tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHarold Has a Slutty Stepdaughter

Harold Has a Slutty Stepdaughter


"What am I going to do about my stepdaughter? She's such a sexy slut."

"Why are you asking me, Harold?"

"Well, Marcy is pretty sexy, so you must have had to deal with the same sorta stuff."

"What stuff is that Harold?"

"I can't help noticing her."

"How old is she?"

"Lori just turned eighteen. As soon as the court custody order in favour of her Dad expired, she asked if she could move in with us, because her Dad was too strict. Wouldn't even let her wear a bikini. Now it seems as if that's all she ever wears. Before, when she came to visit, she'd be wearing really conservative stuff, since that was all he bought for her."

"Which was good, since she was jailbait."

Harold paused and ran a grimy handkerchief across his sweaty pink brow. With his kiss curl of white hair, he looked a lot like a cherub perched on his bar stool, looking across at the hotel swimming pool. I wondered how Lori compared to the pretty young things sunning poolside, or cavorting in the water. One spectacular blonde was having fun bouncing up and down batting a beach ball, her firm tits popping up wetter and with more erect nipples each time. As we watched, sipping our drinks, a boy - a young man - her own age, dunked her. When she resurfaced, her bikini top was askew, one inch long stiff pink nipple briefly displayed for all to see. It seemed to me that she paused a bit before covering up.

"Did she look like that?" I gestured with my cocktail. Further down, my cock was pulsing, enjoying the teasing idea of a bit of tail.


"No wonder you couldn't resist looking. How does she behave?"

"She's a little tease. She glances over her shoulder, as if she wants to know that I'm watching, before she undoes her top to suntan. I've noticed that if I'm not visible, she lays down on the blanket first and undoes the top. Then, all that's visible is the side of her melons. Which, by the way, are fine and ripe. Rather juicy looking."

Harold paused, sipping his drink, and wiped the sweat off of his brow. It was odd that he was perspiring so heavily, in the air conditioned hotel.

"So if she thinks I'm watching, she takes the top off before she lies down," he continued. Harold always had really pink skin, so it would be a stretch to say he was blushing, but his Adam's apple was definitely bobbing nervously. "Depending on the angle, I get a good view of her whole breast, even the nipple."

"Do they tend to be aroused, like that girl's?"

Harold squinted into the sun, his poor eyesight a lifelong curse. Maybe that explained his attraction to Lori's rather plain, plump Mom.

"Lori has very puffy nipples, and her tits are even firmer I think than that gal's. Sometimes, before she lies down, Lori cups both breasts in her palms and lifts them, caressing the softness for a moment. A few times, she has even rolled her fingers up and played with her nipples."

My cock was fully erect. I glanced over towards the pool, where the live entertainment was stretching catlike, rolling slightly on her cot, her ass two perfect globes, tanned flesh left exposed by the skinny string of the thong, which was fully hidden inside her butt cleavage. It was amazing that a family hotel allowed such an outfit. Even more so that her parents allowed it. Mind you, they were not anywhere in sight. Maybe like Harold's stepdaughter, this young vixen liked to be naughty when she slipped the leash.

"Does she do this when she knows you are watching?"

"I think she knows. She gets a dreamy little smile on her face. Her hand sometimes drops slowly down her tummy. She tends then to lightly caress that curvy flesh with just the tips of her fingers."

We both paused, looking across at the girl by the pool. "Well, that's not so bad," I said, trying to be supportive, but not really thinking, since all the blood had abandoned my head for my smaller brain in my pants.

Harold sipped his drink, and then spoke again. "If she stopped there it would be fine."

That caught my attention and I turned from looking at the pool. "What else happened?"

"Eventually, Lori didn't stop at just rubbing her belly. Her finger tips started roaming lower and running across ...across..."

Good old Harold was beet red, unable to spit out the next part, so I continued for him. "Across her pussy?"


"Inside or outside of her bikini?"

"The first few times, she just quickly caressed her mound with a few strokes on top of the fabric, almost as if by accident. After that, though, the fingertips started slipping inside the top edge, but again, so fleetingly that if I blinked I would miss it."

"But you didn't blink."

"I froze. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to stare. If she wasn't aware I was watching, I didn't want to upset her. I didn't want her to think I'm a dirty old perv."

"Of course not, because then she might stop."

My little joke relaxed Harold, who chuckled. His shoulders settled into a soft position, he spread his knees apart, comfortable for the first time since we started the conversation. His cheeks blushed red, however. While he stared into his half empty glass, I snuck my hand to my lap and adjusted my cock, allowing my erection to bloom fully within my shorts.

"But she didn't stop," Harold finally said.

"How far did she go?" I immediately regretted pushing things too quickly.

"She arranged herself on that lounge chair, as if she was all alone, rather than in public. She reached underneath herself, arching her back just so slightly. That lifted her tits up off the chair. The whole side was exposed to me. Her nipples were so stiff; I thought they might break the chair."

"I bet they weren't all that was stiff."

This time, Harold chuckled agreement, settling into his story, no longer embarrassed.

"I still wasn't sure if she knew I was watching, but I no longer cared. I was frozen there, as her hand slid down her hard toned belly, pausing to toy with the jewel dangling from her navel. Then she pushed her hand down her lower belly."

"Her fingers disappear into the swimsuit then? Block your view?"

"No, she scrunched the fabric down. I couldn't really see her gash, just enough to know that there was just the slightest hint of hair on either side of her lips."

I stared across at the young woman in front of us. As Harold joined me in admiring the marvels of youth I muttered, "They couldn't wear those bikinis with natural hair."

"No, then they'd be like our wives, wearing one pieces, or bottoms that cover their whole belly."

"Regardless of the swimsuit they wear, I can't imagine either of our wives touching their pussies in public."

"Well, Lori wasn't really in public, it was our backyard pool. I was the only one there, and she was still pretending she didn't know I was watching. Or maybe I was wrong. Maybe she only looked in my direction by accident, and really thought she was alone."

"Did she act like she was alone?"

"Well, you tell me. After she bared her cunt, though of course, it was well hidden by her supple thighs close to the chair, she used her forefinger and ring finger to pull her petals wide open. At that point, she raised her hips higher by bending her knees, so that she was almost squatting on the lounger."

"While you were thanking yourself for having gone to the expense of the pool."

"How did you know?"

"Isn't that why husbands agree to build pools? Because the kids will grow up and someday invite a bunch of hard bodied gals over? Though I guess some guys hope for more immediate payoff from scoping out the sister in law or such. A slutty stepdaughter is an added bonus, like winning a lottery."

"In my case, the pool came with the house, sort of like the slutty stepdaughter came with the wife. Anyhow, as soon as she had herself nicely spread, she eased down onto her hand and it got harder to see just what she was doing."

"I bet that wasn't all that got harder."

Harold still blushed, but his chuckle was deeper, more assertive.

"How can a red blooded man not react to a display like that? Especially once her hips started bouncing up and down, as if she was fucking her hand. Slowly and gently at first, her knees close together, lightly rubbing, like the first tentative strokes of a cock into her tight young pussy."

The young woman by the pool who was adding fuel to the fire of this reminiscence was not quite so bold, but she had crossed her ankles over, and her well oiled knees were slipping around. It was easy to imagine the effect of the friction of fabric on flower. From there, my brain leapt back to the image of Harold's stepdaughter doing something similar, but with her fingers, and arching her back, rather than lying on her back. Both images – a well formed young ass thrusting up at me, and an open young lap - appealed, though I wished that the young gal across the way would uncross those knees, push her bikini aside, and open wide for us.

"I hope she didn't stop there," I said, referring to Lori, but thinking about the one we were watching.

"Of course not. She buried her head in the towel and proceeded to drive her fingers deep into her pussy. First, she slid a single digit in, slowly. I think she might have paused briefly to tweak her clit out from where it hid inside its hood. She was doing something with her thumb"

"Where were the binoculars when you needed them?"

"You got that right."

"Did she look to see if you were watching?"

"At first, I think her eyes were closed. Her face was almost buried in the lounge chair. After a while, though, she twisted around and then she opened her eyes wide just before she sighed and sort of collapsed onto her fingers, but that leaves out the in between action."

Once again, I paused, sipped my drink and watched the live action while wondering what to say next. "Too bad that one over there isn't quite as daring," I said to fill the silence.

Harold shifted in his seat. His arm twitched, as if he might be resisting reaching down to adjust a swollen member. I fought the urge to glance at his lap to see whether he was as excited by the combination of story and scenery as I was. But that would be 'too gay', as my stepdaughter liked to use the phrase. Harold noticing my erection would be bad enough. Harold seeing me checking him out would put him on the spot. I also knew that I had to prolong the time on the bar stool, because the moment I stood, everyone in the vicinity would see what a dirty old perv I was. So I had to keep Harold talking. No matter if the chatter was what was making me hard in the first place. At that point, though, I almost choked on my drink as I realized that if I wasn't careful, I would ejaculate right there, staining my shorts, and really embarrass myself.

"So what happened in between?" I finally sputtered. Best keep the focus on the past, not the present.

"Hmm, ..." Harold stared off into space, a grin slowly spreading across his cherubic face. "Well, you know how she was stabbing those fingers into her pussy? Seemed to prove a bit tough once she was prone on the lounge chair. For a while, she happily bumped and humped her ass into the air, at first just half an inch to an inch, and then further with each stroke.

"Did that really get your cock going?"

"Yeah, my balls were just a-humming."

With that comment, a line seemed to have been crossed. Harold casually dropped his hand into his lap and adjusted his package. My eyes followed automatically. I noted that his swollen member appeared fat, but not extra long. It also was heavy, engorged like mine was.

I held back a bit, and adjusted my cock while Harold was staring into the distance and resuming his recollection.

"So Lori was building up a nice sweaty glow, trying to use two then three fingers like a cock, while flicking her thumb up against her clit. By then, I was wondering whether or not I had enough privacy to pull out my own sex gland and play along. From that safe distance at least."

"And did you?"

"Of course."

"Could she see it?"

"I never asked her. But if she looked, she surely saw my shoulders moving. And only a nun would have failed to catch the significance."

I looked over at the live young lady. It took effort to remember that Harold's confessional had begun as a sincere attempt at soliciting advice. The hotness of his story, plus the reality of the scenery, had changed the situation. She had uncrossed her ankles, and was idly stroking her left shoulder. In my mind, I was bold enough to walk right over and kiss that spot, and then work my lips along her collarbone to that dent at the base of her throat. I would lick up to her chin, running the flat of my tongue out under her jaw, and then drop a kiss on her chest at the exact point where the emerging swell of her firm young tits met as the rose from her upper chest. All this was only in my imagination. In real life, some young stud might get that chance, but not an old perv like me.

"Where was your wife?"

"At that point, who cared?"

Our laughter had the relaxation normally limited to golf courses and sports teams.

"How long did she fuck herself like that?"

"Time wasn't happening. It was like one of those slow motion movies. After a while, she settled her hips down trapping her hand against the chair, still buried in her pussy. Now I don't know whether I watched for a minute or five, or thirty seconds, before that point. Once she did that, she used her other hand to start pulling on the thong, making it go up tighter into her butt. I guessed that she was looking for some anal stimulation."

"It must have taken all your self control not to just walk over and stick your hard cock up her ass, since that was what you both wanted."

Harold chuckled loudly. "I can tell that you understand my situation. I picked just the right guy to talk to."

I raised my glass, silently toasting us, our perversity and our lovely stepdaughters. In fact, of course, I was also toasting the poolside beauty, and using the pause to once again admire her curves. I wondered whether she enjoyed ass play. In my mind, my assault of her had advanced from the sweet swell of her breasts to cupping the bottom sides in either hand, popping them out of her bikini top. Would she object if my hands then slipped smoothly along her sides, settling around the curve of her bottom, pulling her cheeks wide, and then sliding a finger into her anus? Would I find it well lubed, dampened with anticipation and the effects of the titty play? I realized I might never find out, so returned my focus to Harold.

"Too bad you couldn't see her nipples. I imagine they were drilling into the chair," I mused.

"As she humped, even though she stopped lifting fully away from the lounger, I had a great view of the sides of her tits, almost to the buds. Young women still have that natural tone that their mothers lose. So, even though I couldn't see those parts, the motion of flesh was quite entertaining. It had a hard time competing for my attention, with what her fingers were doing to her pussy. I had to start really using my imagination, because for a time, she was lying flat with her whole hand hidden by her hip. Only the elbow movement suggested what she was doing. The pace slowed, then sped up, then settled into a steady rhythm. Then as she picked up the tempo again, she started thrashing her body and tossing her head, back, then to the side."

"So she wasn't watching you watching her?"

"Not the whole time."

"Did she know what you were doing?

Harold chuckled. "With my hand, you mean, or my mind? I doubt she could see my shoulder action. The rest of me was hidden. But the show was too dramatic to be accidental. I think she would have been disappointed if she didn't excite me. Though I suppose that a young woman might find it gross to realize what appreciation means and more than validating her attractiveness for her own ego. No matter how gross they tell their girlfriend that old pervs are, they keep vamping anyway."

"How long did this go on?"

"Oh, a good while, since luckily no one else was around. I haven't often watched a woman masturbate, and I didn't have a great view of just what Lori was touching then, but the way she started thrashing about, I couldn't hold on much longer. I shot my mess into a wad of tissue. It was so intense that my whole body tensed up and quivered. Even my eyes shut themselves, as everything drew in tight and then burst outwards with a huge explosion."

Did Lori notice?"

"I hope not. I think I grunted, but after I was done, I opened my eyes and saw that she had just collapsed in a heap on the chair and seemed to sleep there until her Mom got home and woke her up."

"Did your wife know what happened?"

"No, and flushed it. All that happened was Lori got shit for sunbathing topless."

"How did she take that?"

"She told her Mom that now that she was eighteen, she'd sunbathe how she wanted."

"Mmmm. I wish that applied to the pretty young thing over there."

Harold grinned and drained his drink. "Maybe if we wait a while, she might. And if not, we get another drink anyway."

"But what you've told me so far hardly qualifies your stepdaughter as a slut."

Harold chuckled. "Oh, there's a lot more to tell, so settle back."

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