tagIncest/TabooHardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 05

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 05



On several other occasions, I have enjoyed threesomes with Tom and Karen when our parents were out and others with mom and Karen which were nice since I was the only guy. Any man who has done a threesome with two women will tell you that it feels great to be the only bloke, knowing it is your cock the females are after with no competition from other men and that is just as true in an incest situation like the one my family and I enjoy.

Almost needless to say, my family and I all have very strong sex drives, we love sex and have it off together as often as we can. While my siblings and I lived at home, we would have sex in some form or other every single day but the threesomes came to an end when Tom, Karen and I left home to pursue our lives in Winchester though mom and dad still do threesomes with Ben now that he is eighteen. But he will almost certainly discover that he has to leave home when he finishes college, too.

All that I've described before is now in the past, however, so let's fast forward to the present which is where we began. As I have intimated, Tom, Karen and I still make the journey back home several times a year to enjoy with mom and dad what a family like ours does best, i.e. lots of hot sex of the taboo forbidden kind. We are a happy, loving family of hardcore fuck sluts with absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever.

The hot summer sunshine is casting dappled shadows across the patio and garden and on our unashamedly naked bodies and the even hotter action. Having removed our clothes immediately on our arrival, my siblings and I are all naked, as is our father, as another of our suck and fuck family gangbangs commences. Mom, though, is still in the house, probably getting some refreshments ready.

Karen is laid back on the sun lounge with her legs in the air and spread as wide as is humanly possible to allow dad maximum access to her pussy. His enormous cock hangs down between his legs, begging to be sucked as he thoroughly enjoys himself busily licking his daughter's cunt. Little whimpering sounds emanate from Karen as dad continues running his experienced tongue up and down the groove between our sister's silky soft cunt lips.

The radiant smile on Karen's made-up face under her stylish blonde hair bears witness to the fact that, as always, she is thoroughly enjoying having her pussy licked and salivated on by her own father. My brothers and I are growing hornier by the second, masturbating as if our lives depend on it as we watch our father and sister getting it on together, our foreskins peeled right back and our knobheads glistening with beads of pre-cum.

"Oh, its beautiful," dad says, suddenly coming up for air. "I love licking your cunt, darling."

"I love you licking it too, dad," Karen says, as our father returns his face to her hairy muff and she eyes up mine and Tom and Ben's pricks over dad's prostrate body. "Don't you guys go shooting your loads just yet," Karen continues commandingly as dad resumes the cunt licking, pressing his fatherly tongue ever deeper into the depths of Karen's pusst. "Give mom and I a chance to suck on them first."

Bang on cue at that very moment, our mother Lorna appears on the patio, looking lovelier than ever as the sunshine highlights her naturally blonde hair and slim figure and smiling radiantly while carrying a tray on which she has arranged, in a neat little pattern, six glasses of ice-cold orange juice.

"Hello everyone!" she exclaims in her sexy husky voice as Karen's whimpering turns into low guttural moans. "Wow! Is this a private party or can anyone join in?"

Tom, Ben and I glance over our shoulders and smile at mom as she places the tray of drinks on the patio table and smiles happily in return as her eyes focus unwaveringly on all the naked flesh of her horny nude family, feasting them on her three sons' bare asses of which, from where Tom, Ben and I are standing, she has a perfect unobstructed view. My cock lurches in my hand and my mouth drools with saliva as mom starts to walk towards us, un-self-consciously naked like the rest of us, of course, her luscious legs, voluptuous tits and awesome cunt exposed for all to see. The blonde hair on her head is an exact match to that of the very full pubic bush of her cunt.

As always at the sight of my lovely undressed mother, I feel an overwhelming love for her and I can hardly wait to demonstrate that love by giving her a good hard fucking and all with her full approval. I am certain that Tom and Ben feel exactly the same, judging by the similar looks they are giving mom and the increased pace with which they are caressing their cocks.

"Hi mom," we all chorus. "Glad you can join us."

"Just you try and stop me," mom replies laughingly, her bright button eyes twinkling and licking her lips as she gazes unflinchingly at our asses. As I have mentioned earlier, mom has a real fetish for her sons' buttocks.

"Sorry we started without you, mom," I say, reaching out to fondle her tits with my hands and squeezing her nipples before licking them as she arrives alongside us, "but we were all so horny, we couldn't control ourselves."

"That's OK, sweetheart," mom replies, turning to let Tom and Ben have a turn at touching up and licking her tits, "its nice to see you all enjoying yourselves."

"We sure are, mom," I say, "its always great watching dad lick Karen's cunt."

"Where was you, anyway?" asks dad, managing to contain himself long enough to drag himself away from eating his daughter's pussy. His face is smeared with a large supply of Karen's cunt juice.

"In the shower," replies mom, her tits still being worked over by Tom's tongue, "and then I spent ages looking for this," she continues, holding up dad's digital camera before placing it on the table alongside the tray of drinks.

"Well done, honey," says dad. "There's enough hot action going on out here to fill a whole new family album."

As dad returns his attention to his daughter's pussy, mom doesn't waste any more time getting deeply involved in the action. She kisses each one of her sons in turn, kisses that go well beyond the bounds of mother and son propriety as we taste our tongues, her big tits pressed into our chests and our cocks hard up against her midriff, tickling her blonde pubic hair. Then she crouches down behind my brothers and I as we offer our asses to her for another one ofher intense inspections.

Mom, as always, is besotted by the firm curved arcs of her sons' naked ass cheeks and the long narrow clefts of our cracks, making sure she gets up really close to enjoy totally unobstructed views of all three, not that she hasn't seen them many times before. Mom just cannot resist our smooth young hairless butts, they excite her just as much as our hard pulsating cocks and our cum-filled balls and Tom, Ben and I are, of course, only too delighted to let her play with them ...


"What a lucky woman I am," mom says, breathing heavily, "to have not one, not two but three handsome and sexy young sons with nice big cocks and lovely tight beautifully round asses for me to suck and play with."

"We like you sucking our cocks and playing with our asses, too, mom," says Tom, taking it upon himself, as the eldest brother, to speak for Ben and I.

"Your asses are all superb," says mom, "I'm really proud that I gave birth to three gorgeous sexy men with such wonderful bottoms. And you've all got lovely delicious pricks too, of course," she adds, almost as an afterthought.

"I'm really pleased you like our asses as much as our pricks, mom," I say, having lost count of the numbers of times mom has told Tom, Ben and I how much she appreciates our hind quarters as much as our cocks but it is always nice to hear her say so again. "It's a real turn-on having you ogle them."

"The ass is a very exciting and erotic part of the male body," replies mom. "Beats anything us women can show. I love seeing my boys' cheeks in all their naked glory rubbing closely together when you walk along.

"Like this, mom?" says Tom, laughingly, walking forward a few paces and wiggling his bum provocatively as he goes, his exceptionally firm and hunky ass cheeks jostling to show us what mom means, like we don't know, of course!

"Precisely," says mom, succinctly.

"Gee, mom," I say, "you're so fucking kinky."

"I know," giggles mom in return. "Fun, isn't it?"

"Yeah," says Ben who is starting to discover that there is a lot more to mom than meets the eye.

Dad and Karen have changed positions with dad on his feet again and his daughter kneeling in front of him as she sucks on his long cock. His eyes are closed, his face creased into a frown, as he savors yet again the thrill as Karen delivers her father another of her stupendous blowjobs.

As her husband continues having his cock sucked by her daughter, our elegant mother reaches out and strokes each of our asses in turn, kneading the fleshy rumps and parting our bum cleavages and fingering our tight sweaty fuck holes before smothering our cheeks with dainty little kisses.

"Bend over and stick your asses out, boys," mom orders us, quivering with excitement at the prospect of us showing her our fuck holes, "and then spread your cheeks."

"This'll be fun," Tom says to Ben and I, a comment with which we both agree. As soon as we have complied with mom's order, she breaks all society's rules by rimming each of our exposed assholes in turn, her hot satin-like tongue ploughing deep into the depths of our anal cavities.

"That's the way, honey," dad says, looking across while still being blow-jobbed by his daughter, "eat our boys' assholes."

Mom doesn't need encouragement as, one by one, she expertly slurps her tongue along our ass cracks and into our sweaty inner sanctums with slow deliberate strokes, pausing every now and then for her eyes to take in and admire our gaping holes as we wink them by working our ass muscles in and out while we prise our cheeks further apart with our hands until eventually it is virtually impossible to spread them any further. Tom and I are used to mom's ass fetish and the lovely way she licks our holes but Ben is still discovering and enjoying the thrill of being rimmed, just as I had discovered it on the afternoon of my memorable eighteenth birthday a few years ago when I had my first threesome with mom and dad before being allowed to take part in these fabulous family parties.

Ben doesn't want mom to stop but eventually she does and asks us to stand and turn and face her to show her our balls and our pricks which are all now so firmly erect they point upwards to the sky. In keeping with the free spirited thinking our parents have instilled in us, my brothers and I feel not the slightest embarrassment as we revel in displaying to our mother our proud enormous hard-ons ...


Tom, Ben and I form a semi-circle around mom so that she is surrounded by all three of her sons' colossal pricks. She makes for a great audience as she rests back on her haunches examining our meat as we stand there in front of her wanking for all we are worth. Mom's appreciative eyes are taking in the view as my brothers and I revel in the horniness of a full frontal display, like actors on a stage in a nude scene in a sexy play, the only difference being that actors have to remain flaccid and not expose themselves erect, as Ben, Tom and I are doing for mom who is delighted to have all three of her naked sons' hard cocksstaring her in the face.

"Oh my word," mom says as if - like with our asses - she is gazing on our erections for the very first time as the three hard membranes bob about directly in front of her face, our foreskins peeled right back to expose the heads of our knobs, pre-cum seeping from our piss slits, "what a lot of lovely hard pricks, they should all be designated areas of outstanding natural beauty along with the rest of your sexy bodies. You are very attractive young men, all of you."

"Thanks, mom," says Tom, unable to disguise how pleased he is as he presses his delectable prick into mom's face, the exposed knob head touching her nose. "You tell us that all the time."

"That's because it's the truth," replied mom, subtly.

"Remember my eighteenth birthday that wet afternoon two years ago, mom, when you first sucked me off after you and dad caught me wanking over a porn mag?" I ask.

"I certainly do," says mom, "we had a really hot threesome."

"Yeah, mom, it was great," I reply. "I really enjoyed the first time I showed off my cock to you and dad when it was nice and hard."

"I hope you're enjoying showing it off to me nice and hard now, sweetheart," mom says, looking up at me and smiling. "I'm certainly enjoying seeing it."

"Sure fucking am, mom," I reply, remembering mom's words from two years ago about the importance of the visuality of sex, "I love you seeing and playing with my cock."

"Matt and I were having a wank and comparing cock sizes that morning, too, mom," Tom says, "before I went to work. We wouldn't have stopped if it hadn't been for that."

"Oh really?" says mom with a reproachful-type smile on her face, "I didn't know about that."

"You couldn't have been listening too hard at the keyhole, then," I mumble, remembering mom's joke and casting her what I considered to be a very caustic glance.

"Bitch!" she replies but in a good-natured tone, enjoying the fun of the moment.

"Who has the biggest cock, mom?" asks Ben, who is starting to feel a bit left out of the cross talk and who, as I said earlier, had been too young at the time to join his brothers in our first mutual wankingsession more than two years earlier. Tom and I grin at each other as Ben holds his out as far as he can as if hoping that this will make it appear bigger.

"Well," says mom, in the kind of voice that implies she is about to make a big decision, "I think you're all as fabulously well hung as each other," she concludes, ever the diplomat. Tom, Ben and I are standing so close to each other that the fat knob heads of our big cocks rub together as we crowd round mom to make sure she is getting the best possible view.

"Your mom and I always knew you'd grow up to be big boys one day," says dad as he and Karen manoeuvre themselves into the sixty-nine position.

"Yeah," says Tom, lasciviously, "and big boys like having their cocks sucked."

Since Tom is the eldest son, he is naturally entitled to have his cock sucked first and he quickly moves round to stand in front of mom with his hands on his hips and his stiff pole directly in front of her face, twitching with anticipation. With his back to us, Ben and I have a nice mesmerising view of Tom's cute sexy ass.

"Suck my cock, mom," Tom says, "I really need a good blowjob."

Mom doesn't waste a second as she leans forward and cups Tom's balls in her hand and then quickly takes her eldest son's eight inches of manhood into her hungry and all-enveloping mouth. Tom's knees buckle from the onslaught of his latest blowjob from mom as Ben and I wank while waiting patiently for our turn.

"Mom's a great cocksucker, eh Tom?" I say after mom has transferred her attention to me and taking care not to blow my load. Nevertheless, my balls are laden with a fresh supply of spunk as I gently slap them against mom's chin while the head of my cock makes contact with the back of her throat.

"She sure fucking is, Matt," Tom replies. "Really skilful."

"That's because my beautiful sons, as well as having lovely lickable bums, have all got such wonderful suckable cocks," says mom, relinquishing mine from her mouth. It springs out, coated in reams of mom's saliva, almost hitting her in the face.

"Sorry, mom," I immediately apologise, fearing that the rock hard appendage may have hurt her but mom just waves the apology aside.

"Don't worry, sweetheart," she replies, "your beautiful cock could never hurt me. You and your brothers are sons that any mother would be proud of."

"We're proud of you too, mom," says Ben, retracting his foreskin again and exposing his knob head smeared with a long gob of gooey pre-cum.

"Why thank you, sweetheart," says mom, "what a lovely thing to say. For that you deserve a nice long blowjob."

I move away from mom and resume masturbating alongside Tom to let mom go to work on Ben. Our younger brother is still something of a novice since he has only been allowed to participate in our taboo gangbangs for a few months following his eighteenth birthday in January. He is, as I said earlier, the only one of us who still lives at home and so is now gaining experience through doing lots of threesomes with momand dad when we are not there but a full-on family gangbang with his brothers and sister present is still fairly new to him.

As Ben's cock disappears inside mom's hot wet mouth, Tom and I have to stop wanking for fear of shooting our loads too soon. Notthat we won't be able to make up a second load later in the day, indeed we are allhoping to enjoy as many orgasms as possible. After mom has blow jobbed all three of her sons' cocks and licked our balls, we turn to watch dad and Karen who have been locked in the sixty-nine position for the best part of a quarter of an hour ...


According to our sister, mom is just as good a cunt licker as she is a cock sucker and ass licker and that fact is proved beyond doubt when, a few moments later, she kneels down and takes over from dad, Karen's screams of delight filling the atmosphere of the fabulously sultry afternoon. The sight of our mother and sister enjoying some hardcore incestuous lesbian action is so hot that Tom and I once again have to have another break from wanking.

Just as well as I am getting very close to cumming but I don't want to blow my load just yet, I need to save it for when the time arrives to fuck mom. Ben, however, doesn't seem to notice that we have stopped and is still vigorously pumping his cock, gazing transfixed at mom and Karen as his hand flies up and down the greasy shaft of his pole.

"Better stop that, little bruv," Tom says, tapping him on the shoulder. "You know what'll happen if you keep on wanking like that."

"Yeah, you don't wanna cum just yet," I say. "The party's only just beginning."

Ben reluctantly relinquishes his grip around his cock, his erection, like Tom's and mine, showing no signs of diminishing. With mom still licking Karen's cunt, dad glances across at my brothers and I and smiles as his eyes feast on our throbbing hard-ons.

"Looks like those rods of yours need some more attention, lads," dad says. "Why don't you bring the three of them over here and let your dad do something with them?"

"Come on," says Tom, "let's get some more action."

The three of us need no further encouragement and are alongside dad, mom and Karen quicker, it seems, than the speed of sound, our outstretched cocks leading the way. Dad drops to his knees and, just as mom did, sucks each one of us in turn while mom and Karen start on a sixty-nine together. A gay incestuous blowjob from our father is, as I have previously described, just as thrilling and exciting as a hetero one from our mother.

Mom and Karen have been kissing and licking each other's tits and cunts for several minutes, enjoying some hot mother and daughter action before mom hands Karen over to us, moving out the way to enable my brothers and I to each kneel down in front of Karen's spread legs and take turns in licking our sister's moist pussy. Tom goes first, followed by me and then young Ben who displays a maturity and experience beyond his years, especially since this is only his third family party.

"Oh Ben," Karen says, placing her hands on his head, "that's really nice. You're so good at this."

"I've been getting lots of experience with mom," he says when he finally manages to come up for air. "She likes me licking her cunt."

"Sure do," says mom, "and like you say, Karen, he is very good at it."

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