tagNovels and NovellasHarlotsville Ch. 05

Harlotsville Ch. 05


(c) Embers

"Attention, gents! May I have your attention, please!"

With wide swoops of her arm, Eugenia raked a bottle back and forth across the balustrade. Even the pub's most crapulous denizens knew it was much too early for last call, and since it was rare that "Easy Eu" ever made announcements otherwise, everyone muted their chatter with piqued curiosity.

"Good evening, all you handsome chaps! I have some news for you. Of course you all know me, Easy Eu, your favorite good-time gal. And some of you may even know that a particular item has been off my menu of late, much to the chagrin of the ardent buggers amongst you. Which, let's be frank, is pretty much the lot of you," she said, forcing a smile.

A handful of gruff chuckles could be heard amongst the men, though the majority of them merely stared with vacant impatience. Although Eugenia had dolled herself up somewhat, with her hair pressed flat and a corset hiking her bust up to bawdy proportions, she knew that her fruits were by now mundanely familiar to these men; she'd have to capture their imaginations quickly.

Keenly aware of their rapidly dissolving attention, she stepped out to a more conspicuous space by the doorway, bounced on her tip-toes, and raised her voice.

"But we have a new girl here at the pub! And she will be offering a special service tonight."

Now the men around her began to mumble with renewed interest, and she used the moment to point towards the velvet gate at the back of the establishment.

"I would like to introduce her to you all," she said, pausing for effect.

"...Her name is Backdoor Betty."

As Betty lifted up the heavy cloth, she was assaulted with thundering applause. She looked about her in confusion and surprise, trying her best to balance herself in her high heels.

She felt dozens of eyes upon her, ogling her figure with blatant prurience, and quickly thereafter a cloud of indecent comments roared at her from every angle.

"Jesus in heaven, look at the ass on that tart!" yelled a portly man with severe rosacea, who roughly squeezed her bottom as she passed by him.

Another man let out an odorous belch and smacked her other buttock, mumbling profanities she scarcely even recognized. She walked about the bar, allowing each man to get a good look at her while Eugenia spoke.

"Backdoor Betty's specialty is taking it up the rear, of course. And what a fine rear it is, isn't it? What do you think, men?"

The men all cheered in agreement as Betty awkwardly moved about, trying to remember the "sexy walk" Eugenia had taught her—arch the back, rotate the thighs with each step, keep hands on hips. Her short skirt left little to the imagination, and she knew that the lower half of her pale rear end was clearly visible to all who desired to look.

"...In fact, she loves it up the stinker so much that she's declared her coochie off-limits. That's right, gentlemen, this one's a bonafide virgin, and don't get your hopes up—she's gonna keep her cherry as long as she works for us, so any o' you wanting some slit will have to get it from good ol' Easy Eu as always."

This revelation seemed to only further amuse the drunken audience. A mature bearded man with a glass eye tapped Betty's rear with his cane and laughed. She winced, but remembered her instructions: smile it off. She struggled to curl her lips up, and kept moving.

Another man leaned over and expressed his desire to "make her farts sound like flute music." Shivering, she nervously laughed and passed him by quickly.

The bell around her neck jingled noisily as she moved, making her as conspicuous as possible. After a few more degrading rotations around the bar, Eugenia nodded to Betty, dismissing her.

"That's right, gents, Backdoor Betty and her amazing elastic o-ring will be open for business starting at 11 pm tonight, so get lined up and have your wallet at hand. 15 bucks a pop, 20 to go bareback. When you've got a rump this splendid on the open market, it's worth the extra money, trust me. And don't forget, if any o' you are missing out on the classic options, you know where to find me. Drink up, fellas!"

More vigorous cheering and jeering ensued. White with barely-concealed fear, Betty disappeared behind the velvet gate once more, and descended into the darkness of the Easy Hole.

Her heart was racing. In the darkness, she removed the sequined mask from her face and wiped new tears from her eyes.

It suddenly dawned on her that she'd missed church earlier in the morning—the first time she'd ever had. She thought of Annette and her parents back home, and how worried they must be in her sudden absence. How could she be so irresponsible? Why, now, didn't she go running back to them?

She felt for her cross. It was still there around her neck, though for some reason she didn't expect it to be. She dropped to her knees, feeling the rustle of rats below the floorboard, and there she began to talk to herself.

"Dear God, most merciful, please guide me! I am a lost soul! I have committed such great sins...you know them all, as you know everything. And yet as I speak now, I am still clouded in doubt and confusion. Oh, lord..."

She paused, squeezing her eyelids shut tightly, and then she clasped her cold hands together.

"I-I do not feel I have the strength to escape this morass on my own. And it quickens, dear Lord! I've indulged in s-such grossly foolish indiscretions, allowing this earthly vessel you've blessed me with to be defiled in the most perverse of ways, molded for the unnatural and the base. And now it seems it will be defaced even further...why, Lord? Why must this be my fate?"

Sobbing, she slouched forward, feeling the unnaturally taut fabric of her getup strain against her flesh. She shook her linked hands and her voice became louder.

"I fear I am powerless against this seduction. F-for I am weak...and I can no longer see Your light in this darkness. Please! Shine a path for me! Fulfill in my heart the promise of redeeming grace, I beg of you!"

She heard the thump of a heavy footstep, then another. Looking up, she saw Eugenia's silhouette at the top of the stairs, descending slowly with puffs of smoke enshrouding her head. Betty stumbled to her feet just in time to meet the girl face-to face, though she could barely see her in the shadows.

"Now's the fun part," Eugenia said sarcastically, patting Betty on the shoulder. She then looked at her oddly. "What're you doin' standing here in the darkness, anyway?"

"Oh...nothing," Betty replied, wiping the last of her tears away. She could smell cigarette smoke gusting from the girl's nostrils.

Eugenia shrugged, then pushed open the big wooden door leading to the Easy Hole. She turned on the light.

Betty followed her with downcast eyes. Without even thinking, she unzipped the backside of her underwear, and then reached for the can of cooking grease resting next to the floor mattress. Taking another drag from her cigarette, Eugenia leaned against the wall, watching with icy, kohl-smeared eyes.

Betty poured out a large amount of the grease into her palm, then slathered the crack of her rear end in it, digging two fingers through her sphincter with a new degree of ease that startled her.

Why was her body so quick to adapt to whoredom? She could not say, but it still troubled her deeply. Did Eugenia always know something about her that she was just now discovering?

With a small degree of more effort, she slipped a third finger in, causing a sloshing sound as she smeared the grease into her dark recess. She let out a long, breathy moan and bit the edges of her tongue.

"Well I'll be. You're singin' a different tune altogether now than you were earlier this morning. Looks like you've already become a natural," Eugenia said, blowing a ring of smoke her way. "I knew that a few solid hours sittin' on that big stone cross'd crank your royal shithole open proper. You'll thank me for it later, trust me."

"Ugghhh..." Betty let out, rotating her three fingers around her rapidly acclimating anus. A heady cream was now trailing steadily from her sex, reinforcing the stain in her underwear. Eugenia continued to blow bitter smoke in her face.

"Now remember what I told you. High turnaround keeps the money rollin' in. So that means you'll want to make 'em squirt quickly. Especially if they're hung, for your own sake. When they're bumming you, you'll wanna milk their prick with your arse hole, like this," Eugenia said, gesturing with her hands. She curled her index finger over her thumb and flexed it tight, then released. Then flexed it again, and released.

"Okay..." Betty said. "I-I'll try to remember." She finished smearing the fatty lubricant around her tender opening and pulled out her fingers one at a time. There was a momentary feeling of physical emptiness, and then she tightened her ring shut.

"Another thing to remember is that most o' these guys have their minds in the gutter. Not a surprise, otherwise they wouldn't be comin' to the Easy Hole, would they? But some of them have been in and out of prison, or sailin' at sea for months on end, or coal mining all season. So they like a gal with a real dirty mouth, too. The nastier the better. If winkin' your bumhole isn't enough to get their jollies, you'll have to remember a few phrases to help you out."

Eugenia threw her cigarette on the floor and stepped on it. She watched the subtle movements of Betty's trembling figure, sensing she had her full attention, and her voice became deeper.

"Now repeat after me: 'pack my poop chute.' Say it."

"Oh, Lord! That's disgusting, Eugenia!" Betty cried.

"I thought you always said to never take the Lord's name in vain," Eugenia said, smirking.

Betty flinched, nausea rising in her gut at the prospect of having to adopt these tasteless sentiments into her lexicon. She hesitated with her mouth ajar, finding it difficult to even begin mouthing the first word. Eugenia shoved her lightly.

"Go on. Say it, Betty."

"P-pack m-my...poop...chute?" Betty finally repeated in quivering clips.

"Say it again, like you mean it," Eugenia prompted.

Betty took in a deep breath, then her lips parted again. "Pack my...poop chute," she said with an incrementally louder and more confident voice, her eyes narrowing.

"Getting better. Say it again, and this time make me want it," Eugenia said with a grin. "Go on."

"Pack my poop chute," Betty repeated, blurting it out more quickly, but also more naturally. Eugenia laughed, then lit another cigarette.

"Not bad, Backdoor Betty. Not bad at all. You'll live up to your name yet," Eugenia said with a chuckle.

She leaned in, hanging her arm around Betty's shoulders, and exhaled another puff of smoke.

"Now try saying this one..."

To be continued...

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