tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHarley Rides a Bat

Harley Rides a Bat

bySean Renaud©

When Barbara had been a little girl there were only two kinds of people out in Gotham after dark, victims and criminals. That had changed seven years ago when he had arrived seemingly from no where. In Gotham most people could clearly divide the history of their city into two distinct eras. Before the Bat and After. After the Bat arrived in Gotham there were three kinds of people out in Gotham after dark. Victims, criminals and heroes. For the first few years he'd been the only heroic vigilante stalking the streets of Gotham. Then came the Boy Wonder, Robin. Then came Nightwing. Finally there was the Dark Damsel, Batgirl.

Heroes unfortunately weren't the only ones inspired by the Bat. While it was true that before he'd arrived the only people who dared walk Gotham after dark were either predators or stupid at least they were run of the mill thugs. They ran the range from purse snatcher to mob enforcer but there hadn't been crazed clowns gassing entire neighborhoods in those days either. No eco-terrorists feeding people to carnivorous plants. There was a time before their District Attorney had been horrifically scarred and started carrying around a two headed quarter with one of the heads scratched off.

Occasionally Barbara missed those simple days.

This, however, was not one of those times.

Barbara was certain she'd never get over the rush of seeing a man's eyes widen not with lust but with terror. It was always the same. She'd swoop in over them, make sure they saw the shadow of the bat covering their own. They'd turn expecting to find him in a blind panic. Most of them wouldn't even know that they'd been targeted not by the Batman but by the Batgirl. It wouldn't matter either way. It turned out only the stupid ones were any less worried about because she was a girl. There was an extremely satisfying sort of 'whoosh' noise they all made when she landed on their shoulders driving them face first into the pavement and gracefully flipped away. Sometimes they'd be smart enough to just stay down but that was the exception to the rule. Most of them at least pulled a knife and came up swinging. Barbara occasionally wondered what would happen if the criminals in Gotham ever started taking martial arts or even joined a good gym. They were almost invariably winded in less than a minute and she could dance all night.

Those were all the things that usually happened. Tonight that usual formula started going a bit askew at the first step. The man was supposed to be terrified of the Bat's shadow but this man wasn't. He wasn't afraid, he wasn't even a man. Barbara was already committed to her attack when the figure turned around and dropped the heavy trench coat revealing her black and red spandex.

It was Harlequin. Recognizing the blonde contortionist threw Barbara off balance not that it really mattered. Harley easily rolled with the impact of the Batgirl the two female forms tumbling for a few feet before Harley came to a stop on top of the vigilante. They were close enough in strength that Barbara only made one attempt to slip her wrists from the clown girl's grasp. "Gotcha Batbitch!" Harley exclaimed with an enormous smile. Batgirl squirmed slightly beneath her captor trying to gauge if she could wrap her legs around the Harley and haul her off. "Ah ah ah." The clown girl shifted her hips down from Barbara's waist down to her thighs cutting off that particular plan.

"What do you want?" Batgirl turned away from Harley. Of all the lunatic criminals in Gotham Harley was one of the few that Barbara couldn't stand to look eye to eye for more than a moment. It was because the eyes truly were windows to the soul and most of the criminals had black souls. That wasn't true with Harley though. Harley was at worst a dingy grey and often times it seemed to Barbara that she was actually a blank slate who wanted so badly to belong somewhere, to someone, that she lost herself in whoever would accept her. If Barbara allowed herself to look into Harley's soul she wanted to hold her and tell her it was going to be okay instead of knocking her out.

Harley wriggled her hips slightly before leaning down crushing her just a bit more than a handful of breast against Batbitch's bat-tits. "Whatcha thinking about?" Harley's voice coming out a playful song. Batgirl remained silent refusing to play games. "I'll tell you what I'm thinking about." Harley twisted so she was nose to nose with the Dark Damsel. "I'm wondering how Bat-lips taste." Without anymore warning she pushed her lips against Batgirl's.

Barbara's eyes widened initially with panic. It had been months since the last time she'd encountered Harley. She couldn't remember if she was currently with Joker, Ivy or on her own. That could be the difference between poison gas, poison lipstick or a genuinely harmless outing. Harley's tongue writhing around in her mouth wasn't helping Barbara to clear her thoughts. Neither was the faint cotton candy taste of Harley's lip gloss. The entire experience was a bit distracting.

So distracting in fact that she didn't notice Harley had released on of her wrists until she felt her own bat-cuffs click shut around her wrist. "What?"

Harley had already secured the other end around her own wrist with a smile. "What? I didn't want to hold your hands the entire time Batbitch." Harley smiled and leaned back into the kiss and this time Batgirl didn't recoil at all. She did however gently roll so she was over her assailant and when their lips parted this time it was Batgirl doing the pinning. "I think I like how you taste. Come to mama!" While the two girls might have been comparably flexible, probably not though, Barbara had to admit that Harley moved like she didn't have any bones in her body. There wasn't a comparison between the two of them in quickness. Harley's attempt to surge up into a third kiss was cut short when Batgirl snagged one of the hair filled pom-poms dangling from either side of her head and pinned her back down to the concrete. "Ow! You're hurting me." Harley's voice dropped an octave from bouncy and playful to playful and sultry. "Do it again. I like it! Ruff!" She snapped her teeth after the back.

Against her better judgment Barbara allowed her eyes to meet up with Harley's. It was only for a second but that scared little girl was there pleading with her. This was just her latest cry for help, desperate for some attention, some human affection. The fact that she tasted like cotton candy wasn't much of a deterrent either. Still armed with a handful of hair Batgirl hauled the comely clown close for a third lip crushing kiss. "Maybe we can go someplace a little more private?" Batgirl suggested twisting Harley's hair.

"And maybe a whole lot softer." Harley added. Batgirl wished she could break away from those baby blue eyes but Harley had her and if this was a trap it was an expertly laid one. Batgirl nodded. "I know just the place c'mon!" Harley slid out from beneath Batgirl with such ease it made Barbara wonder if she'd ever had the criminal pinned. That thought only lasted a few second though.

Harley laced her fingers into Batgirl's and together started skipping down the road. Batgirl tried to resist the urge to skip along side the insane criminal and then fell in sync along side. Who was going to believe that they'd seen Harlequin and Batgirl skipping down the street together? Nobody, it was much safer than trying to be subtle and easier than trying to grapple from the rooftops with her partner in tow. A little part of her honestly didn't mind watching the perky clown's cleavage bouncing with each move.

Their destination wasn't far from where they'd had their encounter. The entrance was hidden behind a thick curtain of what looked like kudzu vines. Batgirl tensed up when she saw the vines moving on their own when Harley reached for the doorknob. "Relax Batbitch, they won't hurt you. Not unless Red's around and even then these one are mostly just to keep hobos from gettin' curious." It was a little late to be worried about a trap anyway so Batgirl exhaled and let Harley drag her into the apartment extremely careful not to touch any of the leaves or vines.

"You live here?" Batgirl gasped. She'd always imagined that the criminals in Gotham lived in dirty little hovels. That was always where they turned up but this was a nice place if a bit disturbing with the combination of plants and clown paraphernalia decorating the walls. It certainly looked comfortable enough especially the king sized bed with a half dozen pillows laid out. Batgirl nearly went airborne when Harley leapt onto the bed.

"Ouch." Batgirl muttered rubbing her shoulder slightly. Harley had an apologetic pout curling her lips and her eyes still had a sad tint. It wasn't like she'd meant to hurt her, Harley was just a bit overexcited. Batgirl reached up gently caressing the clown girl's face then snagged her pom-pom again and gave it a playful yank. "You think I can start your brain if I yank this a few times?" Harley smiled and Batgirl yanked a second time just a little harder this time and Harley responded with her best impression of a motorboat.

She continued on and ultimately pressed her face between Batgirl's breasts shaking her head playfully back and forth until Batgirl yanked her into another kiss. This time though both ladies had a new but identical plans. Batgirl and Harley both tried to play it off as a loving caress that started at the other's cheek and happened to glide around to the back of the neck. Both of them found each other's zipper and both tried to ease it down so slowly that the other wouldn't notice they were being undressed. Both of them pretended not to notice.

"You maybe want to get a little more comfortable?" Batgirl suggested reaching into her utility belt for the key to the cuffs. Batgirl produced the key with a smile and at the same time noticed Harley had some how slipped the cuffs and was peeling off her costume except. "Figures." Batgirl muttered. Harley was already down to just her mask, hoodie, gloves and booties complete with the little frills.

"You look like you could use some help." It wasn't a question or if it was Harley didn't wait for Batgirl to answer her. She barely had enough time to remove her utility belt and toss it off the bed before her criminal companion started yanking her skin tight pants down over her shapely hips and thighs. The fabric turned itself inside out when Harley pulled it down over Batgirl's hips. The combination of strength on the part of Harlequin and gymnastic prowess on the part of Batgirl some how resulted in Batgirl standing on her hands when her pants finally managed to slide over her feet. Harley fell backwards landing on her strawberry shaped ass and Batgirl flopped over onto her stomach just a few scant inches away from Harley's pussy.

"Really?" Barbara deadpanned. She had two tatooes, one of them of a clown face and the other of an Ivy leaf.

"They both wanted to claim me. I can get a Bat-Signal if you like. Then you'll know that I want you cus I can pull down my pants and summon you the same way Gordon shines his in the sky and-" Batgirl cut that conversation short when she hooked her arms beneath Harley's thighs and dragged her forward. Whatever Harley had meant to say was lost in a gasp turned moan. Her ankles crossed behind Batgirl's holding the heroine in place.

Batgirl felt the air crushed from her lungs by the enthusiastic villainess. The idea that Harley was going to smother her flittered across her mind but it was gone as soon as she felt Harley's fingers affectionately rubbing her head through her mask. Every new turn of her tongue twisted Harley a new direction. It took Barbara just a few seconds to realize that she enjoyed this feeling of power immensely. When her tongue went left so did Harley's body, when it went right the strumpet followed and when she suckled on her clit the woman went into little convulsions. Barbara made a mental note to apologize to Nightwing the next time she saw him. She really shouldn't have made fun of him when he complained that her strong yet slender legs could clamp down painfully tight but if she did to him what Harley was doing to her he deserved a medal. Barbara didn't stop slurping and flicking her tongue though, she just turned up the pace slightly. Nightwing had learned quickly that he couldn't escape until she let him go and she wasn't going to let him do anything until she came. Barbara just assumed that Harley was the same way. Fortunately Harley was only a few more licks from an orgasm that seemed like it would blind her with its intensity.

"Wowsers." Harley whispered rolling away from Batgirl who remained in place smiling. "That was serenidiculous." As silently as she could manage Batgirl started gathering her costume. "You're not about to leave are you?" Harley stretched her arms out adorably like a child in need of a hug. Barbara sighed and dropped her things in a heap climbing back onto the bed and crawling into Harley's arms.

"Harley I've got things to do." Barbara whispered. That damn cotton candy lip gloss was back front and center making it difficult for Barbara to keep her head straight. Having her nipples pressed against Harley's was having an equal effect on her already hazy thoughts. "If I'm not back soon. . .he worries."

"B-Man?" Batgirl nodded suppressing a giggle. She'd always found it funny that Harley never called anybody by their name except in the absolute most serious of situations and sometimes not even then. "Oh don't worry about him. He should be busy with Mr. J all night long." Batgirl's eyes widened. "Kidding! I'm just yanking your chain. Don't leave." Batgirl frowned more at herself than anything else. She'd let herself get lost in those eyes once again and she nodded curling up with Harley and pulling the covers up around them both.

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