tagSci-Fi & FantasyHard Justice: The beginning

Hard Justice: The beginning


"Bay City, born and raised. Unfortunately and fortunately I still live here. Aside from the common villains and small-time criminals, it's a pretty decent place to live. Bay City...A peaceful, hard-working city by day, dangerous, crime-ridden playground at night. I get to see both sides everyday as I work the later hours of the day shift going into the early hours of the night shift. People call me many things, a cop, pig, 5-0, whatever. But I personally call myself just out to get you because there's no superheroes in Bay City, just me...Dick Hardy."

I'm a 5,11", tan, and very muscular man. In fact my black uniform fits tightly around my upper body. I got short black hair, a 7.5 inch dick, and a face that isn't much but enough to get me by with the ladies.

Just then I got a call over the radio about a museum's silent alarm being tripped. I responded hitting the siren and punching the accelerator in my souped up police interceptor. "You gotta love the speed in these things" I said to myself.

When I got there I pulled up to the large crowd of people standing outside pointing up to the top of the museum. I got out, looked up and there was "The "doing it" duet" doing it right there on the roof near the edge where everybody could see. Thats what the two male and female partners in crime go by due to their habit of having sex at the same locations they commit their crimes. They have yet to be caught.

From what I saw they just stole a bunch of Priceless paintings and artifacts which they had proudly on display on the corner edge of the roof.

"Oy! Oh! Oh yeah! Yes! Fuck!" moaned the blond woman getting fucked doggystyle by her partner in crime up on the roof.

It was always impossible to tell their identities because no matter what they wore, they always had on gloves and face masks that covered just the front part of their faces. Even now as their naked bodies were grinding against each other they still had on their masks and gloves. The guy pumping her from behind even still left his boots on!

I made a break for the front door determined to get up there and put a stop to this when someone standing in the crowd yelled "Stop officer! Everybody's out but they got the place set to blow if you try to go in!"

Hearing that stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned around and seen the museum security guard who warned me pointing toward the front glass doors.

I turned back around looking at the front glass doors as well as through them and he was right!

There were sticky bombs stuck to the inside of every door and window that allowed you access in and out!

I got the crowd to move across the street and called bomb squad. Now I had no choice but to stand here outside like the others and witness The doing it duet finish up their latest "act"

"Uh! Oh baby your so good! Harder! Yeah like that that! Oh!" moans the blond some more. Her hanging big light-skinned tits rocking back and forth as she stayed on her elbows and knees taking her partner plowing into her behind.

If you squinted your eyes you could just make out his balls slapping against her pussy with each thrust.

He ran the fingertips of his glove down her back in a slow scratching motion.

"Oh Ughh!" moaned the blond while spreading her legs a little wider enjoying the pussy fucking her partner was gladly giving her.

He then stopped briefly to grab a hold of her curly blond hair and pulled it back hard while he started to ram into her again.

Her head jerked back and a quick loud moan escaped her mouth while backing her ass into his dick.

"Where the fuck is bomb squad?" I thought to myself checking for them but only to find a few additional cop cars just arriving on the scene.

I looked around at the crowd and seen that people were taking the situation very lightly as they were smiling and taking pictures of the duet go at it with their cellphones.

"At least the news crew isn't here" I said to myself, "The media would have a ballgame with this."

I looked back up at the roof and seen that they had now changed positions with her partner sitting down letting his legs and feet dangle off the edge of the rooftop and her facing him bouncing up and down on his dick.

"CLOP!...CLOP!...CLOP!...CLOP!" went the blond's big ass cheeks each time she slammed down onto his cock slapping onto his balls.

He started to slap her ass each time it dropped down on his cock which made her moan more.

"Uh Huh! Uh Huh! Yes! Oh! Ohhhh!" moaned the blond while hugging her partner still bouncing on his dick.

Just then he yelled "Hey I'm gonna cum, get ready!"

She then stopped and peeled off of his cock and curled up beside him sticking her ass up in the air and putting his dick in her mouth. She sucked it twice bobbing her head up and down then started stroking it fast while just sucking on the head.

"Ugh! Here it comes!!" her partner groaned loud as she continued to suck and stroke it.

"SLURP! SLURP! SLURP! SLURP! Gulp!" went the blond bringing her head off of her partners cock before standing up and walking further back onto the roof out of sight.

"EEEEEEEWWWWWL!!" went everybody in the crowd bringing their cellphones down and putting them away.

"I can't believe the bitch swallowed it!" someone yelled.

"What a slut!" another person said.

I looked at the crowd then back up at the roof again and the doing it duet were now fully clothed in all black standing side by side looking down at everybody including me.

"Sorry about your museum pieces and precious artwork Bay City!" said the blond's partner.

"But then again we're not!" said the blond.

They both then turned around laughing and grabbing the stolen museum pieces and walking away with them out of sight.

All of a sudden something is flung off over the roof!

Everybody looks at it in confusion as nobody can make out what the falling object is.

Then as it gets closer to the ground it starts to look like a...like a...detonator!

Without thinking I bolted back toward the museum shoving past two standing officers staring at it.

As I race towards the front of the museum not taking my eyes off it, I trip and down I go landing on my arms and chest.

I quickly flipped over onto my back and threw my arms up in front of me as far out as I could stretch them and "Foop!"

The detonator lands safely between both of my hands.

As I get up, three cops run over to me to help but I'm alright.

Then suddenly a loud propeller sound starts coming from the roof.

We all look up and see the doing it duet taking off in a red and white helicopter.

"Not on my watch!" I said as I handed the detonator off to one of the cops and ran to my car.

I got in, hit the siren, and was off tearing down the street following after it! As I left the block I sped passed the bomb squad van just now getting here.

"You guys" I muttered to myself.

I gotta admit it was pretty difficult to watch the road and keep looking up at the sky to see which direction the doing it duet was flying in.

Especially at the speeds I was going.

Suddenly their helicopter swung a sharp right probably trying to lose me somewhere in the streets and traffic below them.

But I swerved around a car and drifted a sharp right turn just barely hitting a mailbox still after them. Out of nowhere I suddenly heard other sirens than just mine.

I looked in my rear-view and seen two other squad cars had joined the chase.

"Damn it" I thought to myself, "I work better alone."

Then I noticed the helicopter fly low in front of me and a large compartment opened up underneath it.

"What the fuck?" I thought to myself as I kept in close hot pursuit after it.

Then two small rockets shaped and colored to look like a black and a white penis slowly emerged and shot straight at me.

I swerved out of the way just in time for it to whiz right by me but the squad car behind me wasn't so lucky.

It hit and exploded on impact causing the second car behind it following chase to brake and swerve too hard sending it spiraling out of control and into a bakery.

"I'm gonna get these two for that!" I angrily thought to myself while still speeding after them watching the open compartment under the helicopter close up.

Then while it was still flying low in front of me, gray smoke seemed to be coming from the front of the helicopter, then black smoke, Then heavy black smoke! It quickly swayed left and right landing in a nearby park.

I jumped the curb screeching to a halt and got out running into the park with my gun drawn. I couldn't drive in due to all the stairs and narrow paths filled with people leading into the park.

When I got near the helicopter I noticed they didn't exactly land so smoothly. The helicopter was landed slanted halfway deep in a creek.

I checked inside of it and they were gone with no trace of them left behind. I turned around and- "WHAM!"

I woke up on a bed and found myself naked with both of my hands handcuffed to the wooden bed frame behind my head with my own handcuffs! I struggled with my wrists and arms trying to get free but I couldn't. I was bound to the bed. As I looked around the room with my eyes I noticed I was just in a small bedroom on a bed with a closed door, a wooden dresser and a closed window with the blinds fully drawn so that nobody could see in or out.

"HELP! HELP!" I yelled hoping somebody would hear me, "Can anybody hear me?!!"

Just then the blond from the doing it duet opens the door and looks at me before turning her head and yelling "He's up!" She then turns to me again and looks down at my flaccid penis and quietly says "Well not yet anyway!" smiling.

Her partner walks in through the door closing it behind him and says to me "Now that your awake, the fun can begin! Even though you were just playing cat and mouse with us an hour ago."

"Give me the keys to these cuffs NOW!" I demanded him.

"You see, we can't do that" the blond said to me.

"And why is that!" I angrily barked at her.

"Because this has always been a fantasy of mine officer Hardy" said the blond while giving a crooked smile.

"Bitch must've read the name tag on my uniform" I thought to myself, "Where ever it is now."

"Don't worry we're not gonna torture you or anything you lucky prick" said the blond's partner, "However we are going to kill you after this." He then walked over to the wooden dresser and pulled out a digital camera from one of the drawers. He turned it on, aimed it at me, and a small red light began to blink. "Action!" he yelled.

The blond started striping out of everything she was wearing except for the face mask but taking off her gloves this time.

"Don't fucking touch me bitch!" I yelled, I've got a girlfriend that'll beat your ass if you do!"

The blond then walked over closer to me and crawled onto the bed.

Her huge titties jiggling with every step she took made my cock twitch. I pulled my legs up trying to stop her but she forced them back down and stuffed my cock down her throat. Despite my best efforts I started growing hard feeling the warm soft lips wrap around my dick and pass it between them sliding up her tongue only stopping when my tip of it couldn't get anymore down into her tight wet throat.

The blond then held my dick there for a minute or two while swirling her tongue around on my dick making sure I was fully hard before she went any further. She then grabbed my dick and moved it into her cheek then into her other one sliding it over her tongue each time.

I started tugging away desperately at the bed's wooden frame trying to somehow break it to get free but it was no use. It wouldn't budge and I was going to be stuck here waiting to die while this bitch sucks my cock.

She then took my dick out of her mouth holding it with both hands and spit on it. Then she held the base of it with one hand and started stroking the top part of it with the other hand all while looking up at me to give an evil smile before she went back to sucking it trying to get more and more of it down her throat each time.

The sensation was overwelming as the head she was giving me felt so good and yet I kept wondering how far would she go before I was to be murdered by them. "I gotta get outta here" I thought to myself, "But how?"

She pressed a few of her fingers into my ballsack massaging them as she twisted her other hand back and forth around my dick stroking it as she continued sucking on it. That's when it happened.

"Oooooo! Fuck you biiiiiitcccch!!" I moaned as my hips bucked and I came in her mouth while she just kept massaging my now tight balls and stroking me.

The blond continued to suck me off while making sure to swallow down every load I gave her. Then she stopped, took my dick out of her mouth and noticed despite the orgasm I had just had I was still hard. "Mmm, still hard are we?" she said to to me smiling, "I can fix that!"

"Shit" I thought to myself as she climbed on top of me and slipped my still hard cock into her pussy.

"Ooo that's good" she whispered, "Now lets fuck." She brought both of her titties up to her mouth sucking on her pink nipples as she rode my cock. "Uh huh! Uh huh! Oh this is a good fuck! Fuck! Oh!" she moaned while fucking me bouncing up and down on my dick. "Yes! Yes! Shit!" she went on moaning while massaging her own tits and sucking on her nipples.

"SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! Went the bed every time she slammed her pussy down on my dick.

"Oh yeah cop! You got a nice big dick! Too bad we have to kill you huh?!" the blond moaned while looking at me still bouncing on my hard on. "Shit it's gonna make me cum!" the blond moaned louder while closing her eyes and placing her hands on my chest while continuing to fuck.

Then I thought of Bianca, my beloved beautiful cuban girlfriend. It would break her heart to know I was in a situation like this. After she would beat the shit out of this blond of course. Suddenly I started becoming very angry thinking how selfish it would be to kill me to save your own ass and not think about Bay City. Without me as their best defense, East Island wouldn't have a thousand more inmates so quickly. Who would keep the crime rate down? Who would protect these citizens? And most of all who would protect Bianca?

"I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming! I'm cumming on this cop's dick!!" screamed the blond fucking me.

Angrily I lurched forward with unbelievable strength breaking the wooden frame from around the handcuffs and swinging my still cuffed hands over the blond's body lifting her up off my dick by her ass.

"OH SHIT!" screamed her partner holding the camcorder which he now drops out of sudden fear.

With one swift leap off the bed and step toward the window, I launch the blond crashing her right through it.

"AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" screams the blond until a bone-cracking splatter is heard.

I then look at her partner who makes a break for the door but couldn't turn the knob and pull it open in time. I leaped over the bed and pulled my cuffed hands over his head and around his throat yanking him back by strangling him. "Where's the keys?" I asked him.

"COUGH! COUGH! Your..choking..COUGH!..me!" he says.

"You really wanna die for some bitch who gets off on fucking cops and I just flew out the window?" I asked him not releasing the tight strain of my cuffs wrapped around his throat.

"COUGH! Fuck you!" he manages to say to me.

"Alright well have a nice trip to where that blond bitch flew to" I said to him while dragging his struggling moving body over to the window.

"Alright...you COUGH!...w-win" he barely says.

I take my cuffed hands from around his throat and off over his head.

He collapsed to the floor holding his throat gasping for air.

As I heard sirens drawing near I peaked out the window. A lady was standing near the blond's body looking up at me in sheer terror holding a cellphone up to her ear.

I turned my attention back to the gasping masked man still on the floor now beginning to catch his breath.

"Give me my keys stupid" I said to him.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls them out.

I snatch them from him and uncuff myself as I hear police cars pulling up. I quickly frisk him and take his wallet to identify him. "Do me a favor and cuff yourself...Darnell Jones" I say to him looking at his id and dropping my handcuffs into his lap.

We both heard the noise of walkie-talkies and footsteps stomping up stairs before two cops come bursting into the room with guns drawn.

"Freeze! Nobody mo-what's?" yelled the confused cop as he froze seeing the masked man in all black sitting on the floor handcuffing himself and me standing behind him butt naked.

"It's okay I'm a cop. Any of you boys got a cigarette?" I asked the two cops still standing where they were with guns drawn and eyes wide.

Back at the station, Sargent Mckinley was congratulating me on another job well done as usual but this time pulled out a small black box from behind his back and gave it to me.

I opened it and saw a single badge that looked differently than mine. I had just made detective and couldn't wait to share the big news with Bianca. Well after she shares something with me first. After all I still had that boner.

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