tagIncest/TabooHardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 06

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 06



I hold my hard throbbing cock aloft in my right hand as I stand next to Ben, waiting patiently to get it sucked again by mom. Our family have not, and never have been, in competition with each other and I am happy to let mom and Ben go on enjoying themselves awhile longer.

"Can I fuck your tits, mom?" Ben asks, who is really entering into the spirit of things.

"Of course, sweetheart," mom says, grasping her massive melons with her hands and prising them apart in much the same way as my brothers and I spread our ass cheeks earlier. Ben rests his cock in mom's cleavage as she lets her tits come together again, clamping the youngster's manhood tightly around them. Their breaths come in short sharp gasps as they enjoy the stupendous sensations of some hot mother and son sex.

"Come here, sweetheart," mom beckons to me. "Let me suck your cock while Ben fucks my tits."

Mom is a real pro as she takes me into her mouth while Ben continues to ram his cock between her tits and I once again savor the thrill of being serviced by my own mother. It always feels great to get my cock sucked by both my sister and my mother - and my father too, of course - and I have stopped trying to work out who is the best. They are all as fabulous as each other, a view that I feel sure my brothers will agree with.

With the entire family going at it like dogs, this is incest as its very best, hard and raw. Mom, Ben and I stop what we are doing to watch as a loud groan from Tom indicates that he has achieved a sizzling orgasm and is flooding our sister's cunt with his cum. Karen is having a string of orgasms of her own as dad takes Tom's place, fucking his daughter as he gets his sloppy seconds.

As soon as Tom comes down from the high of shooting his load into Karen, he grabs the camera and adds some more snaps for the family album as mom and I mount each other sixty-nine style. She lowers her cunt to my mouth while her head goes down on my prick. Mom is still nice and fresh from her recent shower as I inhale the delicate aroma of her love box.

I start to kiss the steaming hole where my siblings' lives and mine began before running my tongue along the entire length of mom's slit while mom swallows the full length of my prick. Ben and Tom standby watching and wanking. Mom and I both feel really perverted, lost in our wanton lust for each other but neither of us wants things any other way.

Mom is sucking hard on my thick pole as my tongue locates her swollen clit. I start to devour it hungrily, running rings around it as my own mother's mouth closes over my sweaty scrotum as she swallows both of my heavy nut sacs which are bubbling up with spunk. Every now and then I hear the shutter on the camera click as Tom turns mom and I into amateur porn stars. Having just shot his load over Karen, Tom's cock is at half-mast but Ben's is still rock hard as he pumps it in his hand, his cum-filled balls juggling in unison.

"Fuck, mom, I'm gonna cum," Ben says a few minutes later, unable this time to contain himself, and immediately shoots a long ribbon of white hot incestuous spunk over mom's face. Some of it misses its target and lands on my balls; it feels deliciously warm.

Mom quickly relinquishes my cock from her mouth and holds up her head to enable Ben to aim directly at her mouth, swallowing as much of his shining tasty cum as she can while I continue licking and savoring the glorious taste of mom's cunt. Almost simultaneously as Ben floods mom's mouth, dad comes inside Karen, his cum mxing with Tom's.

"I need a good fucking now, too," mom says to me, her face submerged beneath a layer of Ben's freshly produced sperm, globules of it dribbling across her nose and down her chin with more seeping out the corners of her mouth. "You'd better go first, Matt, since all my other fine young men have blown themselves. But you better be ready again by tea-time," she continues, giving Ben and Tom feigned stern looks, "I need both of you to fuck me as well."

I'll be ready, mom," Tom says.

"Yeah, so will I, mom," rejoins Ben. "I wanna fuck you, too. And," he continues, "I wanna watch Matt fuck you."

"So do we," says dad, "don't we, Karen?"

"Sure do," Karen replies as dad climbs off her and, taking her hand, they walk over to mom and I to join Ben and Tom as mine and mom's audience and I feel an immense feeling of pride as my family close in around mom and I to watch us fuck. As my thick rod pistons my own mother's tight greasy cunt hole, I also feel proud and honored that, as mom and dad's second son, I am being allowed to fuck her ahead of Tom who should, by rights, be first ...


Karen stands in-between Tom and Ben with her arms slung around her brothers' shoulders, her big tits shining in the sun with the remains of Tom's and dad's cum still seeping from her recently fucked cunt as they watch mom and I in the throes of our forbidden passion. Dad once again begins snapping away, it's a wonder the card in the camera hasn't all been used up by now.

Mom's grunts of pleasure increase tenfold as she impales herself onto my waiting fuck pole. She throws back her hair and spreads her long slim legs wide to give the rest of the family an unobstructed view as she sits down on my cock, her face still covered in Ben's rapidly congealing spunk. After we have acclimatised ourselves, mom begins posting up and down as I begin the fucking motion with gusto. Most of my cock disappears up mom's cunt, only my bubbling balls visible now to my randy relatives. At this moment in time, I couldn't feel more horny if I tied.

"That's it, Matt," Karen cries, lustfully, her mouth drooling, "give it to her good and hard."

"Yeah, fuck my cunt, sweetheart," mom manages to gasp, "don't stop."

I am incandescent with excitement and completely intoxicated as once again I fall under my mother's spell. It feels great to be back in the bosom of my horny family again and fucking mom as if nothing else in the world matters - which, of course, at this moment in time, it doesn't - while my father and siblings watch. Mom and Karen are both still on the pill so there is no need for any of us to worry about banging them up.

The party is now really gaining momentum as mom lifts her right leg over my body and, without breaking the fuck, swings round with enviable expertise to face me. She smiles her familiar sweet smile as she places her hands on my chest for extra balance as I continue to satisfy her for ten minutes or more.

"Aaagh, oh yes, sweetheart," mom cries as I fuck her as hard as I can, pushing my cock deeper into her cunt with all the energy I can muster to keep the momentum going, "give it to me, sweetheart. You're so good at screwing."

"I want to screw the life out of your cunt, mom," I say, "I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am."

"You're fabulous, sweetheart," mom replies through her moans, "your big cock feels wonderful in my cunt."

"That's it, son," my father says, "fuck her hard."

My excitement is manifold after mom complimenting me so nicely in the middle of my performance while dad urges me on. I look over at my father and siblings and smile, feeling truly proud of myself that I am giving my mother so much sexual pleasure. The rest of the family are clapping and cheering as mom pushes down to meet every thrust of my penis, now firmly embedded in her vagina, both of us lost in lust as mom bounces up and down on my prick.

After fifteen minutes, mom suddenly slows down and kisses me lovingly on the lips. "That was wonderful, sweetheart, but we're not through yet. I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Mom slides off my prick with a small popping sound and taking my hand, we walk a little awkwardly over to the patio. Mom immediately bends over the verandah and clasps her ass cheeks. Our audience are beside themselves as I take mom from behind. Dad, especially, is so overwhelmed by the spectre of his son fucking his wife in the ass that he gives up trying to take photographs and just stands there wanking as he watches my ass cheeks clenching as I give mom what she desires, a long hard anal fucking.

"Oooh, yes!" screams mom, as my cock penetrates her asshole, "this is as good as it gets."

Tom and Ben are wanking furiously alongside dad while it is left to Karen to capture the goings-on on dad's camera. Mom is looking back over her shoulder as I continue pounding into her. Her smile spurs me on and I know that I will soon be giving her a fresh load of sperm, an act of true love.

"Cum over my cheeks, sweetheart," mom says, her sixth sense telling her that I am about to blow, "so the others can see,"

I thrust inwards for one final time, shuddering and gasping for breath and then I quickly pull out, throwing back my head and letting out a loud cry of sheer delight as I shed my load over each cheek of mom's ass.

"Oh fuck, mom," I cry as I gaze down at the long ribbons of my spunk dribbling over the fleshy mounds, "that was brilliant."

Mom's reply is to let out a similar loud cry, being rewarded with a string of multiple orgasms as she feels my hot spunk trickling profusely over her backside. Everyone applauds as our incestuous intercourse reaches its zenith with mom and I both panting for breath as we finally start to come down from our respective orgasms. I have always enjoyed fucking mom since becoming old enough to do so but I have to say that this latest fucking of both her ass and her cunt has been the best yet. From now on, things can only go on getting better and better.

"Thank you, sweetheart," mom murmurs softly, her voice now scarcely above a whisper. "You are tremendous." "Gee, thanks, mom," I say, kissing her head as I cuddle her cosily into my arms.

"It was a pleasure," mom says, "you are proving to be a very capable young fucker and you will go on getting better and better. I love the way you really dug your cock into my cunt and ass."

"Oh, mom," I reply, "I wanted to fuck you again so much and I really needed to cum inside you. I love you so much, mom."

"And I love you, too, sweetheart," mom replies. "Fucking me with your prick and cumming your load inside me was a wonderful way of proving to me how much you love me." WWe lie down on the grass together, mom falling across me and smothering my face with her tits. Mom's aureoles are large and pink and I suck each nipple in turn, luxuriating in the taste before we kiss and then mom lies down across me with her face next to mine, nestling her head against my shoulder.

"How about those drinks?" says dad suddenly and there is a general murmuring of assent from my siblings as they make their way to the patio. Shortly after, mom and I manage to summon enough energy to shift ourselves into a standing position and follow the rest of our naked family onto the patio where we slump down on the deck chairs and relax for a bit, sipping the drinks gratefully ...


Later that afternoon, Ben and Tom kneel and stand alternatively in front of mom to lick her cunt and suck her tits and have their cocks sucked again before taking it in turns fucking her while I do the same with Karen. The garden of the homestead loses all its tranquillity as it echoes to the grunts and screams of a family at sex.

Dad and I start to enjoy a hot and horny gay scene with each other, sucking each other's cocks before dad licks my asshole. We manoeuvre ourselves into different positions before I stand and put my right leg up on the wall of the patio. I grip my ass cheeks with my hands and prise them apart, exposing my pink puckered asshole to my family as dad drops down behind my spread buns and inserts his tongue, rimming me deep and lubricating my tight sweaty fuck hole, preparing it before finally slamming his prick balls deep inside me.

"Aaagh!" I scream, looking over my shoulder as my father's cock makes its way across my pain threshold and I relax my ass muscles to enable me to enjoy the penetration, "fuck that ass, dad."

"Wow!" exclaims Karen excitedly, "look at dad fucking Matt."

"That's it, honey," my mother says, "give it to him good and hard. I love seeing a nice big cock going in and out of a nice tight ass," she continues, speaking as if she is watching two gay porn actors personally unknown to her performing in a hardcore adult DVD rather than her own husband and son.

"Yeah, dad," Karen says, her voice slithering with lust, "fuck Matt's ass like you fucked my cunt."

And fuck me he does with obvious relish, his big cock splitting my firm round ass cheeks as he pumps it in and out with increasing speed. If assholes could speak, mine would be crying out just one word: paradise!

Yet when I think back to the first time dad fucked me, it hurt like mad but, thankfully, in the two years since I have learnt how to relax and it now goes in like a dream which is why I am enjoying it so much at this afternoon's party. Nevertheless, the enormity of my father's prick never ceases to amaze me. It is not for nothing that the family have nicknamed him Rob the Knob.

Tom and Ben are enjoying themselves on the patio, having become embroiled in a gay sixty-nine together while mom and Karen continue to watch dad and I fucking on the lawn. As with fucking mom earlier, I am surprised that dad decides to fuck me first rather than Tom, not that there are any rules as such, it just seems pertinent to me that, as the oldest, Tom should go first. But since he raises no objections, I don't suppose it really matters.

"You enjoying that sweetheart?" mom asks as she continues to watch me taking it up my ass from dad and which greatly adds to my pleasure since it is always nice to get fucked in front of an enthusiastic audience.

"Sure fucking am, mom," I manage to reply between gasps as mom crouches down beneath my legs, looking upwards between them to get an underneath closer view of her second son taking it up the ass from his father, licking her lips as she watches her husband's cock pumping in and out of the dark tunnel of her son's asshole. My own cock is hanging down, completely on the horn and, without warning, mom lifts her head and begins to blowjob me so that I am being sensationally sucked and fucked by both my parents simultaneously while Tom and Ben carry on sixty-nining on the patio.

"Yeah, dad, harder!" I scream as dad carries on with his relentless assault on my asshole. "Fuck your son's ass, your cock feels so good inside me."

"This is too much," Karen gasps, her voice huskier than usual as she snaps away, intent on getting as many shots as possible for the album of the taboo action before dad pulls out and cums another load over my ass cheeks. "I've got to capture this beautiful fuck scene for posterity."

Karen leans in to take a close-up just as dad lets out a cry that can be heard all round the garden as he pulls his cock out of my ass and blows his load over my firm round cheeks. Then, without any further ado, dad quickly rolls over into the doggy position for me to return the compliment, hardly giving me any time to catch my breath. My dad's rosy red asshole is so inviting that I don't waste a second as I insert my throbbing tool between the walls of his ass cheeks ...


Mom and Karen are almost apoplectic as they watch the intense son and father fuck as I return the compliment, my ass still covered in several layers of my father's thick syrupy cream. Mom crouches down behind me to watch my clenching cum-covered buttocks as I pump my cock in and out of the tight receptacle of dad's asshole. From the patio, loud groans are thrown across the garden by the cool breeze that has suddenly sprung up as Ben and Tom cum in each other's mouths.

Having already cum in mom's cunt earlier in the day, a few moments after Ben and Tom blow their loads, I cum again in dad's ass. I pull out and fall down on the grass, sated and thoroughly exhausted.

"That was a wonderful sight, sweetheart," mom says, giving me a kiss, "the way you fucked your dad's ass. I just couldn't take my eyes away. You are superb."

"Oh, mom," I reply, "I ain't that marvellous," I add, hardly liking to show how I pleased I am at her remarks.

"But you are, you are," mom replies. "Never be afraid to accept a compliment, darling, especially when it is so well intended. You're a real hardcore family fucker now like the rest of us, I'm proud to say, and I think I can also honestly say that you have completed your sexual education. In two years, you've certainly learned how to take your father's prick up your ass for maximum enjoyment as much as giving your prick to us."

"Did I give you maximum enjoyment today, mom?" I ask.

Mom gives me a reproachful smile. "I think my screams answered your question, sweetheart."

"Thanks, mom, I'm so pleased to be a part of this wonderful horny fucking family." Actually, I knew the answer, I just wanted to hear mom confirm it!

Dad lies on the grass next to me as we bask in the afterglow of our forbidden lust. I feel proud, honored and privileged to have fucked both my parents and I am looking forward to also fucking my sister before the party is over.

Tom and Ben are relaxing on the patio after their orgasms while Karen is sitting next to them checking the photos she has taken in the LCD screen at the back of the camera. Tom will get his turn to fuck both mom and dad and get fucked by dad in return later on after we have all had a breather. Mom is sitting across the patio and smiling radiantly, looking lovelier than ever and thoroughly delighted to have her sex mad family gathered around her.

That sex mad family sucks and fucks and cums together with insatiable enthusiasm for the rest of the afternoon and into early evening. Just before it becomes time to wind up the party until the next one, we troop inside as the sun starts to sink low in the sky and have some more fun in the sumptuously furnished lounge before it is time for some of us, alas, to reluctantly depart.

Dad and Tom take it in turns to gay fuck each other up their assholes while Ben and I take it in turns licking and sucking mom's tits and cunt which both, as always, taste delicious before Ben fucks her. Karen is now the photographer and checks each snap in the screen at the back of the camera as she takes them.

"These are going to look fucking great once you've got them in the comp and enlarged and formatted them, dad," Karen says, just as Tom floods dad's ass with cum as he had with Karen's cunt earlier in the day. "Next time we're all here, we'll have to have a slide show first before we get down to business."

Then we treat the two ladies to a double fuck each with Ben and I fucking Karen while dad and Tom take on mom. At first, Ben takes Karen's cunt and I her ass and similarly dad fucks mom's ass while Tom sees to her cunt. Later we swap, with Ben and I taking over on mom while dad and Tom give Karen another good seeing to.

I take up the cudgels in mom's ass again, more to give Ben a bit of experience in fucking a female cunt. Not that he seems not to know what to do. The way he is screwing mom, nobody would ever guess this was only his third family gangbang; he looks like he has been a hardcore family fucker for years. On the other side of the room, Tom likewise having serviced Karen's cunt in the afternoon, is now expending his cock in our sister's ass while dad's cock disappears up his daughter's cunt. The amount of noise from our grunting and groaning is deafening.

This time, though, we don't cum in them, our ladies want to watch us blow our loads and take it on their yits and faces. An hour or so after going indoors, therefore, the party finishes with a final flourish as dad and his sons line up with our backs to the window while mom and Karen crouch in front of us on the shag pile carpet to watch us blow yet more loads of our tasty jizz ...


Mom and Karen are completely besotted with the sight of four hard pricks being displayed directly in front of them. So enthusiastic and horny are we that even after several hours of hot horny action, our cocks are still pulsating and bursting with life as we pump them in our hands before, one by one, the reams of hot incestuous spunk spurt through the piss slits in the heads and land all over mom and Karen's face and tits.

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