tagIncest/TabooHard Times with Mom Ch. 10

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 10


As I snuck into the bathroom, I kept thinking how incredible Aunt Linda looked in nothing but a strap-on, and couldn't wait to see her fuck my mom with that realistic looking dong of hers. I suddenly realized that I hadn't come all day. It was time to let loose.

I silently opened the door, amazed that no one could hear the thundering of my heart beating a mile-a-minute. I peeked in just as Aunt Linda was opening the shades to let in some light so I'd be able to see them. My mom was lying on her back masturbating, apparently she didn't bother to stop this time when her sister came into the room.

"What have you got there, Sis?" Aunt Linda climbed onto the bed.

"A towel I found in the hamper." My mom lifted it to her own face. "It has my little boy's cum on it." She held it out to her sister, who drew in the scent of my dried semen.

"Mmm, I'll bet it tastes good when it's fresh and warm."

"Oh, it does, Linda, it does." Mom moved the towel down between her legs and rubbed it against herself. "My son's cum tastes so good to me, I want it so bad. I want him to come in my mouth right now."

"Would you share some with your big sister?" Aunt Linda caressed my mother's chest, squeezing and rubbing her big tits.

"Yes," Mom breathed, "I want you to know how good my baby's cum feels in your mouth." She released the towel as her sister's hand reached down there and she slipped a finger inside my mom's pussy. "Aah, that feels so nice. But I want him inside me. I want to feel my boy's hard penis in my pussy again."

"Maybe this will do instead." My aunt brandished her fake cock and my mom took notice of it for the first time.

"Ooo, you came to fuck your little sister with your big cock?" My mom grabbed it and stroked it experimentally. "Where did you get this thing?"

"My daughter got it for me last Christmas. Rachel loves it when her Mommy fucks her tight, little pussy with it."

"I want you to fuck me, Sis. Fuck me just like you fuck your daughter. Fuck me like I want my son to fuck me."

"Then get up on your hands and knees, bitch!" Aunt Linda gave Mom's pussy a hard smack, that brought out an involuntary yelp.

I was peering through the narrow space at the door and going out of my mind. I had planned on waiting until they really got into it before I started jerking, but they were getting wild right out of the gate. I tugged the loose skin of my ball sack in an attempt to distract me from my urge to stroke off immediately.

"Like this?" Mom was up on all fours across the bed sideways, her head facing toward me. I had an excellent view of her huge tits dangling down, but I couldn't quite see exactly what Aunt Linda was doing behind her. Worse yet, I couldn't open the door any wider or Mom would spot me. I tried to calm my breathing and just watch and enjoy whatever I could see.

"Spread your knees, slut. Let me see that hairy pussy of yours." Aunt Linda maneuvered behind my mom as she followed her sister's commands and opened herself up wider. My aunt bent down and spit on my mom's pussy, and used the head of the dildo to spread it around.

"Be gentle, I'm still a virgin," my mom mewed, and wiggled against the head of the fake cock.

"I'm going to give it to you rough as I want. I'm going to fuck your virgin puss so hard you're going to cry, bitch." With that Aunt Linda thrust her hips forward and slammed the dildo into my mom's pussy. Mom barely cut off a scream of pain and delight.

"Please don't hurt me," Mom begged. "I won't tell anyone you put your dirty cock in me, just don't hurt my soft pussy."

"Shut up, slut. This is my pussy, understand? And I'll fuck it any way I want." She pulled back and slammed into her sister again. Mom grunted with pleasure. My aunt then began riding her with a slow, steady rhythm. The movement sent my mom's pendulous breasts swaying forward and back in such a way that my balls tightened with desperate yearning.

"It's too big," Mom whined. "Your cock is too big for my little pussy."

Aunt Linda raised her hand and brought it down hard onto her sister's rear end. Smack!

"Ooo!" Mom squealed. "Please don't spank me, I'll be good." SMACK! Aunt Linda delivered and even harder slap to her other cheek.

"I said shut up, bitch!" My aunt picked up her pace, humping my mom harder and faster. Mom's hanging boobs began to swing and flap together. I was feeling like a caged dog left to starve with a pile of fresh meat just beyond reach. I noticed Aunt Linda looking toward my hiding place. She grabbed onto my mom's hips so she could get more leverage on her thrusts, and blew me a kiss.

The door swung open and before I was consciously aware of what I was doing, I had stepped into the room. My mom's eyes widened when she saw me standing there naked and ready for action.

"No," she moaned, "don't look, sweetie. I don't want you to see me like this." Even as she spoke, my mom continued to match the thrusts of her sister's dildo.

"It's okay, Mom," I said as I moved closer. "I know all about what you and Aunt Linda do together."

"I don't want anyone to know that I lick my sister's pussy." She caught one of her wobbling tits and fondled it as she watched my hard cock get closer. "No one knows that I let her put her fingers and her tongue in my cunny."

"I know, Mom. One day I'll know all your dirty secrets. If you let me." I took one more step and was finally close enough for Mom to take me into her mouth. She did so with manic urgency.

The deluge of sensations assailing my brain was overwhelming. My mom's mouth closed around my cock like a velvet vice. She sucked me hard as the natural motion of her sister fucking her from behind propelled her down and back on my aching shaft. Added to that was the visual feast of my aunt humping my mother, her bare tits bouncing in time to her plunging thrusts. I reached around either side of my mother's torso and took hold of her dangling breasts and that was all it took to put me over.

I convulsed and cried out as I unleashed my first orgasm of the night almost immediately into my mom's mouth.

"That's it, boy, fill that slut's mouth with your cum." Aunt Linda administered another slap to her sister's ass. "Make her eat your filthy spew."

I withdrew from Mom's mouth, my head abuzz, and she pulled me down. I sunk to my knees in front of her and she kissed me. He tongue wiggled between my lips and parted them. I relaxed my jaw and opened up, only to feel something land on my tongue. Mom hadn't swallowed my load, but held it and had just passed it back to me.

"Don't swallow," she whispered huskily, all the while getting pounded from the back. She motioned to her sister with a toss of her head, then rolled onto her back.

I moved around the foot of the bed to where Aunt Linda was adjusting her position between my mom's legs and reentering her with the strap-on. My aunt hungrily accepted my kiss, and opened her mouth to receive the gift of my spent semen passed to me from my mom. The flavor of my own cum was still thick in my mouth as I watched Aunt Linda lean down and kiss my mother.

Once again, my load passed from one mouth to another. But my aunt held some back. She lifted away and let my white fluid drool from between her lips down to my mother's open, waiting mouth. Mom caught every drop of my cum as it streamed down to her and swallowed it gratefully. The sisters followed that exchange with a passionate kiss, exploring each other's mouths with voracious tongues.

I was like a kid in the world's biggest toy store who's been told he could have anything he wanted. I wanted everything, and I had no idea what to do next. I decided to first get some more light on the situation and opened the blinds of the other window in the room. I watched my aunt fucking my mom across the bed in the missionary position for a few seconds and decided to go around behind them.

Aunt Linda's big round ass rose and fell, flexing on each down stroke. The straps of her dildo harness were cinched tight around her waist and along the sides of her buttocks. They all came together at her crotch, but there was a gap through which her chubby outer lips were squeezed. I chose this as my next plaything.

I spit on my fingers and worked first one, then a second, into my aunt's pussy. As she fucked her sister, I rapidly pumped my fingers in and out of her hole. This was so much better than the playful poke I had given her this afternoon.

"Oh, yes, that's it, boy," Aunt Linda growled. "Bang my pussy while I fuck this slut!"

"You fuck me so good," my mom panted, wrapping her legs around her sister. Their tits rubbed together in a chaotic frenzy of nipples and quavering flesh. "Make me come on your cock. Make your little sister come on your big cock."

"Oh, God!" Aunt Linda cried and plowed into my mom even faster. "Your son has his fingers in my cunt. My sweet little nephew is fucking me with his fingers!"

The two women thrust and heaved against one another as their words gave way to inarticulate cries of animal pleasure. I forced a third finger into my aunt's contracting pussy hole and pounded her as hard as I dared. My mom pulled her sister deep inside her with her encircling legs, and let out a series of guttural barks as she was the first to come.

Aunt Linda pushed down hard, squeezing her ass tight as I fucked her from behind with my hand. She gave a long plaintive groan that became a howl of ecstasy as her orgasm released itself and rampaged through her body. Even as the tensing muscles of her pussy nearly crushed my fingers, I didn't slow my pace until she reached back and held my wrist still.

My aunt rolled off of my mom, and they lay side-by-side, as they caught their breath. They were each covered in sweat, and left their legs open to me. I eyed their cunts intently, one covered in hair, the other shaved and puckered between leather straps. I decided I was ready to take my turn fucking my mother with my very real cock. Before I could make my move, Mom spoke up.

"Do you like your auntie's big penis?"

"I liked seeing it go in and out of your pussy, Mom."

"Do you want to suck on it?"

I looked at the wet dildo, unsure if I wanted to do something that 'sissy' in front of them.

"Come on, stud," Aunt Linda waggled the dong at me. "Suck your Momma's cum off my hard dick."

I could see the light of perverse anticipation in my mother's eyes, and knew that this was something close to one of her secret fantasies. Aunt Linda had already seen me with her daughter's vibrator in my mouth, so I guess there was no point to being embarrassed. I climbed onto the bed next to my aunt and lay so that my head was down near her crotch, and my cock was up by her shoulder.

Mom took hold of the rubber phallus and directed it toward my mouth. I gave it a few tentative licks, and could taste my mother's warm pussy juices clinging to it.

"That's it, baby, don't be afraid," Mom encouraged me. "Mommy wants to see her little boy put this nice big cock in his mouth and suck on it." I took the head of the lifelike dildo into my mouth and began to suck. I could see the look of lascivious delight on Mom's face as I got more comfortable and took the cock deeper.

"That's it, stud," Aunt Linda added. "Eat my fuckpole." I popped the fake dick out of my mouth, and both my mom and I just stared at her. "Sorry, that sounded silly, didn't it." We both nodded, and tried not to crack up and break the mood.

"Try licking her balls, sweetie," Mom suggested. I felt a bit ridiculous licking those rubber testicles, but my mom was really getting a kick out of it. Aunt Linda's slit was only inches from my tongue and I could smell her womanly emanations. "I like that, baby. Now give your auntie a good blowjob."

I returned to the cock and took it once again into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on it. Slowly I began to release my inhibitions and allowed myself to enjoy the sensation. I tried to imagine this is how it felt for my mother when she had me in her mouth. Aunt Linda began rolling her hips, forcing me to adjust my technique so as not to choke myself.

"You're doing so good, sweetie, don't stop." Mom was fingering herself while she watched me suck my aunt's cock. I heard my aunt moan, and wondered what she was getting out of this. Then I realized that the underside of the testicles had a protrusion that was rubbing against her clit. The motion of me sucking the cock was actually getting my aunt off.

My mom wanted more than her fingers could provide, and so moved to straddle her sisters face. She nestled her pussy down onto Aunt Linda's willing mouth, and continued to watch me suck her perpetual hard-on. My mom's hand found my own cock and she stroked it as her sister sucked her clit.

"This is all too much," my mom moaned. "My sister is eating my pussy, I have my son's beautiful cock in my hand, and I'm watching him suck a big dick for me." I couldn't believe it either. I increased my pace, which elicited more forceful gyrations from my aunt. She was getting close to orgasm. Occasionally, I mistimed my down stroke and the head of the cock would jam against the back of my throat and cause me to gag.

"Be careful, sweetie, don't try to take it all like Mommy does. Just suck the end. That's a good boy."

"I like sucking this cock," I blurted out and quickly returned to the dildo.

"Oh, honey, I'm so glad you like it." Mom leaned down so her face was right near mine. "I wish I could see you suck on a real penis," she whispered to me. "I want to see a man put his hard penis in my little boy's mouth and watch you suck it until he comes. Would you like to do that for Mommy?"

"Umm hmm," I responded. The idea of actually sucking another man's cock scared the hell out of me, but at the same time I was fully aware that I was unable to resist doing anything she wanted. "Show me how, Mom."

She kissed me, then we both put our lips on the head of the cock. We slid it between us, using our tongues as we went. Mom took it in her mouth, and I sucked on the balls, then we changed places. Aunt Linda was thrashing, her moans muffled by my mom's furry puss.

"Finish her off now," Mom urged. "Make your horny old aunt come." I shoved the rubber cock in my mouth and really went at it. I sucked and bobbed as fast as I could manage. Aunt Linda was humping my mouth in time with my efforts until she raised her hips and screamed out.

"Yes! Suck my cock! Suck it! Make me coooome!"

My mom straightened up, and once again pressed her pussy onto her sister's face. Aunt Linda breathlessly resumed tonguing Mom's clit.

"Do you like watching your auntie licking Mommy's pussy?"


"Mmm, it feels so good for Mommy to have her clitty sucked." She rotated her hips as her head lolled from side to side. "Put the cock back in your mouth for me, honey. I was to see you sucking it when I come on your aunt's pretty face." I gave her what she wanted, running my tongue up its length, then sucking it slow and deliberate.

Seconds later she was moaning and shuddering, her body wracked with first one, then a second orgasm. She grabbed a hold of both her breasts, digging her fingers in deep, and gripping them tight until the pleasure that was washing through her gradually ebbed away.

My mom climbed off Aunt Linda's face and they shared a series of gentle kisses. Mom settled down onto her belly, and kissed her way down to her sister's breast. There she nibbled and kissed her nipple.

Aunt Linda just relaxed and enjoyed the attention. After a few minutes she nudged me to turn my hips toward her and once I did my aunt tickled her tongue across my balls. She licked the sensitive skin of my scrotum, and lightly kissed and sucked at my balls.

For my part during this quiet interlude I ran my fingertips along my aunt's shaven slit. I dipped them in just far enough to get them moist, then drifted lower. I snuggled a finger in between her cheeks and located her hidden rosebud. I diddled lazily with Aunt Linda's asshole, only pushing the very end of my finger into it by the barest measure every once in a while.

"Okay, sweetie," Mom said after about ten minutes of us quietly playing with each other. "It's your turn. How do you want to come?"

"I want to come inside you, Mom."

"I know you do, darling," she lilted sympathetically, "but you know we can't."

"Then I don't know," I pouted.

"How about Aunt Linda?" Mom perked up. "What do you say, Sis? Is it okay if my son fucks you?"

"I'm up for it! How 'bout it, stud?"

"Are you sure, Mom? I mean, would you really be okay with that?"

"Of course, sweetie. I want to watch you fuck your aunt. Mommy wants to see her son's penis inside her sister's pussy. It'll be almost the same as if you were inside me, I promise."

I knew full well it wouldn't be almost the same at all for me, but Mom was so enthused with her solution, and she seemed genuinely excited for me to fuck her sister. It appeared to be as close as I would get for now. And, besides, I had been thinking about fucking my Aunt Linda ever since we arrived.

"I don't fuck chicks with dicks," I announced. "So if you want my cock, you're going to have to get rid of yours!"

Aunt Linda quickly began unfastening the buckles and straps of her dildo harness. Mom clapped and cheered like a school girl at a slumber party.

"I don't want to miss a single thing." Mom got up and turned on the bedside light, and then a reading lamp across the room, leaving the harsh overhead light off. "That's better." Boy, she's come a long way from the lady who made me close my eyes in the dark while she masturbated under a blanket.

Aunt Linda finally kicked her way out of the strap-on contraption, rubbing at the red marks it left behind on her skin.

"Any requests?" I asked Mom.

"Ooo, I hadn't thought of that." She put a finger to her lips and considered. "How about Linda on top, but facing the other way."

"Reverse cowgirl it is," my aunt said, and moved so I could lie down on my back. She then straddled my hips with her back to me. "How about you lube us up a little first, Sis?"

My naked mother came to the side of the bed, leaned over and gave my aunt's pussy a few moistening licks. She then spit on my cock and took me into her mouth, swishing it around and wetting it with her saliva. Mom then held my penis upright while my aunt lowered herself onto me. The tip of my cock made contact with her pussy, and Mom lovingly guided me into her sister's hole.

Aunt Linda was arched over me, her feet planted by my knees, her hands by my sides, and her body hovering above. Her pussy slowly glided down the length of my shaft. I felt the peculiar sensation of her pussy whiskers scraping against the thin skin of my cock. Though, the feeling was unexpected, it wasn't the least bit unpleasant. When she went as far as she could, she lifted up again and repeated the move several more times.

My mom stood back and watched with wicked delight. She opened her stance, bent her knees slightly, and began masturbating herself. She fixated on the sight of my cock disappearing into her sister's pussy. There was no hint of jealousy or regret, only unadulterated lust.

"It's so nice to have a real cock in my pussy again," Aunt Linda said as she rode me.

"That's it, big sister, fuck my son's hard cock while I watch." Mom's hand fluttered rapidly against her own cunt. "Fuck him with your nasty pussy."

"Oh, God, my nephew's cock is inside me. I'm actually fucking my kid sister's little boy." My aunt sped up, slapping herself down hard onto me. "What would our mother say if she saw us right now? What if Mommy caught us doing such naughty things with our pussies?"

"I wish she was here. I'd make her watch you getting fucked. I'd make that dried up old bitch look at my cunt while I fingered myself. I'd tell my son to shove his cock in her hateful mouth and make her eat his cum."

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