Harem Days Ch. 03


As Mrs Aziz lay back now into the arms of her daughter, whose elegant hands massaged and explored and caressed her full body, I began to finger my own cunt with my right hand while my left made love to my own breasts.

'Do I turn you on Tiffany? Is this how you imagined me? Is this what you wanted?'

'Oh yes, yes. Your making me so horny - my cunt is dripping, darling, I'm sooo wet. This is better than I could ever have imagined - and I love your body hair. It's so beautiful - you are so beautiful. Please kiss me and rub your body against mine. I need you, baby, please don't tease me...'

Mrs Aziz allowed herself to be pulled down onto my waiting body and her breasts sunk against mine as she smothered me with her love. I parted my legs wide to receive her and then closed them around her, wanting to lock her between my legs. Mrs Aziz was on fire with desire and kissed and sucked and licked and nibbled me with unbridled passion. Between kisses and groans she continued to talk dirty to me, knowing that I loved to be fucked verbally as well as physically.

'Oh, my lesbian whore. I've been panting for you since you replied to my ad, since I saw your photo. I've been horny for you for days, masturbating my hairy cunt. God your bodies so kinky, so hot and randy. I'm sorry I teased you with that servant. I wanted to make you jealous, to see how much you wanted me. He was never serious. I play with men - but I love women. It was naughty of me. But its you who gets me aroused, you I desire, you I want...'

I was clawing at Mrs Aziz, my own passion equally strong. Lifting her arm above my head I pressed my face into her hairy armpit, losing myself in the luxuriance of her feminine hair. I drew the air deep through my nose, wanting to capture every scent of this woman's arousal, my tongue stirring and lapping up her juices. Mrs Aziz supported the back of my head with her other hand, pulling my face against her arm pit, helping me nurse at this soft and intimate place.

'I'm glad you like my hair, darling. I love to be natural, to let my body express itself as it will. Mumtaz loves me like this and never lets me shave. I'm so glad that it turns you on too my love. Here, don't neglect mummy's other arm...'

Mrs Aziz rolled from me and onto her back, her breasts resting on either side of her body. She placed both hands above her head, exposing to me her hairy arm pits. I straight away made for her right arm pit and again licked and kissed my lover - though this time taking it slow, knowing how much it turned her - and me - on. I used my tongue forcibly this time, running back and forth, up and down, my darling's soft skin. She was groaning and rocking her head from side to side and juice was oozing from her pours, letting off the most erotic aroma of desire.

Drawn to her mother's arousal Mumtaz now slid her pregnant form alongside and began to kiss first her breasts and then her other armpit.

Each of us now was kissing and licking Mrs Aziz's luxuriant hair. She was groaning softly, lifting her head to plant a kiss first on her daughter's cheek and then mine. Her soft body was squirming between her younger lovers and I placed my hand on her stomach, caressing her rippling flesh and allowing my fingers to trace their way through her cunt hair. Lowering her left arm, Mrs Aziz placed her hand over mine and eased it down to her waiting pussy until my fingers were touching the exposed lips of her cunt and the wet humid hair of her ripe mature pussy.

'Ohh Tiffany baby, love mummy's hairy pussy. My lesbian pussy's aching for your touch...ahhhh yes, that's it, just there, that feel's so good, so good. Feel my juices, darling, my heat - its for you two, my girls, my babies....Don't stop, Tiffany, don't stop loving me with your fingers....go on, push your finger in, keep it in, that's it. And another darling, two fingers please....Ohhh, that's good that's good - I love having your oriental fingers in me, I love it....'

I was easing my index and middle finger in and out of my lover's cunt. She was wet and horny and oozing slick juice and my fingers slipped back and forth easily. I looked up to see that Mrs Aziz was being supported in the arms of her daughter, the two women locked in a deep French kiss. Knowing she was ready I joined a third finger, easing it into her deep wet pussy.

'God you're so wet, darling, you're so ready to be fucked by my fingers. I love your mature pussy - it's so ripe and pungent and dripping with desire. Your hair is so wet, too, I want to lick up every last drop of your honey with my tongue, I want to worship at your cunt. But first I want to fuck you full and deep like no man can fuck you. Can you take four of Tiffany's fingers - can you, darling, tell me darling....'

'Yes, girl, yes, I want your fingers - all of them. Fist me with your slender oriental hand - fuck me with your hand, use my pussy, fill me darling please....'

I had never fisted a woman before, but Mrs Aziz's urgent desire and her oh-so-wet and sloppy cunt drew me unquestioningly on. My four fingers eased into her dark and hungry cunt quite easily and I gently moved them back and forth, manipulating her pulsating clit with my thumb and marvelling at her distended cunt lips as they slid against my pale skin. As I continued to love my woman's cunt with my fingers I leant forward and pressed my tongue against her clit. She cried out loudly and her daughter pulled her against her milk-full tits for support, clasping her dishevelled hair.

'Go on Tiffany, fuck my mummy now, she's ready, she can take it...this is what she wants....'

Pulling back my hand I joined my thumb to the other four fingers and keeping it pressed flat against my palm I slid my hand past the thick mat of black hair, past the fleshy mature lips of her cunt, and into her vagina. Gradually I pressed, moving forward slowly, half an inch at a time. The knuckle of my thumb disappeared, and then the widest part of my hand was at her cunt, and then it was in, my hand was in my lover, her cunt gripping me tight, her juices lubricating my every movement. It was an extraordinary feeling - it felt as if I were becoming part of this woman, that we were one and indivisible, that she was taking me into herself.

'Oh my god, you've taken me, you've taken my hand you lesbian whore. No woman has given me this much. Your cunt is awesome, I love it. I want to service your mature pussy with my young hand, my young fingers, my young mouth every night. You're one horny dyke and you need two horny dykes like me and Mumtaz to satisfy you, don't you? Isn't that right? Show me, go on, show me how much juice there is in this old pussy, give me all you've got...'

Moving my hand back and forth was too much for my lover to long stand. She was in agony, writhing and twisting in her daughter's arms, crying and groaning, sweat emanating from every pour, her ample fleshy frame shaking with desire. Finally she arched her back and reached up across the bed with her arms and let out a scream that would have woken every servant in the house. Scream followed scream as she experienced her orgasm, releasing yet more of her honey juice as I struggled to maintain my rhythm, driving her to the edge of desire, urging her on and glorying in my ability to bring this woman such release.

Only when the orgasm had run its course did she reach down and push my hand from her, which I gently did. It was slick and wet and dripping with my darling's love. Mrs Aziz was on her back now, her body panting hard and her face covered by her hands. Mumtaz beckoned me towards her and I crawled up to join the two women, offering my juice-soaked hand to Mumtaz. She lifted it to her mouth and kissed the back before slowly taking each finger in turn, lovingly exploring its length, not wishing to miss any of her mother's desire.

'This tastes so good. Mummy's cunt is so delicious - and to eat her juices of your charming hand is even more special. You fucked her so well, Tiffany. I've never seen mummy so completely taken, I've never seen her orgasm so hard. You are a special person, Tiffany, you really are...'

Mumtaz kissed her way up my arm, tracing her tongue across my neck and then planting a kiss on my waiting lips. Her kisses were as erotic as her mother's, yet subtly different. Truly, I felt I was in Sapphic heaven. As we kissed Mumtaz took my hands and placed them on her breasts.

'Feel my breasts, Tiffany, feel their weight. They're full, darling, full of milk. I need to express myself darling, to release my milk. Mummy feeds on breasts each night. Would you like to join her, darling? I've got milk to spare - if you want it...'

To enter into a breast-feeding relationship with another woman was one of my most intense fantasies. Naturally I was not going to pass on such an erotic opportunity. I looked deep into Mumtaz's eyes and ran my hands gently over her tender breasts.

'Mumtaz I would love to suckle at your breasts. I would love to drink down your essence and relieve your pressure. It would be an honour my love - and a deeply erotic one...'

Taking my left hand in her right, Mumtaz shifted her pregnant body back up to the head of the bed and propped herself up against the pillows. She spread her legs and then beckoned me to lay my head on her lap. As I did so she lifted her full right breast and lowered the nipple to my mouth. I opened it and took in the teat. Gently at first, and then more forcibly, I began to suck. Mumtaz stroked my hair and sighed gently.

'That's it baby, suckle at my breast. It feels so good. I'm going to let-down soon, baby, I'm close. Mmm suck me, darling, suck me - my milk's coming girl - keep sucking, it's all yours, all yours...'

A jet of warm sweet liquid hit the roof of my mouth, then another, and another. My lover was giving me her gorgeous juice and I relished the intimacy of the moment. Having fucked her mother only a few minutes ago I was now sharing a different, yet equally intense, unity with the daughter. Mumtaz gently squeezed her breast, encouraging her milk to discharge into my thirsty mouth. We settled into a delightful rhythm as I lay on my lover's lap, receiving her wonderful feminine gift. The revelry was only broken by the husky voice of Mrs Aziz.

'Mmm, how beautiful my babies look. Aren't my daughter's breasts so sexy Tiffany, and Isn't her milk delicious? Do you mind if we share...I know there's plenty for both of us...'

Mrs Aziz leant across her daughter and began to kiss her breast. As she approached the nipple she pushed out her tongue and insinuated it between my mouth and the teat. I opened my milky mouth to kiss my older lover before easing myself to one side to allow Mrs Aziz to suckle at her daughter's breast. Mumtaz sighed and began to manipulate her left breast.

I knew that this too would need emptying and walked around the bed to cuddle up to darling and take her left breast into my mouth. Quickly she let down her milk and again I was feeding from her body. She leaned back and gave herself up to nursing her lesbian lovers, her mother at her right breast, me at her left. For many minutes we fed at her breasts while Mumtaz pleasured her pussy with her fingers. It was only when Mumtaz was quite spent and we had taken all her breasts had to offer did Mrs Aziz and I share a lazy milky-wet kiss, each licking the droplets of milk from the other's chins.

Exhausted and fulfilled we each of us nestled against Mumtaz's heavily pregnant body. I placed a hand on her belly, which was shortly followed by Mrs Aziz's. Mumtaz then lowered her hand to ours and we three women slept with our fingers entwined. And so that night were established bonds of love and dependence as well as desire. Our harem was complete and each of us knew that we would never be without the love of another woman.

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