tagIncest/TabooHardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 02

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 02



With my asshole still wet from the intense double rimming, dad and I put mom on her hands and knees and she resumed sucking my cock and licking my balls while dad crouched down behind her and began licking her ass and pussy. Then I watched fascinated as my father fucked my mother, mom gasping as she took cock deep into her cunt while she continued sucking me, the glorious grunting and groaning of three horny consenting adults having sex filling the room and greatly adding to the enjoyment of the proceedings.

"This is what's called a spit roasting, Matt," dad had explained, his face drenched with sweat, "where your mom takes one cock in her cunt and another in her mouth at the same time. Tom and I do this with her a lot."

The look on mom's face was one of pure unadulterated pleasure as dad poked her as hard as he could and long enough to give her an immensely satisfying orgasm. Her loud cries echoed all around my bedroom as she came with a flourish. Seconds later, dad groaned as he unleashed a thick quantity of his pearly spunk deep into mom's cunt.

The hot threesome that mom, dad and I enjoyed that afternoon sent me onto another planet, so much so that I knew I wouldn't be able to contain my own orgasm for much longer. I pulled my cock out of mom's mouth and began masturbating, wondering how long I would be able to contain myself before shooting my load. I didn't have to ponder too long as my legs began buckling under me and my eyes closed in concentration as the familiar delicious feeling in my cock welled up that signalled I was about to explode.

My parents sat back to watch as I continued wanking my cock with an increased sense of urgency, my breathing becoming erratic as sweat started to erupt over my naked body. "That looks fantastic, sweetheart," mom said, her eyes fixed on my pulsating rod, "how do you feel having a wank knowing your mom and dad are watching?"

"Brilliant, mom," I replied, "just fucking brilliant."

In fact I was wondering why I had felt not embarrassed but a bit strange, shall I say, wanking in front of them at first when now I couldn't get enough of showing mom and dad my masturbatory prowess.

"It was great standing naked with a hard-on in front of you, mom and dad," I continued, pumping my cock hard as they knelt in front of me to get a bird's eye view, "but even better you seeing me wank it. I've waited so long for this day and I'm so pleased I'm old enough now to become a member of the family sex club."

"We're pleased, too," replied mom. "It's great to know you've inherited a nice strong sex drive."

"Certainly have, mom," I said. "This is what life is all about."

"Of course," said dad, "you realise that society says families like us shouldn't exist so we have to keep this a very closely guarded secret. Odd but there it is."

"I ain't gonna tell anyone, dad," I said, "apart from Tom and Karen and Ben when he's old enough. Anyway," I continued as an afterthought, "what have our sex lives got to do with anybody else?"

"Precisely," said mom with added emphasis. "And now, sweetheart, when you're ready," she continued, "I want to feel your nice hot spunk on my face."

"You going to cum, son?" asked dad, sensing that my explosion was on its way and positioning himself with his camera to get the best possible picture of my cumshot.

"Almost there," I said, my breathing coming in short sharp rapid gasps and my heart pounding as my hand flew up and down the shaft of my cock.

"Wasn't that a song?" dad suddenly asked which threw me aback somewhat. I mean, of all the times to go and start asking about pop songs!

"Yes, by Andy Williams," giggled mom in response to dad's question. "It was released the year I was born. But I don't think he was singing of a son about to give his mother his spunk."

Dad mentioning old songs from what he considered to be the golden era of pop music, even though he was only a kid at the time, rather put me off my stroke, no pun intended, but mom mentioning about a son giving his mother his spunk soon got me going again.

"Are you sure you want me to cum over your face, mom?" I asked, having never ejaculated over anyone before, let alone my own mother.

"Of course I do," mom replied without hesitation, "I want to feel and taste every drop."

Dad crouched down next to mom as my excitement mounted with me standing above them as I wanked my cock for all I was worth. Masturbating in front of my parents was much more fun than on my own and I soon felt my balls contract and knew that one of my colossal orgasms was on its way, the only difference this time being that I would reach the zenith of my exertions with mom and dad kneeling expectantly in front of me. As they had said earlier, solo wanks were now things of the past although sometimes alone in bed at night I do still masturbate by myself before falling asleep.

Now, though, I had mom and dad's full attention as I reached bursting point. Mom, like dad, sensed that my explosion was imminent and held her head up with her mouth open to receive my spunk.

"Give it to me, sweetheart," mom said, "give me your nice hot spunk."

And less than ten seconds later that is exactly what I did as I came my load, sending a long thick ribbon of boiling incestuous cum over my mother's pretty face, bathing it in spunk. The first blast landed on her cheeks and the second on her nose before dribbling down to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked the drips as, with a final enormous effort, I shot one more spurt directly into her mouth.

"Aaaagh!" grunted mom as she swallowed hungrily, "this is absolutely wonderful."

"Brilliant, son," said dad, snapping away nineteen to the dozen with his camera, "the way that last spurt hit its target was bang on."

Even though I had been looking forward to this moment for weeks, I could hardly believe that my own parents were observing the occasion as my cock discharged the thick flakes of spunk; surely not many sons, my brothers excepted, get to enjoy such a wonderful experience as this, being happily allowed by their own mother to cum in her mouth while their father watches?

I could only mumble my thanks in return as I tried valiantly to get my breath back. I had expected it to be one of the most thrilling moments of my life, my first full-on sexual experience with mom and dad, but all my thoughts and expectations had simply not prepared me for just how mind-blowingly fantastic it was as I'd lusted on towards what was to prove to be one of the most colossal orgasms of my embryo sex life so far ...


Mom was in her element savoring the taste of my spunk as a million stars began to dance in front of my eyes. For a few minutes, it was like there was nobody else in the world save for my horny parents and their equally horny son, the three of us completely lost in the enjoyment of our forbidden lust.

"That's it, son," my father said, seeming like he was pushing the shutter on the camera non-stop, "shoot it all in your mom's mouth. She loves swallowing spunk."

"Oh yes, sweetheart," mom cried ecstatically, swallowing hungrily, "what a lot of lovely cum. It tastes delicious."

"I'm really proud of you, Matt," dad said, "you're a right chip off the old block. Only real sluts qualify for membership of our sex club and you fit the bill admirably."

"Yes," rejoined mom, managing to speak in spite of her mouth being full of my sperm with some of it trickling out the corners of her mouth, "and you should be proud too that you are able to produce such an above average amount of spunk. A porn actor would eat his heart out to cum so much."

I was overjoyed, after all every son in the world wants his parents to be proud of him for some reason or another, be it watching them on the football field, doing well in their job, etc. In our case, however, the name of the game was and is sex and I in turn felt proud knowing mom and dad were proud and thought me good enough to be labelled a slut. And, oh boy, I thought all the wanks I'd had on my own were enjoyable but they just didn't compare with having an orgasm after being sucked and rimmed by someone else. The fact that that someone else was my own mother, sticking two fingers up at the taboo, only added to the thrill.

I came so hard and fast that dad almost missed capturing the moment with his camera. I was completely overwhelmed as I looked down at mom eating the last reams of my cum and only wished that I could have held on for a bit longer.

"I'm sorry, mom," I remember saying as she swallowed every drop, "I didn't mean to cum so soon but I couldn't help it. You turned me on so much," I had added, overlooking the fact that mom and dad had both cum even quicker than I had.

"Ssssh, sweetheart," mom had replied, soothingly, lapping up the thick gobs of ny sex juice, "there's no need to apologise, it doesn't matter as long as you give me plenty of spunk to drink. I'm glad I turn you on so much. You'll learn in time not to cum quite so quickly."

And so it was that my first experience of incest was not at one of our full family parties which are now so familiar to me but a hot and horny threesome with my parents. Although I had always been confident with nudity - it would be hard not to be considering mine and my siblings' upbringing - I was discovering and enjoying the fact there was a much more intimate form of nakedness within the confines of my family. I thoroughly enjoyed my first time having sex with my parents as I know they likewise thoroughly enjoyed having sex with me ...


Our enthusiasm was such that, later that afternoon, I had a lot more blowjobs and rimmings only this time from my father; it had never occurred to me before that dad might be interested in sucking cock and licking ass since Tom had never mentioned it and I was pleased to discover that dad was - and is - every bit as good at it as mom.

"Fucking hell, mom," I almost shouted as my cock kept pumping in and out of dad's mouth, "Tom told me you were a great cock sucker but he didn't mention that dad was just as great at it too.

"Life is full of surprises," murmured mom, grinning up at me since she hadn't been able to resist crouching down next to dad to lick my balls while dad went on sucking my cock.

So there I was, a horny adult son with my cock deep in my father's mouth and my balls stuffed in my mother's as my parents alternated between giving me blowjobs. It felt great standing there with both mom and dad on their knees in front of me, while I paraded my swollen cock and cum-filled balls in front of their faces before turning to again show them my ass.

When it came to dad licking my ass, though, instead of getting me kneeling on the bed and crouching down behind me as mom had done, he lay on the floor and got me to straddle my legs either side of him, letting him see up between them. Then dad asked me to lower my asshole onto his face until I was sitting directly on it as my hole collided with his tongue. I gasped as we made contact, feeling even more happily decadent than when mom rimmed me, holding my cock with one hand while putting the other down on the floor for extra balance. Mom was paralytic with joy as she watched my ass bouncing up and down on dad's face with his tongue darting in and out of my asshole every few seconds.

"Fucking hell, dad!" I cried out loud, "this is brilliant. Thank you, both of you, for making my eighteenth birthday so memorable."

I don't think that, in all my life up to that moment, I had ever spoken a truer word. Those first incestuous blowjobs and ass lickings with mom and dad were everything I had expected and more, the sensations that coursed through my prick so pleasurable that I have never forgotten them. It was a huge turn on having my asshole licked by dad while mom fingered her fanny as she watched and again, in spite of mom assuring me that I would learn not to cum so fast, it didn't take me long before I was ready to shoot another thick load.

But I didn't want to cum with it trickling down my hand, after all I had done that on my own enough times. Having given mom a good helping of spunk earlier, I wanted to treat dad to the same.

It was with some difficulty that I lifted myself off his face and moved to stand in front of him while dad rolled over and crouched on his knees before me, smiling in anticipation of me shooting over his face and chest.

"Shit!" I had cried as I wanked harder than I had ever done before, my legs buckling as again the amazing sensations began to wrack my prick as I prepared to shoot, "I'm gonna cum," and with that I immediately let fly as mom crouched down to get a good view of my thick sex juice raining down on dad.

"Oh yeah, dad," I remember breathing huskily as spurt after spurt erupted like a volcano through the piss slit in the head of my pulsating pink knobhead and arched through the stratosphere as I achieved a second sensational orgasm less than an hour after the first. "this is the best day of my life."

"Oooh!" mom had cried as she watched me erupting over dad, "so much, sweetheart, just like last time. Where do you get it all from? You are so good at this."

"This is fucking fantastic," dad had said as he looked down at his cum-smeared chest. "I just love the fact my own son is covering me in his cum, it's so lovely and warm. You have all the makings of a first class cum slut, son, and it'll sure be a real pleasure to have you at the parties."

"Thanks, dad," I had replied, as I held my now sated cock in my hand, my foreskin closing over the head and enjoying the fact I had satisfied my parents enough to be labelled a cum slut as yet another feeling of pride completely enveloped all my thoughts as mom and I feasted our eyes on dad's face and chest covered in my congealing cum. "I really enjoyed cumming over you and in mom's mouth earlier."

I fell down on the bed to get my breath back as mom climbed over me and took my prick into her mouth, cleaning it with her tongue. That in itself was just as exciting and I felt as if I wanted to go on and on having orgasms with mom and dad all afternoon, evening and into the next day, too, which now I come to think of it, is exactly what happened. I just didn't want this newfound pleasure to end and I voiced this opinion to my parents as we all started to come down from our respective orgasms.

"It won't be the last time you cum in front of us, sweetheart," mom had said, after she had sucked my last few remaining reams of spunk and likewise consumed by joy and pride, "in fact, I know Tom and Karen have been dying for you to join us so I have a sneaking suspicion you won't have to wait long. And then you can shoot your hot spunk all over my tits."

"I'd love to cover your tits with my spunk, mom," I had replied. Since I usually managed to wank three or four times a day during my solo sessions, I knew it wouldn't be too long before I made mine and mom's dream come true.

"Tom and Karen will be home soon," mom had said, "so you will all be able to cum on me together."

"And then I'd like to fuck you, mom," I said, hoping this was not one suggestion too far.

As we moved from my bedroom into the lounge, dad winked at me and I sensed he was telling me that mom would be only too pleased for me to fuck her but later on when Tom and Karen were home. In the meantime, mom started sucking my cock again until I surprised myself, forty-five minutes or so later, by cumming for the third time that afternoon, as did dad, and we were still engaged in carnal activity when Tom did indeed arrive a few minutes later.

The rain was still coming down in torrents, it had been like that non-stop for hours and the combination of the noise of the rain and our sex moans drowned out the sound of Tom's arrival. We were enjoying ourselves so much that the first we knew Tom was there was when we heard him clapping as dad and I shot our copious loads of cum over mom ...


We turned to see Tom standing in the doorway leading from the hall to the lounge, cursing that he had forgotten his umbrella and looking wetter than Gene Kelly ever was. Nevertheless, he was smiling as he watched his father and brother shooting over his mother's face and tits, the enormous bulge in his pants only too apparent.

"What a great show to come home to after a long boring day at the office," my older brother had said, smiling as he unzipped his pants and took out his erect prick, stroking it with his hand. "Happy birthday, Matt, its great that you are now old enough to join us. You certainly seem to have satisfied mom with lots of hot cum," Tom had continued as he surveyed the latest amounts of fresh sperm on our mother's face.

"Thanks, Tom," I had replied, "but I do feel sorry for Ben. Can't he join us,dad?"

"Certainly not," dad had said in a tone that implied he wanted to hear no more on the subject.

"His turn will arrive eventually," mom had assured me, more gently, warning me with her eyes that no more should be said on the subject. "Just as yours has now," she had added as she and dad looked across at Tom, smiling as they watched their eldest son wanking his enormous cock through his rain sodden pants.

"Why don't you get out of those wet things, Tom?" suggested mom, "and then bring that lovely prick of yours over here and join us"

"Too right, mom," Tom had replied, letting go of his cock as he quickly stripped to join us, "its great to come home to a house full of sex."

Once he had removed his clothes, Tom's cock looked even harder now that it was freed from the constraints of his pants, leading the way as he walked naked across to his equally naked relatives. Dad and I were matching each other in the enthusiasm stakes and even though we had each blown another load only a few moments earlier, we both had no difficulty getting back to full erections again as Tom took up position next to us so that mom was surrounded by three hard pricks.

"Wow, Matt," said dad, looking down at my prick, "it didn't take you long to get going again. Nor me, for that matter."

"Gee, dad," I replied, glancing at my father's cock and then my brother's as I secretly compared their sizes with mine, "I'm just so fucking horny, thanks to you and mom."

Mom, on her knees in front of us, was licking her lips as her husband and sons held themselves erect in front of her face.

"Oh goodness, look at this," she cried, "are these nice big cocks all for me?"

"Sure fucking are," Tom replied who was eager for a slice of the action. "Suck my hard cock, mom."

Mom pulled Tom to her by his bare ass cheeks and started to suck him off while dad reached out a hand to stroke his eldest son's firm naked bubble butt. A smile mixed with pride and pleasure radiated dad's face as he stood next to his two naked sons, gazing at our penises that were both unashamedly and rigidly on the horn.

"Suck Tom's cock hard, honey," dad said to mom, "he must be needing it after being stuck in a crummy office all day."

"That's right, dad," Tom replied, as mom stuffed her mouth full of his cock, "knowing Matt would be joining us tonight, I almost stopped for a wank in the bog at work this afternoon, I was so fucking horny."

"I'm glad you resisted the temptation," mom said, momentarily letting Tom's cock fall out of her mouth and looking up at him, "means more spunk for me."

Tom grinned down at mom. "I've plenty of spunk for you, mom," he said, "and if you want it," he continued, "you'd better quit talking and get sucking."

Mom was hardly sex starved but after she had once again enclosed her mouth around Tom's prick, she started to suck her eldest son like a thing possessed. I stood back next to dad and masturbated while mom went crazy for cock as dad started to finger Tom's ass crack. Having masturbated so many times on my own in the past, it now felt great to be able to freely do so in front of my family and I was looking forward to Karen joining us when she got home and watching me wank, amongst other things, too ...

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