tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHard Day in a Schoolgirl's Life Ch. 01

Hard Day in a Schoolgirl's Life Ch. 01


This is my first story, so lots of feedback would be appreciated. Many thanks to my editor ElizabethDarcy!!!


I was sitting outside of the principal´s office and waiting to be summoned in. I tried to be calm, but I was nervous and kept fidgeting in spite of my efforts to sit still. I´ve always been a good girl, although that characterisation makes me seem so bland, but what I mean is that I stay out of trouble and work hard on my school assignments. This was the first time I had been ordered to the principals office for a little talk and I wasn´t looking forward to a discussion with the intimidating principal, Mr.Michaels.

I was deep in my thought when I heard the door opening and looked up to see the principal in front of me.

"Miss Davies, I presume?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Come in then Miss Davies."

I walked into the office and he motioned me to sit and then seated himself behind the impressive mahogany desk.

"So, Miss Davies, I´ve heard from your math teacher, Mrs. Jones, that your grades have fallen quite alarmingly. I find that surprising because your grades from other subjects are very satisfactory."

"I know, Sir. Math is just difficult for me."

"That´s just an excuse Miss Davies. Your teacher told me that you´re not even trying and instead, just daydreaming when you should be concentrating on listening to your teacher."

"Well, I don´t really like math and it´s sometimes difficult to keep my mind on the subject, but I promise to do better from now on, Sir."

" I wish it could be that simple, but if this keeps up, your graduation is in danger. I think that I´d better call your parents."

At this point, I started to get really scared. My parents are quite strict and would be so disappointed in me, not to mention what happens if I don´t graduate; there goes my dream of starting college this fall with my friends. I also thought about the wonderful birthday party that my parents organized for me for my eighteenth birthday last month. It was clear my parents had allowed the party because I´ve been a good student and they are very proud of that.

"Oh, please sir, it´s not necessary to involve my parents."

"Well, maybe it´s not necessary if we can solve this problem just between us."

"Thank you so much, Sir!"

"So, tell me what has been occupying your mind during lessons."

I flushed bright red. I couldn´t possibly tell my principal where my thoughts had been wandering. I stuttered out an answer,

"N-nothing special, Sir. Just stuff."

"Didn´t you just say that you wanted to solve this matter just between us without involving your parents, Miss Davies? I can see clearly that you are lying to me and that won´t do. Answer me truthfully!"

His stern voice scared me a bit and I was so embarrassed that I wanted to sink through the floor. There was no way I could tell him...

"I´m waiting for an answer Miss Davies, DON'T make me repeat myself!"

I jumped when he barked the order and found myself unable to lie to him. There was something in his powerful voice and steady gaze that made me want to obey him regardless how frightened I was.

"Sex, Sir. I keep thinking about sex", I said in a timid voice. I´m surprised he even heard me.

"Ah. that´s your problem then, you´re a horny little slut."

I was so shocked I nearly fell off the chair. Did I just hear right? My principal just called me a slut. I should have been outraged, but instead, I was embarrassed and started to feel the familiar heat pooling in my lower belly, but I protested vehemently,

"N-no, Sir! I´m not like that! I´m a good girl!"

"Good girls don´t think about sex during lessons like they are a bitch in heat and I bet you touch yourself every night while fantasizing about being stuffed with a big cock."

I wanted to run away, but my body didn´t move and I just stared at Mr.Michaels with my mouth hanging open.

"It´s a good thing I know exactly how to teach a little harlot like you how to concentrate on your studies. Get up and bend over the table, NOW!"

My mind was spinning wildly, the situation was unreal. I wasn´t naive enough not to understand what was happening, but I didn´t see a way out. Running away and telling my parents, really wasn´t an option, it would be so humiliating, and in the end, it would be my word against his. Deep down, I was also a little excited, though my fear drowned it effectively. Slowly and tensely I rose from the chair and moved in front of the desk. Evidently, I was moving too slowly, because Mr. Michaels grabbed me and pushed my upper body on to the table's surface. Now I was bent over the table, my ass sticking up in the air and my hands gripping the edge of the table with my knuckles white from the tension.

"Don´t you dare move from that position or you´ll be sorry, you hear me girl?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good, maybe I don´t have to be too harsh with you if you keep obeying."

I could hear him moving behind me, but I kept my head down and waited for his next move. Suddenly I felt his hand sliding up and down my thigh, slowly making its way under my skirt and to my pantiy-covered ass. I whimpered a bit, but I didn´t have the courage to say anything. Mr. Michaels lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. I couldn´t stay silent anymore, and I pleaded with him,

"Please...Don´t do this to me."

"Shut up, slut! This is exactly what a whore like you needs. You need to be spanked and fucked properly. Maybe then, you won´t daydream during your class."

I felt the air move before I felt his hand connect with my ass.





Oh god, it hurt so much! I have fantasized about spanking sometimes, but this wasn´t even close to my fantasy. My ass cheeks felt like they were on fire and the hits just kept coming.


I cried and begged him to stop. Finally it was over and he began to stroke my reddened ass tenderly, it actually felt really good and my skin was tingling. Then he put his hand between my legs and pushed a finger into my pussy.

"Oh, the slut is dripping wet!" He said with a chuckle.

I was overcome with shame when I realised his words to be true. After he pulled the probing finger out of me, my juices started to run down my thighs. I´ve never been that wet! I couldn´t understand why I was reacting like this, maybe I really was a slut...

Mr.Michaels pushed the finger back into me and then another, and another. I felt stretched, a little uncomfortable, but the heat was spreading through my abdomen and I couldn´t keep myself from grinding my pussy against his hand.

"You like that my little slut? You like my fingers in your tight cunt?"


"I didn´t hear you pet."

"Yes, Sir."

Mr.Michaels wiggled his fingers inside me, stretching me even more, and started to push the fingers into and out of my pussy. I was panting now and I could feel the orgasm building slowly, just when I was close, the fingers left me. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream! I was so close!

"Not yet my naughty little pet. I want you to come while my dick is deep inside you."

His crude words excited me, although I felt trepidation at the prospect of him fucking me. I wasn´t technically a virgin, but still very inexperienced and tight. I was worried it would hurt, but it didn´t even cross my mind to ask him to stop.

I heard a rustling sound and then the sound of zipper being undone. I looked behind me and saw him stroking his erect cock. My jaw dropped at the size of him, there´s no way something that big would fit into me! After that I was scared, really scared.

"Please...It won´t fit."

I started to rise from my bent position.

"Don´t move slut! I didn´t say you could move. Do you need a another reminder about who´s in charge? Your ass isn´t sore enough, is that it?"

"Please just let me go, I can´t take it!" I was crying again.

"Shut up bitch!"

He swatted my ass a couple of times to make sure his point was understood.

I tried to struggle, but the swats just became more powerful, so very soon, I gave up and sobbed silently. He then grabbed my hips, positioned himself at my entrance and thrust his big cock inside my pussy with one fast stroke. I screamed, I thought I was going to be ripped in half!

"AH! Please! Please don´t! It hurts too much!"

He didn´t bother answering me and his pounding seemed to gather speed. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy with every thrust. Slowly the pain was receding and the pleasure took over. I couldn´t believe I could accommodate that enormous dick. I was now moaning and pushing my hips back to meet his. All rational thought had fled my mind and everything in me was focused on his cock sliding into and out of my pussy. I was wound tighter and tighter until my orgasm took me. I screamed and shook in pleasure.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god! Aaah!"

When I came down from my high, Mr.Michaels was still pounding me hard. He fucked me harder and harder, his grunts gaining volume. Suddenly he pulled himself out of me and yanked me off the table. He then pushed me onto my knees and thrust his big cock into my mouth. I could taste both our juices on his cock and I gagged as he pushed his cock into my throat. He kept fucking my face aggressively until suddenly he groaned and his seed filled my mouth. Mr.Michaels didn´t pull out, so I was forced to swallow the salty liquid.

"Good little slut" He said smiling and stroking my hair.

"You did really good"

I felt ridiculously happy that I had pleased him. I was pretty happy also about my massive orgasm as well.

Mr.Michaels kissed me tenderly and lifted me onto my feet. Then he spoked to me his stern face back in place,

"I want you to come to my office every week for your discipline sessions to help you focus on your studies better. And I had better not hear any more complaints from your teacher, or any of you teachers, for that matter, or I´ll spank you so hard you won´t be able to sit for a week. Is that understood, slut?"

"Yes, Sir"

"You´re dismissed for now."

"Yes, Sir."

I walked out of the office with my knees wobbling and a big smile on my face.

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Great Spanking Schoolgirl Story

I love this.. great lead in and development. Climax was perfect.. Just wish the teacher chose to give the sweet thing a little anal sex while he was back there.

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