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Hard Sleep


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At eighteen, Cassandra, Sandy I call her, could flirt better than any woman I had ever met. I was like pudding in her hands. Tracy knew it too. She'd literally give me a lap dance to get me to cough up money if I tried to resist her charms. I'd be left there nursing a massive hard-on, which she bounced away counting my money.

I got tired of the teasing and decided that to get my jollies my way if she wanted something from me. She asked me for twenty bucks and I told her I would if she let me feel on her butt. Tracy was right there and only chuckled. Sandy refused, and I kept my twenty bucks. The next afternoon she said that she'd let me feel her butt for thirty bucks, and I told her that it would have to be her coochie for thirty. She stormed away, but came right back and agreed.

She had on booty shorts with nothing underneath them, so I felt the full shape of her pussy with her mother standing their watching. I took my time moving my fingers over the curves of her pussy. I told Tracy that I was going to fuck her if she let me. Sandy rolled her eyes and told me to give her the money so she could go. Tracy laughed and said she wouldn't blame me if I got it if she gave it to me.

Her friends were project chicks and was relying on her to come up with some money. She was the only one that was smart enough to get into college, and this was her guilt trip. Based on what I have given her in the past months, I figured out what she would have to do for how much.

Tracy was getting a kick out of me trying to her daughter's booty. For the most part, Tracy and Sandy were just two women living in the same house. They weren't best friends. Sometimes they were rivals, but they didn't get on each other's nerves.

All I could think about was getting some of Sandy's pussy. I was restless, getting in and out of bed. Tracy had gone out early with her friends and had come home and passed out. Even a slap on her ass wouldn't wake her.

It was about 2:30 AM, when Sandy got home from partying with her friends. I peeped from the darkness of my bedroom at the hall mirror that reflected into her bedroom. I could tell that she stripped naked, but I couldn't see any of her good parts. I heard her stumble and then her bedroom lights went out.

I got back into my bed thinking about her laying in her bed naked. My imagination shored. I squeezed my dick visualizing slamming it deep into her tight pussy. I didn't realize that I had fell asleep until I heard Tracy's care pulling out the driveway. It was 6:30 AM. I was about to close my eyes again when it hit me that Sandy was in her bed naked.

I jumped out of bed and crept to her bedroom door. My heart pounded as I peeked inside. I wanted to jump for joy. Her smooth even toned brown body laid on top of the covers. I was so excited; I felt that if I touched my dick I would cum on myself. I stayed in the doorway trying to calm myself down. Even my hands were shaking.

I hoped that she slept as hard as her mother. I figured that if I make an attempt to wake her, and she woke. There would be no harm done, that way I wouldn't risk getting caught. I grabbed her leg and shook her calling her name out loud. She moaned, turned her hip and raised one of legs.

Sandy's pussy came into view like a pot of gold. She was cleanly shaved and her brown pussy lips were slightly parted. I thought that maybe I was going to far, but her pussy looked so PHAT. I stood there staring at her juicy brown butt and her inviting pussy. What I really wanted was for her to give it to me. I looked over her and saw her tit under her arm. I reached sliding my hand under it, and gently squeezed. I moved my hand to her ass, rubbing and squeezing the plump brown flesh. I moved my fingers to her exposed pussy, parting the lips.

I knew I had gone to far. It was sexual assault. I pressed the tip of my finger into her moist cunt and then slowly removed my hand. She didn't even stir. I sniffed then sucked my finger as I went back to my room to dress for work.

I jerked off in the shower thinking about fucking her. Sandy was one fine assed ghetto chick. I mean, my dick got hard again thinking that she was still naked in there as I dressed. I was being a jerk and I knew it. She was my wife's daughter, my step-daughter, but she was so fine.

I tried to force myself not to look into her bedroom on my way to the kitchen, but I couldn't help myself. I went back in there and put my hand back on her ass. She moaned and switched positions, but I kept at it. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy and she started moving with it. She was clearly dreaming.

I was about to take my dick out of my pants when I caught myself. I eased my fingers out of her and she curled up on her side. I backed out of her bedroom holding my pussy laced fingers in front of me.

I was kicking myself at work, trying to avoid doing anything that would have rubbed her fluids from my fingers. It was lunch time before I sucked my fingers, and then washed my hands. I was hooking up with Tracy at the food court in the Mall.

I told Tracy that the playing I've been doing with Sandy is getting a little out of hand. I told her straight that I wanted to fuck Tracy. She said that she knew that, but I could expect her not to get some from someone else too. I agreed that it was fair, but there was not guarantee that Sandy was going to give me some. Tracy laughed and told me to take it. She said that somebody had fucked Sandy while she slept, but she wouldn't tell me who. She said that I couldn't have missed her that morning, and I told her that I had seen.

Tracy and I talked more about Sandy as Tracy got dressed to go out with her friends. She gave her pussy a detailed shave and didn't put on panties, so I know she had planned on fucking somebody. I didn't question that at all. Tracy kissed me good luck when she left.

I went down to the strip, where the dance clubs were filled with younger people. I still like dancing, so I liked them better than the clubs Tracy and I went to. I drank and danced until about 2:30 AM. Neither Sandy nor Tracy was home yet. I was drunk too.

Tracy woke me as she was leaving for work. It was obvious that she hadn't been home that night. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling after Tracy left. I took off my boxers and put on my robe.

Sandy's bedroom door was closed, but unlocked. She laid on her stomach under the covers. My dick was throbbing and sticking straight out in front of me. I pulled back her covers and she was naked, just like I hope. I didn't even feel her up like I did the day before. I climbed on the bed and guided my aching dick to her pussy.

I pushed my dick in her and realized right away that she had been fucked that night. She had cum in her. She moaned and mumbled as I slowly slid my dick in and out of her already soaked pussy. I didn't fuck her hard, just steady until I added my cum with what was already in her. What I wanted was for her to be awake and to fuck me back. I covered her up and hit the shower.

I decide to take the day off. I had my dick in Sandy, but it was a hollow victory. I wanted fuck pound her pussy and have her begging me to do it again. I wanted her really bad.

Sandy got up around noon, I was making myself lunch. She asked me what I was doing home. I bragged that I had a career not a job. She told me to peel her off some of that career money, since I had it like that. I told her to peel me off some of her booty. She said that I was supposed to be her step-father and not trying to get in her draws. I said we didn't have it like that.

She said that she could use some money to go to the Mall. I asked her what she was going to give me for it. She laughed and said that I must want her ass pretty bad. I agreed. She said two hundred bucks. I said hell no. She said a hundred and fifty. I said she must be kidding. She said that her stuff was worth at least a hundred. I showed her a hundred dollar bill, and told her that she had to do more than be a dead fuck for a hundred bucks. She said, "What? Suck your dick?" I laughed. I told her that she probably didn't know how to give a good blowjob, and she put her hands on her hips and cocked her head to the side. She said she be the best I ever had.

It was exactly what I wanted. She held her hand out for the money. I thought about it, and then told her to forget it, but she could still have the money. I told her that I couldn't treat her like a whore, but it would be cool if she took off her t-shirt and let me make out with her real quick.

Sandy said that she was naked under t-shirt as she took it off. She stepped me and I grabbed hold of her. We went at it like animals. I sat her on the kitchen table and pounded her like it was going to be my last piece. I struggled to get my feet loose from pants, but I kicked free. I turned her over and slammed against her juicy booty. She resisted a bit when I put my dick to her asshole, but I drove it in anyways. I felt like I shot a gallon of cum in her ass.

She asked me had I fucked her while she was sleep. I said that I had. She said that I could do that if I didn't want her mom to find out. I told her that her mom already knew. She was surprised. She asked me did I mind that her mother slept around with other men. I told her I didn't mind, because her mom was cool with me trying to get some from her. Sandy thought that was cute and we started kissing again.

We fucked in the shower, and she did give a great blowjob. She liked that I couldn't get enough of her and fucked her all over the house. I popped a couple of my Stay-Hard pills to help me out.

I was still fucking Sandy when Tracy got home from work. I came before I got off Sandy. I was so happy that I took them both out for an expensive diner. Tracy told me that she wanted to continue seeing the dude she had been going out with. I was cool with that since Sandy seemed very interested in continued what we got started.

Even though Tracy was seeing another dude, we still fucked about three times a week. I ended up getting Sandy pregnant. The three of us meshed and actually started doing threesomes. That started with Sandy licking my balls while I was fucking Tracy. Sandy pulled my dick out and sucked on her mother's pussy.

Sandy and my son stayed at home while he attended the local college, and I caught him fucking Tracy while she slept. He and I switch fucking Sandy and Tracy while they slept.

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