tagGay MaleHard to Swallow

Hard to Swallow

byCal Y. Pygia©

"Do you swallow?"

I swallowed. The question had been unexpected, and I wasn't sure how to answer Brian's query. I mean, I had no intention of lying, but I did want to choose my words carefully.

He frowned. "Do you?"

"No," I replied.

He sighed. Deeply.

"But I would," I added hastily, "for the right guy."

He smiled. "Am I 'the right guy,' Kev?"

Blushing, I nodded. "Definitely."

For the last ten minutes, I'd watched Brian's fist pump the taut flesh of my penis up and down upon my swollen, rigid shaft until, finally, I'd come, spewing my warm, thick, white semen all over his hand and fingers and my own pubes and belly.

After he'd masturbated me to the point of ejaculation, he'd told me, it would be my turn to take care of him, and that meant fellatio, not a mere hand job.

I'd promised to suck his dick. No problem there, but, when I'd made that pledge, I hadn't thought about whether I'd swallow Brain's cum. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about him ejaculating in my mouth. I guess I'd figured he'd pull out and splash my face, the way most guys I'd sucked had done.

Now, I found, I was a little uncertain about taking his load in my mouth. I mean, it was one thing to kneel before him, to bow down to him, and to take his thick, hard cock into my mouth. I was used to doing that, although not for Brian. It would be an entirely different matter to let him shoot his in my mouth, over my tongue, and down my throat. To have millions and millions of his sperm swimming inside my face--well, that was a lot more than just smoking a dude's prick. Besides, swallowing semen isn't necessarily all that safe.

On the other hand, Brian was cute as hell, and I didn't want to piss him off. Like straight women, we gay guys are always looking for our prince Charming, too, and, as far as I was concerned, Brian was mine--unless I pissed him off by not swallowing his seed.

What would it be like, I wondered, to have him shoot his semen over my tongue, against the back of my throat, and along the insides of my cheeks? Would I feel the thick, warm fluid against my gums? Would it be terribly salty? How much would gush between my lips? Would I choke on his seed, trying to swallow several rapid-fire salvos? I doubted it. Brian has nice-size balls, but they weren't as big as a stallion's, after all--not quite, anyway.

I'd read that the average ejaculate is only enough to fill a teaspoon--or maybe it's a tablespoon. It didn't matter, really. A tablespoon would go down as easily as a teaspoon would, after all. Maybe there wasn't anything to be anxious about.

Feeling reassured, I knelt between Brian's parted thighs--they were massive with firm, well-toned muscle--and, bending forward at the waist, I took his thick, long, hard cock into my mouth, closing my lips in a tight circle about its swollen girth, and Brian moaned as his prick entered the warm-soft-wetness of my oral embrace.

I plunged my face down, down, down the staff of his mighty manhood, my forehead pushing into his lower belly--it was firm and tight, like the rest of him--and my chin pressed into his scrotum, pushing his balls apart inside their tight, risen pouch.

Brian moaned.

His prick, slick with my saliva, slid easily between my lips. There was no friction, and I rode his penis easily, the tight circle of my lips sliding up and down with fluid, easy motion. Drool, dribbling from the corner of my mouth and over my chin, dripped onto Brian's thigh. If he noticed, he gave no sign. He simply moaned again, caught up in the wonderful sensations that pulsed and flowed through his loins. "Damn," he said, his voice hoarse with lusty, "but you know how to suck cock, boy!"

Until we'd begun to have sex, Brian had called me "Kevin" or "Kev." Now that I had his cock in my mouth, he referred to me as his "boy." I guess it made him feel more manly. I didn't mind. Hell, if the truth were to be told, I rather liked him calling me "boy." There was no doubt that, physically, Brian was my superior. He was stronger, better coordinated, and had more stamina than me, and he moved like a puma. If he chose to, he could have whipped my ass any day of the week. Fortunately, he'd chosen another way to demonstrate his superiority to me: he lay back on the bed he'd shared with me, his thighs apart, while I nursed and licked and kissed his cock and balls, keeping him erect while I brought him closer and closer to a gooey climax.

Again, I lowered my head, more slowly this time, letting my rounded lips slide down, down, down his massive, rigid penis, until my forehead pushed insistently into his six-pack abs and my chin shoved resolutely into his balls. As I retreated, lifting my head to let his saliva-glistening cock slide free of my mouth, I also licked his penis with the tip of my tongue, pressing it against the column of his manhood.

Opening my mouth, I turned my head sideways, drawing my open lips down the side of his cock. Pausing, I rolled my head around his genitals, took one of his balls into my mouth, and held the egg-shaped testicle therein for a long moment, thereby displaying my submissiveness to my master before replacing this gonad with its mate. I breathed deeply, through my nose, delighting in the musky scent of his manliness.

We'd just met tonight, in a bar. He'd bought me a drink, dazzled me with his smile and good looks, and invited me back to his apartment after he'd shared the intelligence that he was a top. If I was a bottom, we were each just what the other needed, he'd said, and I, thinking I'd found my Prince Charming, I'd agreed.

I hadn't needed to know anything more about Brian than what I could tell by looking at him in his tight tee shirt, tight jeans, and black leather boots. He was all man, with a bull neck, broad shoulders, a barrel chest, six-pack abs, muscular thighs, a sculpted back, and buttocks as firm as they were compact. In other words, Brian was an alpha male. At first sight, he'd made my cock stiffen and my heart swell. I'd wanted--no, needed--to serve and service him, both because he was sexy and studly as hell and because of who--or what--I am: a wimp, a sissy, a bitch, a boy.

I took Brian's prick back into my mouth, pounding him with its watery, oral embrace as if it were a cunt, and my virile man finally lost it, spilling his thick white seed all over my tongue, It was warm and salty and thick--delicious!--and I swallowed and swallowed, drinking the nectar of his loins as quickly as it spurted forth, hungry for it, greedy for it, needy for it.

Laughing, Brian slapped my ass, hard, with his hand, and said, "You white boys sure know how to suck a black man's cock!"

I swallowed again, and then licked every last drop of his pearly semen from his dark-chocolate cock and his cocoa abs.

"I bet you white boys take it up the ass like a man, too, don't you?" he asked. "Or like a bitch."

I closed my lips about his softening cock. His prick tasted of cum.

"You want more of me already, boy?"

I let his prick slide free, kissing its tip. "Always," I confessed. "In fact, I want to get you hard again, right now, so you can shoot your sperm up my lily white ass."

Brian grinned. "Damn, bitch!"

I grinned, too, because I had no doubt that I could get his big black cock hard again in no time, in no time at all.

It's what we white boys do best.

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