tagInterracial LoveHappy to Be Home

Happy to Be Home


"Today was horrible!" Melissa said hastily dropping her briefcase and high heels onto the hardwood floors near the front door as she walked into the kitchen.

"I wanna hear about what's got you so stressed." Nick said as sincerely as he could, from behind the counter top, pausing from pouring wheat flakes into a bowl of warm milk.

"The board was a pain in my ass. They said that for the next quarter they'll be cutting upper management by 20 percent because we failed to reach the quarterly profit forecasts. I...I don't know if I have a future at the company. And there's already word that the board is planning split up my team. Jan and Danni have been there with from the start and just like that they are gonna let them go." She just remained still. Her eyes lost in thought of the prospect. Then removed a glass from the cupboard and emptied the last of chardonnay she'd been saving for a special occasion and walloped onto their leather sofa, shut her eyes and extended till her the tips of her toes touched the center table. He worried about her when she came home like this and just wanted to make her forget about today. The past few weeks had been tough on their relationship. He'd been in promoting the latest franchise in Tokyo while she remained here alone. For that month in Japan he only thought about that moment she'd come through the door. He even scheduled his flight earlier so he'd be home before she arrived.

He went over to her and began massaging her shoulders. Slowly burying the balls of his wrist into he firm shoulders.

"Lay it all on me." He pulled her frizzy, dark brown hair back with both hands and whispered into her ear, purposely brushing his moist tongue against her outer ear.

"Ooooh....that feels...good." Her entire body tensed and all she thought of was getting fucked the entire weekend. She might just have to take Monday off she joked to herself. Her skin beaded with goose pimples. Her nipples grew firmer as he switched the pattern of the massage, so his thumbs were doping all the work. Leaving his fingers free to roam. From the top of her cotton blouse he eased his hands down until they were just atop her cleavage.

Melissa kept her eyes closed letting Nick undo the first three buttons of her blouse as he planted wet kisses beginning on the back of her neck, where she had a birthmark that resembled Trinidad, her birthplace. He began licking and sucking her skin as he circumvented her neck, sometimes tugging lightly on her skin. He could hear her inhale and exhale deeply as he did so. He bent her head all the way back and seized her bottom full red lipstick lips. He tugged then stopped and began sucked her lips teasing her till she giggled, giving him entry into her mouth. They kissed deeply, tongues wrestling in each other's mouths. He released her lips abruptly and stared into her now open eyes. But she didn't want him to stop and pulled his lips down to hers. Meanwhile, Nick's hands had undone her entire shirt stop at the dress skirt, exposing her taut midriff. With the excitement of the eminent pussy eating she was about to receive had her lace panties were soaked as his tongue meandering down her neck. She pulled aggressively at his sleeveless t-shirt and he barrel rolled over the sofa and onto his back in front of her.

"Oops...I think you need to work out more, Hon." She said coyly staring at him with those glassy grey eyes.

"Damn, You got a lot of energy. Well I know exactly how to work it out of you." He said as he affixed himself between her legs and arched his body in for her wet lips once more.

Melissa moved forward allowing him to peel her shirt and bra almost instantaneously exposing what he craved most, her c-cup sized breasts. He stuffed his mouth with as much of her breast as he could, sucking and nibbling on each. She lay her head back again back moaning, low and sensuous. She wanted to feel his warmth of is dick inside of her and attempted to unzip her skirt but he pinned her arms to the sofa.

"Relax, let me be your slave tonight." He took his mouth of her breast and shoved his tongue in her mouth again as his hands climbed down to stockings and beneath her skirt, into her wet pussy.

She felt like the air was sucked out of her lungs from his initial touch. His fingers rubbed up and down against the outside of her panties. Her entire body flushed with another round of goose pimples as he slowly undid the zipper, exposing her soaked panties. She grabbed his face again and forced her tongue into his. After he unfastened the straps and rolled the stockings off her legs, his lips began ascending the insides of her thigh, licking and sucking his way up smooth, light-skin till her could taste pussy running down in small channels. He looked up with a devious smile as he tugged at her panties with his teeth. She ran her hands through his curly, dark hair then knotted them behind his head and pulled his head closer to her flooding pussy. He resisted a little before slowly inching the panties lower and kissing her exposed skin. He then swatted his tongue in her juicy pussy. He licked generously at the opening, generating another series of moans and hair pulls. As he started sucking and face fucking her she wrapped her legs around his back and her fingers dug into his dark skin. Her moans grew louder, faster, deeper.

"Make me cum. Make me cum, baby." she said in a higher pitched voice then stuffed her fingers into mouth.

He stuck his fingers into her while he licked the labia with the tip of his tongue her body was convulsing even more. An indication they both knew too well. He sped up his "in and out" hand movement and she gripped harder onto his back until she cummed all over his hand and mouth. He continued to sucking her pussy tasting her but stopped when she cradled his head in her hands and stared at him with those glassy grey eyes,

"I want to taste your cum." She said bending forward and grabbing onto his stiff penis projecting out of his sweat pants.

"Yes, ma'am." He said gleefully swooping up to give her a taste of her pussy. She kissed him then licked his face.

He stood up and she dragged his shorts to his knees and pulled him close till his dick was pressed against her mouth. She slowly sucked the head and he exploded in her mouth within seconds. She spat the mixture of cum and spit to lube his dick and then started tried to get all of his brown dick down her throat. They could both feel the dick reaching the back of her throat as she did. Then she held his dick with one hand and licked the shaft, from balls to the tip and took it all to the back of her throat in a single action and held it this time. But didn't swallow, Nick, liked it messy and she delivered a frothy swat of cum and spit to coat his dick

"I love it when you do that." He said holding on the sides of her head for balance.

Her head rhythmically sucked the cum out of dick. She commandeered his ass cheeks with her hands, forcing as much of his dick down her throat and bobbed back and forth, making a throaty choking sound that made him stiffer in her mouth.

He looked down at her smiling as she swallowed mouthfuls of cum. She sucked till he was emptied and licked off the frothy webs that remained his dick,

"So how was I this time?" She looked up with a wide smile on her face.

"The best I've had, babe." He playfully ran his fingers through her hair.

He wasted no time in pushing her to the seat of sofa so she was flat on her back with one leg toying with his and the other arched. She still had a hand on his dick, massaging it slowly and the other fingering her pussy. He fell onto her, spreading her legs apart some more, and jammed his dick into her welcoming pussy. Her grey eyes lit up again and she folded her legs around his waist, so he sandwiched her with the sofa.

"Fuck me. Fuck me." She pleaded.

Her eyes light up like lanterns and she dragged her teeth on his bottom lip. He had started off at a slow pace, getting all of his dick into her. He could feel the walls inside her sucking tightly at him and he basked in the resistance.

"Fuh. Fuh. Fuh." The feeling of the month-long prison sentence without sex had finally ended. She was overjoyed with pleasure of him being here; the taste of him on her lips, cradled in her arms exploring her body's most intimate depts. She had become a sculptor's putty allowing to shape her into any form he desired. As his dick went in and out of her she climbed higher and neared the pinnacle of ecstasy. His back became her scratching post and she buried her nails into his flesh that made him more aggressive. He pinned her legs with his arms and pounded her pussy with a hunger. Their bodies collided with tremendous force that shook the sofa. She bawled out as she came again and he pulled out and turned her onto her stomach. Automatically she responded, laying her face into seat cushion and dangling her white ass in front of him like a candy for a baby. Behind her, he started licking and sucking her back as his hands climbed to her neck. With both hands he pulled her vertically towards him, still backwards and exchanging some more kisses. She then returned to her prior position. He rubbed his dick teasingly against her labia and shoved it into her without warning, causing her to jump and bite her bottom lip. This time she clasped his ass cheeks and he wrapped her hair around his hand for even greater impact.

"Give it to me hard, baby." She said.

He thrusts deep into her pussy and pulled her hair back with his right hand every time he did. Both enjoying the taste of each other's release, desire and passion. As he was getting closer to cumming he worked faster and faster until he came in her, he his leg muscles tightened and he held onto her hips for balance.

"Oil me up! I want to feel your dick dangling in my ass. " She said handing him the lubricant from the stand next to sofa.

He sat down on the sofa spreading the oil around her ass and anal cavity as she ate his dick tasting both his dick and her pussy. She giggled and bit on the head of his dick. Nick stuck his finger into and around her hole to her pussy then to his lips. Sometimes smacked her ass hardening his dick.

"You so love to make me sore don't you?" She said biting on the head of his dick again.

"Yessss!" He said relishing in the pleasure.

"Aww, I was getting so accustomed to your dick in my mouth, oh well."

Her toned body was shining with oil when she climbed onto his legs, so she sat on him. She inserted his dick into her ass inch by inch kissing him as she did. And as enough went it she arched backward grabbing her feet with her hands and his hands around her back to prevent her from falling. He sucked her breasts as she moved her ass up and down his dick. Returning to a vertical position he started pounding her ass by now she was screaming and shoving several fingers into her pussy. Then putting those same fingers into his mouth.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass, Daddy!" A pet name she'd become quite fond of because it always made him work her body with more passion and intensity.

He was deliberately shoving all of his dick into her ass to see if it hurt her any. He came faster seeing her in pain during sex but, she enjoyed his intense fucking as much as he did, grinding her ass every time he went into her. He sped up delivering a set of balls deep dick thrusts as another orgasm hit. Then cummed in her ass. The feeling of oil and cum mix coating his dick was a well rewarded welcome home. He slid down behind her resting his hand on her breast playfully toying with her nipples. She turned and held onto his head forcing her tongue down his throat. Then asked,

"So what's for dessert?"

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