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Happy Presidents Day


The lives of rich and powerful people are never boring. Especially if you're the help. They don't notice you but you notice everything. Take my word for it, I've worked in this field for thirty years. Just your humble but wise and somewhat worldly janitor. My name is Alistair Belleview, and I'm a sixty-two-year-old Black male living in Washington D.C.. I've got a bevy of hot stuff for you today. It's about what the most powerful men and most powerful women in the United States of America do behind closed doors. Stuff that would stun their fans, friends, family members, supporters and sometimes their spouses. Get ready for some truly unforgettable action, folks. You won't forget this one.

Do you really know what your favorite celebrities and politicians are truly like? I don't think you do. For example, I know that many deeply conservative Republican politicians, both male and female, can and do sleep with individuals of both sexes, though they condemn Gay Marriage. I also know that certain White House aides perform services for high-ranking government administration members that would make a hooker blush. I am not joking. Just remember that your favorite politicians and celebrities are people, folks. Some of them are very kinky people. And they're a deeply flawed bunch. I've known this for a while.

Recently, I discovered a security tape in a safe house of D.C. and what I found on it was amazing. Simply amazing. People can really surprise the hell out of you. In ways you can't even fathom. I thought I knew a lot of people, what they stood for and what they're really like. As it turns out, I had a lot to learn about human nature. People are so frigging weird. And they're getting weirder by the day. They will never stop creeping me out, even in my old age. This I say without pride or shame. It is simply a fact of this life, folks. Now let's talk about the contents of that tape.

The President of the United States of America had himself a party to celebrate some event, and he invited some very special people as part of the VIP. The guests were Oprah Winfrey, a gorgeous mature Black woman who's a billionaire and international celebrity. TV legend Jay Leno, a man who requires no introduction. Megyn Kelly, a tall, haughty blonde-haired conservative reporter with the looks of a supermodel. Dr. Phil McGraw, a big and tall White male talk show host from Texas who was Oprah's right-hand man. Beyonce Knowles, a tall, gorgeous, light-skinned young Black woman who's wealthy and powerful, internationally famous for being a singer and an actress. Taylor Swift, darling of the Country Music scene. Rounding up the cast are former First Lady Hillary Clinton, present-day First Lady Michelle Obama and of course Jill Biden, one of the President's favorite people. You'll soon find out why. Let's just say he's got a thing for blondes. And he's not the only one. Let's just say you'll be surprised who's into what.

Barry, as the President prefers to be called, has a thing for blondes. And his favorite blonde of all is Jill Biden. She's not just the wife of his colleague and a personal friend. She's also his kinky partner in BDSM and one of his favorite mistresses. Right now, Barry is sitting on a throne-like chair. He's got a Forty ( bottle of liquor ) in one hand and Jill Biden's taut ass in the other. And he likes what she's doing. For Jill Biden kneels before Barry and starts sucking on his long and thick Black cock like it's going out of style. Yeah, she's polishing his very presidential knob and he's happy as can be. What are his guests doing while he's doing this? Let's find out.

Oh, my. The President's guests are far from inactive. Beyonce Knowles gives Country Music darling Taylor Swift a big hug, followed by a deep, passionate kiss. Oh, man. I saw these two hug at the music awards and I guess I was right when I thought they were overly chummy. Interracial lesbian sex is one of my favorite fantasies so I hope you don't mind if I linger over this scene. I thought Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift looked cute together. My, they couldn't be more opposite. Though they're both tall, famous, gorgeous and wealthy. One's a darling of the Rednecks of Middle America, the other embodies the soul, strength and power of Urban America.

Beyonce Knowles looks at Taylor Swift adoringly, and makes a shocking confession. Beyonce says she's always had lesbian fantasies. And not just random lesbian fantasies either. Beyonce has always had a thing for tall, blonde-haired White women. Being a strong young Black woman, she couldn't reconcile her image with her personal desires so she kept them to herself. Taylor Swift smiles kindly at this tall and very gorgeous, light-skinned young Black woman who just confessed to being a dyke. Taylor Swift has slept with other women a few times, but never a hot Black chick like Beyonce Knowles. Maybe she will cross the racial line just this once. Just to see what it would be like to sleep with a sexy Black woman.

Beyonce Knowles wasn't done talking. She kept looking into the eyes of Taylor Swift, the gorgeous blonde-haired White chick. Beyonce hesitated, then decided to at last face her desires. She bit her lip, then spilled her guts and told the truth. She told Taylor Swift her deepest, darkest secret. Not only was Beyonce attracted to White women, she also had some decidedly submissive tendencies. Simply put, Beyonce Knowles was a submissive Black lesbian who wanted to be dominated by a sexy blonde-haired White woman. When she said that, Taylor Swift's eyes went wide. She looked at Beyonce, stunned beyond belief. Beyonce looked at Taylor with moist eyes, and got on her knees. Before everyone in the room, the sexy Black American Princess knelt before the sexy blonde-haired White female songbird.

Feeling deeply moved and more than a little bit smug, Taylor Swift ordered Beyonce Knowles to worship her as the ivory goddess she truly was. Beyonce acknowledged Taylor Swift as her goddess and savior, then began sucking on the young White woman's toes in front of everybody. If you think that was shocking, wait until you see what Barry did with Jill. Barry put Jill on all fours, spread the middle-aged White woman's ass cheeks wide open, and shoved his long and thick Black cock deep into her asshole. Jill squealed as Barry began shoving his dick deep into her asshole. Jill had always been a sucker for Black men with big dicks, in every sense of the word. And she worshiped Barry.

Meanwhile, the other party guests were not inactive. Hillary looked at Michelle and saw that the sexy mature Black woman appeared turned on by the sight of Beyonce worshiping Taylor. A little too turned on to be merely curious. Hillary took Michelle's hand in hers and asked her if she ever tried interracial lesbian dominance and submission. Michelle shook her head, but admitted she'd always been curious. Hillary glowed with lustful energy. Thrilled by what she heard, Hillary took Michelle's hand in hers and decided to show her what this sexy new kink was all about.

Hillary sat on a big chair and ordered Michelle to strip. Michelle rose, and showed the older White woman her tall, sexy and curvy form. Along with her nice tits, wide hips and big round butt. Hillary licked her lips as she admired Michelle's body. She liked what she saw. Michelle felt a sexual thrill run through her as she began submitting to Hillary. Truth be told, Michelle had always been bisexual and kind of a submissive in bed. With both women and men. And she found bossy older White women like Hillary to be profoundly appealing sexually. Hillary fingered her pussy while ordering Michelle to shake her ass. Watching her former rival's wife shaking her big ass like some video vixen turned Hillary on like you would not believe.

Hillary clapped her hands for Michelle to stop, then ordered the world's most admired Black woman to kneel before her. Michelle was more than happy to kneel before her sexy White goddess. Hillary dropped her skirt, and revealed her hairy pussy. She ordered Michelle to kneel before her, and suck her toes then her pussy. Michelle did as she was told. She took Hillary's toes in her mouth and suckled on them. Hillary smiled as the kneeling Michelle sucked her toes. She couldn't believe how submissive Michelle was. She acted all tough and bossy in public, that's for sure. Hillary ordered Michelle to stop sucking her toes. Michelle looked up at Hillary adoringly. Hillary gently took Michelle's face in her hands, and smacked her hard on both cheeks. Michelle yelped in surprise. Hillary smiled, her way of reminding Michelle who's boss. Then she ordered Michelle to lick her pussy. Obediently, Michelle fastened her lips to Hillary's pussy and began licking like there was no tomorrow.

Nearby, Oprah Winfrey was having some fun with her very willing love slave, Phil McGraw. The big and tall Texan was on all fours, naked as can be, as he sucked on a dominant Oprah's toes. Oprah smiled and stroked her strap-on dildo while Dr. Phil sucked her toes. Oprah always wanted to dominate big and tall White guys. And now her fantasy was finally coming true. Something about the premises was bringing out everyone's fantasies and making them come true. Nearby, Megyn Kelly, the sexy conservative reporter fingered her pussy while watching Oprah and Dr. Phil doing their thing. She was deeply turned on by what she saw.

Across the room, Taylor was showing Beyonce the fine art of interracial lesbian submission. Once Beyonce got done licking Taylor's toes, Taylor made her kneel before her. Looking down at Beyonce, Taylor smiled. She slapped Beyonce hard across the face, three times. And every time, Beyonce called her mistress and thanked her. Grinning, Taylor spread her thighs and ordered Beyonce to lick her pussy. Obediently, Beyonce began licking Taylor's pussy. Taylor couldn't believe how submissive Beyonce was. The world-famous Black actress and singer was doing everything the White female Country Singer told her. This was going to be a lot of fun.

Barry thrust his dick deep inside Jill Biden's asshole. The blonde-haired White slut squealed in delight as Barry's big Black dick filled her asshole. Slowly, he pulled out. Then he shared a passionate kiss with Jill Biden. It was time to switch roles. Now the dominant Black stud wanted to submit to the blonde-haired White chick. And Jill was all for it. She sat on Barry's throne-like chair and he knelt before her. She spread her legs and he began licking her pussy. Just like a good submissive should. Jill got a thrill out of getting the most powerful man in the United States, and the most powerful Black man in history, to kneel before her. It was definitely a turn-on for the usually meek and self-effacing White slut.

Meanwhile, Oprah was having some fun with Dr. Phil. The big mature Black female billionaire put the big and tall Texan on all fours, spread his ass cheeks wide open and shoved her dildo up his asshole. Dr. Phil was squealing like a bitch as the big Black woman rammed her dildo up his ass. For such a big guy who loves bullying the male guests on his show on behalf of ditzy women, he certainly didn't seem too tough now that Oprah was fucking him with a strap-on dildo. Such a macho man. Then again, I've always thought many macho guys were all show and no substance. Doubtless many of them are someone else's bitch in private.

Not far away, Beyonce was currently on all fours, getting fucked by Taylor. The sexy blonde-haired Country Singer held the submissive Black American Princess hips and thrust her strap-on dildo deep into her pussy. Beyonce moaned as her fantasy finally came true, she was getting fucked by a dominant White lesbian. Nearby, Megyn Kelly got tired of playing by herself and noticed Jay Leno giving her the eye. She went to him, determined to dominate the loquacious TV legend the same way she saw Oprah dominate Dr. Phil. Naturally, the very kinky Jay Leno was all for it. He undressed, got on all fours and spread his ass for Megyn Kelly. The conservative reporter donned a strap-on dildo she found laying around, and began poking Jay Leno's ass with it. The TV legend squealed as he got fucked by the sexy conservative reporter.

While this was going on, Hillary was showing Michelle the fine art of interracial female submission. Michelle was on all fours, face down and big Black ass up. After spanking her rival's wife's sexy ass, Hillary donned her favorite strap-on dildo and fucked her. Hillary thrust two fingers into Michelle's asshole, and noticed with satisfaction that she was no stranger to anal sex. Good. Hillary fingered Michelle's wet pussy before pressing the dildo against her backdoor. With a swift thrust, she went in. Michelle howled as Hillary plunged the dildo deep into her asshole. Hillary laughed. Deep down she always wanted to fuck Michelle. And now she was getting to not only fuck her but to dominate her completely. This was absolutely awesome.

A sharp scream caught Hillary's attention and when she looked up, what she saw made her smile. Barry was on all fours, face down and ass up. Jill was holding his hips firmly as she shoved her strap-on dildo deep into his ass. Wow. The most powerful Black man in history was letting some blonde-haired White chick shove a dildo up his ass. Amazing. Hillary couldn't believe her eyes. Barry and his wife Michelle really did have the same fetishes. Both loved dominant mature blondes. And interracial sexual submission, of course. Just like Beyonce. The sexy Black actress was riding sexy blonde songbird Taylor's strap-on dildo as she screamed like there was no tomorrow. Just like Jay Leno was crying like a punk as Megyn Kelly rammed her dildo up his ass. Well, it seems that someone was making Jay Leno cry. Let's see how he likes that. Splendid.

Michelle squealed in delight as Hillary slammed the dildo deep into her asshole. A sexual submissive in bed, Michelle was really into anal play. Whether she was with a man or a woman, she enjoyed getting her ass penetrated. And Hillary did a splendid job of butt fucking her with her big strap-on dildo. Almost as splendid a job as Taylor Swift was doing, shoving her strap-on dildo deep into Beyonce's asshole. Well, two generations of wealthy and powerful Black lesbians were getting dominated by two generations of wealthy and powerful White lesbians with big dildos. How fun. Who would have thought bossy rich Black chicks were so submissive sexually? You learn something new every bloody day under the sun.

Dr. Phil huffed and puffed as Oprah stretched his asshole with her trusty strap-on dildo. Oprah was really into fucking the big and tall Texan. As for Dr. Phil, he loved the feel of Oprah's plastic cock up his big White ass and if loving it was wrong, then he didn't want to be right. Oprah was more than happy to make Dr. Phil's fantasy come true. Dr. Phil loves a strong woman. Anyone who watches his show knows that. And women don't get any stronger than his beloved boss, Oprah. Speaking of strong women, Hillary was slamming her dildo up Michelle's ass like ass fucking was going out of style. Michelle screamed like a woman possessed as Hillary tapped that big ass of hers. She noticed her husband Barry riding Jill's thick strap-on dildo. He was having the time of his life, having his favorite blonde-haired mistress shove a dildo up his ass. As usual. Not far from where she was, TV legend Jay Leno was howling in sheer pleasure as conservative but sexy blonde reporter Megyn Kelly rammed her dildo up his ass. Yeah, everybody was having a grand old time.

Hillary finally pulled her dildo out of Michelle's ass, and Michelle breathed a sigh of relief. Hillary looked at her sexy Black female submissive and asked her how her first foray into interracial lesbian submission went. Michelle was overjoyed and gave Hillary a hug and a big kiss. Hillary patronizingly patted Michelle's head, thrilled she responded to submission so well. Beyonce was stunned into the land of sexual bliss by Taylor's vigorous brand of lesbian domination. After they got done doing their thing, Taylor kissed Beyonce and slipped a collar around her neck. Symbolizing their bond as mistress and submissive. Beyonce smiled at her goddess, quite pleased with herself. She finally got what she wanted.

Nearby, Jill and Barry were basking in the warm afterglow of their post-sex bliss. Jay Leno sat down painfully and thanked Megyn Kelly for a grand old time. Dr. Phil thanked Oprah for the same thing. Megyn Kelly walked up to Barry, and showed him how much of a secret fan she really was. She professed that her network's views differed vastly from her own. Barry looked at the tall, blonde-haired White woman and nodded. Megyn Kelly got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. Her way of hailing the Commander in Chief.

As Oprah, Jay Leno, Michelle, Hillary, Beyonce and Taylor Swift looked on, Barry took Megyn Kelly on the ride of her life. Barry eased his long and thick Black cock into Megyn Kelly's asshole and she groaned softly as he burrowed inside. During her days at Syracuse, Megyn was a real party chick who loved random encounters with hunky men of all colors. And it was during such an encounter that she discovered her penchant for anal sex. Actually, make that rough anal sex. So she begged Barry to fuck her hard. Barry didn't need to be told twice. He smacked Megyn Kelly's ass hard as he slammed his dick deep inside the blonde-haired white slut's surprisingly tight asshole. Surprisingly tight because she's had so much anal, her asshole should be much looser. Whatever. Cheered on by his friends, admirers, spouse, former rival and colleagues, Barry gave Megyn Kelly's asshole the pounding it deserved. He pumped her up for a long time and in the end, he came, filling her asshole with his manly spunk. Both Barry and Megyn squealed in pleasure. It was wonderful to behold.

At this point, the tape stopped. I watched it again, amazed. I had no idea that some of America's wealthiest, most famous, most powerful men and women were into this kind of kinky stuff. What am I going to do with this tape? Leak it on the web? I'm not sure. Keep it to myself? Nope. Something this good is meant for more than me. I thought of the one person on the planet who might benefit from having this tape in his possession. A certain beleaguered rapper famous for his controversial acts. He'd been pissed on by various people in this very tape. I think I'll send this gentleman a copy of the video. Doubtless it might cheer him up. It's simply amazing.

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