tagRomanceHarley Girl

Harley Girl

byGrey Eagle 286©

I was shining on a gas tank I had just waxed when I saw the bike go by. I didn't recognize the bike or it's rider but I did know by the sound it made right after it passed that it threw a rod. Ten minutes later it was pushed to my shop door. My heart almost stopped when he walked in. He was gorgeous, a real hunk. He walked up to me and smiled, "I see you guys work on Harleys. I think mine is very sick."

I looked into those sky blue eyes and my heart just melted. I couldn't speak, I just nodded.

"Can your mechanic fix it?"

"Yes, sounded like you threw a rod. It will take a few days. I have a couple jobs ahead of you."

He smiled and I was lost forever. I mentally kicked my ass, he was not for me, no one was. He said, "can I use your phone to call a cab?"

"Where are you going down that street? Only one house down there. You are not going to see Maryann are you?"

"I sure am, I am going to ask her to marry me."

"Mister, I don't think you should go down there right now, is she expecting you?"

"No, She is expecting me later, but I got off early. Do you have a phone I can use to get a cab?"

"Why don't you take this bike here. When you get back you can call your cab."

"Hey, that would be great. See you later." He wheeled the Harley out the door and climbed aboard. He pushed the starter and it roared to life. He warmed it up for a bit and took off down the dirt road. I kept shining the tank. I could picture his face in my mind. I would never be able to forget it. I heard the Harley coming back. He stopped in front of the door. He walked to the Coke machine and dropped some coins in. He looked at me and asked if I wanted one. I shook my head.

He walked over to me, "You were wrong, I am glad I went down there. She was having sex with three guys. I am glad I found out now. Did you know?"

"I guessed, I know her pretty well."

"Are you here alone today?"

"Every day."

"You do all this beautiful restoration work yourself?"

"Yep! I sure do. I get all the basket cases nobody else will tackle."

"Would you do me a favor?"


Take off that surgeons mask so I can se your face?"

"No, it never comes off."

"What? Never?"

"Not when anyone is around. I don't have a face."

"What do you mean?"

"Please leave it alone, if you must know I went off that bike hanging up there at fifty miles an hour and landed on my face. I don't have a face any more."

"God, that bike is a ball of steel and rubber, you lived through that?"

"Sometimes I wish I hadn't."

"Would you please let me look at your face?"

"Hell no, now, why don't you call your cab and leave me alone."

"Look, you rebuild bikes, I rebuild faces. I'm a doctor."

He pulled out his wallet and handed me a card.

Dr. Jonas L. Lambert, M.D.

Plastic Surgery, Facial Reconstruction

Shands Medical Center

Gainesville, Florida

"Please let me look at you. We do wonderful things now." I looked at him for a while, then said to myself, 'what the hell, get rid of him now, he will never be back.'

"OK." I reached behind my head and loosened the mask and pulled it off. I had to give him credit he didn't flinch. He didn't run either like some do when they see my face. He looked at it very carefully. He gently turned my face so he could see all angles. He softly touched my face many places.

He looked in to my eyes with those wonderful eyes of his and said, "Not bad, not too bad at all. Do you have a picture of how you looked before?" I turned and went to my big desk. I handed him two framed eight by tens. He carried them to a better light. He looked at me, "I don't understand, this is Maryann."

"No that was me. The other picture is the two of us, we are twins. My name is Savanna."

"Maryann is your sister?"

"Yes she is, not that you would know it. She hasn't been in here in ten years, comes by here every day, never even looks this way."

"How is the rest of your body?"

"Not too bad, if having only half of one breast left is your bag of tea."

"Would you show me?"

"I usually don't show my boobs on the first date, but since you are a doctor, here, take a look." I unzipped my coverall and let him look. He reached out and felt my chest all over. I still had feeling in some places and I wished he would never stop feeling me. I felt myself getting wet between my legs. Damn he had good hands. He looked in my eyes again. Then down at my mouth. "Don't you have trouble drinking and eating?"

"Yes I do. I have to wear a bib and drink from a squirt bottle. I am very messy, I never let anyone see me eat or drink. As a matter of fact I only let a few people see me at all. You have seen more of me than anyone has since I left the hospital.

"Why didn't they fix this then?"

"No money, no insurance."

"They still should have fixed it. Let me see something."

He pulled some sort of electronic gadget from his shirt pocket. He punched some buttons and watched it print out something on a small screen. "How about Monday, my office, eight o'clock in the morning."

"For what?"

"For x-rays, photos and consultations."

"Hey, I still have no money and what insurance I have won't cover preexisting injuries."

"Doesn't matter, you have me. I will not let you go through life like this, never happen, just please be there. I see you have pictures of your best restorations on these wrecked Harleys, I want you to see my work too."

I heard the roar of a bunch of motorcycles coming down the road. I zipped up my coveralls and put my mask back on. Fifteen bikes pulled up and parked in front of the shop.

Fifteen very large bikers walked in the shop and filled it up. The leader looked at me, then at Jonas. "I see you been cryin' babe, this guy bothering' you?"

"Oh! No Mike, he is a doctor, he wants to try and fix my face."

Mike looked at Jonas, "can you do that Doc?"

"I can't guarantee she will look exactly like she did before the accident, but it should be damned close."

"God Damn!" He looked at the rest of the riders. They all nodded. "Savanna don't know this but we been saving up to get her face fixed. We know it won't be cheap. We have almost forty eight thousand dollars saved up, will that help?"

I said, "Forty eight thousand dollars. Oh! Mike," I put my arms around him and hugged him. "I wish I could kiss each and every one of you." I was crying and couldn't stop. Jonas held his hand up. "Guys that is really wonderful, for right now I can cover it. I'll let you know if I need more. You guys must really love this little girl."

"Doc, any or all of us would die for her. She is the very best. We just want to be able to see her smile."

I couldn't stop crying.

"Damn it Gal, if you don't stop bawling we are goin' riding without ya."

I sniffled some and Jonas gave me his hanky, I dried my eyes and said. "Let me change into my riding gear and lock up, then we can go, do you want to ride with us Jonas, you can ride one of my bikes or I will ride behind you.?"

He locked those baby blues on me and grinned. "I would love to ride with you guys, I don't have anything else to do." My heart leapt at the thought of having my arms around him all afternoon. I ran and changed into a blue jump suit, but on my boots and grabbed my helmet. "I'll just ride with Jonas." I saw his helmet had an intercom, so we were going to be able to talk to each other and to talk to the other riders. I locked up and we roared off. Jonas surprised me by how well he handled the Harley. He was as smooth as silk. I leaned forward and rested against his big back. I heard his voice say, "Savanna, are you OK."

"I am fine, I hope you don't mind me hugging your back, I never get to do this. You have a very comfortable back."

"No problem, I like the way it feels too." We rode for several hours and then riders started peeling off and we were alone.

"Savanna, I know you never eat with anyone around, but I am hungry, we are only about five minutes from my house. I can fix almost anything you would like or I can stop and get it if I don't have it. You can eat behind me, or I can put a screen between us if you want."

"Jonas that sounds just fine, I am hungry too. I eat almost everything. What do you crave right now?"

"I can't tell you that and you wouldn't believe me if I told you. So I'll have to settle for second best, I have some leftover flank steak. I would like to slice it real thin, cook some onions and green peppers. Put it on a steak roll and cover it with mozzarella cheese and grill it under the broiler. How does that sound?"

"Wow! That has me drooling more than usual." I felt him laugh. "We'll be there soon Savanna." I love to hear him say my name. Oh well! A girl can dream can't she. We soon pulled up in front of his place. It was very large. He showed me around the house and I was awed by the size and beauty of the house. He grinned at me with that little boy grin of his that turned me to mush. "I had an interior designer furnish it for me. I never could have picked out all this stuff. Do you like it?"

"Oh! I love it. It suits you to a tee."

"Explore if you want, while I get dinner ready. I am a good cook." I went through the house, saw pictures of him with people I took to be his family. They did not appear to be wealthy. I saw pictures of him with many pretty girls, I was jealous. I shook it off and went to find him. I knew it was not to be. I would just have to cherish this time with him.

"Ah! There you are, I was afraid you got lost. Dinner is almost ready, the sandwiches are under the broiler now. Just now starting to brown, it will only be a second more."

He pulled the baking sheet from the oven and shut it off. The sandwiches looked really perfect. He had placed a piece of plywood between a bunch of books so that when we sat down I could just see his eyes. He placed a plate on each side and pulled out my chair for me as if I were a lady instead of just a motorcycle mechanic. I loved him for that gesture. The steak sandwich was utterly delicious. I loved to watch his eyes, he seemed to be always looking at me. We finished and he led me to his den. We sat side by side on a leather couch. We talked about every thing. I don't know when he put his arm around me, it felt so natural and comforting. I leaned against him feeling his warmth. I savored the feeling, wanting to be able to remember it when I was cold and alone at night in my own bed. He said something to me and I realized I had fallen asleep. He kissed my forehead and said, "Savanna, it is after two in the morning. I think you should stay here tonight."


"It sounds as if it is raining outside, I hear thunder in the distance. It is not a good time to be on the road, tomorrow is Sunday, spend the night with me."

My heart beat rose to about four hundred beats a minute. I looked at him, "I hate thunder storms, they scare me to death. I can sleep here on the couch."

"Nonsense, you can sleep in my spare room or you can sleep with me. I will promise not to do any thing but cuddle you if you like."

" I have nothing to wear."

"Have some T-shirts that should come to your knees."

"Alright but I need a shower, I am dirty from working this, oops, I mean yesterday morning." He locked up and showed me to the master bedroom. He opened a drawer and said, "help your self." I picked a huge white t-shirt and he handed me a bath towel. I went into his bath and undressed. I undid my hair, unbraiding it and letting it hang free. It hung below my ass. I got in the shower and washed my hair using his shampoo. When I was through I dried my hair put on his shirt. Wrapped my hair in the towel and put my mask on.

He was laying on the bed. He was wearing sleep pants and no shirt. His chest was highly muscled and his shoulders broad. What I could see of his tummy was like a washboard.

I asked, "Do you have a hair brush I could borrow?"

He jumped off the bed and opened the top drawer to his dresser and handed me a brush. I sat on the side of the bed and unwound the towel from my hair. I brushed it out as he watched.

"Your hair is like spun gold, just beautiful. I didn't realize it was so long."

"I don't remember, but when I am working I usually braid it and wrap it in a cloth tube and keep it under my jump suit. Long hair can be a hazard when you are working with machinery."

That's when the first clap of thunder hit. I started shaking, He threw back the covers on his bed and pushed me down. He turned off the light and slipped into bed behind me. He pulled me close to him and comforted me. He told me he wouldn't let anything hurt me. He would protect me. I wiggled back against him. I felt the warmth from his body against my back. It was heavenly until another even louder blast of thunder seemed to rock the house. I was shivering with fear. His arms went around me and he held me tightly. I could feel him becoming aroused and couldn't believe it. He was aroused by ME? I wanted to touch him but was afraid I would burst the bubble. I could feel it pressing against my rear end. It felt huge. I tried to relax but the feel of it had my juices flowing, I had not been close to a man in ten years. I was trembling, not from fear but from desire. I bit what was left of my lips. I couldn't help it, I moaned a little bit. God how I wanted him. He kissed my ear and I almost went ballistic. "Are you OK?" he asked. I started to cry, I just couldn't help it. "What is wrong dear girl." I sat up and threw the covers off and tried to get up. He held me tight. "What is wrong girl. Talk to me."

"I can't stand the way you feel against my back."

"I am sorry, I couldn't help it. You just feel so good in my arms. I'm sorry. I won't touch you again."

"No, I love the way you feel. No one has touched me since the wreck. I want to touch you."

I heard him sob, "Oh! Sweetheart, I didn't think, I am so foolish. Please forgive me. Let me love you."

"OH yes, yes, please love me, I can't stand not having you inside me." He moved me on to my back. He pushed up the shirt and kissed my belly button. It was like an electric shock jolted me. His hand moved to my mound and caressed me there. I was in heaven. This wonderful man was loving me. His kisses moved down and over my mound, then I felt him spread my legs and his hands were on my vulva, Gently parting and kissing. I felt his lips find my clit and pull on it. His tongue made swirls around it, I am jerking as a huge orgasm sweeps over me. I murmur that I need him inside me. I feel the pressure of the tip of his cock against the entrance to my vagina. I feel his big member slip in a little ways then pull out. Then it was back and pushing harder until it slipped all the way in. It filled me as I had never been filled before. He began stroking in and out. It was the best sensation of my whole life. I was having continuous orgasmic spasms now, I felt I could not control my legs as they wrapped around his middle. My heels were pressing him deeper. I felt joy washing over me in great waves. Everything grew dim, then black.

I felt hot drops on my eyes. I opened them and heard him crying my name over and over. I saw him looking at my face, his tears dropping on me. I smiled at him and knew he couldn't see it. I reached up and touched his wonderful face. He wiped his eyes and said, "are you alright?"

"Yes I am. I am better than alright. I am deliriously happy. Thank you so much for the most wonderful gift of my life. Thank you for pleasing an ugly thing like me, I will never forget your kindness in doing this for me."

"Don't ever say that again, I won't stand for it. You are beautiful. I will not talk to you again if I hear you say that. You are a little marred right now, I am going to fix that. I don't love your face, I love the person behind your face. And I was not doing you a favor, I was filling my need to love and please you. I have wanted you all afternoon. You are the sweetest girl I ever met. I don't want to let you out of my sight. I love being near you."

"Do you mean all that?"

"Yes I do."

"Can I stay here until tomorrow and I can follow you to your office."

"Yes, please, that would be wonderful. You know I am breaking every rule in the book don't you. A doctor is never supposed to become involved with his patients. Those rules made sense to me until yesterday when I met you."

"OH! Jonas, are you sure you just don't feel sorry for me?"

"NO, I don't feel sorry for you. I am only sorry you had to suffer so long. You are not someone to be pitied, you are successful at what you do. All those riders love you. You are an amazing strong woman. I love talking to you, sharing things and feelings with you. You make me feel good when I am near you. No pity involved."

We made love many times on Sunday, I was happiest after dark when I could take my mask off and love him with my tongue. And rub my poor face against him. I licked every inch of him. I was as happy as a lark.

Monday I rode with him to his office. He had an elegant office. His secretary made me jealous, She was beautiful.

I was photographed from every possible angle. Lines were drawn on my body and face and photos taken again. I was put in a machine that measured every spot on my face. Other doctors came in and looked at me, some at my face, some at my chest. I was getting tired when Jonas came in and grinned at me. "All done." he said. "Can I take you to lunch and then drive you home?"

"To lunch where?"

"Why at my house of course. We can pick something up on the way. Burger King, Mickey D., Taco Bell, What ever you want."

"Let's get what you want?"

"I want a burger, then I want you, before I have to take you home. I have to operate at four this afternoon. Do you want me to pick you up for dinner?" Maybe you could spend the night?"

"Oh! Jonas, You know I want to spend the night, are you sure you want me to?"

"You know damned well I do. I am not worth a damn if I have to worry about how you are, I can't rest, or think about things I need to do when I worry about you."

"Why do you worry about me, I am a big girl. I wonder about you too. There are so many beautiful girls around your work. How can I possibly compete?"

"There is not a contest Savanna, if I am the prize, you have already won."

"Oh! Jonas, you make me tingle all over. I love you."

Two weeks later I went under Jason's knife. They did every thing at one time. It was a nineteen hour operation. When I woke up Jason was there, holding my hand. He smiled at me and said, "Every thing went just great, things were not as bad as we expected. Lots of parts of your body will be sore for a while. We had to steal skin and tissue from all over. You will be almost as beautiful as you were. Don't forget you were ten years younger. We had to allow for a little ageing. You won't look a day over fifty."

"That won't be bad if people can look at me and not throw up."

"I can guarantee that, dear girl."

Two months later I sat in Jonas' office and they removed the final bandages. I knew I had complete lips, with feeling in them and all. I could feel that I had breasts again and the nipples were sensitive. Jonas stepped back after the last bandage was off. He looked at me and grinned, "Do you want to see?"

"Yes, oh! Yes!" He handed me a mirror. I made myself look. I was amazed. I saw a lovely face looking back at me. I Blinked and it blinked. It was me. I had to put my hands up and touch it. I smiled and the face in the mirror smiled. "Wow!" He said, "Savanna take off your gown and look at your body." I opened the gown then let it drop in amazement. My breasts were beautiful, larger than I remembered. They were a young girls breasts with no sag and erect nipples. I rubbed my hands over them and felt a tingle go down my spine. I had feeling in the nipples. Jason had told me that that might not be. I felt my eyes cloud up with tears. I couldn't believe I was so beautiful. I threw my arms around his neck. I kissed him and felt his tongue slip between my lips. It was wonderful. I had known for some time that I could eat and drink like a normal person. Now I could kiss like one.

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