tagIncest/TabooHarmless Fun? Ch. 02

Harmless Fun? Ch. 02


After our first real time together, my sister and I were closer than ever. We did continue to have sex in many ways and in every place we could, but it wasn't just that. We even started to just normally hang out. I knew that because of this, my summer had just begun to get better, and could only get better.

We had found time to ourselves more than we had expected and this had been very good. We had actually begun to slow things down, finding out what gave each other our best pleasure. It wasn't that the sex in the shower wasn't good enough, it just wasn't enough. We wanted to be just like lovers, touching and loving.

It had now been a week since we had the shower, and everything seemed to only be getting better. Our parents had just left for the weekend, leaving me and my sister home alone. Of course, my sister and I were happy as ever. For the first day they would be gone, my sister and I only planned to watch a movie and order pizza for supper. Of course, we planned the whole weekend before it even happened. The excitement from what was to come was nearly overwhelming so we had to do something about it.

It's now about eleven at night and our parents had just said their goodbyes and left the living room. Me and my sister were left alone. I was sitting on the couch with my sister when they left, so she didn't have to move very far. After waiting for a few moments after the parents had left my sister lunged at me from across the couch. Immediately she had wrapped her arms tightly about my form and pulled me tightly to her own, her lips pressing against mine.

I did my best to return the kiss, my hands moving to her back and sliding slowly up and down. I gently pressed my lips against her own and then lightly parted them, allowing my tongue to snake forth and lightly flick over her own. Quickly I felt her mouth open to my tongue and felt hers immediately press against mine. I gasped into her mouth as I had felt my sisters hand move down onto my crotch, grabbing my cock and giving it a squeeze.

After a few moments of holding my cock and making sure it was nice and hard, she pulled from the kiss and said, "Don't masturbate tonight, what ever you do. I have a surprise for you tomorrow."

She then pulled up and out of my grasp, standing and moving to the hallway. She turned and gave me a wink and then ran off, leaving me on the couch harder than ever. I sat there wondering what she could possibly do to surprise me now.

I got up and off the couch, walking slowly to my room. I was too busy thinking about tomorrow to even notice my mom walk out of the bathroom. I didn't even notice she was there until I heard a small gasp. I quickly turned my head to see my mother staring down at my hard as ever cock. I blushed and then hurried off to my room, leaving my mother standing in the hallway.

Laying down on my bed I couldn't believe what just happened. My mother was staring at my cock, and I knew she was. She hadn't even looked away as I looked at her, she just continued to stare. Not completely thinking I lowered my hand down to my cock and lightly grasped it. I was just about to start a masturbation session when I remembered what my sister had asked me. I just rolled over onto my side and closed my eyes, hoping to eventually fall asleep.

I was in the middle of a very erotic dream. My sister was giving me the best blowjob I had ever experienced and there was someone else there. It was my mom! She was watching my sister give me head and was touching herself.

I was fairly disanointed to realize my dream was over as I started to wake. I realized once more that the amazing blowjob didn't stop though. I just layed there for a few more moments, wondering if it was a dream.

I stirred a little and felt the sucking stop and my sister say, "Well, good morning bro." Awesome, it wasn't a dream. My little sister was down between my legs with a wide smile. I looked down at her and tiredly smiled, "Hello..".

She giggled and then continued what she was doing, sucking my cock. She wrapped her lips about the head of my cock and lightly twirled her tongue over the sensitive underside of it. This caused me to moan loudly. She moved one of her hands to the base of my cock and started to lightly stroke me as she sucked on the head of my cock. Her other hand moved to my balls and lightly squeezed. I didn't think I was going to able to hold back any longer and told her I was going to cum.

She didn't stop but instead doubled her efforts and sucked even harder. She moved her hand away and then slowly lowered my cock deep into her mouth. Feeling the head of my cock pressing against the back of her throat caused me to moan loudly. With a sudden loud moan and a grunt I thrust my hips lightly and then started to cum deep into her mouth. She didn't stop sucking my cock even as I came, her head was slowly bobbing up and down my cock swallowing all of my cum.

She continued to suck my cock until it had fully remained hard in her mouth. She smiled and pulled off my cock and then slowly crawled up my body, "Mom and dad are gone today. They left this morning."

I was almost surprised to see she was completely naked as she slowly made her way up my body. She lightly rubbed her opening against my hard cock and then rested on my body. She leaned down and lightly kissed me on the lips. Her tongue slipped forward into my mouth, swirling around slowly. My hands moved from my side to her back where I slowly slid them down and onto her ass. Once there, I lightly squeezed and then rubbed gently. I smiled as she slowly pulled back from the kiss.

Looking down at me she said, "For your surprise now."

The surprise! I forgot completely about the surprise. I guess I was kind of busy with what my sister was doing for me to even think about it. "Oh yeah." I said, "What's the surprise?"

She smiled down at me and lightly kissed me on the lips before saying in almost a whisper, "You know how I said I would handle the parents? Well..I talked to mom and..." She trailed off and sat up on top of my cock, "I told her what we've been doing."

My eyes widened in surprise and I felt suddenly sick. I thought maybe I was about to pass out. "You told mom?" I asked, my voice very quiet.

She nodded slightly and said, "Well, of course I did. She was a little surprised about it, but she didn't scold me or anything like that." She sat happily, looking away from me now and thinking.

"I don't see how that's handling it.."

"Well, I have an idea. I have been talking to mom, and telling her how good you're in bed." I couldn't help but blush at this part, smiling too."I've mainly been bragging, trying to get her interested. I know she is thinking about the possibilities, even though she's trying not to show it."

I was confused and didn't really understand why she would be telling my own mother that. "Why in the world would you be telling her that?" I asked.

"Because bro. I'm surprised you don't know yet. I'm trying to help you seduce her," she said, and smiled in the obviousness of my shock.

"But..But..Why?" I asked, looking up at her. By now she had begun to fully grind her opening against my cock, sometimes gasping in pleasure.

"Well because. It's my way of handling it. I mean, it would be a lot easier to just allow them to join us rather than hiding it from them," she said, slowly sliding her opening up and down the length of my cock, still not actually fucking me yet.

I couldn't really disagree with her ways of thinking just yet, I was in the middle of trying not to cum already and trying to pay attention. unfortunately, I lost both battles. I soon started to cum as she continued to slowly slide herself up and down my cock, shooting long spurts of the white substance onto my chest and stomach. I finally was able to regain my composure and looked up at my sister. She was smiling down at me.

"So what do you think about the idea?" she asked, still smiling.

I just shrugged and said, "Well, I think it's a very bad idea. But I have actually been thinking about mom lately. I don't really know why, but I think it has something to do with me being with you. You know, the taboo of it I find very exciting." I just smiled up at her. The smile told her I would allow her to plan on my mother's seduction.

"Good, because no matter what you had said, I think I would have done it anyways," she said smiling down at me. I just raised a brow and smiled back.


Today our parents came home, and I was fairly excited. I must have been pretty damn excited because my mother had detected it. "What are you so excited for?" she asked as I had just enthusiastically hugged her and my father as they got home.

Thinking quickly I just managed to say, "TV show on later tonight. I just can't wait."

She gave me a funny look and then shrugged it off, walking into the kitchen. I saw my sister walk into the kitchen with her, looking towards me to give me a quick wink. I knew she was up to something.

Shrugging slightly I walked away from the kitchen and into the living room, sitting down with my dad. He had football on and I sighed slightly, not being much for sports I didn't really like football. After a few moments my dad was the first to speak, "So, your mother has been speaking to me about you and your sister."

Hearing this, I froze, my heart caught in my throat and my stomach did a flip. I held my breath before he finally continued, "She was talking about how you and her are finally getting closer."

Mmhmm, and!? I thought, almost ready to pass out from the lack of air. I was still holding my breath.

"I just want to let you know how happy I am."

I nearly passed out when he said that. I was finally able to breath. Taking a deep sigh, my mother had just walked up to the couch. She looked down at me and my father. Smiling a little she said, "Supper is ready boys. Come and get it when ever you want."

From the position of the couch, I was actually looking up into her eyes. I was slouching, being lazy at the moment. My eyes didn't exactly remain on hers for much longer as they slowly started to roam down her body. I felt my cock start to expand in my pants and suddenly looked away. I looked up at her and realized she hadn't left yet. She was staring down into my crotch.

Luckily dad wasn't paying any attention to the both of us, or he would have thought something was wrong with her. She finally looked away when she realized I was watching her. She just smiled and walked into the kitchen. I didn't want to get up right away, so I just remained on the couch. My cock had been pressing into my jeans fairly well, though they were tight, and still managed to make an incredibly noticeable bulge if anyone was looking.

My dad finally got up off the couch as a commercial for the football came on, this gave me the perfect amount of time to 'adjust' myself. Walking into the kitchen, I smiled as my mother had already made a plate for me. I sat down at the table and began to eat.

Supper was fairly quiet, like usual so there wasn't much speaking. Occasionally there would be a few looks from everyone. I looked towards my sister and smiled, this received me a wink. I smiled as I ate for a few more moments and then looked up at my mother. She had apparently been watching me or something as she then turned her head away from me as soon as I had looked up.

We all were finished now and my sister just pulled me away from the table to whisper into my ear, "Go to your room and wait for us. As soon as you hear us coming, pretend to be asleep. Do it naked though."

That caused me to laugh. I always slept naked, this wasn't going to change a thing. I did as she asked but not before watching her walk over to my mom saying she wanted to talk to her. My dad though had retired to their bedroom. He had to be up early tomorrow and needed to get some sleep.

I turned and walked from the kitchen, slowly up the stairs. As I got to my room, I removed my clothes and layed on the bed, pulling the covers up to my chest. I simply layed there and thought about what my sister had planned, wondering what would happen tonight. As I layed there, of course my thoughts were dirty, I started to get very hard. I had just started to pull the sheet down when I heard my sister's voice. She seemed to be talking a little bit louder to give me a warning. I quickly pulled the sheet up to my chest and closed my eyes.

The door opened a crack to my room, and I heard my sister's voice, "Go in..He's asleep, he won't know you're in here."

I thought I heard my mom about to object but smiled as she seemed to be coaxed into the room with a little aggression. My sister had indeed, pushed her in. I could feel their eyes burning my body as they looked over me.

I heard my sister say, "Look." and then a gasp. The gasp was obviously from my mother.

"He's so big." she said.

Her voice was a little louder now as she stood beside my bed with my sister right beside her. I felt the sheet on my chest being slowly pulled down my body and my mom objected, "What are you doing?" She asked, watching sis slowly pulling down the sheet.

"Giving you a better look. I know you want to see it. You haven't even taken your eyes away from it yet."

My mother didn't say anything now as the tip of my cock had come into view. Finally she had pulled the sheet down my body until it rested on my thighs. I heard a gasp as it came fully into view. My sister smiled and said, "Yeah, it's nice isn't it?"

My mom only managed a nod and just continued to stare. My sister then sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled mom down with her. My sister's hand moved to my cock and slowly started to stroke me, and I had to fight from moaning loudly. My mom just watched with her mouth hanging open.

"Touch it," my sister said, and this is where I started to get very excited.

I had to almost stop my breathing completely as it was very ragged and was surely noticeable. She pulled her tiny hand from my cock, and watched as my mom slowly but surely reached out to grab my cock. She didn't do anything though as she held it. She merely squeezed it lightly and just stared.

"Mom, you have to do a little more then that" my sister said, watching her and giggling.

Mom must have been in a trance as she had barely heard what my sister said and started to now slowly stroke it. Mom hadn't realized it yet, but my sister had just left her on her own and left the room. I never did understand why. As she continued to stroke me, I decided it was time for me to show her I was awake. I opened my eyes to a beautiful sight. My own mother was stroking my cock slowly with her face merely inches from it. I swear she was waiting for me to cum all over her face. I nearly did but managed to hold back.

Softly I said, "Mom, that feels so nice."

I was horrified as she stopped and sat up. I quickly grabbed her hand and put it back on my cock and said, "Please don't stop, it feels so good."

I played with her and she slowly started to move her hand again. I didn't remove my hand from her own, but instead slowly slid it upwards. I slid it up her arm slowly and onto her back, and then to her side. I then slowly slid it to her stomach and upwards toward her breasts. She nearly stopped working on me when I grabbed her breast and lightly squeezed.

Suddenly I felt my orgasm approaching and started to lightly buck my hips into her hand. She knew something was up and started to move her hand a lot faster this time, causing me to lose my control. I moaned loudly as I then bucked my hips once more. I started to cum all over her hand, and even some landed in her hair. I noticed she had smiled at this.

After finally cumming I sat up and said, "Mom, that was fantastic." She just looked up at me, smiled and then blushed.

"Well, I, uh..," she didn't know what to say, but it didn't matter.

I didn't want her to speak at the moment. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms about her, pulling her tightly to me. I lightly kissed her on the lips, my eyes closed. I lightly ran my tongue over her lips. She resisted at first but then finally gave in. She opened her mouth tentatively at first, and lightly flicked her tongue against my own. But she soon started to kiss me with more passion and speed as I had done too.

As I kissed her, my hands had been moving all over her body, and hers on mine too. I let my hands drop to the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it upwards. We broke away from the kiss to allow me to pull her shirt from her body, her breasts coming to view as she wasn't wearing a bra. I smiled slightly and leaned forward, her hands clasped around my head as I took a nipple into my mouth. This reminded me when I was younger and breast fed, which almost felt very comfortable to her. A different kind of comfort, like being home for the first time in a long while.

As I continued to lightly suck on her nipple, I let one of my hands move up to her other breast and lightly squeezed and pressed. I noticed her breasts were very firm for her age, and suddenly felt very proud of my mom. I switched from the one breast to the other, lightly taking the nipple into my mouth. I moved my hand to her other breast and did the same thing. After a while, she had started to moan and gasp. With my other free hand I had placed it on her thigh and slowly started to slide it up and down her leg.

I was surprised to feel her pulling my head away from her breast, though was happy to see she was smiling, "I need something more hun." She said smiling, indicating she wanted my cock.

I smiled and nodded, leaning back to allow her to take her pants off. She stood from the bed and moved her fingers slowly down her stomach to her pants. She was slowly removing her pants and was starting to tease me. While watching her I smiled as I felt my cock had slowly started to harden again.

She slowly unbuttoned her pants and then slid them down. I smiled as I saw her white panties coming into view. She smiled and continued to slide her pants down her silky white thighs. I smiled as she had stepped out of them and had now slid her fingers into her panties. She slowly started to slide them down. I was slightly disanointed to see her turn from me, but had her head turned to watch my reaction. She slowly slid her panties down her ass, and I was happy to see it was perfect. It wasn't too big, but very nice and round and firm.

As she had passed her firm ass she slowly dropped her panties, stepping out of them. She then took her sweet time turning around, showing me her sweet spot. It was nicely trimmed, with dark black hair. I smiled as I could see her sweet spot dripping with happiness. She smiled as she saw where I was looking, her fingers moving down to lightly spread her lips a bit for me. She then walked over to the bed and took total control. Pushing me back so I was laying she leaned down and wrapped her fingers around my already fully erect cock. She started to slowly stroke me with her lips merely inches from the head of my cock.

She then with one quick swoop took the head into her mouth, her tongue swirling about the top agonizingly slow. Meanwhile her hand slowly stroked my cock up and down. I moved my hand downwards to lightly caress her breast as she sucked me.

After a few moments I pulled her head from my cock and said, "I need you now."

She smiled and nodded, slowly climbing up my body, dragging her pussy along my thigh and then cock. She smiled as she sat on top of it, and slowly started to grind against it. My hands moved to her hips and held her tightly, helping her move slowly.

She then fully lifted her body from my own, one of her hands moving down to grasp my cock. She aimed the head of my cock to her opening, slowly allowing it to push past her folds and into her. I moaned and heard her gasp, as the head slipped inside of her. I held onto her tightly as she slowly started to lower herself onto my cock, gasping as she did so. She would occasionally pull herself up and then lower herself again but each time, she would move even lower. Finally I could feel my balls pressed against her ass and smiled up at her. She started to slowly move her hips, my hands lightly picking her up to help her move.

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