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Veronica struggled with the zipper on the back of her tight black dress. Chad had helped her into the curve-hugging ensemble before dinner but now she was left to fend for herself. After several minutes and several contortionist positions, she managed to unzip the dress. Her large 36D breasts escaped confinement and her nipples immediately hardened in the cold air of the hotel room.

Too late, Veronica realized that the sheer curtains were still pulled to the side. The hotel room they had rented was on the second floor and Veronica could clearly make out the people walking the Las Vegas Strip around the entrance to the casino hotel where she was staying. She hurried to close the window coverings before any of the drunken tourists got a free show.

The night was young but it was already over for Veronica. She stripped the rest of the way out of her evening dress and unpacked her sexy night gown. It was a lacey purple teddy with sheer triangles barely covering her nipples and a lace skirt that only managed to cover half of her firm ass. She straightened her tiny black thong to ensure it was perfectly nestled between her ass cheeks while the tiny triangle in the front perfectly outlined her nether lips.

The look was not completely until she had slid on the silky black thigh highs and a pair of platform "fuck me" heels. Veronica admired herself in the mirror. She used a comb to fix her long, silky brown hair that had become disheveled during the fight to remove her dress. She touched up her make-up, looking flawless but not overly done. Finally, happy with her sultry appearance in the mirror, Veronica sat down and looked for a magazine. Yes, this was her Vegas vacation.

Chad had suggested Las Vegas and Veronica had agreed because they were still in the relationship stage where she wanted to please him rather than argue. They had been dating for almost seven months now and they always had a fun time.

Veronica knew she was only 18 and would be unable to drink or gamble.

"Oh please, babe," she could remember Chad saying in his casual tone. "It'll be so easy to sneak you drinks. And even if you're not gambling, you'll be having fun. There are clubs, restaurants, shows..."

Veronica caught her reflection in the mirror and sighed. Chad had been true to his word and managed to buy her drinks where no one was carding. The vodka cranberry tasted watered down, made her dizzy, and when she saw what she thought was a police officer walking towards her she threw it quickly into a nearby decorative plant. Really smooth.

Chad had convinced her of Vegas' charms but had failed to mention his own weakness for gambling. Veronica spent the first night of their exciting vacation standing a safe distance away from the table while Chad gambled at black jack all night. This evening he had been itching to try craps after dinner. Rather than suffer a repeat of the previous boring night, Veronica excused herself and returned to the room. Chad had barely seemed to notice. There was a hot shooter at the craps table.

The sexy lingerie had been for the romantic nights she envisioned spending with Chad. Instead she lay back on top of the sumptuous hotel comforter and ran her hands over the lacey material of her nightie. Veronica teased her nipples, pulling on them through the thin fabric, and pinching them until they stood straight up. She could make them out clearly through the sheer fabric and she knew Chad would have appreciated that sight.

Anyone would appreciate the site really. She was pretty and young and anyone dressed in this slutty outfit would warrant a second look. She found her mind wandering to the crowd below that had almost glimpsed her bare breasts. Veronica sat up on the bed and surveyed the room. It was a small, typical hotel room. There was a small hallway beside a bathroom with the basic shower-bathtub, sink and toilet. The bedroom area had a stand for the television, a desk littered with Las Vegas brochures, and a minibar locked and hidden in the corner. A single queen sized bed had been turned down for the night by the hotel staff.

There was nothing spectacular about the room except the view. The entire northern wall of the room was floor to ceiling windows looking out at the other hotels across the strip. It would be much more beautiful in the higher floors, and the hotel was over twenty stories high, but they had booked the cheaper second floor. The view of the strip was less impressive but it made for much better people watching.

Aggravation at Chad for leaving her alone led Veronica to move the small chair for the desk over to the windowed wall. She turned down the lights in the room. Next, Veronica opened the drapes slightly.

Typical Las Vegas tourists dressed in their night attire roamed the streets in front of the hotel. Taxis and cars were pulling up to the front; people were going in and out of the casino or walking past, posing for pictures with the iconic fountain and statues. Veronica made herself comfortable in the chair, leaning back and spreading her legs slightly. She lightly traced her index finger over the moist fabric between her thighs.

She began to imagine the people below watching this intimate moment alone. The thought aroused her though she'd never considered anything like that before. Usually she was too shy to even show public affection with Chad. She wondered if Chad would be able to ignore her if he were watching from below.

In the dim light of the hotel room, Veronica felt empowered, slipping the lacey fabric down from her nipples, showing her bare breasts to the people down below though she knew they could not see her. In her imagination, they were watching every stroke while she squeezed her breasts, pushed them together, and teased her nipples. She held her breath as she leaned in close to the glass and brushed her nipple against it. Veronica shuddered and moaned. The desert was hot in the day but the nights were unforgiving and cold. The night air and cool hotel room made for an icy surface on her hot, excited breasts.

Veronica bent her knee and lifted one leg up, to help spread her thighs far apart and grant her easy access to her hairless mound. She started to stroke over the thin fabric of her thong. It was soaked from her fantasizing.

Her heart was racing now as she imagined her audience watching as she slowly pulled her thong to the side and offered a glimpse of her pink slit. Veronica smiled at her imaginary audience who continued to walk about their business without noticing her dark hotel room with the drape pulled back a tiny bit.

She used two fingers to spread herself before sliding a finger up into her wet hole. She was tight and could rarely fit more than one finger comfortably. She pushed her finger in as far as it would go before pulling it out and rubbing her juices all over her clit. Her tiny pink button was already enlarged and tender from her fantasizing. She leaned back in the chair, closed her eyes, and continued to manipulate her clit with her hand. She was breathing heavily as she putting on a show for her imagined audience.

The door flew open.

"RONN-EEEEEE," called an obviously inebriated Chad. Veronica stumbled as she hurried to stand out of the chair, quickly moving to adjust her panties to a position that covered her private parts. She completely forgot about adjusting her top. She met Chad in front of the bed, hair messy from leaning back in the chair, face flushed from excitement, and breasts hanging out of her sexy lingerie.

"What is this now," he slurred, reaching out to squeeze a breast. Veronica blushed even deeper and hurried to put her tits back inside the lacey triangles of the purple nightie. "No, I approve." Chad pushed the triangles back away from her breasts and leaned down to suck her right nipple noisily into his mouth. His other hand was roughly groping her bare tit, thumb and forefinger pinching her nipples. Veronica gasped, unsure what to make of the man assaulting her right now. Chad was always a gentle and considerate lover and Veronica had never imagined she craved anything more. Now she found herself aching for his strong hands pawing at her body.

He drunkenly tried to undo the clasps and ties keeping the delicate nightgown in place but was unsuccessful. Veronica's deft hands released the hooks and ties and she held the sheer fabric up for over the span of several deep breaths before letting it drop to the floor leaving her in only stockings and a black thong.

Chad moaned as he kissed his way down her body, stopping to bury his face between her thighs. Veronica found herself automatically reacting to hold her legs together but Chad was persistent. He moved his hands between her thighs and pushed them open until Veronica obeyed.

He slid a finger under the crotch of her panties and pulled them to the side, leaning in to tease his tongue along her slit. He quickly grew irritated with the tiny swatch of black fabric and pulled the thong down her legs.

Veronica watched as he stared at her swollen pussy, opening it with his fingers before pushing his tongue inside of her. His moans echoed hers as she felt her knees go week from the sensation of his mouth on her most sensitive area.

"Damn Ronnie, you are so wet," said Chad between mouthfuls of Veronica's pussy.

His tongue had no trouble finding and teasing her swollen clit. She was still so aroused from her own hand minutes earlier.

"What were you doing up here without me," he asked, his voice raspy and low when he pulled away from licking her clit causing her to groan in frustration.

Veronica ignored the question, trying to push her hips towards his face but struggling because her legs felt unsteady and her tall platform heels were dangerous. Chad was staring at the chair in the corner of the room. The chair positioned near the window where Veronica had been sitting. Chad's drunken mind was obviously working in overdrive as he stood up from his kneeling position. His erection was plainly obvious in his jeans but he was managing to ignore his body's urges as he puzzled out the chair.

He walked to it slowly and Veronica froze. Her face went bright red with embarrassment.

"You were sitting here?"

Veronica nodded, not even turning to look at Chad as he walked behind her to the chair.

"Why..." he asked, but he stopped immediately and she could hear the smile enter his tone.

"Well, well Ronnie...Were you showing off for the people down there?"

"NO," said Veronica, suddenly defensive. "I barely opened the drapes Chad. No one can see up here."

"But were you getting off thinking that they could?" The smile on his face deepened as Veronica became flustered and unable to meet his eyes.

"Oh you are a bad girl Ronnie," he said, a devilish grin spreading across his face as he moved to throw the drapes wide open. Veronica squealed and positioned her arms in an attempt to cover her bare tits and exposed pussy. Chad laughed as he made sure the entire wall of floor to ceiling windows were open giving an unobstructed view of the people one story down on the street.

"This is no time to be shy, Ronnie," he said, motioning for her to join him by the window. Veronica's eyes widened and she backed away instead.

"Oh don't do that, come over here," he said, his voice a mixture between a purr and a growl. Veronica's eyes darted to the bathroom and she prepared to run away as best she could in her tall heels.

Even inebriated, Chad was more agile than Veronica in her shiny black heels. He over took her and put a firm hand on the back of her head, fingers gripping into her brown hair. He led her to the window, forceful but gentle. Veronica followed meekly, caught off guard by the change in her boyfriend's behavior.

He walked to the middle of the windowed wall and stopped with Veronica inches from the glass. "See, Ronnie? It's not so bad, right," he said, leaning over to kiss her neck. He let his free hand once again feel their way over her tits, wandering down her taught stomach and caressing the silky folds between her legs.

Veronica felt herself tense up close to orgasm just from being so exposed. She fixed her eyes on the crowd below as Chad rubbed her juices all over her clit before sliding his thick finger inside of her. She shifted to spread her legs and allow him better access as she moaned. The people below carried on their business but Veronica felt exposed. She wondered if the glass was tinted and decided it surely must be. No one could really see her. This was all pretend.

Chad's hand had not released his grip of her hair and now he pushed her forward until her large breasts brushed the cool class making her cry out. Chad only laughed.

"Your fans want a better view, Ronnie," he said, moving her hand to her back and pressing forward causing her tits to spread out pressed flat against the glass. He trailed a finger between her ass crack and pressed it deep inside of her moist pussy.

Veronica felt so naughty. The excitement of the crowd below mixed with the feeling from Chad's hand and the cold glass combined to bring her to the edge of climax. She closed her eyes, pressing her chest against the class and her hips back against Chad's persistent hand. He slid in another digit, pulling them out to roughly rub her clit before shoving them back into her tight pussy. It was only a matter of time before her orgasm hit and she knew it would be a big one. She moved her hands against the glass to brace herself. She opened her eyes slightly and then she felt like she would faint.

A man on the street below was pointing at her. He elbowed his friend and pointed in Veronica's direction. To the right of the pointing man, a woman was holding her hand over her eye and glancing towards the second floor.

"Shit Chad, they can see," squealed Veronica, trying unsuccessfully to fight against Chad's hand pushing against her back.

"Isn't this what you wanted, Ronnie? Didn't you want an audience? Now that you have your wish, you need to be a good slut and give the people what they want."

Veronica's blood seemed to freeze hearing him talk like that, his breath hot against her neck, tickling her ear. He moved his hand back to grip her hair and shoved her face forward against the glass. Veronica tried to look out of the corner of her eye to see if people were truly able to see her naked body pressed against the glass. Her panicked breath fogged up the glass by her face blocking all vision. She heard the unmistakable sound of Chad's zipper.

He adjusted himself behind her, pushing her face with one hand and guiding his cock with the other. Veronica tried to push off against the window but he was much stronger and she was still feeling dizzy, gasping for air, trying to keep her footing on her tall heels.

The tip of his cock teased her slit open, getting soaked with her excitement in the process. With a slight thrust, Chad penetrated her pussy and caused her body to press even tighter against the glass. Veronica could feel the cold pane distorting her body, flattening her tits, putting her on display for the crowd below.

"Please Chad, someone could see."

"I'm counting on it Ronnie. Now be a good slut and push that tight cunt back on me," he said. Veronica felt compelled to obey. She had been building her orgasm for so long. Her face was pressed against the glass but she could imagine the faces of the onlookers as she focused on the heat building between her thighs.

Chad grabbed her hips with one hand while holding her face against the window. He started to thrust with hard, short bursts into her pussy, burying his length inside of her with each movement. Veronica could not stop herself from grinding her hips back against his cock, moaning as he fucked her deeper and harder. The cold window steamed up as her body began to sweat and overheat. She knew her orgasm was close.

The signs were not lost to Chad who was an expert at making Veronica cum on his cock. He leaned forward, biting gently at her neck, "Cum on that dick, Ronnie. Be a good slut. Let the people watch how hard you cum for me."

It was all the encouragement Veronica needed to let go and cum hard, shuddering against the glass window, feeling her toes curl in her shoes. The rush of blood and the pounding of her heart overtook her hearing momentarily but as her moaning quieted she thought she heard another sound. Muffled but distinct, she heard the sound of cheers.

Chad allowed her to pull away from the window and she was staring at steamy glass with a perfect outline of her naked body visible. On the street below, a crowd had gathered.

Veronica froze unable to move. She tried to decide how much they had seen. She recognized the pointing man from earlier but now there was what appeared to be an entire bachelor party of men gathered and more than a few women as well. Even an elderly couple was watching from the outskirts of the group.

"Oh my god, they will call the police, and.."

"Shut up, Ronnie," said Chad, grabbing her against by the neck and forcing her to her knees. "The show has only started. You don't want to disappoint them do you? Show them how wet your pussy gets when you cum on me."

Veronica was confused as she went down on her knees and the rough carpet ripped her black stockings. Chad was guiding her into position, pushing her body back until her ass was to the window. Her shoes made it difficult to get any closer.

"Take those shoes off," said Chad, releasing her and going to retrieve the chair Veronica had been sitting in earlier. He placed it in front of her, facing the window. He sat down, stroking his cock, glistening with her womanly juices.

Veronica managed to remove her sexy heels and tossed them by the bed, out of the way. She had her naked ass facing the wall of windows and looked up at Chad, nervous about the stern look on her face.

"Come suck me off like a good slut," he said, taking her hair in his hand again. Veronica worried that her neck would be sore. Chad had never been this rough with her before but she wouldn't contain how turned on it was making her. Chad adjusted his position on the chair until Veronica's mouth made contact. Her tongue flew out as she licked along his length, tasting the tip of his cock.

"Push your cunt up against the glass. You can't forget your audience," said Chad. Veronica moaned as she simultaneously pushed her ass against the window and swallowed Chad's big dick whole. She could feel the glass against her throbbing pussy and knew it was flattening out her ass cheeks and thighs and giving a strange view of her spread wet pussy to anyone watching. That thought was forced to the back of her mind as she pushed her face down on Chad's lap, engulfing his cock with her mouth.

The thought of the crowd below motivated Veronica as she sucked Chad's dick. She found herself pushing herself further down on his lap making Chad moan as his cock pressed against the back of her throat. She gagged and moaned as his thick member blocked her airways. If Chad wanted a slut she was going to be a slut for him and her adoring audience.

Veronica slurped loudly on his cock, saliva dripping down his balls and staining the hotel chair. She could taste his precum starting to flow. She slid her tongue all over his shaft while pulling her lips up and down his cock. Veronica stared up at Chad and saw his eyes flicker between watching her and looking at the crowd.

Veronica wondered if the crowd was turning him on as well.

She couldn't help but groan, grinding her hips against the glass, forcing her mouth up and down on his big cock again and again. She managed to balance on one hand and grab his dick with the other, sliding her hand up and down his slippery cock while she drug her tongue all over his balls. She could feel them getting tighter and knew he was nearing the end. Chad was good at lasting a long time but tonight was special for both of them and his need stronger than usual.

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