Hard Times with Mom Ch. 05


"How about if you hold my penis, and rub it on your pussy for me?"

"I don't know, sweetie."

"Take my penis and use it to play with yourself, just like my finger or my tongue."

"We shouldn't risk it," she said even as her hand wrapped around my stiff cock. I leaned in closer as she guided my dick toward her clit. The tip of my penis made contact with her pussy, and it was like an electric shock raced through me. She slowly stroked me, putting pressure against her clit with each pull.

"That feels really good, Mom."

"It's good for Mommy, too. But it's so wrong to rub my son's cock against my pussy like this."

"I love you so much," I whispered in her ear.

"Oh, honey, I love you, too. I want you to suck my titties while I masturbate myself on your penis. Will you do that for Mommy?" I moved back to her breasts and returned to sucking her nipples, a bit more firmly this time. I felt her move her other hand down between her legs to spread her pussy lips wide open. She pressed the head of my cock directly against her hard clit.

She ran my cock around her stiff nub in slow circles that got smaller and smaller, until she was pressing herself against the underside of the tip of my penis. I wasn't sure what she was doing, then I felt her squeeze the head of my cock with her finger and thumb. She pulled my cock toward her and I felt the stiffness of her clit up against my pee-hole. Mom nudged herself forward the tiniest bit, and I was pretty sure she was essentially fucking my cock hole with her clit. How does this woman dream up this stuff?

"Don't move, sweetie," she whispered. "Mommy's going to come. Mommy's fucking your penis with her clitty and it's going to make me come." She groaned and pressed against me and orgasmed with a quiet intensity. She held her breath and pulled my cock tighter against her clit then relaxed. "Oh, my, that was amazing."

"That was incredible, Mom," I said. "But I think it's getting a little dry down there for me." She reflexively dipped my cock down to her drenched hole and swirled the head of my dick around there, then moved it back to her clit.

"Mmm, that felt nice down there."

"Don't get any funny ideas, mister," Mom warned.

"Can you just do that again, but a little slower this time."

"You're really pushing your luck, young man." Once again, her words didn't match up with her actions as she slid my cock back down to the opening of her vagina. Once there she played it across her pussy hole, obviously delighting in the sensation.

"Mom, your pussy feels so soft," I said. "Can you put it inside just a little bit?"

"No, sweetie," she insisted. "You can't fuck Mommy's pussy."

"I don't mean that. I mean just put it in once, only a little bit, then you can take it right out."

"I can't let my son put his penis inside me."

"Please, Mommy," I pleaded. "It's been so long since you've had a penis inside you."

"It has been a long time."

"And you've always wanted to feel my hard cock in you, haven't you?"

"Yes. But, I can't. It's wrong for a mother to put her son's penis inside her pussy."

"It's what we both want," I pressed. "Just once, only for a second."

"Oh, dear, I knew this was going to happen," she moaned. "Just once, but then we have to do something different. Promise?"

"I promise."

She once again guided me toward the opening of her pussy. She teased the head of my cock around her hole, before nestling it into place.

"Just this once," she murmured and pulled my cock inside her. My every sense was suddenly alert to each minute experience. I could see my mom's expression transform from guilt-ridden shame to unbridled fulfillment. The pungent scent of her sex became almost overpowering. The taste of her sweat was still on my tongue. I could hear a deep groan of sweet release building in her chest as her darkest desire was finally being realized. And the feeling.

It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. It was more that the sensation of my cock sliding into a slick pussy hole. This was my own mother's pussy. This was the woman that my very first sexual fantasies were built around. I masturbated every night hoping she would catch me, tell me it was okay, and explain that it was normal for everyone to play with themselves. She'd confess that even she touched herself down there, and she would show me how girls masturbated.

It had all come true. This was the very moment that the final boundary finally collapsed. I resisted the urge to thrust into her and allowed my mother to control the gradual penetration of my cock into her vagina. I felt the muscles of her pussy spasm and contract around my shaft. I was about halfway in, and Mom's hand around my cock prevented me from going any further. She let go and put both hands on my ass, applying only the barest amount of pressure.

"Keep going, sweetie," she whispered, keeping her eyes closed. "Put it all the way in. It's okay, I want you to." I eased myself forward, unable to comprehend how each millimeter I slid deeper into my mother could be even more spectacular than the one before. It was several long, glorious moments before I was completely inside her.

"You feel incredible, Mom."

"Oh, God, what have I done?" she groaned. "My son's penis is deep inside my pussy, and it's so good. I shouldn't have let this happen. I'm a filthy, perverted whore."

"Don't say that, Mom," I said to her. "We love each other so much."

"It's still wrong, sweetie. I'm such a bad mother. I know it's wrong, but your cock feels so good. It's almost like it belongs inside me."

"It does, Mom. This is right. For us."

She opened her watery eyes and we looked unflinchingly at each other in the harsh light of that rundown motel room. She searched deep within me for something beyond my words. She must have discovered what she was looking for, because she slid her hands up and pulled my head down to hers and kissed me. Not a lust-driven kiss like earlier, but a gentle kiss of surrender.

"Make love to me," Mom whispered.

"Are you sure?" I asked. She responded by wrapping her legs around my waist.

"Mommy wants her little boy to fuck her good and hard. Can you do that for me?"

I smiled and made my first thrust. I saw actual goosebumps rise up along my mom's arm and was sure this is what she truly wanted. I began slowly, pulling almost all the way out and then pushing in as far as I was able. My cock glided effortlessly between the slick walls of my mother's wet pussy.

"Oh, my baby's cock feels so nice inside me. You fuck Mommy so good." Her hands roamed across my back and shoulders, up through my hair, then back down again to my ass. I kept my pace slow, partly for her pleasure, but mostly to keep from coming too fast. She rolled her hips with each deliberate thrust as we moved in unison. "Do you like fucking your Mommy?"

"I love it," I responded.

"Your big cock makes Mommy's cunt so wet." I speeded up just a little, and Mom matched my pace without missing a beat. "I can't believe my own son is fucking me like this. My son is fucking his mother's nasty pussy with his dirty penis."

"That's right, Mommy," I said and shifted from a smooth rhythm to a hard thrust. "I'm fucking you just like you always wanted." The sound of my balls slapping against her ass could now be clearly heard.

"Yes. I always wanted to spread my legs for you, sweetie. Mommy loves her baby's cock and now it's finally inside me! I'm a whore for my son."

"That's what you want to be, Mom? You want to be a whore for me?"

"Yes," she gasped.

I lifted myself up off of her onto my knees, being sure that my cock never left her pussy. I grabbed a hold of her ankles and held them up and moved them apart, spreading Mom's legs wide in the air.

"Then I want you to fuck me like a whore, Mom!" I began pounding into her from this position hard and fast. She reached up and grabbed onto the headboard so she could better push back against my thrusts. From up here I could look down on my mom's sweat-soaked body. Her tits shifted loosely up and down as smooth as pudding each time I slammed into her. I was able to see my cock, covered in Mom's juices, pumping in and out of her hairy muff.

"Oh, yes, you fuck me so good. Fuck my cunt, baby, fuck my big cunt hole!" she cried. I could tell by that look on her face she was about to come.

"Is Mommy going to come like a whore now?"

"Yes, sweetie, Mommy's going to come right on your hard cock."

"I'm going to come with you."

"No! Sweetie, you can't come inside me," she pleaded without letting up on my cock at all. "Please, honey, don't come inside my pussy."

"We're going to come together, Mom."

"No, please. Come on my tits, or come on my face, not inside me. I don't want my baby to shoot his sperm in his mommy."

"I have to, Mom. Please let me come inside you."

"Don't," she whimpered, "come in me."

I let her legs down and hunched over her. She lifted her hips up off the bed and fucked me as hard as she could. I instinctively leaned down and caught one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked it hard as I continued to pound into Mom's convulsing pussy.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she panted. "Go ahead, baby! Shoot it inside me! Come in Mommy's pussy! I want to feel your cum inside me!"

With that she surged her crotch against me and began to orgasm. I couldn't hold back any longer and I finally let loose. My balls clenched tight and I could feel spurt after spurt of semen shoot deep into my mother's cunt. She thrashed on the bed screaming out with no concern for who might hear.

"Keep going, I'm going to come again," she begged desperately and grabbed onto my ass pulling me hard into her. I jammed my cock into her faster and faster. "Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she chanted deliriously as she humped my cock with single-minded intensity until her body was taken over by an even stronger orgasm.

She fell back, her body seemingly sapped of all strength. Hair was plastered across her damp face, and she labored to catch her breath. The smell of her sweat and her cunt filled the room with an intoxicating bouquet. I stayed where I was, not wanting to pull my cock out of Mom's pussy, and tried to absorb the reality of what had just happened.

"C'mere, baby," she eventually spoke up. "Mommy wants to clean your dirty penis." I reluctantly pulled out of her swollen pussy and moved to her side. She leaned over and sniffed my soaked cock, then began licking and sucking our mingled cum from it. I fondled her breasts as she worked to clean my cock and balls with her mouth.

"That's better," she said when she was satisfied. She then lay back and opened her legs. "Now it's your turn to clean Mommy's dirty place." I moved down between her thighs and watched as she first cupped her hand just beneath her hole. She flexed and a glob of my cum oozed out of her. She caught it in her hand and brought it straight to her mouth and let it flow onto her tongue before swallowing it all. "Go ahead, sweetie," she cooed. "Clean up the rest of your naughty mess from Mommy's pussy."

I licked and sucked Mom's sloppy cunt until it was almost clean again. The whole time she wiggled and squirmed under my mouth. By the time I was done, I was ready for another round. I climbed back on top of Mom and prepared to slip my cock back inside her.

"Wait, sweetie, we said it would just be the one time. You promised me."

"Actually, that wasn't exactly what we were agreeing to."

"I know," she admitted biting her lip. "But it should only be just that one time."

"If that's what you really want," I sighed. "We could just spend the rest of the night masturbating with each other."

"I think maybe that would be better," she agreed. "Please, don't hate me for being so silly about this."

"I couldn't hate you if I tried, Mom," I told her truthfully. "I'm just happy we got at least one chance to be together like that."

"Me, too, sweetie," she said with relief. "Thanks for understanding."

We moved so that we were sitting across from one another on the bed. Mom spread her pussy open with one hand, and began fingering herself with the other, making sure I had a good view. I half-heartedly stroked my cock. Despite my disappointment, I was still enthralled by my mom's exposed pussy. We watched each other play with ourselves like that comfortably for several minutes.

"What are your thinking about, sweetie," Mom asked in a husky voice.

"I'm thinking about how wonderful it felt to make love with you," I said. "What about you?"

"I'm thinking about how nice it was to finally have a real man fuck me like I always wanted."

We lapsed back into silence and continued to diddle ourselves without either of us really being fully committed. Mom finally sighed.

"This just isn't working," she declared, then got up and turned off all but one light. It looked like maybe it was all over and we were going to sleep.

She climbed back into bed, then surprised me by getting on all fours in front of me. She looked back over her shoulder and gave me a wiggle of her ass.

"Are you going to play with yourself all night, or give your poor, old mom another good fucking?"

I grinned wide and was balls deep in my mother's cunt once again within seconds. We went at it like animals for the rest of the night. Doggie-style, her on top, from the side, in the chair, on the filthy carpet, and in the shower. Just before dawn we were both almost completely fucked-out. I was shooting blanks by then, and Mom's pussy was looking red and sore. Despite all this, we still found barely enough energy to make slow, intimate love one last time as the new day came upon us.

I was able to get just hard enough to penetrate Mom's almost painfully sensitive pussy. I lay atop her and we kissed long and soft as our bodies moved in graceful tandem. We both managed to eke out one final orgasm from each other. There were no fireworks that time. No exploding rapture, or gushing fluids, or heaving anything. Just the barest sensation of pleasant release in the arms of someone who you know loves you more deeply than it's possible for any other person to love you.

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Clerks 2 came out in 2006. It brought the whole "ass-to-mouth" schtick into mass awareness. Suddenly writers feel the need to include it in their stories.

Not a fan of tongue in the ass. Wish I knewmore...

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