tagHumor & SatireHappy Nude Day Ch. 08

Happy Nude Day Ch. 08


Jason's Mom and Grandmother stood naked in the archway between the kitchen and the living room with their arms folded. Sensing the seething synergy coming from the woman of the house, the room went suddenly silent while one by one, but for Susan, they all looked towards the archway and her. Still poised on her knees in front of her father, Susan hung her head in shame. Like an arrow of guilt, her father's semi-erect, lipstick painted cock pointed to Susan's lipstick smeared mouth.

Michael made eye contact with Susan's mother and grandmother, and smiled. He lifted his cock and stroked it while raising his other hand to his mouth in a lewd gesture for one or both of them to give him a blowjob like the blowjob that Susan had given her Dad. If he was out of control before, after watching that blowjob display between father and daughter, then he had gone over the edge now. So young and already so sexually twisted, if he continued this path of debauchery in his sexual perversion, certainly, he'd have a career as an anonymous basher on Literotica.

Susan's mother ignored his vulgar gesture, turning away from him to focus on her daughter and husband. Standing a step behind her daughter and shielded by her body, Grandma lifted and rubbed her sagging breasts in her hands. She put her fingers to her mouth, licked them and rubbed them over her nipples making them pop. Then, she opened her mouth and proved to Michael that she was not only willing but ready by showing him her tongue and moving it in a circular motion, as if she was sucking his cock. She stopped her sexual flirting, as soon as her daughter started speaking.

"What's going on in here," said his mother saying her words with controlled emotion. "I heard screaming. Why are you on your knees with my good pillow between your legs? Are you okay, Susan?"

"Nothing happened, really, Mom," she said without turning around, pulling the pillow out from between her legs, and placing it back on the couch. She was still busy pulling sticky cum from her face, hair, and body. "I'm okay."

"Everything is fine, Sweetie," said Jason's Dad smiling to his wife. "You and your mother go back in the kitchen; we'll all be out there in a minute. I, uhm, just need to talk to Susan about something."

"You want me to give you the time, so that you can get your stories straight. Is that it?"

"I'm starved, he said trying another tactic to make them leave, when they stayed where they were and without moving. "Is dinner almost ready?"

"Dinner is delayed, until I find out what happened," she said meeting his smile with an icy stare. "Now, will, someone please tell me what happened?"

They all looked at one another without speaking. Jason's Dad looked at Susan, still kneeling and picking off dried cum from her body while Susan looked at the floor. Michael and Grandma flirted with one another. Jason's mother leered at her husband while Vivian lustfully looked at Jason, and Jason looked to his Mom.

"Well," she said with impatience.

"Susan just sucked off Dad," said Jason.

Jason's father and sister both shot him a look of panicked horror. Literally, his father shrank within himself. He looked away from Susan and avoided making eye contact with his wife.

"I told you he was no good," said grandma to her daughter. "The first time I put eyes on the man, I told you he was no good. I told you not to marry him. You could have married that—"

"Quiet, mother, please. What did you just say, Jason?"

"Susan gave Dad a blowjob. Don't worry though, Mom, it wasn't a real blowjob. It was just a non-sexual demonstration done for my benefit and for the purpose of my sexual education," said Jason with a smug smile.

"Not a real blowjob? A non-sexual blowjob, what do you mean it was a non-sexual demonstration? What the Hell does that mean?" She looked to her mother and her mother shrugged her reply. "How is a blowjob not real and non-sexual? There's nothing non-sexual about a blowjob, I assure you."

"Not if you ask President Clinton and his ex-girlfriends, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinski, and his new one, Belinda Stronach" said Michael. Paula Jones was the only one who refused to blow Governor Clinton, at the time, because she felt that sucking a cock was a sexual act."

"Michael, what the Hell are you blabbering about? What does President Clinton or Governor Clinton have to do with my daughter giving her father a non-sexual demonstration of a blowjob that is not real?"

"Sorry, I, uhm, was just trying to explain how some people don't view giving a blowjob as really being a sexual act. Matter of fact many women today don't feel that a blowjob is—"

"Can it, Michael. In that vein, you'll be telling me that a hand job is a non-sexual act, too."

"A hand job would be a sexual act," said Michael, "because—"

"If a hand job is a sexual act, unless you unzip a man's fly with your teeth and take his cock out without your mouth and without the aid of your hand, then I dare say that a blowjob is sexual."

"Well, for that matter, the man could pull his own cock out or they could be naked, like Mr. D and Susan were when—"

"Knock it off with the semantics, Michael. Just as giving a hand job is sexual; giving a blowjob is sexual, also. Trust me, I know. I've given plenty of blowjobs to delivery men, mailmen, milkmen, meter men, doormen, barmen, valet men, wait men, tradesmen, trash men, servicemen, policemen, and fireman, but that was before I was married and took my vows of faithfulness. Until death do you part," she said staring at her husband. "Yet, I never gave one to my father," she said.

"Wow, way too much information, Mom."

"We've all had a life before children, Jason."

"Well, it's not like your Dad wouldn't have wanted one from you," said Grandma. "We used to have the most heated pillow talk when he started talking about you sucking his—"

"Mom! Really! That's quite enough."

"Wow, way too much information, Grandma."

"And what do you know about anything, Jason? You're the only one here not naked," said his grandmother.

"Anyway, what Michael is alluding to in his clumsy way is that your slutty, cheerleading daughter, Susan, just gave your degenerate, sex registry listed, sexual harassment accused, husband, my father, and Susan's Daddy a blowjob. Yet, it wasn't your typical dabbling blowjob. Oh, no, not by a long shot. This was a professional, real head banging, hip humping, cocksucking blowjob filled with all the right slurping and sucking sounds that makes knees weak and grown men quake with lust," he said with a smile.

"After hearing about all the men you sucked off, Mrs. D, you should be proud of your daughter. Like mother, like daughter, the lipstick doesn't fall far from the purse," said Michael.

"Oh, my," she said falling against her mother while looking forgivingly at her daughter before staring at her husband with hate.

"Then, Dad shot a huge load of cum in Susan's mouth and she swallowed all of it. Of course, he shot his load of cum in his daughter's mother was an accident," said Jason hiding his throw you under the bus smile.

"Accident? How on Earth to you accidentally shoot a load of cum in someone's mouth. How the Hell do you accidentally give a blowjob? That's nonsense. I've never heard such rubbish in my life."

"They were just trying to show me what a sexual act was, and what they were doing was non-sexual because Susan wasn't really giving Dad a blowjob, she was just pretending to give him a blowjob, as a non-sexual demonstration of giving a blowjob to show me the difference between a sexual act and a non-sexual act," said Jason saying that all in one breath. "Unfortunately, as it turns out, she, in fact, was really giving Dad a blowjob and Dad, not innocent in all this, was looking to get a hummer from his daughter."

"I'm confused," said his mother looking to grandma. "Did she or did she not give her father a blowjob?"

"Oh, yeah, she definitely blew Dad," said Jason.

"What he said was," said Grandma interpreting, "by referring to the act as non-sexual, she justified giving your husband, her father, a blowjob by pretending that they were just demonstrating giving a blowjob and not really giving and getting a blowjob."

"How'd you figure that one out Grandma," said Michael. "Even I was confused by his explanation and I witnessed the whole thing."

"Oh, that was easy. I volunteer my time at the nursing home and I've played many of these games with Mr. White, Mr. Murray, and Mr. Applebaum. You see, they're all married, but they figure they can get away with me blowing them if—"

"Mother! Really! Another time."

"Please continue, Jason. I think I understand what happened here."

"Then, when Susan said to Dad that was the most cum she has ever had in her mouth at one time, he apparently became so excited by the possibility of her remark, thinking, perhaps, that his Baby Doll daughter was giving blowjobs to the entire college football team, which, of course, she does, that he shot a second load of cum that exploded and splashed across her hair, face, and tits. Suffice to say that he gave her a real cum bath."

"It was the most cum I've ever since a man ejaculate, Mrs. D. Even when I had that gangbang, there wasn't as much cum with five men cumming" said Vivian.

"I love you, I mean, I want to make love to you, Vivian," whispered Michael.

"Turn around Susan and let me look at you."

"I'm okay, Mom, really I am" she said turning around to face her mother. "I'm sorry."

"You're a mess. What's that all around your mouth? Is that blood?"

"Lipstick," said Susan.

"Lipstick on the dipstick," said Jason raising his hand up to his mouth, as if giving a blowjob, and then giving Michael a high five.

"Lipstick on the dipstick," said Michael watching Grandma. She grabbed a tube of lip gloss from the counter behind her and coated her lips with bright red lip gloss.

"Lipstick on the dipstick? What does that mean?"

"With all the cocks you sucked, you never heard that term," said Grandma. "It's when you totally cover your lips with bright red lipstick before sucking on a cock," said Grandma crumbling beneath her daughter's judgmental stare when she noticed her mother's lips were suddenly coated in bright red lip gloss. "I read it somewhere," she said cowering beneath her daughter's unyielding stare. "Okay, I've done it a few times at the nursing—"

"Mother, please."

"Susan, I thought you were a virgin," said her mother.

"Actually, as Michael was alluding to before when using President Clinton sexual peccadilloes as an example, if you don't count blowjobs as sex, then technically, Susan may still be a virgin. Who knows? Only Susan knows."

"Is that true Susan?"

Susan gave her answer by dropping her head and not making eye contact with her mother.

"Gees, Ma, she was a college cheerleader, the Head Cheerleader, for four years. What do you think they do after the game?" He looked at his mother and laughed. "They certainly aren't practicing cheering. Give me a B, give me an L, give me an O, and give me a W—"

"That's enough, Jason. You're giving me a headache, and get down from the coffee table please.

"Go upstairs and wash your father's cum from your body, Susan."

"I volunteered to lick your husband's cum off her," said Vivian. "Shit, did I just say what I was thinking out loud?"

"You did, Viv," said Michael.

"Okay," said Susan obediently getting up from her kneeling position.

She stood and walked to the stairs, as Michael followed. She turned and waited by the stairs listening to the rest of the conversation before heading upstairs to take a shower.

"Where you going Michael?"

"Uhm, Mrs. D, I was just going to see if she needed any—"


"Yes, Ma'am."

"Did you get cum on my new rug?" She gave her husband a steely eyed look.

"Don't worry," said Jason with a smile, "Dad was about to leak a big stream of cum, but Vivian sucked off Dad, too, so he wouldn't drip any cum on your rug."

"I was only thinking of your new rug, Mrs. D. and I didn't want Mr. D. dripping cum all over it. Really, it was an unselfish, non-sexual act on your behalf."

"Oh, my God," said his mother. "Is there no end to the sexual activities on this non-sexual holiday?"

"This is nothing compared to next year's Nude Day holiday."

"Why is that, Jason?"

"Dad wants to invite his ex-secretary, next year."

"How dare you," she shot him a look that drained the color from his face. "Are you still thinking about her after all we've been through with keeping you out of jail and saving our house from the liability lawsuit she filed against you?"

"Sorry, I was just caught up in the spirit of Nude Day."

"I can see that," she said. "You've been celebrating your cock off, haven't you?"

"Happy Nude Day, Mom," said Jason.

"No, it wasn't like that at all, Honey. We were demonstrating to Jason the difference between sexual and non-sexual. I assure you that everything was quite innocent in the beginning. Then, we all got caught up in the moment. I know that I was probably thinking of you blowing me and perhaps, Susan was thinking of blowing her football team, again."

"Give it up, Dad. You're busted."

Jason's Dad shot him an angry look.

"Only, I prematurely ejaculated is all. Unfortunately, Susan didn't remove me from her mouth in time and swallowed my warm, oozy load of warm cum. No big deal. No harm done. I mean, it isn't like I fucked her and impregnated her or anything like that. It was just an accidental blowjob." He looked to his daughter standing by the stairs, who was suddenly looking so small and vulnerable. "Right? Tell you mother that it was all just an accidental blowjob."

"You, the man who can fuck me for two hours without cumming, prematurely ejaculated? I don't buy that at all. Do you think me stupid?"

"It was all Jason's fault, Mom. Jason made me suck Daddy's cock?"

Everyone suddenly looked at Jason taking a step backwards towards the door.

"What? Jason made you suck your father's cock? How could Jason make you suck your father's cock? Did he put a gun to your head?"

"No," she said.

"Then that's ridiculous."

"It's true, Honey Bunny," said her husband. "If it wasn't for Jason's lack of sexual sophistication and Susan and I trying to education him between what is deemed sexual and what is deemed non-sexual, what is deemed appropriate touching, and what is deemed inappropriate touching, all in the spirit of National Nude Day, a non-sexual holiday, none of this wouldn't have happened.

"Well," said Jason's mother, "what's good for the goose and good for the gander," she said casting her lewd stare on her son. "Grab him grandma."

"Wait!" Jason yelled while trying to slowly back out of the room.

"Well," said his mother.

"Well," said his grandmother.

"I can explain."

"We're waiting," said Susan.

"You just can't force me to have sex."

"Oh, yes we can. Grab him Grandma."


"Well," said his mother.

"Well," said his grandmother.

"I'm not into incest."

"That's okay. We are. Get him grandma."


"Well," said his mother.

"Well," said his grandmother.

"I can't have sex with you Mom or with you Grandma because I'm gay and am as queer as a three dollar bill," he said looking to Michael for support. "Michael and I are homosexual lovers. We are. We've been fucking and sucking one another off for years. I suck his cock and he sucks my cock and then we fuck one another up the ass. We're totally gay. Seriously, my favorite color is pink and I love fabric and interior design. I have photos of Cher, Madonna, and Bette Midler hidden under my mattress. I'll wait here while you all get the photos."

When they didn't move to go to his room and get the non-existent photos, he looked to his friend for help.

"You may be perverted and twisted in your ideas about sex, but you certainly are not gay. A mother knows if her son is gay or not."

"Tell her, Michael. Tell everyone that we are homosexuals. Tell them we are gay lovers who hope to get married one day," he said pleading with his friend with his eyes for help.

"Dude, you're totally on your own with this one. I'm hoping to get with Vivian, your sister, your mother, and/or your grandmother. You could be gay the way you've modestly refused to remove your clothes, but definitely, I'm not gay, Dude. Sorry," he said shuddering. "Eww, just the thought of a cock in my mouth or up my ass makes me want to vomit. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, it's just not me. No way, Dude. Sorry."

"Get him grandma."


"Now what? Well," said his mother.

"Well," said his grandmother.

"I have a confession, but it's difficult for me to just blurt it out like this."

"You had better find some courage and start blurting before I start sucking," said his mother.

"I'm a virgin. Okay? I'm a virgin. That's right. I've never had sex before. Not even a French kiss."

Everyone in the room looked at one another. It sounded plausible. That definitely could be the reason for his modesty and embarrassment. That could be why this room of sexual deviants thought him perverted, when, in fact, he was normal and they were the twisted ones.

"Seriously," said his mother. "Is that so? You're a virgin?"


"But why, Jason? Where did I go wrong? What about that girl you brought to the prom, the one with the broken front tooth that she broke by doing a gangbang with her five friends when their van rolled forward and hit the curb while she was sucking on cock. I thought she would teach you about sex?"

"Oh, her, yeah, well, she left me halfway through the prom to hang out with her lesbian friends."

"Now, don't lie to me, Jason."

"Yes, honestly, I've never done it with a woman, yet. I was even thinking about the priesthood before I realized how much sex they have. Now, that I'm almost twenty, I'm thinking about saving myself until I marry. Abstinence is good. I haven't even felt a tit. Except for women in magazines and the naked women in the park celebrating Nude Day on the long drive here from school, you were the first naked woman, Mom, I've seen, that is, until I saw grandma, Susan, and Vivian naked, too."

"You're kidding. You really are a virgin?"

"No, I'm not kidding, Mom. I really am a virgin. I'm a straight as an arrow virgin, clean, sweet, and innocent. Yes, absolutely, without a doubt. My cock is still in its wrapper," he said trying to make a feeble joke, but no one was laughing. Everyone was staring at him.

"Well, that's a horse of a different color," said his mother.

"A virgin stallion," said his grandmother.

"Whew! Finally, I feel better now that I got that off my chest," he said with a relieved laugh.

"You should have told me that straight off, Jason. You didn't have to hide that from me. You should know by now that you can tell your mother anything. You can trust your mother to understand. Now, that I know your secret, the fact that you are a virgin makes all the difference in the world."

"Well, now you know and it's a big relief for me. I'll just go upstairs and leave all of you to celebrate the remainder of your non-sexual, Nude Day holiday without me. I'll be in my room. Call me when supper is ready."

Jason took a few steps towards the stairway.

"Virgin cock! Get him, grandma."


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