erection. He wanted to hear her scream his name before he shot in her pussy.

"Daddy! I'm cumming!"

He wanted her to beg him to fuck her again and again. Only, he didn't think of the repercussions of having intercourse without wearing a condom. Boy, it was a good thing that he didn't. What if he made her pregnant? What if she had a boy as perverted as his son Jason obviously is, the poor kid. He wondered what happened that made him so perverted and twisted.

All he could think of was his daughter wanting him, only him.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Stick your big cock in my pussy. Make me cum, again, Daddy. I want your cock. Slap my ass. Make me blow you again. Yeah, pull my hair, squeeze my tits, and pull and twist my nipples. Bite me."

He wanted her to plead with him to bend her over and stick his big, hairy cock up her ass. Yeah, he wanted to make her his sexy slave and to suck his cock whenever he wanted to cum in her mouth, just like Betty did, his blow up doll in college, that he kept deflated beneath his mattress for fear that someone would find her and use her themselves. He kept her all for himself, just as he now wanted his daughter all to himself.

"Blow me, Baby Doll."

"Okay, Daddy, just let me get my special pillow," he imagined her saying as she tucked her mother's good pillow between her legs.

He relived the feeling of his daughter taking his cock in her mouth. The feeling of her soft lips touching his cock for the first time felt better than when he paid that high priced call girl, Tiffany, in Vegas the time he went there on business last year, who unfortunately turned out to be, Saul, a man, a student from Phoenix. Still, what the Hell, a blowjob is a blowjob, any port in a storm and all that.

Then, when his daughter touched his cock with her tongue for the first time, he knew he was in for a special treat. He knew that this would be a special blowjob and the best blowjob he ever received. He just knew...and it was.

Damn, she could suck cock, especially when she started making all those cocksucking sounds. Oh, my God. She is the best cocksucker he ever had. How'd she get that good? Experience is the only way she could get that good sucking cock. She must have sucked off the entire football team. Suddenly, he imagined every member of the team lustfully ravishing her bodacious body, sucking her tits and fucking her pussy, as she took turns blowing every player.

"Daddy! I still can't believe you shot your load of cum in my mouth."

Jolted back to reality, he stood staring down at his daughter. What did she say? Did she say something?

No longer sorry that he shot his load of cum in her mouth, he wanted to do it again. He wanted to pull her up by the hand and drag her upstairs by her hair while slapping her round, firm, young ass all the way. He wanted to lock her in his room and fuck her for the rest of the day, the week, the month, and the year. He wanted her to not want another man and another cock but his.

"Daddy! Are you listening to me?"

Yet, whatever the reason imagined or real, just as she said that she has never had so much cum in her mouth at one time, her father unloaded a second involuntary ejaculation that exploded and splashed gobs of warm, oozy cum across her face. He gave his daughter a real cum bath, this time, no doubt. She had cum that landed in her hair and cum that dripped from her eyebrows and eyelashes, nose, mouth, and breasts. She had her Daddy's cum everywhere.

"Daddy! How could you? I have cum everywhere!"

"Wow," said Vivian putting a hand up to her mouth. "That was so friggin' amazing. I've never seen one man shoot out so much cum, at one time, in my life. Susan, your Dad really gave her a cum bath. It was awesome."

"Yeah, well, how would you like it if he gave you a cum bath," said Susan looking over and glaring at her friend.

"Are you kidding me? I'd love it. I'd rubbed his cum all over my naked body," she said while rubbing her body pretending it was covered in Mr. D's cum. "I'd even lick it off your body, if you asked me to do that."

"Uhm, does it have to be Susan who must ask or can it be anyone," said Michael.

"Susan," said Vivian.

"Yeah, well, I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate the cum bath if it was your father who gave it to you," she said.

"Eww, Susan, you just ruined the fun for me. My Dad is gross."

"Well, now, you finally understand. Now you know how I feel."

"Yeah, sorry, Sue, I just got carried up in the action. How could you do that to your own daughter, Mr. D? Shame on you. Shame on you! I can't believe you shot a load of cum in your daughter's mouth and then gave her a cum bath."

"I'm so sorry, Susan. I tried to hold back and pull out, but—"

"Mister D," said Michael standing up with an erection that would have poked someone's eye out had he been standing within eight inches of anyone. "That was an awesome demonstration showing your son what is sexual and what's non-sexual. Damn, I wish my Dad was as cool as you. You rule, Mr. D. You're the man! Uhm, by the way, would you mind if your wife or your mother-in-law or both gave me a non-sexual demonstration, too, later?"

"Yeah, well, Michael, you need to lose your erection or cover it up. That's really disgusting. Just as I've been trying to convince my son that this National Nude Day has nothing to do with sex, there you are flashing your erection to everyone. Do you know how offensive that is to do that on his non-sexual of holidays?"

"Sorry, Mr. D, your non-sexual demonstration adversely affected me in a lustfully but negative way."

"Yeah, Dad, you're doing a good job of convincing every one National Nude Day has nothing to do with sex," he said looking down at his cum drenched wench of a sister.

"You know, since we're all discussing it, I've always been into self-help videos and instructional exhibitions, I'd like to try a non-sexual demonstration with you Jason," said Vivian while staring at the bulge in his pants and still leaving her fingers in contact with her clit. All the while she had been sitting on the stairs watching the whole thing while fingering herself. "That was really hot. Sorry, Sue, even if that was your Dad cumming in your mouth and giving you a cum bath, that still was really hot."

"That's not how we had planned it, Michael, Jason, and Vivian. Somehow our little non-sexual demonstration turned into a really hot sexual demonstration. I'm so very sorry, Susan. Please forgive me."

The look of embarrassment or rage or a combination of both reddened her otherwise pretty face. Moreover, she looked ridiculous with her bright red lipstick smeared all over her face. She stared at her father with an angry but clownish look of disappointment.

"Oh, Daddy," she said, "I swallowed your cum, all of it. I can't believe it. Between your fat, long cock and your bucket of cum, you gagged me. Now, I'm twisted and perverted just like my baby brother. Now, I'm an incest slut who hungers for her father's cock."

"You say that you hunger for my cock like there's something wrong with that, Susan," her father said as his dangling cock suddenly began returning to life, again."

"Daddy, I'm not into incest, okay?"

"Fuck! Did I just say out loud what I was thinking? Sorry. Then, how can I make it up to you? I know," he said holding up his hand to her. "Do you want me to get you off by eating your pussy while finger fucking you with my long fingers?"

"Eat me? Daddy no! That's sexual. Daddy, what the Hell are you thinking?"

"Sorry, would you prefer if I bent you over, stuck my big, hairy cock in your tight, little pussy, and fucked you like a dog in heat until you had an orgasm."

"Daddy! Eww! That's so sexual, too. I told you already. I'm not into incestuous sex."

"Well, then, what if we did a non-sexual demonstration of me eating your pussy and then after you have an orgasm, I bend you over and fuck you really hard until you scream my name in passion?"

"None of those choices sound non-sexual to me, Daddy."

"If it will help, Susan," said Michael with a genuine look of compassion. "I'm available to eat you and fuck you."

"Thank you, Michael, but I'm not in the mood right now. Maybe, in a few minutes, after I've showered."

"You can eat my pussy, finger fuck me with your long fingers, bend me over, and stick your big, hairy cock in my tight, little pussy while fucking me like a dog in heat until I orgasm," said Vivian. I'll even bark like a dog for you, Mr. D."

"Call me, later," he mouthed the words to her while raising an imaginary phone to his ear.

"Daddy, just look at me, I feel so dirty."

"Sorry, I just got carried away in the lustful moment and only wanted to give you as much sexual pleasure, I mean, non-sexual pleasure as you gave me," said her father. "Please forgive me for saying what I said and for thinking those thoughts. I was only trying to help."

"You were only trying to help yourself," said Jason under his breath.

"Daddy, you ruined the non-sexual demonstration and made it a sexual demonstration by cumming in my mouth. Now, poor Jason will never understand. Look at him, he looks confused," she said looking over at her brother who quickly lost his shit eating grin for a look of lost abandonment.

"Well, Susan, it takes two, you know. And I was trying to pull my cock out of my mouth," said Mr. D. raising his voice with his hands in exasperation, "but you continued sucking my prick while stroking me with one hand and caressing my balls with the other. You never let go of my cock for a second, not for a second." He looked at his pathetic daughter stained with his cum. "I'm only human, you know."

"But, you're my Daddy," she said with a quiver to her voice, "and I'm your Baby Doll."

"I'm sorry, Baby Doll," he said reaching down and hugging her. "You're still my Baby Doll."

"I was only trying to make it all look realistic and believable for Jason's sake," she said holding back her tears. "I had no idea you were going to cum in my mouth and give me a cum bath. It's all his fault," she said pointing to her brother.

"Oh, brother," said Jason. "Don't get me mixed up in your twisted and incestuous sexual games."

"If you don't want me to eat you or fuck you, then all I can say is that I'm sorry." He turned away from her, turned to Michael, and smiled. "Oh, my God," he said under his breath to Michael. "My daughter can really suck cock. That was an incredible blowjob. That was the best blowjob I ever had in my life."

"Daddy, look at me! I have your cum everywhere," she said touching her hair and wiping her eyes. Preoccupied wiping away cum from her body, she didn't hear what her father said to Michael about her blowjob ability. "I'm going to have to shower," she said wiping her Dad's cum from her face, hair, chest with her hand, and licking it off her hand.

Mr. D's cock continued oozing cum and a long cum stream threatened to leak from the tip of his cock and pool on the rug. Vivian, the long-time good friend of the family that she had become, jumped from the stairs and took Mr. D's cock in her hand and quickly and without hesitation stuck it in her mouth. She gave him skillfully firm, quick strokes with her hand while sucking him with her lips and licking the head of his cock with her tongue. She completely drained him.

Michael, Jason, and Susan looked at her in shocked silence. She sucked him like a Dyson vacuum only without the humming noise and more with a slurping sound.

"Vivian, what the Hell are you doing? The demonstration is over," he said looking down at the top of her lush red head while her mouth was impaled on his still erect cock. Now, he had two different color lipstick imprints on his cock, pink and red.

"You were dripping, Mr. D," she said pulling him from her mouth, finally, and wiping her mouth with her fingertips. "And I didn't want you to ooze and drip your cum all over the carpet," she said licking the last bit of cum from his cock and double checking that he stopped oozing before she let go of his big dick.

"Oh, thank you, Vivian. That was very kind of you. Mrs. D will certainly appreciate that unselfish gesture."

"My pleasure, Mr. D."

"That was the most incredible non-sexual demonstration that I'll never forget for the rest of my life," said Jason clapping. "There's nothing like a father and daughter making meaningful memories. You two are quite the incestuous team."

"That's quite enough out of you, Jason. All of this was for your benefit. All of his is your fault. We never would have had this non-sexual demonstration that turned into a sexual demonstration, had it not been for you."

"Yeah, I can see that. Thank you Daddy for your unselfish sacrifice."

"Stop with your snide remarks. Can't you see your sister feels bad already over me shooting a massive load of cum in her mouth, swallowing my load, and then me giving her a cum bath? Have you no sensitivity and understanding for the unselfish act your sister has just done for the benefit of your sexual education."

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