tagInterracial LoveHard To Learn # 301

Hard To Learn # 301


The training went on day and night and each woman was having sex with at least two men every day. When they weren't actually having sex they were being trained and taught methods to improve the man's pleasure.

While Lisa talked with her husband each night before she was fucked wildly and crazy like a whore. A man was with her and helped her tell her husband things and answer questions he dad for her. Bud had no idea what was going on and Lisa was a class "A" student.

Lisa's brain was flooded with the drugs and the messages sent o her while she slept. Even when she rested she was being bombarded with the idea that black cock was superior to any other. And that she would crave it desperately the rest of her life. She was slowly being brain washed along with all the other white women. The Jerome master plan for these white women was working very well just like the other three years he had the program in place.

Lisa knew something was wrong with her. She felt dizzy all the time. But she couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was that bothered her or that made her so dizzy. She decided to stop drinking the water out of the bottle. She would only drink tap water now to se if she could clear the webs in her brain. She also wondered if she really wanted to change anything. She was enjoying herself with these men and the sex she was receiving. The sex stopped the pain and terrible inner itch she had in her body.

A day after she stopped drinking the water she starting to understand that it was the water and the drug association with her dizziness. She decided she would try and stop it completely so she could focus on what was happening to her.

The ladies all returned to their rooms after class and were told to shower and clean up for dinner. There was going to be a nice dinner and dance tonight. Molly helped her friend Lisa back to her room. Lisa had been fucked like never before in her life. The cock that had been in her was huge. It was bigger than any porno star she had ever seen and this one was black.

Molly made sure Lisa was showered and cleaned up. Then Lisa laid down and went to asleep while Molly went to her room and did the same. At 6:30 PM Molly finished dressing in a very pretty silver dress given to her for the party. It was low cut in the front and back and cut very short at least 7 inches above her knees. She would have to be very careful bending over or both her ass and tits would fall out.

Once she was done she went next door and helped woke Lisa and helped her prepare for the evening. Lisa had a red dress similar to Molly's in style except Lisa's was even shorter. In fact Lisa's round beautiful ass could be seen one inch under the material of the dress. If Lisa sat down her panties would be exposed except she wasn't wearing any panties. All the women were told all they could wear was the dresses given to them.

Jerome made sure all of the woman were easy marks for the men that night. And, at 7:00 PM their companions walked Molly and Lisa to the large dinning room for the dinner tonight. Molly had Lee tonight as her companion and knew what to expect since Lisa told her all about him and the size of his cock.

Lisa had the drawn the wild card. Tonight, Jerome himself would be Lisa's companion for the evening.

The food was great, prime rib, tenderloins and lobster tails other favorite items along with all the dressings. There was a great deal of talk between the women about the 4 days that seemed to fly by and the training and what has happened. Lisa continued to have dizzy spells and the more she drank the more she got them. So that evening she decided to limit her intake of drinking anything except a little wine. There was no drug in the wine.

As they finished dinner the group of 12 women were lead into the adjoining room where there were the 20 or so men which had been there all week. These were the same men who had all been with at least two, three and in some cases four of the 12 women during the week working with them and training them as white subservient women. They had also been fucking them. Each women had at least three lovers during the week most had five.

There was a band of 5 more black men playing the music. As Lisa looked around she saw tables and chairs, a couple of bars and a very large dance floor. When the music started to play, each woman at their table, was directed to rise, dance by herself in front of their companion and for the other man at her table and the tables next to her. Hands were grabbing and feeling parts of the females as they danced. The individual women dancing took about 20 minutes with the women all dressed beautifully in the very short and low cut dresses. As they were swaying and dancing to the songs played, the men around them were groping them under the dress. Since no underwear was allowed the men had direct shots at the pussy and ass of the women.

The women had drinks served to them and made to drink something. Then there was an announcement that the dance floor was open. The lady's individual companions took each of them out on the dance floor for the first dance of the night. The other men just watched.

It was a long slow first song and each woman with their black male companion was pulled on to the dance floor and into him so they could dance close together. Their bodies began to sway with the music as the women were all held tightly to their partners.

The black men were told before hand to make sure that all the women had they pussy pressed tightly against their cocks and the men were to rub it between their legs. Along with the sex drugs that Jerome got from the jungles of Africa provided to the women in their food and drink, this direct stimulation make the female's need grow faster and stronger. It was very apparent that it was working. Some women were already humping their bodies against the black cocks growing and became harder. The men still had them in their slacks. Some men that were standing around were now moving and sandwiched the females between them. With the short dresses the women wore they could fell the hands of the black men behind and in front of them rubbing and playing with their bodies.

The next few songs were all slow and soon the couples and the threesomes were grinding and pushing and pressing tightly against each other, similar to dry humping standing up. You could see that each black man was now very hard. Each man had a knee pushed up between the woman's legs, opening them for the other man to squeeze the pussy of these women from under their legs as they pumped and thrust against each other.

With the dresses all as short as they were, and with no panties on, the women were all having their pussy worked on by rubbing and pressing directly on the large lumps in the men's pants. It was a very hot picture as the cameras were filming the entire event from a great many different view points around the hall. Some women who were really going at it were zoomed in on now and their faces captured with close up shots of their erotic looks. Then the cameras would zoom back out slowly so there was no misunderstanding whom the women was and what she was doing with a man in front and back of them. Blackmail was easy with the drugs these women were taking.

So as they danced the man's body was pressing his cocks harder and harder into his female's pussy. In just about even case, there were wet satins appearing on the men's slacks now. This dry humping and body stimulation lasted for about an hour with each threesome dry fucking each other on the dance floor.

All the white women were all being dry humped from the front and back now by two black men. As they danced and the men were running their hands all over their bodies, the women now ere touching the men. Soon men were trading off their woman with another one and it just became a sea of hands, arms, fingers and legs as female bodies were having all sorts of sexual and dirty dancing done to them on the dance floor.

The men were laughing and having a grand time as they passed the women around like whores. The women were fed more and more drugs in anything they drank and they were always thirsty. The water and anything they ate had it seeded but they didn't seem to realize it or care. They didn't seem to understand exactly what was happening to them but they didn't try to stop any of it. They just continued to press their bodies against the men and let them have their way with them as they continued to dance.

The dancing and sexual stimulation continued for a time and became more and more sexual and erotic. All 20 men and the members of the band were now taking turn with a woman. As the recorded music took over for the band, the men kept dancing and enjoying the bodies of these women. They kept holding them and dry humping them and now even some were being finger fucked. They just seem to stand there with one man holding up the dress up around the woman's stomach while the other man was doing the fingering. It just seemed to happen. First it was one or two women with their lower body showing and a black man fingering them. Then it seemed to spread until every woman was having it done to them. The cameras captured all of it. Every woman was zoomed in on and her face and pussy was recorded. There was no denying who the woman was and what she was letting two black men do to her.

In some cased the men got over excited and began ripping their dress tops down to get to their breasts. Some of the women had their dresses ripped or split around the bottom. They were nude and showing off their white bodies with their sex hanging out and being played with by two sets of black hands.

None of the women had anything to say and none tried to stop the men from doing whatever they pleased with them. As more drinks were passed around and the women all drank them, tits were sucked, pussy were fingered and probed, asses were stimulated, hard black cocks were taken into small white hands and stroked.

As the night went on, it got even wilder. Some of the black cocks were now being sucked right on the dance floor by the white women who were having their dress lifted over their heads and dropped on the floor.

With in another half-hour, it became an almost a riot. The animalistic, and very savage sight was similar to that a Roman orgy environment. Only this was a black orgy and it looked out of control like a group of animals devouring their kill. Women were taken right on the dance floor, on and over the tables and over backs of chairs. Some women were fucked standing up while others were held helplessly on the floor, tables and fucked by more than one man. Some were bent over a chair and fucked from behind in the ass and pussy while others were made to sit on a cock while the man sat on a chair. Some were fucked while they sucked another cock with their mouths. It was a fuck feast now. Over the course of 3 more hours, every woman was raped by at least 3 black men before the evening ended, in some cases a woman could have had 6 or 7 men. There were no rules any man who wanted one of the women simply had to wait his turn or take another hole.

Well it was rape in the sense that the women were under the influence of the drugs. No women there protested or fought the advances and the intercourse by any man. They gave themselves freely and in fact willingly because of the jungle sex drugs fed to them the entire week by Jerome and his men. Each woman gave herself openly to any man who wanted her that evening. The pussy of every white woman there was filled to over flow by the black men's sperm.

Molly had been fucked at least 4 times and she too was inseminated with a black man's child. In fact it would be a 75 percent success rate for Jerome. Most of the 12 women were now impregnated with a black seed. Out of the twelve women that made the trip, nine were bred during this week! None realized or knew that they were now infused with a black man's child. They wouldn't find out until they missed their period and had a doctor check them. But by then it would be too late.

Lisa was fucked only twice by two different black men that evening. There were more that wanted her but she was saved for Jerome. His men made sure she would be OK. Right now, he was making sure the last day's events were planned completely with no mistakes. Jerome would have Lisa later all to himself. Finally the night ended and the women were taken back to their bedrooms.

Lisa was taken to a new room. It was much larger one than she had been staying in and had a bed twice as large as her king-size bed at home. Two black women were there and bathed her and prepared her. Lisa was thinking, "Thee are the first black women I have seen since I was brought to the hotel"

Then she realized that she had been of the twelfth floor now for the entire four days. She hadn't seen anything of New Orleans, just classrooms and bedrooms and black cocks. She was becoming more coherent and sobering up.

The black women finished cleaning Lisa and prepared her for her night with Jerome, then they left. One turned to the other and said, "She's a small one, just like Jerome likes. He's gonna rip her pussy wide open tonight with that big thick black cock of his."

The other woman said, " Unhuh. You know I'm getten tired of seeing these white women coming in here and haven the best of our men. It's a crime and I don't like it one bit. I know we gets paid a great deal of money when Jerome is here in the hotel and the tips are real good too. But, you know Silvia, the black women are going to get pissed off enough one day at their men chasing and cheating on them with these whities whores. Then we are gonna do something about all this mixed of races, and fucken of them whites."

The first lady said, "Well as long as I gets my $1,000 for the week Beverly I'm keepen my mouth shut tight and you'd be smart to do the same. That Jerome can be a nasty motherfucker when he wants.

The second lady said, "Well I know that! But I'm still upset with all this fucking of white pussy and the sucking of black cocks and we have to clean up after them. Ain't no black women want to do that! It's like we ain't good enough for them big black dick fuckers no more? One of these days someone is gonna find out about what Jerome is doing here and all hell is gona happen and then the authorities will put a stop to it."

The other lady just shook her head yes as they walked out the door of the hotel and caught the bus.

Meanwhile Lisa sat in the large bedroom. She had been prepared for her new companion for the evening. She had no idea who it was or what was going to happen. When the two black women had finished they told her to just put on the white robe and wait on the bed. She was not to wear any make up or put on any clothing. Then she was told to drink a bottle of whatever she wanted on the bar in the room or in the refrigerator. The two women left and she heard the door lock from the outside. She tried it and it was locked. She wondered what was going to happen.

She didn't drink the bottle drinks but instead went to the bathroom and drank the water from the sink and then filled her bottle. She was feeling better now and while her body was hurting, her head was clearing up. She was slowly removing the drugs enough from her system to begin to remember what had happened and she started crying.

Jerome was certain that Lisa had no idea of what was happening to her. As with all the women when they remembered they would be home and it would be too late. They would already be with their husbands and children and then they would remember being filmed as they were fucked and sucking and doing other sexual things over and over again by a group of different black men.

His drugs were like all the others. It was that way with an addiction even if it was an addiction to sex, black sex with the help of his "jungle juice" as he called it. First, the euphoria that swept over the women that first night making them feel wonderful to the end when they realized what they had done. It had also made the sex that followed even better than any sex they had ever had before. This would stick in their brains working on them and driving them to need it again. From that first day and evening and every day and evening thereafter these women were fucked almost continuously night and day. If they weren't actually having sex they were seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, tasting it and smelling it!

Yes, he had made sure all seven senses where effected as often as possible. The drug was only to enhance all of their stimulation. He knew the sex was good if not great for all of the women every night. Hell he had hired these men personally. And he only hired men with the largest cocks he could find. Each of them was an exception; each was larger than any average black male. And he hired 20 of them from the 1000s he had to pick from. He only needed 20 men to make it seem to these women that all black men were hung like bulls. The sex and the drug would be a habit that these women could not easily kick and the great sex they had would stay with most of them for years to come.

It was only a matter of time before Lisa and the women like her, seemingly perfect little white housewives and mother's world would come crashing down around them. They would find out in a month or so that they were pregnant and figure it was their husband's child. They would be happy and joyful.

Then they would have black babies, or at least a mixed child. Their husbands would see the child and most of them would run for the hills to get away from the dirty, disgusting, white woman they felt they knew all the years that they had been married. Those that stayed would eventually submit to their wives having black men to fuck them. They would have no choice it would just happen.

It would happen gradually in most cases. Once or twice a month at first would be all that was needed by these women to keep them sexually satisfied as well s their habit for the drug. Each time they did it with a black man he would work with Jerome. More drugs would be given to the women and the sex would seem to be out of this world. Soon the women would have to have sex more, maybe once a week now.

More drugs, more sex, and more orgasm would provide more satisfactions for the woman and eventually move her to want fuck only blacks. The husband would become the second man in their relationship and pitiful lives.

Eventually, the wife would decide she wanted a black man more than she wanted her own husband to fuck her. Sooner or later, she would be convinced by the black man to bring him home with her and fuck her in her husband's bed.

Them in most cases the black man would convince her to fuck him in front of her husband. She would do it and then tell her husband he wasn't as capable as her black lover. And, her black lover's big cock was far better than his little white dick. Even if the black cock wasn't as large as her husband's cock, it wouldn't matter; she would feel more satisfaction because of the drugs she would receive from her black lover before sex.

Her husband would see how wild his wife would get as she was fucked by this big black cocks. The wife would do things with her black lover she would never do with her husband. The husband would see and hear and finally submit more and more to both of them or he would have to leave.

As the number two males now the white man would soon know his place with the black man. He would train the husband using the wife. If the white man didn't do what the black man wanted, he would stop fucking the wife. That would get the wife to apply enough pressure and make her husband kneel to the black. And in some cases even give the black man sex by sucking his cock hard or letting his ass be fucked or the worst, eating the black man's cum out of his wife's pussy after she had been fucked.

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