Happy Nude Day Ch. 07


"You're right Dad. That was insensitive of me. I'm sorry, Sue, but look on the bright side," he said while touching her cum soaked hair and looking lovingly down at his sister still sitting on her haunches with the look of shock on her face while wiping her Daddy's cum from her body. "You certainly got your dose of protein today. I betcha you could really do some cheers with all the energy you received from that load of Daddy's cum."

"Daddy! Tell him to stop."

"Stop, Jason."

"That's not even funny, Jason. I could have choked to death, Daddy had so much cum. When did you get off last, Daddy?"

"It's been awhile, Honey. Usually, I fuck your mother twice a day and she blows me every night, but she's been preoccupied with the preparations for this National Nude Day celebration and it's been awhile since I jerked off while standing in the shower thinking of my mother-in-law naked and blowing me."

"Okay, Dad, I think that was a rhetorical question that Susan asked you. She really didn't expect an answer and certainly not one that was as graphically explicit as the one you readily volunteered to give, but thanks for sharing and giving me yet another image of you masturbating over Grandma's naked body. Just as the other image you gave me over how you imagine Grandma, I will never forget this one, too."

Jason's father turned to him and gave him a smile of embarrassment.

"Well, even though that was an unfortunate accident for Susan and a fortunate accident for me, I think you can see that this holiday is totally non-sexual and has nothing to do with sex," his father said to him.

"Yeah, sure Dad. You're a good father," he said putting a hand on his Dad's shoulder. "And after she has completed years of therapy with her psychiatrist, spent thousands of dollars on Prozac for her depression, and can never have a trusting relationship with another man, I'm sure they'll be a special gift for you on Father's Day from Susan. That was some kind of non-sexual demonstration. Now, I truly understand the significance of this Nude Day celebration. I can't even imagine your reaction and subsequent celebration and demonstration, if this was a sexual holiday."

"Yeah, well, tomorrow, no doubt, I'll probably jerk off over this day imagining fingering Susan's and Vivian's pussies while they both give me a hand job. Then, there's the excitement of finally seeing my mother-in-law, your grandmother, naked. Yet, after my daughter just sucked my cock and allowed me to cum in her mouth, albeit accidentally, and she swallowed my load, again accidentally, I'll be jerking off over that for years to come. I don't know, maybe now that I've seen what they all look like naked, I'll imagine the five of us, me, your mother, Susan, Vivian, and grandma having a wild family orgy with me eating their pussies before I bang all of them with my huge anaconda, but today is a non-sexual holiday. Today, I don't think of such things. Today has truly been the best day of my life. Happy Nude Day everyone."

"Gees, Dad, keep that to yourself. Okay? I'm perverted enough or so you and Susan believe and I really don't want to hear about you jerking off over Susan and Vivian. Eww! I just threw up in my mouth with the image of you having group sex with Ma, Grandma, my sister, and her friend. It's a good thing you not as perverted as I am, huh?"

"You're not gay are you, Son?"

"Christ no! You're the third family member who asked me if I'm gay. Although after witnessing this demonstration, abstinence is really beginning to appeal to me."

"Now, finally, I hope you understand, Son that today is a relaxing day where we all can safely parade around one another without anyone lusting over anyone."

"Yes, truly, I can see that," said Jason looking down at his sister still trying to pull cum from her lush blonde hair and wipe still even more cum off her A cup tits.

"Now, if you cannot control yourself from getting an erection over your naked mother, naked grandmother, and/or naked sister and her naked friend, then, you should not remove your clothes in celebration of this holiday."

"Maybe, you're right, Dad, because after witnessing your little incestuous, but non-sexual demonstration, that turned sexual with my slutty, cheerleader of a sister, I can't remove the connection and connotation of sex from National Nude Day."

Jason's Mom and Grandmother stood naked in the archway between the kitchen and the living room.

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To be continued...

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