These are modern times. Times in which women can stand on equal footing with men. If you surveyed most women in the Western world, you would likely find that very few of them are looking for a white knight in shining armor to rescue them. The concept of a "damsel in distress" no longer exists, I am sure most women would tell you that.

Javier James King would never have thought of himself as a knight. In fact, he was a bit terrified of horses. The first (and only) time he had gone riding as a youngster, he had been thrown from the horse. From that day forward, he refused to go riding again. His brothers and sisters loved to ride, but for JJ, the only horse he ever wanted to ride was manufactured by Harley Davidson.

Aside from beasts with four legs, there were very few things that frightened JJ. From his late teens until today, he had lived a life of adventure. He had been white water rafting, gone to the Antarctic on an expedition, climbed most of the way up Mount Everest and was an accomplished sky diver. The only two things that had given him any trepidation were leaving his secure job -- and marriage.

The two were somewhat linked. He had been a professor of English Literature at Hudson for almost twenty years, the youngest they had ever hired. Just past his 40th birthday, his on-the-go lifestyle kept him looking several years younger. He admitted to being a rogue and a lady's man, so whenever a willing professor or attractive teaching assistant made an offer, JJ -- with discretion -- indulged himself. Why would he ever want to marry when there was a bevy of beauties out there to choose from? The women offered and JJ Kirby took. He knew what to say and he dressed nicely and he prided himself on being in good shape and good in bed.

The catalyst that spurred the change in his life was when a less-qualified professor was promoted to the head of the department before JJ. He was not one to remain silent. He was not a man who suffered fools gladly. He spoke up -- quite vocally -- and then he learned how things rolled in the world of academia in which he toiled. It was all about appearance. The new "boss" didn't make waves; he was as bland as a piece of Melba Toast. There were no rumors flying around about Seymour Hollingsworth III. He was a good academian who did what was required of him. He never bucked the system.

JJ was livid. Rather than burning his bridges behind him, he took a six month leave of absence and hammered out a manuscript he thought was superb. He never downplayed his own abilities. The first publisher that it reached bought it. With a $35,000 advance in hand, he walked into the Dean's office and told him to shove his job where the sun didn't shine. It was almost 6 years later and he still had never looked back. Sometimes, you know when you've reached the end of a journey and JJ had reached his.

His first book started out as a slow climb, but after a few positive reviews, sales started on an upward climb. By the end of the first year, it had sold well enough for the publishers to ask for a second book and earned him a larger advance. With his earnings from the first book and the advance, he was able to put a down payment on a home and start to live nicely. He was becoming popular and got invited to a lot of parties and functions as a guest. Women were enchanted by his career and he started to write -- a lot. Slowly, he developed a following and when he released a novel with erotic overtones, sales went through the roof. He became the flavor of the day, although that day lasted for several years. His editors were thrilled with him and his advances were only outweighed by his royalty checks.

In the early days of his career, JJ didn't much like book tours. Too much travel, too much bad food, too much inane chatter with people who had only skimmed the book. Some of the fans were a bit -- weird, to say the least. On one book tour, however, destiny took him by the hand. He was barely looking up as he signed copy upon copy of his books. When a soft, chiming voice spoke to him, he looked up and saw - her.

JJ's first impressions of the younger woman were mixed, to say the least. She was beautiful, you could see that. With little or no makeup, her face was gleaming with youthful vitality. Her eyes were the palest blue he had ever seen and her blonde hair was almost silver. She was lovely and slender and seemed to have a nice figure.

That was the incongruity of it all. Despite her good looks, she was wearing very plain clothing, a gingham dress. Did anyone still dress that way? No high heels, just flat Mary Janes and she didn't seem to be wearing any jewelry. To JJ, it was as if someone had thrown a tarpaulin around the Venus De Milo. Why would anyone want to make someone this stunning look so -- dull?

He could barely hear her speaking, her voice was just that delicate. She pushed two of his novels in front of him, asking if it would be too much trouble for him to sign both. The young lady told him that her name was Mona Miles. Her name didn't seem to suit such a vision. She declined to have them personalized, so JJ signed the books for her and she smiled sweetly. "My mother would kill me if she knew I read books like these," she giggled nervously. "They're my little secret, but they're so thrilling!"

Javier wondered what it was about this pretty young thing that charmed him so. "I'm glad to hear that you like them," he said to her. On an impulse that came out of nowhere, he piped up "Would you like to have a cup of coffee with the author when the book signing is done?"

The girl's blue eyes seemed to take on a sign of life for the very first time. "Oh no, thank you -- I couldn't do that!" She seemed to be in a panic. "I don't even know you and my family will wonder where I am, they think I'm at the library."

"Only way to know someone is to talk with them," JJ said to the girl. "Just tell your family that you wanted a cup of coffee before you came home."

With a timid grin, the young woman agreed. She hung around the store for an hour until JJ had signed his last autograph and let him take her to a nearby Tim's. They talked for over an hour and once he drew her out of her shell, she was quite intelligent. He could see that someone was repressing a keen intellect and a kind, lovely gentle soul.

"You're twenty-five years old," JJ said to her. "Why do you let your parents tell you how to live your life?"

"I live under their roof, I have to follow their rules," Mona told him. "They're very old-fashioned and strict. I don't really have much choice."

"Everyone has a choice," JJ told her and held her chin up so that he could look into her eyes. "Why not move out and find an apartment of your own?"

"With what money? I've always earned my keep by working in my parent's hardware store and they put part of my wages towards my rent," Mona answered. "The remainder is in the bank and I need one of their signatures to withdraw any of it."

JJ shook his head. These people had this young woman over a barrel. He had never met them and he already didn't like them. "IF you will let me, I can help. I may be a good writer, but I'm terribly disorganized and I need an assistant. I can pay you a very nice wage and I have a friend who owns an apartment nearby that likely has a place you could rent. If you're interested, of course. Mona, don't you think that at your age, it's time that you asserted some independence?"

For the very first time, JJ saw a look of steel in her blue eyes. It was one that he would come to know much better a while later. "Yes, yes, I do," Mona smiled. "As a matter of fact, I'm going to start right now. I think that I'd like another cup of coffee -- and while I'm at it, I think I'll have some pie!"

JJ laughed and spent another hour with the girl. He liked her, although he had no idea why. She wasn't the crazy type he knew so well. Still, she was charming and infectious. They met up a few days ago and despite her smile, he sensed something was amiss.

"My parents are livid," she told him. "They don't like any of the plans I've made and won't release my bank account to me."

"Screw that," JJ said, his jaw clenched tight. "I will advance you some money against your salary and you can use that to get whatever you need. My friend will likely cut you a similar deal on the rent until you get settled. In the meanwhile, I can call my attorney and see if we can't get your bank account released to you alone. There is no reason a twenty-five year old woman should have to run to her parents every time she needs money."

Mona hugged him and they went off to meet his friend. Suzanne showed the girl the apartment and he thought Mona might faint. "I've never had this much space all to myself before," she said to the both of them. "What will I do with it all?"

"Well, for one thing, use some of the closet space and get some new clothes," Suzanne laughed. "Cher,, who dresses you like that?"

Mona didn't answer and JJ was sure that she knew she was out of touch with modern times. He peeled off a roll of cash and handed it to Suzanne. "Whatever she needs," he told her. "If she needs more, come to me -- don't skimp on a thing."

Suzanne didn't and the Mona that showed up for her first day of work was a modern-looking, stunning young woman in a knee-length skirt and high heels. "My first pair," she smiled brightly. "I have all new clothes and underwear and I feel like Cinderella!"

"You are the Belle of the Ball," JJ laughed. He was trying not to stare, but it wasn't easy. She was as gorgeous as some of the models he had known, lovely and winsome with a sexiness he was sure she didn't know she had. He hoped that he would be able to get his work done, because Mona was going to be a distraction.

That name! She didn't look like a Mona and he said so. "Actually, my given name is far worse," she sighed. "I was named after my maternal grandmother and her name was Harmonia. My mother shortened it to Mona when I was five."

"Christ, you poor kid," JJ sighed. "Why didn't they call you Harmony?"

"I like that!" She piped up. "Please, can you call me Harmony?"

So, he did. From that day forward and how apropos it was. With her around, life was Harmony. She was so meticulous that his work got done faster and she was always smiling. She earned every nickel he paid her and every little bonus. It didn't hurt that she looked fabulous in every piece of clothing she wore, from dresses to tight jeans. JJ tried to fight it, it was no use. He knew the score. He was falling for Harmony and he would have to do his best to keep his emotions in check. He didn't want anything to upset the balance of their happy new relationship.

However, as is often the way in these things, he didn't have much say in the matter. They were working late one night, a looming deadline was the excuse. Although Harmony's apartment wasn't far, she opted to stay and finish her work. When done the final pieces, JJ opened champagne. Harmony had never had it, her family frowned on drinking (naturally). One thing led to another and a very lovely, sexy and slightly inebriated girl was in JJ's arms.

"I can't," he said to her, although he wanted to with every ounce of his being. "I'd never forgive myself for taking advantage of you."

"You aren't, I'm offering and if you hadn't made a move soon, I was going to jump your bones," Harmony told him. "Who better to be my first than my own Prince Charming? Stop being so noble and take me to bed and make love to me!"

JJ listened to her and nodded. She seemed sober enough to make clear-cut choices, so he took her hand and led her upstairs. Even though it wasn't in her duties, Harmony kept his home tidy, so his bedroom wasn't the mess it would have been a year earlier. With a boldness he wouldn't have believed she had, Harmony let her skimpy little dress drop to the ground. She kicked it away and stood in front of him in just a lacy bra and thong underwear. "I wish I had worn something sexier," the pale blonde said to him. "I wanted to seduce you and Suzanne says men like sexy lingerie."


"You're spectacular," he said as he took the tinier girl in his arms. "Perfect, a goddess. I don't know why you want me, but I'm not crazy enough to fight it." He took her as slowly as he was handling a fragile flower. Every part of her was sensual and delicate, she seemed to be melting as he kissed her face, body and all over. She was trembling as she laid out on the bed. JJ wanted her first time to be incredible and was going to take his time before he entered her. He wanted to make sure that she was wet and ready.

Lovely Harmony had other ideas. "Now that I've worked for you for several months, I've had a chance to read all of your books and I've learned a few things," she giggled nervously. "For example about - sucking cock!" Her voice dropped. "I talked it over with Suzanne and she gave me some pointers. So, before you enter me, I want to get you ready."

Harmony was far from an expert, but Suzanne's pointers had certainly taught her something. She did have a rudimentary technique and his cock stiffened more each moment as he watched her sweet face surround his shaft. She wasn't even gagging and once she lifted her head from his manhood, JJ was ready to fuck! Sensibly, he knew that he would make love first and let her find her own speed. The little vixen surprised him again by pushing him on his back and climbing on top. "Suzanne says that this is the best way for a girl's first time," She giggled nervously. "It isn't supposed to hurt as much, she says. I hope she's right, God, I'm so nervous!"

JJ wondered if everything she did had to be so endearing? Her lithe young body slid down on his, her perfect breasts and torso moved and wiggled until he was all in, as far as he could go. If he was hurting her, she gave no indication. All he saw was an expression of bliss as she rocked herself against him and began murmuring. When he could finally make out what she was saying, JJ laughed a bit. She was actually using bits of profanity, asking for more cock and wanting to be fucked. He found himself wondering just what she and Suzanne talked about on those lunches of theirs.

All of JJ's energy went into making this the best experience he could for his lovely treasure. He knew that he could try to fight it, it was no use -- he had fallen for her and fallen hard. He believed that she had enchanted him from Day One. His hands and mouth and body made love to her until she shook, her head thrown back and her body tense. It was her first orgasm and he didn't want it to be her last. Her future lovers were going to have to bring their A-game, he would see to that.

He had no idea that Harmony did not intend to seek out other men. She had set her cap for him months earlier and told Suzanne what her ideas were. Her friend helped to bring them to fruition. Now that she had the one thing she wanted most, Harmony decided to broaden her horizons. She would test her limits.

She staked her claim on JJ slowly and over time. The first move was a simple one, she moved some clothes into his closet and made herself a little space. The next move was more advanced, she got wilder in bed. It never bothered her that her lover was 20 years older or had more experience. Harmony was making some new friends, many of them from Suzanne. The pretty French woman was quite the sexual libertine. With JJ's 46th birthday coming up, Harmony knew what he was getting as a gift.

"Happy birthday, darling," Harmony said as she walked out to the lavish swimming pool in a silver Lycra bikini. Following her was dark-haired Suzanne, a gorgeous redhead he didn't know and a lovely Asian girl he recognized from his teaching days. Her name was Bowie. Aside from his lover, the other three women were naked.

"In honor of your birthday, today is Nude Day," Harmony giggled. "Everyone stays naked all day and everyone fucks -- everyone! Bowie and Dayna are roommates and Bowie says she remembers your cock and wants to share it with her best `friend'," Harmony giggled. The two women swarmed over JJ and got his trunks off while Harmony watched with a delighted grin. Dayna's mouth surrounded his cock while sexy Bowie hovered close to his face. JJ was astounded his girlfriend wasn't jealous, in fact, he knew she had orchestrated the entire event! How far she had come in such a short time and he knew that she would only go further.

"Hey, what are you going to be doing while these two are keeping me busy?" JJ asked. "You've still got your suit on."

"That's because I thought Suzanne would like to take it off of me," Harmony purred in a new voice, a new tone, he had never heard before. "On this special Nude Day Birthday, I've decided to grant Suzanne a birthday wish too, I'm going to let her have sex with me. Today, I'm going to act like a total slut and not even think twice about it!" Harmony laughed and the two women dropped to the deck, their hands touching and their lips kissing. JJ managed to watch a bit before Bowie's slender, golden body descended upon his waiting mouth. If Harmony was cool with all of this, he was going to let things happen however she wanted. At that moment, he decided he wanted her to grant one more birthday wish. Before this day was done, he was going to ask her to marry him. No sane man would let someone like her get away and living with Harmony was hardly "settling down". He was sure she would keep him happy and satisfied for years to come.

His cock sank deep into Dayna's tight, red-furred pussy and he started fucking. Everything else could wait until later in the day. Why ruin his girlfriend's plans for his birthday? She sure seemed to be having a good time as she and Suzanne shared their first sixty-nine. No doubt about it - Harmony was a once-in-a-lifetime partner.

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