tagSci-Fi & FantasyHardstorm Ahead Ch. 06

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 06


The humvee lumbered up the driveway. It was not alone, 'two, three, four.' Sarah counted to herself as more vehicles emerged from the treeline. She was standing in the open between the cabin and driveway, she realized Amanda had run to join her, pistol in hand, but they were clearly out gunned.

The lead vehicle turned and drove methodically towards the two women. It came to a stop in front of them as the next truck continued towards the cabin. 'Five, six, seven,' the seventh wasn't a humvee but another larger truck, Sarah locked eyes with the man stepping out of the passenger side of the vehicle. She couldn't take her eyes off of him.

"Boy, isn't that a sight for sore eyes." The driver said as he stepped out looking Amanda up and down in her bikini.

Sarah barley noticed what he had said. She ran towards the passenger and lept into his arms. "Don't you ever do that to me again Travis Friar."


Fairweather Estate
: July 17th, 2052. 6:23 PM

"Oh my God, that feels so good." Travis moaned, "you have no idea how much I missed this."

Sarah laughed and smiled, "of all things you missed the shower?"

"Among others." Travis stuck his head out of the shower and looked at Sarah and she shook her head at him as he smiled.

Travis had spent the afternoon helping Lieutenant Driver's platoon unload and set up their tents and park their trucks out of the open field. He had called for a meeting with the rest of the militia so that he could go over everything. The mayor, David Johnson, had taken his truck into town when they had gotten back so that no one in the town saw the military convoy yet.

After his shower he got dressed in the uniform provided to him, it was an older pattern but worked well for this part of Kentucky. He thumbed the eagle on his lapel thinking how odd it felt. Sarah had left the room while he was still on the shower, she had been organizing all the shifts for the militia and was probably had a lot to do with the addition of a platoon of soldiers.

Everyone had gathered outside now that the living room of the cabin wasn't big enough to hold everyone. Lt. Driver, Sam, Sarah, and David were waiting on the porch.

Lt. Driver snapped to attention as he stepped outside. Sam snickered to himself and turned away so no one could see him laugh.

Travis started while ignoring Sam, "I will try to keep this brief, while I was away we were called into Frankfort, turns out Kentucky held together pretty well the last few months compared to elsewhere." Sam had quieted down and everyone was actually paying close attention Travis noticed. Word from outside the county was hard to come by. "The governor has appointed me colonel," Travis heard Sam trying to contain his laughter, "of the state militia in the eastern mountains."

"Kentucky and parts of Ohio and Tennessee are now working together to help everyone through this." Some small whispers were spreading, "the government and military leadership of this country is mostly gone. Our state government is one of the few that remained mostly intact, Texas, North Carolina, and..." Travis tried to remember the others but trailled off in an awkward pause.

"Nebraska and Idaho." Lieutenant Driver spoke up.

"Yes, thank you. For the most part, we are on our own. These men are from Fort Cambell. They have had a tough couple months and are here to help us secure the county. Their platoon is led by First Lieutenant Driver, and the rest of their company is in Laketon with another unit from Fort Knox. None of these men here are from Kentucky. They have all lost friends and family and were given the choice to leave or stay on so they are here for us. I want you to treat them like they have been here all their lives." Travis was glad to see everyone nodding along.

"One last thing." Travis reached for the two envelopes in his jacket. Opening the first Travis read, "Samuel Wydant is hereby granted the rank of captain in the Kentucky State Militia by the powers vested in me by the state of Kentucky signed governor Randall Paul." Sam's smile disappeared, "and Sarah Warner is hereby granted the rank of second lieutenant in the Kentucky State Militia by the powers vested in me by the state of Kentucky signed governor Randall Paul. That is all for now everyone." Travis turned and motioned for Driver to follow him, "Sarah, Sam, David, Amanda, we need to talk."

Travis had just gotten the door to his room closed when everyone started talking at once.

"Captain are you fucking kidding me?"

"What the hell is going on?"

"What did you want me here for?"

Travis looked around the room, it was a mess. "Sam, it wasn't up to me," he nodded at Dave, "Sarah, we are housing lieutenant Driver's platoon for an undetermined length, and Amanda you are here because I need you to tell everyone what is going on."

"But I don't even know what is going on." Amanda was standing next to Sarah as Travis thought about what happened the last time he was in the room with Amanda. He had surprised her in the shower thinking it was Sarah and that he would join her. Amanda was masturbating and ended up giving Travis a blow job when she fell on him.

"The governor wanted this official. Sam you are second in charge here, Sarah, you are third, and Driver you are fourth." Travis was about to continue when Driver interrupted.

"Colonel, I am well aware of your military record, but Mr. Wydant and Miss Warner are not qualified to be in this position of..."

"Lieutenant! I am not going to argue this. Sam, I mean Captain Wydant, is a senior officer, address him properly." Travis could almost hear Sam's jaw hitting the floor, "Warner and him have lived here their whole lives. They know every mountain, stream, and every dirt road and path. You are assigned to be my executive assistant, and please watch your complaints in front of the soldiers." Driver shut up and let Travis continue.

Travis noticed Amanda's confused face. "Amanda you are the liason between Driver's platoon and everyone else, see to it they are comfortable and have everything they need. Driver you and Amanda are dismissed."

The lightbulb went off in Amanda's head, "oh, I'm the soldier."

Sam couldn't contain himself and burst out laughing as Amanda and Driver left the room.

Sam stopped laughing enough to say, "you should have gone easy on 'em, I was only a sergeant."

Travis frowned, "so was I." Travis looked at Sam, Sarah, and David. "This is not going to be any joy ride by far. We have a lot of work to do. These guys have been through a lot. It's a lot different out there then it is here. Lt. Driver was gaurding a food line at a shopping center outside of Cincinnati. The squad was overrun when people at the back of the line started fighting, when they tried to break it up the people attacked them. Driver refused to let the squad open fire. She and a private escaped by getting onto the shopping centers roof while everyone else was beaten to death. Private Fridel was from Chicago, the nuke that hit there wiped out his entire family, Sergeant Rodriguez moved his family to an off base apartment from California just last year. His wife was killed when a mob attacked the grocery store she worked at the day the bombs hit, his kid was killed the day after that when a neighbor had a shootout with an armed robber. The kid was hit by a stray bullet while staying with another neighbor."

"I'm sorry Trav I didn't know," Sam muttered.

"Every single man and woman in that platoon out there has a similar story. They were all thrown together a week ago and then dispatched here so they could be out of the way to recooperate mentally and physically. We need to give them the structure that they need to not lose any skills and training."

Sam nodded in agreement.

"David, I know that you have to get back into town before the rumors start to go crazy, but there are two things I want you to do." Travis went over to his desk and pulled out the quad maps that they had gotten from the library. "First, even though the platoon out there was given food for themselves, I want to save as much of it as we can for winter, we have 30 extra mouths to feed and Laketon has about 200. You need to figure out the rations."

The mayor nodded, "understandable, what else?"

"I want you to figure out what is going on with the military." Travis said laying down the quad maps from Laketon south to Cumberland.

"What do you mean Trav?" Sarah asked as her and Sam stepped up to look over the maps.

"The tank force at Laketon is practically a straight shot down to the gap. I overhead someone at the capital saying about a large number of our troops being there. I want to know why, but I don't trust the military to give me a straight answer."

"Tanks?" Sarah asked.

David put it together for Sam and Sarah, "they told us that they were splitting up their forces to take the pressure of feeding them off of the areas around the bases, but Fort Knox is actually holding onto a large number of troops for some reason."

"It's more then you think Dave," Travis responded. "When I met the governor he said to me that we were the richest country in the nation, and I got the impression that he was talking about Kentucky and not the United States."

"Good lord," Sam spoke up, "the gold depository."

The mayor left to go back to town while Travis planned out the new responsibilities for the militia and Driver's platoon with Sam and Sarah. They had a lot of work to do and even though winter was months away Travis was worried about the people now staying in tents outside the cabin. A few hours later Sam left leaving Sarah and Travis alone for the first time that day.

Travis went across the room to his office and pulled his decanter out from the drawer. "This is almost empty, haven't been filling it up?" He poured two drinks.

Sarah didn't respond so Travis clairified, "I've noticed its been getting refilled, I asumed it was you."

"Oh, right," Sarah took the extra glass from Travis when he handed it to her.

Travis drank a sip looking into Sarah's blue eyes. He realized he had missed her more than he thought, he was only gone a week and it seemed like way longer with the things he had seen outside of the bigger cities and towns. Even in Kentucky there were riots and fighting. The governor had done a good job but there wad still some damage that had been done and people killed.

He noticed Sarah had put her drink down and stepped towards him. He could smell her hair as she was inches away from him. He reached around her and pulled her in close. He put his hand under her chin and lifted it up for a kiss. Sarah responded with a low moan and hugged Travis closer.

"I'm sorry I couldn't tell you where I was going Sarah."

"It's ok, I got you back." Sarah put her head on his chest, "next time don't come home with a hot lieutenant, you would make a girl jealous."

Travis smiled and shook his head. Lieutenant Driver sure was good looking it was hard for him not to notice her body.

Fairweather Estate: July 31st, 2052. 0617

Travis woke up rested for once. Considering what was going on later that day he noticed it was almost peaceful outside. Sarah was next to him. She had come in late from a patrol, threw off her uniform and passed out on top of the sheets next to him in her bar and panties.

He was admiring her body as he sat up. It had been a little awkward with him and Amanda when he got back and wondered if Sarah had found out when he noticed them acting strangely towards each other, but those feelings had passed shortly as they picked up their relationship where they had left off.

Travis found himself staring at Sarah. She was laying on her stomach head facing him, her eyes were closed but a slight smile was on her face. Her auburn hair laid behind her, he slowly looked down her back and paused at the small of her back. She had a light sheen of sweat from the humid air inside the room. Her pink panties clung to her ass slightly exposing the top of her ass and showed a lot of cheek.

"Like what you see, sir?" Sarah had woken up and noticed him staring. She smiled and wiggled her ass at him while slightly parting her legs.

Travis bent over to give her a kiss, as he cupped her ass in his hand giving it a squeeze. "I might have to make a more thorough investigation lieutenant."

"Oh really?" Sarah giggled as she lifted her ass off the bed, "does this help , sir?"

Travis kneeled on the bed his cock pressing at his boxers. He rubbed his hand over one ass cheek to the next and down her thigh. She parted her legs as he slid his hand back up her inner thigh and briefly cupped her sex pressing his finger hard into her panties and feeling her moisture through them. "These are not regulation undergarments I see."

"I'm so sorry colonel. I guess you will have to remove them for me." Sarah reached for his boxers as he slid her panties down her thighs. "I didn't notice that you were standing at attention, let me return your salute."

Sarah moved her head and took his cock into her mouth. She licked the head before sliding down toward his base. Travis could feel her moan when he reached back to her and touched her clit. His fingers parted her lips as she sucked him in and out of her mouth.

She moaned again and let him fall out of her mouth when he slipped a finger inside of her. "Thank you, sir, how may I be of service to you."

Travis didn't respond but moved between her legs. He placed his cock at the entrance to her sex and pushed it in slowly. Sarah tried to force her hips back, but Travis grabbed her hips and held her still. "I didn't give you permission to move lieutenant."

"Yes, sir." Sarah lowered her head between her arms and let Travis control the pace.

Travis withdrew and rhythmically entered her more and more with each thrust. He could tell Sarah was close as she reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

"I'm cumming sir," Sarah moaned. Travis pulled out and pushed in one more time before Sarah pushed her hips into Travis as much as she could. He felt her orgasm by the contractions on his cock as he held her hips in place.

When Sarah finished he started to pump in and out of her, faster and faster. He felt Sarah pushing back at him every time he thrust.

"I'm close babe," Travis grunted.

Sarah pulled herself from his grip and turned around to take him in her mouth. She licked the head of his cock as she stroked his shaft, he grunted as he cam in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and looked up at him with a smile.

Sarah rolled off the bed and headed to the bathroom. She let her panties that were around her knees fall to the floor with her bra as Travis watched her go.

She had started calling him 'sir' in the bedroom after he had told her how Lieutenant Driver had said to him, 'it's unbecoming of an officer to sleep with junior members of their staff.' He found out later that Sarah had started telling Driver all of the details every time they had sex to make her squirm. He also had noticed that she had been getting more turned on by the role-playing even if it was only half pretend.

He heard the shower turn on in the bathroom, "the shower is ready, sir." He shook his head and smiled as he followed her in.


Travis was just about ready to leave and Amanda was late again. Lt. Driver sighed aloud and looked at her watch. Her and Sgt. Rodriguez were going with him, Scott, and Greg on a patrol west of town. Additionally the mayor and Amanda were going with them to warn the farmers and people in the low laying areas that a hurricane was coming and going to hit tomorrow.

They got word yesterday that the storm had made landfall on the coast of Alabama and was heading north up the mountains. From what they were hearing it was a big one. Yesterday everyone was working to get the tents taken down as word was being spread to warn everyone. They only had one area left to warn people. Lt. Driver's platoon was going to bunk in the cabin until the storms passed so all of the militia were staying in town.

Ananda pulled up and apologized for being late. Travis noticed that she wasn't wearing her uniform that was supplied to everyone in the militia. The uniforms for the militia were a different style from the regular army so that they could tell each other apart.

"Short shorts and a tank top," Travis said while looking her up and down. He liked the thigh holster as he was again reminded of the shower he interrupted.

"That's my fault Travis," David spoke up, "some of the guys in the mountains west of here don't like the government too much, and I thought Amanda and I could talk to them easier if she wasn't in uniform."

Travis nodded, "let's go then." Travis got into his truck, Sgt. Rodriguez was driving with David and Amanda in the back of the cab. Lt. Driver rode with Greg and Scott in the Wangler behind them.

They hadn't been using the military vehicles because they had no way to replace the gasoline. The governor had told Travis that they were trying to work out a deal with Texas to get more fuel for their military from the refineries. Although most vehicles ran off of fuel cells, the military was still mostly diesal powered because of the horsepower they needed for their vehicles. That left it up to the militia to use their personal vehicles to get around. With most of the militia staying in town because of the storm most of the platoon was stuck at the cabin for the day, Amanda's car was the only one there now for their use.

The day was very productive. They didn't have any trouble because of the uniforms. Most places were glad for the warning and they started to prepare even before they left.

On their way to the outer reaches of the county, Travis was looking at the maps marking down the houses that didn't appear on them. "What about down there?" Travis asked as they came down one hill and crossed a steam.

"What place?" Sgt. Rodriguez asked looking around while he slowed down.

"There." Travis pointed to a break in the foliage.

"Good eye Travis," David replied. "That's the entrance to old Will's place. We don't need to stop I saw him in town yesterday."

"I don't even see anyplace back there." Rodriguez said as he continued across the creek.

"It's actually a couple miles up the mountain, he likes his privacy." David looked at his checklist, "next place should be ahead on the left."

"You mean William McCoy?" Amanda asked suddenly.

"Yes, how did you know that?" David asked.

"Oh, I ah... met him once when I was out with Sarah."

Travis got the same feeling he did whenever he had seen Sarah and Amanda together but thought it was some kind of deja vu.

Daivd snapped Travis out of his thought as he explained what they would be coming up to. "They keep a wooded lot between them and the road it's quite easy to miss actually."

They pulled up to the house and were greeted by the wife Emma. She was probably in her 50s Travis guessed as she went to call her husband in from the barn.

"Travis Friar," a large man walked in, "nice to finally meet you, I'm Gabe my sons are out in the fields working right now."

"That's alright Gabe," David said, "we've come go warn you..."

"About the hurricane? Bill told me yesterday." Emma came back into the room with a few glasses. "Drink anyone?"

Travis accepted along with David, "sir?" Lt. Driver questioned.

"It's ok, you too Amanda," Travis nodded towards the women, the others were outside.

"I've been hearing some strange things from the other side if the ridge." Gabe said as he took a sip. "People are getting worried."

"What do you mean?" David asked.

"Rumor is that there are some gangs running things."

"I wouldn't worry about that Gabe, there hasn't been any reports of activity here, plus we have it covered now."

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