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Harmless Deception


"Hiya handsome!" Without warning Tessa plonks herself on his lap. Savouring the last of his pint Jack has been quietly reflecting on the trouncing of his pub quiz team, only for his introspection to be ebulliently interrupted. Tessa: tiny, curvy, bubbly Tessa is a fellow member of tonight's losing side, but clearly not in the least troubled by their defeat.

"So, Mr Incomer, how are you settling down in this one horse town? Remind me, what an earth possessed you to leave London?"

"How about expensive housing, oppressive air pollution and half of the city flogged to foreign oligarchs for a start?" is Jack's practiced reply. All true of course, plus the unspoken fact that life as a peripatetic freelance journalist had put the kibosh on yet another relationship. Time to start afresh.

He can, after all, write anywhere, so why not a cheap and cheerful seaside resort with a buzzing artistic community and a growing number of kindred spirit expats from 'The Smoke'? It's three months since Jack followed the removals van south and he's worked hard at making friends, visiting venues, and attending his local boozer's quiz nights.

"It's my birthday," Tessa continues brightly, "so I've been having a dance and a drink". She squirms coquettishly, nearly catching Jack with a lethally long heel ("when you're barely five foot tall every bit of height helps, love")

"Or possibly several of the latter," smiles Jack. Her body feels soft and warm against his and smells enticingly of expensive perfume.

"I can hold it, as well you know," she replies pertly.

True enough, Tessa has a reputation as a tough little cookie, able to keep up with the best of them at the bar and still open the thriving café she owns in time for the breakfast rush.

"Sorry, cheap shot. Many happy returns, is it a special one?"

"The big four zero, so I deserve a kiss from an eligible man."

"Eligible for what?" Jack is only half joking.

Tessa raises her eyebrows, "kiss me and I might tell".

"Worth a punt," replies Jack, planting a chaste peck on her cheek. Tessa gives him a look to rival the Gorgon. "A proper kiss," she demands fiercely, "like this." Pulling Jack towards her, thrusting her bosom hard into his chest her lips meet his with surprising force, tongue darting into his mouth. A ragged cheer rises from some surrounding drinkers. Releasing him Tessa gives them a triumphant grin. This is a woman who gets what she wants.

Turning back to him she lowers her voice. "When you told me what you did for a living a while back I did a Google search and read a few of your articles."

"I'm flattered..."

"Hush," Tessa puts a manicured finger to his lips, "there's more. You see it gradually dawned on me that I'd encountered your writing style before."

"I've written for a lot of publications..."

Again Tessa interrupts, "but I'm talking about a different genre".

"Really, how different?"

"Erotic stories."


"Hear me out. As a single girl, I suppose I should say woman from now on, I have to provide my own 'personal entertainment'," Tessa raises her eyebrows, Jack gets the message. "So with my toys and smutty books - sorry female erotica - the long, lonely winter evenings simply fly by."

"I'd have thought you had plenty of potential suitors?"

"Not ready until recently. I left my useless ex in London to start again down here, not get entangled with another waster."

"And this racy fiction?"

"I've a particular fancy for tales involving a bit of hanky spanky and was reading a collection of short stories when I recognised your style."

"I see...", Jack answers cautiously.

"So you're not denying it?"

"I couldn't possibly comment," hedging his bets.

"Hah! Busted!" Tessa snuggles closer, delighted at her acuity.

"So you like being spanked?" Jack pressed the point.

"Don't know, never tried."

"But you said..." Jack's genuinely puzzled

"As a fantasy, it certainly reaches the parts other lady porn doesn't." Tessa is disarmingly frank. "But in reality I've yet to summon the courage."

"Perhaps I could do something about that..."

"Possibly you could, but not tonight."

His face betrays Jack's disappointment.

"Don't worry," Tessa's voice has become a seductive purr Eartha Kitt would have been proud of, "I've something rather more immediate in mind, how do you fancy coming back to mine? I won't pretend it's for coffee, but you might feel encouraged to give me a special big birthday present..."

As The Four Seasons once sang: 'Oh what a night."

"Hey Cassie it's quiet this afternoon, why don't you get off now?"

"Half an hour early, my, someone's in a good mood," Tessa's co-worker is only too pleased to take her employer up on the offer.

"I'm usually in a good mood, even when we've got an empty café," Tessa laughs.

"True, but you've been grinning like the cat who got the cream all day."

"So, I'm happy."

"And the rest, I know what puts a smile like that on my face," Cassie teases.

"Enough, go on, shoo - see you tomorrow, girl," Tessa chivvies Cassie out the door and turns the closed sign to face the public.

True to form Tessa had been at the café bright and early, leaving Jack slumbering in her bed. The text had arrived on her phone around midday. "If you want to give your spanking fantasy wings expect a visit at closing time today - or say no and I'll see you at the next quiz."

"C U then," she texted back.

A quick trip home after the lunchtime rush to freshen up - no workaday underwear for such a momentous encounter - and reapply her make-up and Tessa was good to go, albeit experiencing a few butterflies as the appointed hour approached.

At five 'o clock on the dot Jack enters, transformed by a very well cut suit.

Gosh, he looks different, quite... commanding. "Sorry were closed," Tessa giggles.

"We have business to discuss, I'm from trading standards - there's been a serious complaint," Jack says, curtly.

Oh, so not just a spanking, but role play as well. Catching on quickly Tessa enters into the spirit of the game. "Who from?"

"Can't say, data protection," oh, the number of times Jack has heard that ludicrous excuse in his journalistic career. "A very serious issue, I'm going to have to put a closing order on this establishment until we can get to the bottom of the matter."

"No please, surely there's something I can do?" pleads Tessa, doing a good impression of a damsel in distress - get to the bottom of it indeed, she thinks, how more bad puns to endure before she gets her just deserts?

Tessa and her staff wear a smart black uniform with a white apron, not a French maid parody, more a 1950s Lyons coffee house 'Nippy'. (Look it up - I can't explain everything). Complemented by black flats and, as Jake will pleasurably discover, black hold-up stockings.

The café has a charming retro style, mismatched mid-century tables and chairs, and several sofas towards the rear popular with those using the free wi-fi. Jack nods towards them. "I suggest you bolt the door, draw the blinds and we'll discuss the matter over there".

As Tessa complies with this instruction he seats himself on the longest, most comfortable settee. "Of course, I do have a certain amount of discretion in these matters..."

Stood beside him, hands meekly clasped in front, Tessa grasps at this possible salvation. "I really hope so".

"I haven't time for all the paperwork involved in small business compliance these days. Sometimes an immediate penalty - a salutary warning - is more appropriate", if there were an award for being unctuous Jack would be a shoe-in.

"Like what?" Tessa enquires tentatively.

"I won't beat around the bush," (oh please, Tessa groans inwardly) "to be very precise: a spanking."


"Yes, what part of that is ambiguous or incomprehensible? I spank you as a short, sharp motivation to keep this place in better order."

Tessa blushes, ambivalent - mustn't appear to acquiesce too easily.

"Or we can go the official route, tiresome correspondence, bad publicity," Jack sounds bored.

"No really, I mean yes, please, I'll take the spanking, but when, where?" Flustered, trapped, Tessa loves every minute of this game.

'No time like the present, I suggest you prepare yourself."

"How?" Tessa is wide-eyed, an innocent abroad.

"Getting across my knee would be a good start," he growls, authoritarian, impatient.

Hesitantly she obeys, lowering her shapely figure across his lap, head on the seat cushions, toes just touching the floor, her bottom thrust into delightful prominence. Jack removes and carefully folds his jacket - every bit the self-regarding bureaucrat wielding undeserved power. Places a restraining hand between her shoulders and raises his arm.

And so Tessa gets her bottom smacked; initially over the tightly stretched seat of her uniform while maintaining a stoic silence. She protests feebly and ineffectually when Jack raises the dress to reveal her bottom, enticingly clad in a very flattering (and suitably expensive) pair of high cut black panties. As his hand warms her lingerie so Tessa's bottom begins to tingle, to smart, to burn. She gasps, wriggles and yelps as the percussive impact of his palm becomes harder and faster.

A painful five minutes later Jack pulls the panties to her knees and concludes Tessa's OTK spanking with a series of upwardly skimming slaps, making her full firm bottom jiggle delightfully. As she lies supine, bottom burning, breathing heavily, her tormentor slides his hand up nylon-covered thighs to discover an abundant dampness between her legs.

"Oh, please,' Tessa whispers lasciviously.

Jack's a strong bloke and easily lifts Tessa from his lap, turning and seating her, dishevelled and aroused, onto the sofa.

Parting her legs he slips a finger easily inside his hot-bottomed spankee then dips his head between her thighs. "Oh God, yes," she moans.

"Next time," he says, looking up, "I'm going to take a hairbrush to your..."

"Less talk, more tongue," Tessa implores urgently, almost at the tipping point.

"And the cane..." Jack returns to his task and within seconds Tessa fails to stifle a shriek of pleasure. A few minutes later she reaches out, grasping an impressively hard bulge in Jacks trousers. "Your turn now," Tessa murmurs languidly. She likes a man who puts her sexual needs first.

Tessa carefully eases her willingly surrendered panties up over red, stinging buttocks. Never been spanked before, as if! Blokes were always so delighted to initiate a supposed innocent, and Tessa was only too happy to act the role. Mind you, Jack may not have penned any spanking stories, but he certainly knew how to take a girl in hand. Perhaps she could persuade him to write one just for her?

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by Stephaniebuton04/22/18

Challenge accepted!

I have really enjoyed reading this story. I also notice the challenge penned at its conclusion. I like the flow and style of your story. Thank you.

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