tagNovels and NovellasHarlotsville Ch. 01

Harlotsville Ch. 01


"Go on, go on. No one's looking."

Betty quiveringly drew in a deep breath and held it in her lungs. Why was her friend asking her to do this? Was it part of some kind of game? It seemed so weird, but she couldn't bring it upon herself to protest. It was hard to say no to Eugenia.

She exhaled, then clutched the sides of her skirt and began to lift it up. A gust of March air brushed her ankles, flapping the hosiery cuffed around them. As she pulled further, she felt the wind on her calves. Her wide eyes darted furtively around the garden.

"Go on," the girl urged again from behind her. She stared down, watching the crucifix around her neck dangle. Her bare feet sunk more deeply into the soil as she bent forward and lifted her skirt all the way up.

Following the rustle of the trees, another gust of air swept over her, causing small goosebumps to rise on her bare and now fully exposed bottom.

"Gosh, you really have a magnificent bum," Eugenia cooed behind her. "It's so awfully plump for a girl so slender as you. And perfectly round."

"Um. Yeah...listen, Eugenia—"

"Kind of unusual, really. It reminds me of those big bouncy rumps I've seen on some of those negress cocottes down in the quarter, only yours is as white as the moon. Haha."

Betty gulped, unsure of what to say. She simply watched her little golden cross bob back and forth, wondering if what she was doing was sinful.

It certainly felt so, even though she couldn't figure exactly how. What would her father think? Her mother? They were only a few yards away. She could hardly bear to imagine what they'd say if they caught her.

"Show me," Eugenia ordered quite tersely. "I wanna see it."

"I...you are seeing it, aren't you?" Betty asked, flustered. "You said you wanted to see my backside."

"That's not what I said. I said I want to see your bum hole. That means I want to see what's between those chubby cheeks of yours, love. Got it?"

"Eugenia!" Betty said, shivering. "That's filthy. Why would you want me to do that?"

"God! Don't be such a prude. I'm just curious, is all. It's not every day you see someone's bum hole, is it? Unless you're one of those arse doctors, what you call 'em. Proctors?"

"Proctologists," Betty corrected, finding her friend's unrefined and perverse manner increasingly difficult to tolerate. "Eugenia...this feels wrong. Maybe you can just find a book on the subject if you're so curious about—"

"Oh, hush. Just spread those big bum cheeks of yours already, before someone catches us."

With a deep sigh, Betty finally complied, hoping to resolve this as quickly as possible. Shutting her eyes tightly, she reached back and spread her ample buttocks by a quarter inch.

"Tsk-tsk! Come on, Betty. I still can't see it, your crack is so bloody deep. Spread it wider," she heard from behind her. Betty pushed her tongue between her teeth and bit down anxiously. She then pulled her fleshy globes apart a few notches farther, hoping this was satisfactory.

She blinked her eyes and paused, waiting for a reaction. Her legs wobbled the minute she heard a suppressed snigger, and her face went almost crimson. She could feel the cold air fanning her exposed anus, and she felt incredibly foolish.

"My word, Betty. It's lovely!" Eugenia tittered. "It looks like a tiny pink star."

"Oh...thank you, I suppose," Betty said, her long dark hair blowing into her eyes. "So we're done now, right? You've seen it, so—"

"You ever wonder how all those poofters do it?"


"You know, queers. They all take it in the arse, don't they?"

"I wouldn't know," Betty said, grimacing. She reflexively tightened her anus, and her buttocks tensed against her grasping fingers, but she remained in place.

She had never considered what queer men do with one another in any great detail. All she knew was that her father said it was sinful, and she was inclined to believe him, if only in the most passive and vague of senses.

"Come on, Betty. You know they're all buggering one another like mad down in the parks and alleyways. Not that I care. I only asked because I just wonder how one would go about openin' up such a small hole like that. For buggery, I mean."

"I don't know. I think...we should stop," Betty said. To her chagrin, she found that her anus flexed uncontrollably as she spoke. She knew Eugenia was deriving joy from seeing every twitch.

"We'll stop soon. Hold still. I just wanna try something first," Eugenia said, dropping to a crouch and fishing around the soil with her fingers. "Y'know, I wish I had a nice garden like this one. My father won't even let me keep a potted plant, he won't. You've got lots of tasty veggies here, don't you?"

Betty nodded silently. She glanced up a moment. Although the slatted garden gate had greenery wreathed around it, disconnected specks of her house were still visible past it, and something there caught her eye.

There on the sill of her distant bedroom window, she hazily glimpsed the pewter angel she'd received one Christmas. It was the last gift she'd ever received from her grandmother.

An upsetting mental image suddenly materialized from her subconscious. She imagined her grandmother's spectral face frowning down at her from the heavens, shaking her head in stern disapproval.

In that moment, Betty felt profoundly unworthy of that simple gift. There was nothing angelic about her participation in this symbolic desecration of her childhood garden. And yet for some reason, she could not stop.

Betty heard Eugenia uproot something up from the soil. Then she heard a spitting sound, and then another. At first this didn't alarm her, as Eugenia had an irritating habit of spitting on the ground, or floor, at will. But then she heard a third expectoration, and then a fourth, and she began to worry.

"Hmm, this should fit," Eugenia said casually. At this peculiar intonation, Betty began to turn her head, but Eugenia was upon her before she could fully grasp what was about to occur.

With a swift movement, Eugenia jabbed the tip of a dirt-encrusted carrot up Betty's rear end. The carrot's tapered end squarely bypassed the girl's tight sphincter.

Betty screamed, much more loudly and desperately than she even realized, and her anal ring immediately fought to restrict the intruding object, scrunching like a vise grip until its momentum slowed.

"Oww! Eugenia!" Betty cried out, her crystal eyes watering over. "What are you doing?! That hurts!" The sensation in her bottom was extremely foreign to her, and she panicked, realizing that it had triggered an urge to run to the toilet.


Eugenia climbed on top of her from behind, using the full weight of her stockier body to bring Betty down to her knees. She then wrangled the struggling girl to the ground, pinning her under her knees and pushing her face into the topsoil.

Betty shrieked, but the sound was muffled by a clump of dirt. She felt Eugenia shove the carrot deeper, thickening as it travelled, and an intense burning sensation shot up her rectum.

"Stop crying, you big baby. It's just a carrot," Eugenia said, grinning as she rapidly sodomized Betty with the saliva-slicked carrot for a few seconds. Betty managed to lift her head up high enough to let out an ear-piercing shriek.

Eugenia cupped her hand over Betty's mouth to mute her wailing, and then grabbed the leafy greens of the carrot, tugging it free from her rear end. With a twist, Betty finally managed to free herself, and then rolled over in disbelief, sobbing catatonically.

"Ew, you got it all stinky," Eugenia said with brattish sadism, sniffing the carrot and laughing. She then paused, cocked her head, and tossed it aside.

"Oh, bother. Pull up your knickers, Betty, I think someone's coming," she said, her voice suddenly a bit fearful.

Betty was greatly confused. Her friend always had a penchant for misbehavior, even when they were little—but why did it now take on such a perverse bent? And there was the searing, alien sensation that lingered in the wake of her violation.

Neither of those things, however, caused as much dissonance as the realization that there was a trail of wetness that now trickled from her sex, and a sudden rigidity to her nipples beyond what could be merely explained by the weather.

What in the world did it mean? She didn't have time to think about it now; she heard someone approaching.

With shaky hands, Betty pawed at her smudged-up hose until they were back up over her thighs. She brushed the dirt and tears from her face, and hurriedly swiped her dress. In a moment, her housemaid swung the garden gate ajar, looking properly concerned.

"My goodness, is everything alright?" the woman asked, looking at the two girls covered in dirt. She spotted the uprooted carrot, but did not make much of it—for why would she?

"Sorry, Annette. A gopher came and surprised us, 'e did. Tried to get that carrot over there. I'm awful scared of rodents, it's a phobia o' mine," Eugenia said with surprisingly convincing innocence in her tone. "But 'e got scared off when you showed up. I'm so glad. Oh gosh, do I hate rodents."

Annette looked at the two girls curiously, then, observing that Betty was quite a bit more unnerved than Eugenia, came over and helped the girl to her feet.

"Oh, is that all? The way you two were screaming, I thought a wolf had attacked you both. Gophers? Is that true, Betty? Your parents have gone through so much trouble to rid us of those horrible critters. What a plague," she said, helping the girl brush herself clean.

Betty merely nodded, as she couldn't bring herself to tell the truth about what really happened. Eugenia's face was now eerily devoid of any of the devilishness she'd displayed moments earlier, and Annette merely seemed to find the girl charmingly silly. This woman had only been working for Betty's family for a few months, and seemed to be unaware of Eugenia's history of troublemaking.

"Girls your age shouldn't be so afraid of a little rodent," Annette said, holding her weathered arms akimbo with her knuckles pressed firmly against her hips.

Eugenia nodded, smiling almost dopily. "You're right, Miss. It was so silly of us to holler as we did, and cause such a ruckus over it. I'm sorry."

A smile slowly inched its way up Anette's doughy face, and she patted them both on the heads.

"Well, I should get back to my work. Turkey's not going to cook itself. Are you staying for dinner tonight, Eugenia?"

"Oh, I would love to, but I have some stuff to do later..." Eugenia said, staring blankly off into the distance for a moment. "But, thank you for asking. I would love to stay for dinner again sometime soon."

"You're welcome anytime, dear," Annette said, adjusting her headscarf and turning to the gate. "Oh, Betty. By the way, your father wrote from the Carolinas to say he'll be delayed by a few days. Should be back by next weekend."

"Okay, Annette," Betty said, glowering at the ground. Annette paused, thinking to ask if anything was bothering her, but then concluded Betty was merely expressing the usual melancholy a young girl feels when family is distant, and she left quietly.

"I should get going," Eugenia said cheerily, picking up her knapsack. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Packing," Betty said, holding back further tears. "I...probably won't have time to entertain visitors."

Eugenia scrunched her bulbous nose and brushed her long blonde hair out of her face. "Oh, I see. Now that you're off to that fancy college I suppose you won't have any more time for me."

"That's not true..." Betty said, wincing as another sting surged through her anus. "I'll, um, write you when I get there..."

"You'd better," Eugenia said deeply, her expression softening. She reached out, patting Betty on the bottom one last time, to which Betty merely tolerated with shut eyes.

As she watch her friend take off, she realized that the crotch of her hosiery was absolutely soaked.

To be continued...

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