tagIncest/TabooHardest of Choices

Hardest of Choices


"Chuck! Are you home?" I yell out as I shut the front door behind me and drop my keys onto the small at table beside me. "Chuck?" I ask, I think I hear something in the kitchen and head in that direction.

"Hey honey." I jump at the voice that comes from behind me.

"Don't do that you scared me."

"Sorry you must not have heard me, I was upstairs."

"It's fine. How was your day?" I reach up to kiss him gently but he will have none of it, he grabs me into his arms and leads me towards the stairs.

I laugh as I try to pull away. "Not now, I have to make dinner, I'm starving."

He groans and releases me. "I get apology sex tonight then."

"No you get hot dirty apology sex." I tease.

"Oh even better." He tries to grab me into his arms again but I move away and hurry into the kitchen. "So guess who called today." Chuck says as he follows me into the kitchen.

"You sound nervous to tell me but also kind of excited. I'm going with your mother."

"She did call today but no that's not what I'm talking about. Henry called."

I turn quickly back to face him. "You're joking right?"

"No, he was really disappointed that you weren't here. I told him when you'd be home but he said he only had the phone for a few minutes."

I sink down to the floor against the cabinet.

"Did he say anything?"

"He wanted me to tell you that he missed you and that he loves you."

"That's it?"

"And he has 2 weeks of leave coming up."

I raise my eyebrows, completely surprised by this.

Henry is my older brother. The day he turned 18 he signed up for the military; against my wishes and our parents. But Henry was brave and believed in what was happening over in the Middle East, none of us could convince him to stay.

"He has 2 weeks, did he happen to say where he was staying?"

"He wants to come here and stay for the entire time. He misses you a lot, I could hear it in his voice. I told him he could."

I jump from the floor and into my husband's arms. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"It's not a problem. I know how much your brother means to you."

"It's not just that, I haven't seen him in 4 years."

"Mel, it'll be fine."

"I know it will but now I'm nervous."

"You're nervous? He's your brother, your strong, army brother. Who has never met your husband in person and could absolutely hate me."

"Don't be silly. He knows how much I love you, he would never hurt you...against my will."

"Don't joke, I've seen the pictures from years ago, he could kill me." Chuck wraps me in his arms. "Forget about food, come upstairs with me." He whispers into my ear and then starts to kiss down my neck; one of my many weak spots. I moan, he knows I won't resist.

"Only if you make me something when we're done."

"Sure." He mumbles against my collarbone.

I moan again, long and drawn out as his hands slide down my sides.

"Don't even bother going upstairs. We haven't done it on the table in a while." I taunt him.

"Oh how I love it when you're horny." He groans. I giggle as he scoops me into his arms and carries me into the dining room. He lays me onto the table, the cold surface touching my arms and the backs of my calves. I smile to myself and close my eyes, I feel his fingertips slide up my arms.

"If you don't mind I think I'll get this out of the way." He says referring to my blouse.

"I don't mind at all."

He un-tucks it from my skirt and slides his hands underneath and onto my smooth stomach.

"Your skin is so soft." He states. The blouse gets pulled over my head and my skirt pulled down my legs. I'm left in a black lace bra and matching panties; his favorites.

"Did you plan all this?"

I laugh at the silly smile on his face. "I wish then I could take the credit but it was just a coincidence."

"Whatever it was, I now have my beautiful wife on the dining room table in my favorite "clothes" and I've been promised hot, dirty, apology/ thank you sex. How can life get better?"

"You could stop talking and make love to me already."

"Good idea." He strips quickly but then squats down so that he is eye level with my cunt. From my knees down my legs hang off the table. He places my legs on his shoulders then kisses up my thighs; one of my other weak spots. I moan deeply and intertwine my fingers in his hair.

"Eager tonight aren't you?"

"Me? I walked in the door and you were on top of me. At least I waited till I got to the kitchen." He smiles that silly smile and resumed his kisses. Finally he reaches my cunt. He blows gently over my clit and I shiver, his tongue takes one long lick all the way up my cunt before he spreads me with his fingers.

"Your dripping."

"Then clean it up."

"Sure thing."

He inserts his tongue into me and laps at my juices. I can hear myself moaning uncontrollably. With his expert tongue and knowledge of just how to set me off, he has me cumming all over his face and the table in minutes. He stands back up and kisses me, I can taste myself on his tongue but I could care less, I just want him inside me. He places his cock at my entrance and slides in slowly, trying to tease me but I thrust my body up at him, which he wasn't expecting, and he is soon buried inside me. He pulls me closer, my legs wrapped around his waist as I sit on the table and he stands above me. He leans down to take my right nipple into his mouth, gently biting and then sucking. He switches back and forth as he increases his tempo. I can tell he is getting closer; his breaths coming quicker and so are mine.

"I'm almost there Chuck." I say breathlessly into his ear.

"So am I." He slams into me relentlessly. One of his thrusts hits just the right spot and I erupt onto his cock. I bite down into his shoulder and that sends him over the edge. His cum floods my cunt as I come down from my high.

"Don't think that's it baby." Chuck groans as he picks me up and starts kissing my neck again.

"Food first please." I beg, my eyes pleading.

"How can I resist that face."

"You can't, that's the point."


2 months later.

We stood at the watching the flights arrive and depart, the board changing quickly. His flight was scheduled to arrive at 3, it was already 6 and it was still delayed.

"Why is his flight having problems, all the others are fine."

"It's probably nothing, it will be here soon."

"You've said that about 30 times already."

"Have I?"

I roll my eyes and look back up at the board.

"His flight has arrived! They must not have updated it, lets go." I drag Chuck in the direction of where my brother will be.

"Melanie slow down let me walk."

"Sorry but I don't want him to not see us."

And then I see him. He's still in his uniform which is one of the reasons its so easy to see him, the other is his height. Henry is 6'5 and towers over everyone.

"Henry! Henry over here!" I yell across the groups of people. But I have the disadvantage; at barely 5'0 no one can see me in a crowd.

"Melanie wait for him to get over here."

"You yell for him, he'll be able to see you."

"He doesn't know who I am."

"Good point."

There is a break in the crowds and I run through, getting closer to Henry.

"Henry!" I yell again, this time he sees me. A huge smile appears on his face. He forgets about his bags as he takes giant strides to reach me. I'm suddenly being crushed in his arms and I try to breath but I'm crying to hard.

"Lanie, oh god I've missed you."

I can't speak, I just keep crying. He finally puts me down and wipes the tears of my face.

"I've missed you too." I get out. Henry's eyes leave mine for a minute and I follow what he's looking at. "Oh I almost forgot, sorry Chuck." I grab Chuck's hand and bring him next to me.

Now Chuck isn't short really, he's 5'11 but next to Henry he looked smaller than usaul. And Henry looks a lot bigger than I remember; he must have grown even more while he was away. And he's strong, he has more muscle and less fat, his short hair cut makes him look so much older than he really is.

"Charles this is Henry; Henry, Charles."

"I can't believe you're married Lanie, you're barely 21."

"You joined the army at 18, we're even."

"I guess you're right, anyways it's nice to meet you Charles. You better not hurt her." He says the last part in a deeper, darker voice, one that means what he's saying.

"It's nice to meet you too, and I would never hurt Mel."

"Good to know, so could we get going. I'm exhausted, I tried to sleep on the plane but it didn't really work."

"Of course." We head back over to where his bags are and then head for the parking lot.

"I brought some photo albums from the past couple years, it's a long drive home."

"Here's our wedding day, it went so smoothly thanks to Chuck."

Henry and I are sitting in the back seat while Chuck is driving. I look up into the rearview mirror; Chuck is watching me, when he sees me looking at him he quickly looks away.

"Right Chuck?"

"Yeah, right."

I feel a bit of jealousy and anger radiating from him, but what is he angry and jealous about?

"You look beautiful Lanie, the photographer did a great job."

"I'm going to ignore and take that as a compliment."

"I'm just joking with you, you look beautiful; in the pictures and now. You really do."

"Well thank you. You look so strange, have you grown even more?"

"Just another inch or two."

"Just another inch or two, you're a giant. Why did I never get any of the height in our family?"

"You were always the unlucky one."

"You're right about that."

Henry starts laughing and begins to tell a story about when we were younger. "Remember when I ran straight into that glass door, slammed right into and nothing happened. Then a few minutes later you walked into it and slipped off the step. You ended up with a broken nose and a broken leg."

"That's not that funny, it hurt really bad."

"I'm just proving my point."

"Hey Mel you never told me that story." Chuck says from the front seat.

"There's no way I haven't. I told you I broke my leg, you must have just forgotten."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

"But you've broken your leg, what like 5 times, so maybe you hadn't told him."

"Good point."

It took over an hour to drive from the airport back to our house. Chucks' parents had money and when they died almost every cent went to him. We had bought the house before we had gotten married. It was an old house; out in the country, away from the loud noises of the city. It had 3 floors plus a basement and an attic. It needed some work but Chuck had had that taken care of. The attic and basement had been redone, all the rooms had been cleaned and new walls had been put in where needed, the floors had been refinished, there were new windows, new doors, a new heating system cause it got cold out here in the winter. Almost everything had been fixed or replaced but it still held the charm it had the first day we saw it. It was a home by all means of the word. It was cozy and nestled on 5 acres of land. It was where I wanted to raise my kids, where I wanted to spend the rest of my life, and now my brother finally got to come and see it.

"This is a great place Mel."

"I know, I love it here."

Chuck took his bags from him and headed for the stairs. "Follow me and I'll show you where your room is."

"Chuck go on ahead, I want to show him something first."

I saw that flash of anger cross his face again but he quickly pushed it away. "Sure." He headed up the stairs without us.

"You have to see this Henry, it's amazing." I led him through the first floor of the house, towards the back. When we reached the room I wanted to show him I pulled the key necklace from around my neck. "Cool hey?"


"Chuck made it for me, he made this whole room for me. He didn't even ask me about he just did it."

"You really love him don't you?"

"Yeah, did you think I didn't?"

"No, it's just you're so young and he's not old but he's older than you."

"You're only 23, you aren't much older than me. And who cares if Chuck is 28, that's only 7 years older than I am. There are people who are together with much larger age differences."

"I just don't want you getting hurt Mel."

"I'll be fine. Chuck is good guy, he wouldn't do anything to hurt me."

"Okay how about you open this door already and show me what's inside."

I smiled at him as I turned the key. Henry hated the mushy stuff, I was surprised he had said any of what he just had; I think he was just trying to make sure he was protecting me.

The door swung open and I flicked on the light even though I didn't really need to. The room had high ceilings, 20 feet tall. The back wall faced the back yard and was all windows, the light poured into the room. The other walls were covered in huge wood bookshelves. Every inch of the bookshelves held a book.

"Oh Mel, its like they made you into a room."

He was right, this room screamed MELANIE CORT. From the dark woods and antiques chairs and lamps, to the titles of the books on the shelves. Henry looked out the window and smiled, I had planted the garden outside the window and filled it with all my favorite flowers.

"This is amazing Mel, I bet you spend all your time in here."

"As much as I can. I'm trying to write again. And I'm taking classes online. I would go to an actual college but the drive to the city is so far."

"You're doing real good. I'm proud of you. I wish I had gotten this far by the time I was 21."

"Henry you served your country for 5 years, I'm proud of you and you should be too. I can't even begin to imagine what you saw."

"Can we not talk about over there, please Mel, anything else but that."

"Yeah, of course. I'm sorry for even bringing it up."

"It's not your fault. It's just that, it's hard to talk about that stuff, you know?"

I raise my hands as if I'm surrendering. "Hey I stopped talking about."

He smiles at me, the smile I remember from so many years ago.

"How about some food?" I suggest but he looks at his watch.

"I'd love to but I called up the guys and asked if they wanted to go out tonight."

"Oh yeah sure, go ahead. You could probably use a drink."

"That's not exactly why I'm going out but yeah I could."

"What do you mean?"

"I umm...Mel there aren't really girls over there... do you get where I'm going with this?"

I blush a dark red, I feel it burning on my cheeks; I should have known what he meant.

"Yeah I got you."

"Thanks Mel." He moves towards the door and pauses.

"Something else?" I ask, his hand taps against the door.

"If I don't come home tonight don't worry, okay? Or if I come in late, I'll try not to wake you."

"Fine." I feel the blush creep onto my face again. Henry and I were close but we never really talked about sex and his girlfriends. Any time we talked about relationships it was about mine; him trying to protect me from every guy who ever passed by.

"By the way your room is on the second floor, take a left at the top of the stairs and it's the third door on your right; incase you want to get some of your things or change."

"Shower?" He asks nervously.

"Left at the stairs, last door on the left."

"Thanks Mel." He gives a feeble smile and heads off.

"No problem."

"You just act different around him, that doesn't mean I don't like him."

Chuck and I are sitting in our bed, he was on his computer and I was trying to read but had read the same sentence about a hundred times.

"What do you mean I act differently?"

"I just didn't expect him to be so...protective? He watches you constantly Mel, his eyes never left you for a second."

"I didn't ask about him, I meant how do I act?"

"You just seem younger, like a little girl who knows her brother is there to look out for her."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, except that that is my job now." He places his computer on the nightstand and crawls on top of me. He takes the book from my hand and puts it on the other nightstand. "I'm your husband and as your husband I get to watch out for you, your brother still can but he falls to second place." He tries to kiss my neck but I push him away.

"I'm really not in the mood right now. Can we just go to sleep?" I see the disappointment in his eyes but he smiles anyways.

"Sure thing."

I woke to something smashing downstairs and without even thinking I jump out of bed and rush down there. Henry is sitting in a chair in the living room; a lamp is shattered on the floor next him.

"Henry what did you do?"

He turns around and looks at me, he's completely drunk.

"Hey Mel, sorry bout the lamp, I didn't see it."

"I thought you said you wouldn't be home tonight."

"Yeah, that didn't go exactly as planned. Guess the girls around here don't dig the army dudes."


"Don't be sarcastic with me Mel, you know I don't like that shit."

"I wasn't being sarcastic, honest. What woman doesn't like a hot man in a uniform?"

"Are you saying I'm hot?"

"No...I was just...saying that, you know...in general." I stutter like an idiot.

"I know Mel, I'm just teasing you. Besides you got someone to fuck already."

"Jeez Henry could you be more blunt."

"Oh you know how I am."

"I guess."

"You guess? Mel, come on. We lived together all our lives, you've been one of the most important people in my life."

I stood there, not knowing what else to say.

"Hey Mel?"


"Enjoy him while you got him, understand?"

I nodded and he smiles.

"I should get back to bed." I mumble.

"So should I."

But neither of us moves.

After a few minutes of nothing he stands up and comes over to me. He's close enough to reach a little and touch me but far enough away that we don't look like we're about to hug.

And now I wish at that moment that hugging me was all he had done.

He reached out to me, taking my hand into his; so much larger and stronger than I am. He laughs like my size is funny. He raises my hand to his lips and kissed each finger gently. I suddenly feel aroused, something must be wrong with me.

The silence is driving me insane. I've never seen Henry so calm, he takes my other hand and does the same thing. And then without even realizing it, I'm pressed against the wall and he's holding my hands together above my head.

"Henry wait."

But he just keeps going. His lips move to my neck and hover there, I can feel them, feel his warm breath; I can feel my pussy getting wetter too.

"Henry please."

But he takes it the wrong way. He moves up my jaw, barely touching me but that made it all the more erotic. His lips found mine and pressed against them. His mouth opened and his tongue slid out hoping to meet mine, which it did because in my surprise I had opened my mouth. He continued to kiss me, I wasn't even sure if he knew who he was kissing. He pressed himself against me; oh god he's hard.

He pulls away and just looks me in the eyes. "Night Mel." And with those simple words he walks off like nothing out of the ordinary just happened.

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