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Hard to Write


"Honey, I just can't get into writing a Valentine's story."

"Why not?"

"Every one I start ends up being just a typical erotic tale, with a few gratuitous references to cinnamon hearts tossed in. I feel like if I post them, the fine folks at Lit will bitchslap me for arrogance. Or stupidity."

"What have you got so far?"

Mallory read the current draft over my shoulder. Having a wife willing to share my passion for erotica was great. Mallory was much younger than me, barely out of college. Her daddy fixation matched my desires perfectly. Her lush curvy body and long auburn hair complimented her sharp wit and mischievous behaviour. We shared a love of erotica, and it kept the spice in our love, but Mallory in real life was a one man woman. She began massaging my shoulders. Her breasts brushed my head.

"I have a plot idea about a woman whose boyfriend buys her chocolate for a present. She doesn't buy him a gift, so she melts it and pours warm chocolate over his cock and balls and licks it off."

"Very Gift of the Magi like."

"Except in that story, they end up with gifts neither can use- except their mutual love. In my idea, it turns into a gift for both of them. It ends with her sharing a mouthful of his chocolate laced cum with him, smearing the chocolate all over their faces."

"That's a good start. It's a very hot image. I can taste the chocolate as we speak."

"But it's so short. Not really a whole story."

"Well, have her climb onto his lap as they kiss. She must wear a short skirt. His cock gets stiff again, pressing up against her skirt. She wriggles, so the skirt slides up to her waist. His cock starts teasing her slit. Or would you rather it is her ass cleft?"

"Definitely different audiences there." Mallory now ran her nails along my biceps, her breast pressed around my ears.

"I see that the ideas are getting a rise out of you."

"Thinking about his hard cock trying to pierce her labia. Of course, she'd be very damp, but worried about contamination from stray bits of chocolate."

"If you want group sex, you could have her room mate enter at that moment, to inspect for cleanliness."

"Or the incest version would be...."

"...his sister –in-law?"

"Mallory! I never knew you thought of your sisters that way. Which would you have in mind?" My wife was one of four girls – no brothers. Her older sister, Bridget, was our maid of honour. Known as "B", she was a strong athletic woman, with a full figure, and round hips, but it all looked like muscles, not fat. There had been lots of banter at the drunken reception about three ways. Although Mallory had kept insisting she was a one man woman, B kept teasing that "so, what does that mean about an MFF?"

Mallory had replied. "I never was good at sharing, unlike the twins." The other Good girls- that was Mallory's maiden name- were Krista and Claire, barely in their twenties now.

At the time of the wedding they were eighteen. Rumour had it that these tall slim beauties with blonde hair down to their waists liked to play 'secret swap' on their dates. I had asked Mallory whether it was true that the only way to tell them apart was Krista had a butterfly tattooed on her left inner thigh, where Claire had a rose on her right thigh. Her reply had been a brisk, but playful slap and the usual reminder about her "not being the sort to share everything."

So, Mallory now suggesting a sister-in-law incest Valentine story was astounding. "Which sister?" I repeated.

There was long pause, as Mallory's hands worked my muscles. My cock started growing. Was it the thoughts of the sexual intrigue, or the soft touch? Both, probably. Finally, Mallory whispered in my ear, "Well, if it was the twins, they'd want to share. So, B would have to do, at least if you don't want to get worn out. But it's never going to happen."

"It's your plot, go on."

"That's easy. B is very oral, and extremely uninhibited. Do you know she blew the best man at our wedding reception, even though she brought a date?"

"Donnie never told me that. Lucky guy!"

"So you'd like the idea of my sister licking stray streaks of chocolate off your cock?"

"I thought the inspection would be more of your cunt. That's where the contamination risk is. It was the thought of B's tongue opening your pussy like a rose, laving each fold like a petal, which has me stiff."

"Since it's Valentine's, I would wear that cinnamon body spray you like so much."

"I know you say it's never going to happen, but my cock doesn't care."

"Was it hoping for a version with the twins?"

"I think it wanted a Valentine's hot tub party. Four lovely naked Good sisters, all radiating cinnamon scents as the heat rises off the water. As they breathe, their chests rise, almost in a musical rhythm. Occasionally, they inhale deeply and a chest rises above the top of the water, red nipples responding to the frigid air, becoming hard little pebbles. My cock thinks that they would be just like cinnamon hearts. And just as tasty."

I noticed Mallory was no longer rubbing my body. She seemed to have backed away. I twisted my head around just in time to see her sweater going over her head. Although her lovely face and lush hair was hidden, her supple breasts were displayed neatly in a sheer purple uplift bra. The button at the top of her low slung jeans was also undone. One hand was caressing the valley between her tits; the other was languidly rubbing her belly. I knew the far away look in her eyes as 'lost in passion'.

"Tell me more about how B would lick my pussy while you watch."

" I'd prefer if you tell me how it would feel. Make it more realistic."

"None of this is realistic. No girl has ever licked my pussy. None ever will, especially not my sister B."

" But the thought turns you on. You'd like her kissing your cunt...say it..."

"Cunt? I'll say 'cunt', but not that B should lick it, Not for all the valentine's chocolate in the world."

"Then how would she clean it?"

"Hmmm...you have a point there- for the purposes of your story at least. I suppose she could douche me, and swallow the liquid as it gushes out of my pussy lips. Is that kinky enough?"

"Oh, you are perverse- willing to consider watersports, but not actual genital contact lesbianism. But isn't Valentine's day about sharing love? And isn't that about kissing? What could be better then than two sets of lips, kissing your two sets of lips?"

My cock was now fully engorged, sticking out like a flagpole. I pushed my sweat pants down, allowing it to burst free. Mallory had popped her right breast out of the bra and was vigourously twisting the nipple. Her left hand was teasing herself inside her loose pants, just scratching the top of her cunt, not allowing contact with her clit. Her eyes were locked on mine, except occasionally they drifted down to stare at the precum oozing out of my slit.

"Well, I guess you're right – the MFF fantasy was my addition to the story. It will never happen in real life, but let me describe how I think it might feel. I think it would be a lot like a guy's tongue, only smaller and maybe less rough. I know B has excellent oral hygiene. Her tongue is pink. Sorry, in the story, it should be a blood red for Valentine's Day, but it's quite pink. Say, don't you love how it flicks out the corner of her mouth when she gets excited. Not like me- I just tend to stick mine right out over my lower lip. I wonder if that means B likes to roll her tongue around when she gives head."

"If she gives head a lot, like you say, I bet that's a technique she's learned. Most guys love having their shaft laved, tongue bathed in slow twisting motion up the full length while the gal fondles their balls and pumps the root. Then, a real virtuoso rolls the tip of her tongue in the peeslit. Some guys might be too sensitive to really like that though."

"Women like a twisting action on their clit too."

"Is B experienced with women?"

"I bet you'd like me to phone her and ask."

My cock bobbed enthusiastically but Mallory just laughed. "Let's remember this is just fantasy. In reality, I might let you watch me fuck a chocolate cock, but you're the only one who will ever lick me clean."

"I never start with the twisty action though. I bet B wouldn't either."

"I'm sure she would start slowly, even hesitating a bit. Being a slut is one thing. Licking your kid sister's pu...cunt...is another. She might be excited though by watching. I know she'd be excited by the sight of your stiff cock. I would need to lick the drop of precum off you before she grabbed you. Maybe then you wouldn't want to kiss me."

Mallory was teasing. She knew I had no fear of the taste of my cum on her lips. I stepped it up a notch. "But what if I wanted to kiss B, to taste your chocolate and cinnamon flavoured cum off HER lips?"

"Since this is just fantasy, you'll never know. But since this is fantasy, in the story, I'd let you. Then I think she and I would take turns riding your cock."

"Finish telling me about her licking your cunt."

"She hadn't started yet. She was still looking for streaks of chocolate. The fake cock melted a lot as I fucked it. I was a mess, so she didn't need to look hard. She flipped her long blond hair like she does when she's about to go to it, and just dove into the gaping pussy. I would be wide open from the self fucking show. Cum and chocolate would be streaming down my thighs. I guess she would start there. But quickly she would start long strokes of her flattened tongue inside my cunt walls, taking off the largest streaks. If you didn't start kissing me, she'd slide up my body and share the taste with me. Our rock hard nipples would rub together. Her cunt, crowned by wisps of fine blond hair, mashing into mine....."

Mallory was lost in her story, eyes closed, hand buried deep in her own cunt.

"I would push her down gently, breaking the kiss. I think that's when you'd move over to kiss me- tasting her on my lips. B might explore my tits a while."

"No doubt. You have such naturally firm tits; she'd be fascinated by how the nipples stick straight up when you're erect."

"I hear her saying 'the body spray makes them taste just like cinnamon hearts but they don't melt in my mouth'." Mallory laughed another of her deep almost manly gut rollers. This one was followed by a slight moan as her fingers worked their magic.

"I would let her graze a while, I guess, but I'd want her back to cleaning before it dried."

"Not much chance. You'd keep gushing."

"True. Still, B may not be task oriented in life, but she is in sex. In college, I dated one of her ex boyfriends. He told me she really was focused during the act. Of course, he was talking about cocksucking. He said that once she started, earthquakes wouldn't distract her."

"You fucked B's ex? You are a little slut."

"I was going to give him head. But the moment he compared me to her, I stopped. The funny thing is, he ended up being shared by the twins a year later. Except they were out to use him. It was cruel. I think they saw it as revenge for him cheating on B. As if she was faithful. He was a victim twice over. They played the switch game, and then they tied him down and forced him to watch them make out together. They told me the poor guy was straining, his cock sticking straight out, for twenty minutes. Luckily for him, they ended up hungry for cock, so they let him fuck them, alternating each ten strokes. They didn't want just one pussy cream filled though, so they made him pull out and spray goo all over them, then lick their cumcoated nipples till they came again."

"You mean the twins are bi?"

"Why, does that help inspire your hot tub tale? I think they only do each other. Perhaps they've played with B as well. I suspect she's the one who taught the twins how to play."

"Did she teach you too?"

"You like thinking of me and B together?"

"Tell me more about how it would feel when she licks the chocolate out of your cunt. Now that I sorta know that you have experience, I want to hear it all."

"Honey, B has never licked chocolate out of my cunt. I will tell you that much."

Despite the protestations, my cock was filled almost to bursting. Mallory's breathing was shallow. Her fingers were buried to the hilt inside her cunt, feverishly massaging not just her clit but her walls as well. I focused my eyes on her swollen nipples, thinking of how they would indeed taste just like the cinnamon hearts which had always been my favourite valentine's treat. Until I met Mallory, anyway. Now she was my favourite treat all year, and especially around February 14.

"I imagine it would be warm on her tongue, but her tongue would also be warm where it touched me. Softer than yours, as I said. She would enjoy sticking her tongue deep inside my softness, exploring my wetness. The wet I got the easier to lick up the chocolate. But I'm getting ahead of the story. I think B would get a couple of ribbons – red of course- and tie me to bed , in giant bows, so I couldn't interrupt her enjoyment of pleasing me."

"What about me?"

"Oh, you she'd tie you to your chair for sure. We've talked about you enough that she knows how aggressive you are sexually. There's only room for one domme when B plays."

"It sounds like you know from experience."

"Stop guessing. I told you, we talk."

"Go on...you're tied to the bed, B is stabbing your clit, deep inside your cunt with her tongue...."

"She'd just tease the clit until it stood up like a candy. Then she'd flick across the top with fast strokes. After a dozen of those, or so, she'd explore the depths of my cunt more, searching for the remains of the chocolate cock, trying to reach inside to my cervix. Since her tongue can't reach there, she'd lick me until I 'm flowing, sending a gush of cum and chocolate into the well of my cunt, where she could slurp it up like a sundae."

My cock started leaking, balls tight to my belly. Mallory was breathing deeply, her cheeks flushed, the vale of her tits a red suitable for the valentine theme.

"To enhance my orgasm, B would grab my clit in her fingertips and give it a little flick. I imagine her saying 'any chocolate hiding under there, baby sister?'."

"Would you want to return the favour?" I asked.

"I think B would prefer to leave me there, recovering, but wanting more. Remember, as she eats me, I'm staring at your hard cock, seeing how turned on you are by watching. Just like now."

Mallory fell to her knees at my feet and caressed my sensitive knob. I groaned. She continued her fantasy. " I bet B would climb right on top of your rigid cock, sinking it deep inside her in one motion. At first, she'd face you, rubbing her cherry red nipples across your chest, kissing you, sharing my cum, her cinnamon breath and chocolate with you. But then, she'd twist around, without slipping of your erection. She would bounce up and down, staring at me as if to say, 'I'm fucking your husband, sis, and you can't stop me,'"

I got into the spirit of her story. "I hope she'd at least release my hands, so that after she turns, I can tweak her nipples."

Mallory blew warm breath into my slit. The sensation tingled all the way up my spine. "Then she'd also have to release at least one of my hands, so I could relieve my frustration as I watch your cock swell in her womb, your sperm pumping out, bathing both your thighs."

"Oh, I hope you'd lick us clean."

"You for sure. B, hmmm. I don't know." Mallory licked around the base of my helmet, tasting the precum. "Maybe if you tell me about your hot tub fantasy."

She bobbed her head, deep throating me. I felt the cum ready to surge out of my shaft.

"Can we, uh, save that, maybe, uh, for Earth Day?" I asked. "I need to cum now. I mean right now."

Mallory grasped the bottom my shaft, denying me orgasm. She rose and twisted around, mounting me facing away. Her hand still acted as a cock ring while she turned her head to give me a cinnamon flavoured kiss. Mallory sank fully onto my cock, releasing her grip. On the first heartbeat, my cum flooded forth, gushing into her wet cunt, flowing out, coating our thighs. I continued to twirl her nipples, nibbling her ear. Mallory bounced up and down, sinking my still erect shat to the hilt, then releasing it. On some strokes, she paused with me buried deeply, the walls of her cunt flexing, squeezing me like ripe fruit. This kept me hard, and even extracted a few extra squirts of cum. This continued for quite a while, Mallory sinking against my chest, moaning loudly, her hands joining mine in massaging her tits. I pushed her hair aside and nibbled her earlobe.

"Happy Valentine's Day. Here's the ending for your story. Like I said, fantasy is fine but your cock is mine." She sank back into me, her own orgasm coming in waves as she continued riding my cock, milking me.

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