tagIncest/TabooHard Lay

Hard Lay

byLayne Bryant II©

I’ve had a secret love for just about all my life. It is my mother. Now I don’t mean a son’s love for a mother. I mean a hot lustful desire a young man has for an older woman.

My parent is a beautiful woman. About 5’9, long black hair, brown eyes and legs that never quit. She sports a set of 38C’s that came with implants. But most of my mother’s body was real.

It was an athletic physique that developed with years of competition swimming. It was sleek and slender. Three times a week to a nearby gym had kept the thirty-nine year old body firm and sexy.

My father had left us when I was ten. He found some blonde bimbo stripper who did whatever he wanted. I hated him for the pain he caused mom.

I have to admit my mother rebounded from the separation splendidly. She legally ripped dad’s balls off. She got the house and most of the family assets. He was sent packing.

What I didn’t know until later was my father had run the business into the ground. My mom was force to file bankruptcy. We had only the home and some stocks to live on.

After a year she started to be bringing a steady income. In fact, it was slightly more than what dad had brought home. She claimed it was from the stocks that were left from the separation.

At thirteen I found out the truth of how my mother was doing so well. She often had late night business meetings in the game room basement of the house. I was forbidden to go in there while the gatherings were going on.

Sometimes it was a single man or a couple of guys. Often it was both men and women. There was even a few time it was just women.

I would sneak down and see if I could hear anything. There were muffled sounds and laughter emitting. All were barely audible to make out.

Soon mom had a lock placed on the room. She told me that it was converted to an office area. I was ordered to stay out.

I was informed that the pool table and home bar had been removed. I had no problem with that. They were dad’s toys.

Telling a teenager to stay out of a room was just the signal needed to promote young curiosity. I had to see what she had done to the place! Mom was predicable, all the important items like extra keys were always stowed in the same place.

So one night I lied and said I was spending the night at a friend’s house. Instead, I came back home and got the key. I then quickly went to the room.

The pool table and bar was still there. In fact the bar was stocked with liquor! This didn’t make any sense!

I had to investigate closer. That went I learned the truth of what mom had been doing for a business! I found all sorts of items and toys of a sexual nature in a closet where the coats normally hung.

I moved to a small desk in the corner. There I scanned through the items. I found a date book. I learned my mother was a party girl!

She had been using our house for specially arraigned swingers’ parties and prostitution! She had a list of clients and a price list for each advent! My mother was a successful and high-class whore!

Before I could absorb this information and how I felt, I heard my mother’s voice! She was home! Someone was with her!

My escape was blocked! So I closed the door and scrambled to hide under the pool table. I didn’t know what else to do!

Mom entered. With her were a guy and a girl. They were chatting loudly and obviously been drinking! It wasn’t long before the action started.

I saw my sweet beautiful mother in a heavy lip lock with another woman! Soon the man joined. Before long the three of them were naked and having sex.

It was the first time I had seen my mother’s nude body since I was a little boy. It was just as beautiful as ever. It was then I realized how beautiful my parent was.

I had always had deep desires for her. Not like a son does for his mother. But lustful ones that burned deeply. The sight of my parent in sexual action inflamed my hunger!

At first I thought I hated the man fucking my mother. Soon I realized I was envying him! As I watched his cock slide in and out of my parent’s cunt, I became hard. I wanted to be the one fucking her! I was actually jealous of this stranger banging her!

After that first night, I saw my mother in a different light. My desire for the forbidden woman had grown ten fold. I wanted to show her she didn’t need those people. I could take care of her.

My lust grew and I had to see more. I made a third key to the room. I also set up a special viewing space in a little used storage closet so I could watch my parent in action.

For the next four years I would see my mom’s immoral activities. I would often observe masturbating to the scene. She had some wild times in there. The all female orgies really had me going!

By the time I was eighteen, my desire for my parent was uncontrollable. I wanted to be my mother’s lover. I wanted to taste her sweet cunt and feel that tight taboo pussy around my cock. I decided somehow I was going to take her.

That happened one evening after my mother had taken a moonlight swim in our pool. She had just come back into the house wearing a skimpy bikini. The wet material adhered to her firm body. Mom might as well not been wearing anything.

All I had on was a pair of sweat pants. I was planning to take a shower and go to bed early. Instead the sight of that hot mature body had my desires sky rocking! Tonight I would take her.

She headed to the bedroom. I followed. I already had a hard on growing. This night my fantasies would be fulfilled.

She was standing there back to the door drying a long black mane of hair. Again, I marveled at the trim athletic body. The firm rounded hips and curvy legs were just too beautiful to be restricted to me.

“Mother,” I ask softly, “What do you do for a livin’?”

“Huh?” she responds looking back at me, “What do’ya mean?”

“What do you do for a livin’?” I repeat.

She turns around and gives a puzzled stare. A set of large breasts was barely in the small halter-top. Nipples hard. I wanted to touch them now!

“I’m an entertainment coordinator,” she answers, then ask, “Why do you ask that?”

“What does an ‘entertainment coordinator’ do?” I ask moving closer.

“I’ve told you this all before.” My mother queries with a concerned look, “Why are’ya askin’ such questions?”

“Cause I was wonderin’ if ya were gonna tell me the truth,” I state flatly.

“The truth?” she puzzles, “Whatcha mean?”

“I love you, Mother,” I qualify, “An’ I shall love you no matter what you are.”

“I love you too, dear,” she routinely responds.

Mom stares at me with a cocked head. I had no doubts she really didn’t know what I was talking about. It was time to be blunt.

“Mother,” I frankly ask, “Does an ‘entertainment coordinator’s’ duties include fuckin’ the client?” I quickly add, “Either male or female?”

A set of dark eyes widens. A ruby lipped mouth gapes. I hear a deep exhale. Mom was totality shocked.

“What the hell does that mean!?” she gasps.

“It means that I know you’re a high priced called girl,” I reveal, “An’ those ‘meetings’ are nothing more than prepared swingers’ events!”

“You’re all wrong, Brad,” she start to deny, “Those are----,”

“Don’t bother to lie, Mother,” I interrupt, “I’ve been watchin’ you at every opportunity since I was thirteen.”

“Where?” she automatically ask.

“From a special hidden cove in the game room,” I answer and then barbed, “An appropriately named room, I might add.”

“Gawd,” she aghast, “You must hate me so.”

“No, Mother,” I confess, “I love you even more.” Knowing the moment was now, I continue, “Seein’ those men an’ women cummin’ because of you made me love you even more! You are so beautiful after you’ve been fucked. I rush on with the admission, “I’ve jacked off with the images of you still fresh in my mind,” With a deep breathe, I tell, “I’d fantasized that it was me that you were makin’ me cum like that.”

“Stop sayin’ that, Brad!” My mom orders loudly sitting down on the bed.

“But it’s true, Mom!” I state militantly, “I’ve been watchin’ you service one john after another.” I heatedly say, “You’re better than that! You need real love, not paid for sex!” I declare firmly, “I can give that to ya!”

“Brad, you are my son,” my wide-eyed mom refuses, “I can’t have you as a lover.”

“But you can!” I insist, “It’d be perfect.”

“No Baby,” Mom again points out, “It’d be wrong.”

“Mother,” I say in a softer voice, “You’re so pretty. An’ when you’re cummin’ you glow so beautifully.” I move closer to her almost begging, “I wanna be the one causin’ that beauty an’ I know I can do just that.”

“Brad I can’t,” Mom steadfastly refuses with a shaking head, “It’d be just plain wrong!”

“You can!” I move onto the bed next to my bikini-clad mother stating, “You’ve been givin’ your pussy to those people for money, which is wrong!” I shift closer to my nervous parent. “So givin’ it to your son wouldn’t be a moral dilemma for ya!”

Mom shakes her head violently. She was too stunned to reply. Strangely, I felt this denial was more of an automatic socially approved response, than a real aversion to my admission of lust.

“Come on Mom,” I urge putting a caressing hand on a slender leg, “You’d love it.” I add moving my hand upward, “You gotta be my lover now.”

“No!” Mom yells pushing my hand back, “Brad! Please leave me alone!”

I push forward. My mother was pressed back against the sheets. She struggles against me.

“This isn’t right, son!” She weakly threatens, “If ya don’t stop, I’m gonna go to the authorities.”

“I don’t think so!” I huskily state with my frustration and anger rising, “How are’ya gonna tell the cops that your son fucked you an’ not tell ‘em I did it because you’re a high priced whore?”

“You bastard,” my mother spats.

Her surprising morality made me feel cheated. I loved this woman. I stood by all these years as she opened legs for money. Now in some antiquated morality I was going to be refused! I didn’t think so.

I touch her face and slowly move my hand across a rounded shoulder. She tries to pull my hand away. I grab the left bikini string and jaggedly yank it down.

The flimsy material snaps easily. A pair of rounded titties bounces with the freedom. A set of brown nipples hardened with the exposure.

“Oh god no!” My mother wails as tears came to a set of dark eyes, “Please don’t do this Brad!”

My chest was crushing a set of enhanced tits. I slide my hands around a smooth ass. I knead each mound with nervous touches.

“Please, don’t!” she protests while trying push me away, “This is wrong!”

It was useless as I was too strong. I was far too horny to stop now. I would show my parent true love today.

The large heaving chest looks beautiful. A rough mouth was planted on a firm nipple. I bit hard on the erect nubs.

“Oh jeezus!” she huffs out of surprise.

An anxious tongue slides all over the firm breasts and licks the stiff nipples. I bite all over the fleshy orb. I was a man in heat.

I wrap forceful arms around a trim waist pulling her back to my body. With tears streaming, Mom looks up at the ceiling. Her body trembles.

“Noooooo,” she moans tearfully, “I beg you, son. Please don’t do this.”

The pleas fall on death ears. I push my body tighter pinning her to the sheets. My cock was rock hard against a warm crotch. I play with the big breasts vigorously.

“Stop!” Mom yells out of desperation, “Or I’ll scream!”

“There’s no one that will hear ya, my dear mother,” I lustfully challenge still making the large breasts a meal, “There’s no one who’ll hear ya shouts.”

She knew I was right. My parents had originally brought this place because it being out-of-the-way from the neighbors. She turned it into her ‘office’ because of it being so secluded. We were almost a quarter a mile from our nearest neighbor.

I place quick kisses on a long neck. I go back to massaging each breast. The coffee colored nipples were harder now as I pinch them mercilessly.

“You’re hurtin’ me!” my mother cries. She begs again, “Please don’t do this!”

“What do’ya expect teasin’ me by bringin’ those johns here?” I hotly accuse, “Doncha think I would’ve been offended with those punks in this house?”

I glance into the dark, wet eyes. For a moment I feel guilty. This was my mother. Yet I knew I was the one to make her happy.

“How long has it been?” I ask in a softer tone while kissing the erect nipples, “I’d think you’d welcome a good lovin’ fuck about now.”

“Nooooooooo!” suddenly screams and bucks me off.

A hard hand goes across my face. The sting was a reminder she was an unwilling participant. A knee went into my lower stomach. That hurt even more.

My resentment of my parent’s newfound morals rises with the pain. She had no right refusing me that easy cunt! That long desired body belongs to me!

I glare in anger at the covered crotch. The last piece of clothing was covering the object of my lust. A brutal hand grabs the fabric.

“You don’t need these, bitch!” I growl while tearing off the bikini bottom.

“Oh God no!” she cries while her hips involuntarily lift with the wrenching of the cloth, “This is rape!”

“An’ your son is the rapist!” I huskily note

Her pussy was completely open to me. The hair was wet and glistening. I give a lecherous smile.

I again pin my mother against the bed while tugging a set of gray sweatpants off. My nine-inch rod springs free. It point at her menacingly.

My mother froze at the sight. A pair of ruby red lips formed an “O” of surprise. Dark eyes widen when seeing the stiff forbidden cock.

I grab her wrists. I hold them over her head. I place one of my hands into her hair. Her lips were pulled to mine.

"You have a sexy mouth,” I hiss, "Those hot lips say ‘kiss me’."

I grab a handful of hair and force her mouth to mine. She whimpers as I found her tongue. We were lock in a wild kiss.

“Let’s get a better look at that ass, Mother,” I pant, “Enough men has paid for it.”

I cruelly flip her around. I keep her hands pin above her head. I pull up on the waist until the firm ass was arched high.

“How often has a dick been in this ass?” I hiss hotly, “Did’ya charge extra for it?”

“Pleassse, Brad!” she moans trying to struggle out of my grip, “Don’t do this!”

She had managed to twist onto her back. I push my thrashing mother back. A loud slap sounds. A firm thigh showed a bright red handprint.

“Owwwwwwww!” she yelps sobbing loudly.

I recapture her hands. They once again were pin over her head. There was an unsuccessful effort to jerk them away.

“Leave those fuckin’ hands there or I’ll slap you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week,” I growl, “Now hold still bitch!”

No! Damn you!” She screams while fighting to break free of me, “You have no right to do this!”

My mother wasn’t a weakling. Years of competitive swimming and three times a week in the gym since high school kept her strong. The thrashing about had her almost off the bed. A couple of wild kicks at my cock did cause me to pull back slightly.

“You goddamn whore!” I scream grasping the long black mane, “You git back here!”

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!” she shrieks from the pain of being jerked back by the hair.

She was slammed back onto the bed. The frame grunts from the impact. The slender body bounces on landing.

“You’ll not try that again!” I roar backhanding her twice.

She froze. Rivers flow from her eyes. An expression of fear appears on my parent’s face.

I jam my hands between a set of slender legs. The taboo cunt lips were fondled brutally by my fingers. My thumb rubs a protruding clit.

My cock was so hard. I couldn’t wait any longer but I still had to show her who was in charge. I brush the knob of my cock against the forbidden pink lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Mom whines, “No, son! Please don’t do this!”

I capture the sensitive skin between thumb and forefinger. I twist the little knob. It feels hot and wet

“Ooooooooooo,” she unwillingly moans.

I force another French kiss. Her tongue plays with my tongue. I taste the sweetness of the taboo mouth.

She was pressed deeper into the bed with my body. My hands move to the large breasts. I cup the hard nipples.

I could tell the almost abusive touches excited her. My mother’s body trembles. She had stopped crying.

I slowly lower my mouth to suck in a full tit. A hot anxious tongue licks and washes an erect nub. I was getting more thrilled by the minute.

“Grab my cock an’ jerk it!” I order in a growl.

To my surprise she quickly obeys. I feel a small hand wrap around it. A quick couple of strokes temporarily froze me.

“Oooooooooh,” I gasp, “You---, You’re----,” I could only mutter.

I force a set of athletic legs apart. The taboo pussy was in full view. I intently stare at the wet cunt.

I place my hand over the one that was holding my dick firmly. I jack the hard tool with her hand. Her grip loosens.

It was time to show who the boss was! I jump onto a flat belly. Before she could respond, I knee walk up the muscular torso with a stiff cock pointing the way.

“Omigod!” she wails in dismay, “You’re not gonna make me do that!” Mom denies loudly. She knew what was up.

“Yes! Goddamn it!” I snarl leaning forward, “You’re gonna suck your son’s cock now!”

The stiff head presses against a set of ruby lips. Mom jerks away. With both hands I trap the flailing head.

“Nooooo-----,” she start to protest. “Ummmmmmmhhhhh!” A set of dark eyes widens in disbelief as a still very hard cock disappears into her mouth! The large shaft went in deep.

“Give in,” I threaten meanly, “Or I’ll shove deep!”

Mother suddenly stops resisting. A whore’s mouth begins to suck slowly. I was somewhat startled at this quick turn about.

My hips move in a smooth rhythm. The repetitions increase with the rising pleasure feelings. This was an experienced cocksucker working my stiff rod.

Feather-like touches gently massage a set of balls. They retracted quickly as the attached large cock got harder. Her mouth feels the vibrations of my pulsing dick.

Mom was wonderful. I knew her cunt would be just as titillating. She was going to become my lover this evening.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I suddenly wail.

The expert blowjob was bringing me to a climax. Mom was working my cock with unrestraint technique. She had submitted to my will.

“Oh god!” I hotly sigh, “You’re good, Mom!” The sensations rise higher. “You’re really good!”

My mother sucks even deeper. I could feel the sides of the forbidden mouth adhere around my pulsating shaft. A raven-haired head bobs back and forth excitedly.

My ball sac tightens. My cock vibrates as I feel a river of sperm rush down the shaft. I was climaxing. My mother was causing it to happen!

She then tastes the taboo cum. The warm nectar races into her mouth. Instinctly she sucks drawing the forbidden sperm in deeper. Not a drop was lost.

“That’s it, my sexy mother,” I groan in a pant, “Drink all my cum!”

I pump harder. She sucks deeper. It was pure pleasure how she was being such an obedient bitch.

She licks the withdrawling dick. A pink tongue flicks at the head briefly. I fall to one side of her.

“Why?” she moans, “Why did’ya make me do that?”

“That’s because, my dear sweet mother,” I answer sitting up, “I can be the best for you.”

I lean into her. My fingers insert into a wet pussy. The pastel lips are spread.

“It’s time for your son to taste your love,” I softly say moving down the mature tight torso.

I tenderly kiss the taboo soaked pussy. I heard start to lick the flesh slit like a lollypop. I pause to give special attention to a protruding clit. My other hand was caressing one of the large tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moans and tosses her head back enjoying my tongue.

It was signs Mom was giving in to her rapist. Her rapist-son. I knew she would. I just had to push it to make it happen.

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