tagLoving WivesHappy Valentines!

Happy Valentines!


This year for Valentine's Day my girlfriend got me the greatest gift imaginable. The night began with me preparing her a gourmet candlelight dinner, after which I led her to the bedroom and presented her with her gift - a gorgeous white lace bra and crotch-less panty with matching garter belt and stockings. I couldn't wait to see her beautiful body filling out this new outfit.

She "ooh"ed and "aah"ed and then smiled and said, "Alright, you stay right here while I go get your gift. It's out in the car." With that she disappeared, taking the box with her new outfit in it, and left me alone with my hard on. I sat back, trying to imagine what she had got for me that required hiding it in her car, and waited.

Over ten minutes passed and I was starting to wonder what was taking so long. Another five went by and she still hadn't returned, then just as I was getting up to check on the situation, the doorbell rang. "What the hell?" I thought, approaching the door.

I opened the door and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. There stood my girlfriend - dressed in her hot new outfit - and her best friend Ashley. Ashley was wearing thigh-high black leather boots, black thong panties, and a black leather half-bra that pushed up her small tits and left her pointy nipples uncovered. They both looked incredibly hot, but what topped off the whole scene, was the silver-studded black leather collars that both wore. Long silver-link chains ran from each, and as I stood there gaping, Katie pressed the chains into my hand.

"Happy Valentine's Day, baby. We're your sex slaves for the rest of the night," she said smiling.

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. These two gorgeous best friends my sex slaves for the night, to do with as I pleased, man oh man. I'd had fantasies like this but never had I thought that something like this would actually happen. Damn!

Finally, I realized that I was just standing there staring, and we were all still standing in the open doorway. Quickly I pulled them inside by their leashes and led them to the living room. I sat down on the couch, and without my asking, they dropped to their knees by my feet. Seeing that they really intended on playing along, my mind began to whirl with what I should make them do. Deciding I needed a couple minutes to think, I told Katie to put on some good slow music to dance to and had Ashley go to the kitchen and make me a drink.

There was so much I wanted to see and do with them, but I didn't want to make them do anything they didn't want to do themselves. Then I realized that Katie knew most of my fantasies and would know what to expect, and would have shared that with Ashley before asking her to do this. My logic now set, I leaned back and prepared to enjoy myself.

Katie returned first and I watched her cross the room and drop to her knees at my feet. Her new outfit fit her perfectly, hugging her luscious curves and framing her full, firm breasts. Ashley followed moments later, all long, sleek legs and small perky tits. She placed my drink in my hand and joined Katie on the floor.

The room was aglow with candlelight and soft music was now playing. I sipped my drink, then reached down and unhooked the chains from their collars. "Why don't you two dance for me," I said. "Slow and sexy . . . and together."

Without a word, they rose to their feet and began to undulate slowly to the music. At first, they looked nervous, swaying tentatively back and forth but not touching or looking directly at one another. Then their eyes met and locked and the nervousness faded as they watched one another. It wasn't long before they began dancing closer and closer, until finally they were brushing up against each other. Once the initial contact was made, they loosened up and began to really get into it.

I watched entranced as they swayed seductively before me, their half naked bodies glowing erotically with candlelight. They were staring into each other's eyes as they danced, and I could see the desire growing within my girlfriend as she rubbed her lace-clad breasts against her friend's bare tits. A soft moan escaped Ashley's lips, and her hand reached out and slid down Katie's back to rest on her beautiful, round ass, pulling her even closer into her embrace. Their lips met then as they kissed for the first time; a kiss that lasted many minutes as their lips parted and their tongues began eagerly and passionately to probe one another's mouth.

Ashley was still fondling Katie's ass, and now Katie's hands were on her as well, travelling all over her smooth, thin body, rubbing and caressing her ass and back and thighs. Ashley's thong was riding deep in her crack, and I looked on enraptured as Katie maneuvered her around and began to squeeze and play with her tight, white butt directly in front of my face. So close, in fact, that I could see the light-brown pubes poking from around her thong and smell the sweet scent of her aroused pussy. I was tempted to lean forward and bury my face in that damp crack, but refrained. I had plenty of time, and many things to make my new slaves do yet.

"All right girls," I said prying my gaze away from the growing wet spot in Ashley's panties, "I want you to slowly begin to remove each other's clothes. Starting with each other's tops."

They had been still sucking face, Ashley's back to me, as I spoke; now they separated and moved to face each other while standing sideways to me, to present me with a better view. Both girls were already aroused. Ashley's nipples were hard, little bullets pointing straight out over her open-cup leather bra, while Katie's larger, thicker nipples were clearly outlined against the white lace constraining them. I couldn't wait to have both rubbing in my face.

Ashley reached out first. Her hands casually brushed the swell of Katie's breasts as she reached around and deftly unsnapped her sexy new bra. The bra fell away, fully revealing the magnificent set of tits beneath.

"Go ahead," I told Ashley, clearly reading the desire on her face at the sight of those heavenly orbs, "suck on them."

She didn't need any more urging. Reaching out again, she cupped them in her long fingers and began to fondle them gently, rolling their weight in her palms while lightly tweaking the nipples. Then in one quick motion, she dipped her head and took one into her hungry, wet mouth. She started sucking like a baby, and Katie was moaning softly in pleasure, her eyes closed and her hands buried deep in Ashley's hair.

This went on for awhile, as Ashley licked and sucked first one tit and then the other, seemingly unable to get her fill. Finally, Katie pulled her friend's mouth from her chest and said, "My turn." Then she proceeded to unhook Ashley's top and orally set to work on her tiny tits, returning the favors she'd just received. Her hands dropped the now useless top to the floor, then slid down Ashley's slim waist to her tight ass once again. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of Ashley's thong, she was about to pull it down when I stopped her.

"Wait," I said, "I changed my mind." As much as I wanted to see them both naked, I also wanted to make things last as long as possible. "Ashley, come here." Obediently, she came over and I positioned her on the couch next to me, conscious again of the smell of her pussy hovering around her. "Now, Katie, dance for us."

She seemed a little irritated that I stole her playmate from her, but started to dance nonetheless, swinging and swaying to the music. She obviously understood what I had in mind though, as she began running her hands over her body as she danced in front of us, caressing her firm breasts and hard nipples, then sliding one hand down to her damp crotch and rubbing herself through the opening of her soaked panties. Her breath started to come in gasps as she continued to whirl and writhe to the music while massaging her lovely body.

Meanwhile, Ashley sat enrapt next to me, panting like a bitch in heat at the sexy show my girlfriend was putting on. I watched her hand began to creep towards her crotch, where her sopping wet panties were clinging stickily to her engorged pussy lips. This was turning out even better than I had thought, and it appeared as if the girls were enjoying themselves as much as I was, maybe more!

Katie danced closer and closer until she was standing right over us, her beautiful breasts bouncing to the beat. She grabbed one and leaned forward, bringing it to her mouth, where her tongue snaked out and licked gentle circles around the hard nipple. A moment later, she spun around and bent over sticking her ass in our faces. Her white, crotchless panties were bunched together and riding prettily up her butt crack revealing her smooth white cheeks, and the thin fabric parted perfectly around her cunt, clearly revealing her sopping pink pussy beneath. As we stared, she reached back and began to run her middle finger up and down her dripping slit. Oh what a sight!

Beside me, Ashley whimpered with desire, and I saw that her tongue was sticking out licking at the air, wanting a taste of those delicious juices. I knew how she felt, it was almost more than I could take, watching Katie finger herself right before my eyes. Her scent was strong in the air as the juices continued to flow from her slit, and I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life. My cock was so hard that I thought it was going to burst through my pants.

Katie finished by spreading her lips wide and sinking two fingers deep into her snatch. She moaned loudly as they penetrated, then pulled them free, covered with her juice. Spinning back around, she straddled Ashley's lap and raised those slimy fingers to Ashley's lips.

Ashley devoured them, sucking and slurping the pussy juice from Katie's fingers with wild abandon. All the while little moans and whimpers were coming from her throat, and I could see that she'd begun to stroke herself through her silk panties.

Smiling, I decided it was time to step up the action. "Ashley, did you like your first taste of pussy?" I asked her.

"Oooh, yes," she whispered, still licking Katie's fingers for any remnant of her flavor.

"Good, because now I want you to eat her pussy, and make her come."

Katie pushed Ashley back against the couch and then began to ease forward on her knees, until her crotch hovered directly before Ashley's face. Ashley reached out and pulled Katie's soaked underwear down off her hips until they hung midway down her thighs. Then, with her tongue sticking out, she leaned forward and licked her best friend from asshole to clit in one long swipe, gathering a great mouthful of delicious pussy juice. Katie screamed out loud as her first orgasm rocked through her, then arched her back and pushed her cunt forward for more. Ashley responded by reaching around and locking both hands onto Katie's sweet ass cheeks, pulling her friend's dripping snatch down to her hungry, yearning mouth.

I stared on in awe as she continued to suck the juice from my girlfriend's pussy, burying her tongue deep in her slick hole then licking up the length of her slit to nibble on her hard clit. Katie's breathing was becoming fast and ragged, and she began bucking her hips, grinding her hot cunt against Ashley's mouth. "Oh yes! Oh, oh god yes," she moaned between gasps of pleasure, "That's it. Oh yeah, eat me baby! Suck my pussy! Oh Ashley, oh yes, oh god that feels soooo good!"

Her dirty talk was spurring Ashley on. Ashley began to moan and whimper deep in her throat, and her hips began to buck up and down wildly on the couch; all the while she continued lapping at Katie's cunt, picking up speed as she went.

I continued, despite the huge, throbbing hard-on that I had, to just watch, transfixed by the scene before me. I had always imagined how great it would be to watch two girls going at it, but none of my wildest fantasies even came close to measuring up to what I was now experiencing in reality. The sights and sounds and smells were incredible, and that the two girls (my beautiful girlfriend and her quite-fuckable best-friend) were so obviously enjoying themselves, made the whole thing beyond describable.

"Oh yes, yes, make me cum," Katie was crying, "Oh Ashley, I want to cum on your tongue! I want to cum all over your face!"

Ashley licked her clit one final time and then drove her tongue as deep as she could into Katie's aching pussy. Katie screamed out loud as she climaxed, locking her hands in Ashley's hair and holding her face tight to her snatch as shudder after shudder rocked through her body, while Ashley eagerly gulped down the thick, white globs of cum that spewed forth from Katie's cunt. As she did so, her body began to shake uncontrollably and she too cried out loud. I watched amazed as her body clenched repeatedly in a massive orgasm, without her pussy ever having even been touched. And then, seeing this, Katie came yet again, sending a small spray of creamy cum onto Ashley's already covered face, before they both collapsed into a heap next to me.

I finished my drink, set it aside, and looked back to the girls. They lay in a sweaty tangle, their limbs entwined, their bodies pressed tightly together. Katie was slowly licking her cum from Ashley's face and tongue, savoring every little drop she could find. I let her finish, turned on even more if that was possible, by this action.

"All right, you two," I said, finally having to separate them as the licking turned to kissing and they began to grind their bodies against one another again, "enough play. Time for the real action to begin."

I hooked the chains back onto their collars and led my slaves towards the bedroom.

The room was already lit with candles, the bed made up with fresh, clean sheets. I ushered them inside, admiring their beautiful bodies as they passed by. I directed them to the bed and then positioned Ashley bent over the end of it, face down, her lovely ass waving in the air.

"Now, Katie, I want you to get down on your knees and take off Ashley's panties," I said guiding her over behind Ashley.

Without a word, she sank to her knees, spread Ashley's long legs, and began to slowly, teasingly strip the black thong panties from her friend's body. As she slid them down Ashley's sleek thighs and free of her damp pussy, a long thin line of milky, white cum stretched from between her engorged pussy lips to the crotch of her panties, where a small pool had gathered in the dark fabric.

"Oh, my," Katie murmured, immediately dipping her head forward for a taste of the dripping delicacy, only to be pulled up inches short as I gave a sharp tug on her leash.

"No, no, no," I admonished gently, "not yet. First, I want you to take those panties off and show Ashley what a mess she made in them. Then I want you to be a good girl and clean that mess up with your tongue, while she watches. Okay?"

Katie nodded slightly, and continued to slide the thong down Ashley's long legs, careful not to spill any of the precious cum that was soon to be her reward. She finished removing them and climbed up on the bed next to Ashley, proudly displaying her treasure. Ashley whimpered upon seeing that gooey puddle, and I could hear both girls breathing hard, nearly panting with lust.

"That's it," I said, still standing behind Ashley's upturned ass, looking on intently, "now show her what a good girl you are and lick up her cum."

Katie was holding the panties spread out before her, right near Ashley's face, and now she lowered her face to them and began to eagerly lap up the exposed pool of cum. She looked like a sexy, little kitten licking at a bowl of milk – and sounded kind of like one too. Little moans and purrs were coming from her throat as she lapped up her friend's cunt cream.

Ashley was watching all of this wide-eyed, panting "oh yes, yes, lick it up" and "yes, do it, eat my cum" over and over, her words serving to spur Katie on even more. Katie, drunk with desire, quickly devoured the tasty treat and continued to hungrily lick the damp fabric as Ashley buried a hand in her long, blonde hair and pushed her face firmly down into the crotch of the panties, holding her there. "Oh, Katie Jo," she murmured enrapt, "Get it all, baby. Get it all."

This whole time, her hot ass was swaying back and forth invitingly before me, finally drawing my attention to it. 'She really does have a nice, if slightly skinny, ass' I thought, taking a moment to admire it. Her tiny, puckered asshole seemed to be staring up at me, and a small trickle of cum was still oozing from between her luscious pussy lips, practically begging to be lapped up. I couldn't resist any longer.

With a last look towards my girlfriend (still happily licking away), I dropped to my knees. Next, I grabbed Ashley's lovely ass cheeks in my hands, spread them wide, and proceeded to lower my face into that fragrant valley. Her scent was wonderful, strong and heady, and I took a few moments to do nothing but inhale her intoxicating aroma, which was so similar to Katie's yet slightly, enticingly different.

She could feel my face between her cheeks and my breath upon her pussy, and she began to twitch and moan in anticipation and longing. Fresh juice was trickling from between her exposed pussy lips, and I decided it was time to get down to business. I pushed my face further into her crevice and began to slowly, gently lick the outer edges of her labia. I went on with this for some time, then continued the teasing by licking up and down the entire length of her crack while taking care not to make any direct contact with her pussy or anus. By this time she was nearly howling with desire and bucking her hips wildly against me in an attempt to force my nose or tongue into her sopping slit. I could hear her begging, "Please eat me. Do it, oh god, do it, lick my pussy, fuck me with your tongue. Please, oh please, I want to feel your tongue inside of me," as I licked the thin area between her holes. I'd had no idea Ashley was such a vocal lover, and I briefly wondered what Katie thought of her dialogue. Knowing how much she liked dirty talk, I figured it was probably driving her wild as well.

I returned my attention to Ashley and began to lightly flick the tip of my tongue repeatedly across her hard, little clit. She began moaning loudly and bucking her hips even wilder, making it hard for me to stay on her clit. I pulled my face back a couple of inches and waited patiently. She immediately stopped bucking and started pleading. "Oh, no, don't stop, please, don't stop. That felt soooo gooood! Please!!! Ooh Jack, c'mon baby, lick my pussy, eat me, eat me good. Oh c'mon baby, make me cum. I want to cum all over your face, I want to cum on your tongue. Please!!!"

I wanted that too; I couldn't wait to drink down her cum. "Okay," I told her, grabbing her beautiful ass cheeks and spreading them wide once again to reveal her hot pussy. It was literally dripping with juice, and my mouth was watering in anticipation as I told her, "Now hold still." I leaned forward and pushed my face deep into her inviting crack. With one long, firm swipe, I ran my tongue up the length of her slit, collecting a mouthful of delicious cream and sending her spinning into the first of many orgasms.

"Yes, yes, yes," she howled, as I plunged my tongue deep into her wet cunt and began furiously driving it in and out. At the same time, I pressed my nose up against her tight, little asshole and began to rub it back and forth, exciting her further as I inhaled her sweet scent. "Oh God, that feels so fucking good! Don't stop, oh please don't stop. Eat my pussy! Oh yes, yes, swallow my cum. Swallow it! Drink it down. Oh, Jack, oh fuuuuucccckkkk!" Another orgasm tore through her. Her body clenched and her pussy spasmed, spewing another large amount of tasty fluid into my waiting mouth. I swallowed it greedily, sucking down as much as I could from her flowing hole.

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