tagIncest/TabooHappy Nude Day Ch. 10

Happy Nude Day Ch. 10


"You people are crazy," said Jason standing up, putting on, and pulling up his underwear and pants. Finally, free from his captors, he bolted from his family and ran for the front door and opened it. There he was met by his Aunt Sally, his mother's sister, her husband, Uncle John, and their grown children, his cousins Rebecca and Stuart. They were all naked.

"Happy Nude Day, everyone," they all said in unison.

"Fresh meat," said Michael staring at Sally's C cup tits and trimmed pussy, and her daughter's C cup tits and waxed pussy. "I mean, Happy Nude Day."

Jason didn't know where to turn, what to do or where to go. He was surrounded. He didn't know where to look. Everywhere he looked he saw naked people; he saw asses, tits, nipples, pussies, balls, pubic hair, and cocks. Between the sexual excitement and incestuous frustration, suddenly, he felt he was losing his mind.

Feeling much like a diabetic in a candy store, he wanted to sample it all, but couldn't. He didn't dare. He didn't want to become them, twisted and without a conscience. The incest was so wrong, but it felt so good. Should he or shouldn't he? He had the devil sitting on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Torn and twisted, bittersweet in his assessment of all the events of the day, he was confused.

He didn't understand any of it. He couldn't understand how they could all parade around him naked on the pretense of celebrating some obscure holiday that he never even heard of until today, while declaring and believing what they were doing was non-sexual. It was all such a sham.

He couldn't believe his sister sucked off his father and his mother and grandmother sucked off him, too. This is crazy. Everyone was normal before today and before the celebration of this holiday. What happened? They've all been possessed by incest.

This, all of this, was all too sexual for him. He had a non-stop erection since he first saw his mother naked, then his grandmother, that continued with sister, Susan, and her friend, Vivian, and now his aunt, Sally, and her daughter Rebecca. He never saw so many tits, nipples, pussies, pubic hair, and asses in his life, not even on National Geographic when they show those naked women living in the rainforest.

He didn't feel free at all. Instead, even after receiving blowjobs from his mother and grandmother, he felt so excited that he felt sexually frustrated. Moreover, he felt guilty. He felt dirty by what he had done and even if he was forced to do it, it was a vile and despicable thing to do to have incestuous sex with his mother and grandmother. He feared he was becoming one of them. It was in his genes after all.

He suddenly had an insatiable appetite for sex and for sex with his relatives, incestuous sex. He wanted to have a wild orgy and fuck and suck everyone. Suddenly, he felt depraved like all the rest of them. Like some contagious disease, he felt that he had been bitten by a vampire that had been turned into one of them, an incestuous animal. He felt like howling. The devil reincarnated, he felt evilly possessed.

He couldn't help but feel that he wanted to have intercourse with his mother. Yeah, definitely, he wanted to fuck his Mom. He wanted to fuck his Mommy long and hard until she was calling him Daddy.

"Who's your Daddy, Bitch," he imagined slapping his mother's ass, until she did and said whatever he wanted.

He wanted to have intercourse with his grandmother. Payback time, Grandma, he wanted to give her the fucking of her long life. He wanted her to beg him for mercy before he'd stop thrashing her with his cock.

"Enough, Jason, I'm spent. I can't take your big cock any more. I'm too old and too tired," he imagined her saying. "My pussy is too sore."

"You're pussy is sore, eh, Grandma? Well, there's another hole I can fill, then. Bend over."

Definitely he wanted to have a full blown orgy with his sister and her friend both at the same time. Especially after seeing them fondle Michael's cock and balls, and his father's cock and balls, on the pretense of getting a bikini wax. Are you serious? Get real. What the Hell was that about? Truth is stranger than fiction and he couldn't make this stuff up it was so outrageous.

Then, after watching Susan suck off his Dad, as a non-sexual demonstration for the benefit of his sexual education, oh, please, they had got to be kidding. Now, after all that teasing, he wanted them, his sister and her friend bad. He wanted them to fondle his cock and balls, too, while checking to see how much pubic hair he had and if he was a candidate for a bikini wax. He wanted his sister to blow him, too, for the benefit of his sexual education.

He's been lusting after his sister for years. She's so freaking hot. She's got a body and when she wears that cheerleading outfit, oh man, she makes his cock so hard. He'd lick her slow. He'd lick her everywhere. He'd make her beg for his cock before he gave it to him. He'd make her his sex slave. Then, he'd tie her up and leave her there. He'd invite the entire football team over for this one. He'd take videos of them fucking her and her sucking them and threaten to post it all on the Internet afterward unless, she allowed him to watch her and Vivian together.

He'd want to see his sister suck Vivian's pussy and then watch Vivian sucking Susan's pussy. He always suspected those two had the hots for one another. He'd make them have the hots for him. He'd tie Vivian up, too, and make her his sex slave to have her give him a blowjob whenever he wanted. Yeah, any time he wanted a blowjob, he'd get one.

Still so horny, even after reliving doing his mother, grandmother, now he imagined doing his sister and his sister's friend. Hell, bring them all on; he'd even do his aunt and his cousin, at this point. Now, he was willing and ready to have a wild naked orgy with all his female relatives young and old.

He wondered if his Aunt Sally sucked cock as good as her sister and mother did. He wondered if she swallowed. Probably, she does, just like what Michael said, "The lipstick doesn't fall far from the purse." It's time he found out if Aunt Sally was as good at sucking cock as was his mother and grandmother.

He always wanted to fuck his cousin, Rebecca. She's got a body as hot as his sister, only with bigger boobs. He'd loved to suck her nipples while sticking his big cock in her pussy. Beg me for it Rebecca. Tell me how much you want me to cum in your mouth, Becky. Becca, do you want me to cum in your mouth?

"Oh, Jason, please, please, please, let me blow you. I really need to suck you off. I need the protein. If you let me milk you, I'll let you watch me blow my brother."

"Oh, Becky, you slut, alright, you can suck my cock."

All these thoughts flowed through his mind nonstop. What have they done to him? They turned him into an incestuous beast. He couldn't think of anything but incestuous sex. He couldn't look anywhere without wanting to fuck someone. He was a depraved sexual animal.

"Stop it," he said to himself. "Get a hold of yourself. This is wrong. Calm the fuck down!"

Now, after getting dressed, everyone was naked but him, his mother, father, grandmother, sister, his sister's best friend, his best friend, and his aunt, uncle, and cousins. He couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want to be like them. He had to get away and get away. While they were busy greeting one another, now was his only chance to leave.

Afraid that his aunt and cousin would take their turn with him, once they discovered that his mother and grandmother had their way with him, he ran up to his room and slammed shut and locked his bedroom door, jumped in his bed, and pulled the covers over his head. Finally, away from their nakedness and incestuous madness, he was safe here hiding in his locked bedroom, in his bed, and in the dark.

He feared that he'd do something he'd regret. He feared he'd cross the point of no return and become as twisted as they all have become. All these sexual feelings were all so new to him. All these incestuous thoughts were so wrong. He feared he'd force himself on someone. They all had made him so damn horny and he couldn't wait to jerk off to relieve the tension, but not here and not now. Later after they all left and he when was alone with his thoughts, he would.

Between the lunacy that suddenly plague everyone, the debauchery that they had done to his virginal body, and the long drive home from the college campus, he was exhausted. He needed to rest to clear his mind and to focus on what he needed to do. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he fell into a deep, but fitful sleep.

Only, he couldn't erase the vision that he had of naked relatives everywhere, even in his dreams. He tossed and turned thinking of his mother standing in the kitchen washing vegetables when he first walked in with Michael. He was shocked when he saw her naked ass, now he wanted to lick her naked ass before fucking her naked ass. He couldn't believe it when she turned around and showed them her tits, nipples, and pussy. There she was, his mother, naked before him.

"Mommy, let me suck your tits. Stick your pussy in my mouth. Cum in my mouth, Mommy! Let me fuck you. Blow me. Suck my cock. Make me cum in your mouth, Mommy. I want to watch you swallow my load."

He couldn't believe it when his grandmother emerged from her room naked. It was unbelievable. He was so embarrassed when he saw her then. Now, he'd push her down on the carpet and fuck her right there on the second floor landing.

"Fuck me, Granda! Let me shove my young, virgin cock in your old, dried up pussy. Blow me, Grandma. Suck my cock."

"Oh, Jason, yes, yes, fuck grandma. Make grandma young, again."

He saw her sagging breasts and bushy pussy again in his dream of her and immediately had an erection. He had crossed over now. He was gone, gone to the incestuous side of lunacy and never would he return to the sanity he experienced before this dreaded National Nude Day.

Then, when his pretty sister and her pretty friend walked up the stairs naked, he had to pinch himself to convince him that he wasn't dreaming. Never had he seen so much as his mother's, grandmother's or sister's bra strap and here they are all now naked. Susan and Vivian were hot.

They could have been strippers. Actually, all they needed were a set of implants and they'd be perfect. Actually, they were perfect they way they were. There's nothing wrong with A cup tits, especially their tits, so round, high up, firm, and shapely. They had gorgeous tits, albeit small.

Now, he pictured taking them both by the hand, escorting them to his bedroom, and tying them to the bed.

"Jason, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind? Let go of us."

"You belong to me, now, Susan and Vivian. I own your asses. You are my sex slaves. You do whatever I want you to do. I'm going to retie you in a position so that you can suck one another's pussies in a 69 position. You'd better make it quick because the football team is on there way over to gangbang the both of you."

"Jason, you can't do this. This is wrong."

"Shut up, Bitch. Consider it done."

Now, that he was sleeping and dreaming of everything that happened during the day, it was outrageous when his sister bent over in front of him to show him her waxed pussy. What the Hell was she thinking? Why would she do that? She wanted to get fucked.

He so wanted to strip and fuck her right there on the upstairs landing. Then, when she and Vivian explored Michael's cock and balls to see how much pubic hair he had, he thought he would cum off in his pants. Then, when his sister took Michael's cock in her mouth, as a non-sexual demonstration, he so wanted her to do the same to his cock and give him a non-sexual demonstration, too. Friggin' sluts, the both of them and now that he knows that about them, he'll make them his sluts.

He couldn't believe it when both his sister and her sister's friend showed their waxed pussies to his father. Then, when they bent over to show him their asses, he so wanted to stick his cock in their hole and wished that he had. It was beyond his wildest fantasy to watch his father check Vivian's pussy for stubble with a flashlight while her legs were spread and her feet were on his shoulders. That was such an outrageous sight to see. It this wasn't all true, no one would believe him. He couldn't make this shit up.

It was unbelievable when his sister begged her Daddy to stick his big cock in her mouth as another sexual demonstration for his benefit.

"Please, Daddy, can I suck your cock? It's not a real blowjob?"

Not a real blowjob? Then, what the Hell is it, a pretend blowjob?

He never expected that his sister and father would become so out of control hot and bothered that he'd shoot his load of cum in his daughter's mouth. Although accidental, that was so outrageous, but not as outrageous when Susan confessed that she had never had so much cum in her mouth causing him to become so aroused that he shot another load of cum in her hair, face, and tits. Daddy really gave his daughter a cum bath.

He slept for what felt like five minutes until he was awakened by his mother knocking at his bedroom door.

"C'mon, Jason. Jason. Get up. It's time for supper," said his mother. "Wake up, Honey. It's time to eat. Everyone is waiting."

Suddenly, he pictured his naked mother again, her B cup tits, erect nipples, and trimmed pussy. He couldn't wait for tonight after everyone left. She told him that he could sleep in her bed. She told him that he could fuck her. He couldn't wait.

The vision of his mother's ass, tits, nipples, and pussy filled his mind and stiffened his cock. Then, he thought of his naked sister and her friend, again. Their perfect A cup tits and round asses gave them such curvaceous bodies. He thought of his grandmother sucking his cock and cumming off in her mouth, as well as cumming in his mother's mouth. They both swallowed his cum. He thought of both his grandmother and mother forcing him to lick their pussies. He could still taste them.

"You've been napping for nearly an hour, Jason. We're all hungry and are eager to have our National Nude Day celebration activities after supper."

Hungry? He was no longer hungry for food. He needed sex to satisfy his hunger, now. He needed incestuous sex. He needed to fuck his sister, her friend, and his cousin in a wild orgy of hot, young, firm bodies. What was that she said?

Activities? Are you kidding me? He couldn't imagine what activities they had planned besides being naked and fucking and sucking one another. What more could they possibly do to celebrate this non-sexual nude holiday? What kind of activities?

He imagined playing Pin the Tale On the Donkey, a dangerous game to play when blindfolded and naked. He imagined playing Charades and being able to stare at whichever female relative stood before him naked while playing the game. He imagined playing Twister and accidentally sticking his cock in whatever available hole opened up before him while pretending to maintain his balance and accidentally slipping.

"Oops, sorry. Did my cock just fall in your mouth? Well, I'll just be a minute. Suck it, bitch."

He wouldn't mind playing twister with his sister's friend, Vivian, or his mother or his cousin, Becky or even his sister. His aunt wasn't a bad looking woman, either. He'd get naked for that game. He imagined himself getting in a position where his cock was in constant contact with the skin of a female relative at all times, even his grandmother. No longer a virgin, he was still so very horny. Definitely, he was one of them now, an incest deviate. Filled with incestuous animal lust, he'll show them how to celebrate National Nude Day, now.

"C'mon Jason before the food gets cold." Everyone is waiting for you to get up."

"Okay, Okay, I'm coming. I'll be right down."

As soon as he said the word coming, he thought of cumming in his mother's and grandmother's mouth. That was so unbelievable and it felt so good. Only, it was incest. So what? It still felt really good. Incest is best, he thought with a laugh.

"Everyone is waiting for you to get up."

"Okay, I'm getting up now."

Everyone? He remembered his naked grandmother and her breast being just like her daughter's breasts only they sagged a bit more. He thought of his waxed sister's pussy and Vivian's waxed pussy. He should have taken them up on their offer to feel their smooth pussies. Michael felt them both and even his father felt their waxed pussies.

He thought about asking his sister and her friend if he should have a bikini wax the way that Michael had. Maybe they'd inspect his cock and balls, too, the way they had done with Michael. Maybe, he'd asked his mother, grandmother, aunt, and cousin if he should have a bikini wax done. Now, he was thinking of all his female relatives groping him, feeling his cock and balls. He had given himself such a raging hard on that it hurt.

Jason yawned, got up out of bed, and quickly stripped off his clothes. He decided that if everyone else was naked, he'd get in the spirit of things, too, finally. What the Hell? They had already seen him naked, anyway, when his mother stripped him and blew him and his grandmother gummed him. What did it matter any more? Only, he could not get rid of his erection. Even though they all said it felt free to be naked in front of everyone, there was nothing free about being naked in front of all these women, even if most of them are his relatives.

Only, he was embarrassed by his erection, but what the fuck? What was he supposed to do? Never has he had such a huge erection. Never has he had such sexual stimulation to give him such a stiff erection. His cock stood straight out, it was so stiff. His cock was freakin' huge. He looked at it in the mirror while turning from side to side. Nothing to be ashamed of there, he thought.

Still embarrassed being naked, nonetheless, he'll just go downstairs with his eyes closed until he felt comfortable being naked in front of his family. Surely, after only a few seconds, once the shock of seeing their eyes staring at him and his giant size erection, he'd be fine. Besides, what difference does it make? They'll all naked anyway. Now he'll get to see his aunt and his cousin naked, again, too.

He couldn't wait for the activities. He wondered what activities they were. Surely, it wouldn't be Monopoly, but something more sexually stimulating and erotic. Even if this was supposed to be a non-sexual holiday, it really wasn't that at all.

He was so excited. He was so horny. He was so incestuously crazed that he walked downstairs and walked in the dining room with his eyes tightly shut afraid to open them for fear that he would just prematurely ejaculate cum everywhere, as soon as he saw his naked mother, grandmother, sister, her friend, aunt, and cousin. How embarrassing would that be? Still, he couldn't wait to open his eyes. He couldn't wait to see everyone naked, again. He couldn't wait.

Only, he didn't want to stand in the room naked while shooting cum all over the place. That would be just terrible. That would be so embarrassing not being able to control his body. Slowly, he opened his eyes and there they all were, his mother, his father, his sister, her sister's friend, his grandmother, his aunt, his uncle, his cousins, and Michael already seated around the dining room table.

Only, everyone was fully dressed. What the fuck? Is this a joke? Why are they dressed? Fucking again, he was the odd man out. Fully dressed when they were all naked, now he's naked and they are all fully dressed. He can't win.

"Well, Jason," said his mother, "I don't know how they celebrate National Nude Day in college, young man, but in our house we respect one another by not walking around naked in public."

Everyone turned to stare at him. Susan and Vivian giggled while never removing their eyes from his erect cock.

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