tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHarold Has a Slutty Stepdaughter Ch. 02

Harold Has a Slutty Stepdaughter Ch. 02


"So, Harold, did Lori ever do more with you than flaunt her body and masturbate as if she did not know you were watching?"

Our next round of drinks arrived and my old pal Harold, paused until the bartender moved away before answering. It wouldn't be seemly for two middle aged men to be overheard discussing the sexual appeal of one's step daughter. That might be grounds for the resort to ban us from poolside, where our view of some barely legal hot body had primed Harold's pump of recollections.

I knew the answer, since Harold had conceded that there was more to the story, and I was confident that he was not just trolling for me to treat him to a round, while we admired the scenery.

Harold allowed the suspense to build, leaving my question hanging while he sipped his drink. Finally, he tilted his glass in the direction of the young lass poolside, who was rhythmically rotating her hips, one hand trapped under her body.

"Think she's dreaming about a date with an older man last night?" he asked.

"More likely a young stud that ate her for breakfast. She's awfully daring for out in public."

"Or else, she's really sleeping, just like Lori pretended to be the first time that I watched her with my cock in my hand."

"So did Lori know you were watching then?"

"We never talked about it, but her actions later essentially admitted that she knew I was there."

"Were all her actions part of a show for you, at least after she knew you were watching?"

"No, at least I don't think so. She was just a horny little woman, taking her newly budded legal body for a test drive by the pool. I doubt that it made any difference." Harold grinned. "Since then, I've seen her behave just the same way with strangers, and even flash at the mall. So I'm guessing it didn't creep her out that her step dad was perving over her. Her sluttiness left open the door for more."

"Did she know about your jerking off?"

"She kept her eyes shut most of the time while she fingered her soaked pussy. She was past caring who watched or what they did quickly." Harold chuckled. "Though she did say that there was a hot young lifeguard that she hoped might come on duty."

"Not a fat old man?"

"Old guys are easy."

We both raised our drinks and clinked them to toast that truism.

"She was not attracted to you then?"

As I asked I turned to check out the young lass who had inspired our conversation. She rolled over onto her side, oblivious to how this exposed her breasts to people. Since this was a family hotel, I was sure someone would demand that she cover up. Until then, my eyes were glued to her ripe mounds, which did not sag at all. In fact, the tips seemed to be trying to climb skyward in defiance of gravity.

Just as quickly as she had exposed herself, the girl turned over onto her chest again, leaving her fine rump stuck up in the air. The smooth flesh cheeks was sun bronzed, evidence of long hours in at least a thong, or perhaps bottomless. If she had any pubic hair, it would have poked out, since the tiny string that secured her thong was buried deep in her ass cleavage, providing no modesty at all. So clearly she was shaved in front. I drank in this vision for as long as my breath lasted. A shiver ran down from my shoulders through my spine straight to my groin. My cock stirred hungrily as I watched. I slowly lowered my drink to the bar and surreptitiously brushed my hard on through my pants with the back of my hand. This sent the current coursing back upwards through the hairs on my arm, up to my brain.

"No tan lines," Harold muttered, confirming that I had not just been hallucinating.

"How are Lori's tan lines?" I asked, trying to distract from the immediate subject before my neediness became overwhelmingly urgent. I struggled to keep my breathing even, afraid that I might explode in my clothes.

"I got any even better look at them close up that same night. I think she did it on purpose. She waited until she knew that I was in my den and darted across from her room to use the shower."

"Why would that be intentional?"

"Because she had two other showers closer to her room, and not only chose that one, but stripped in her room first."

"Not even a towel?"

Harold chuckled, rattled his ice, made eye contact with the bartender, waggled his finger for two more drinks, and glanced at the scenery gal, all while I held my breath in anticipation.

"That was the oddest part. She had a little white hand towel clutched across her chest, hiding her nipples, but her bottom was totally bare. Then she didn't close the bathroom door, so when she dropped the towel, I saw how excited her nipples were. I could smell her arousal, or maybe I just imagined that. Either way, it makes no difference. The house was heavy with intention. Of course, I could definitely tell then that she had been totally exposed to the sun."

"Or a tanning booth."

"Oh, I doubt that, not my Lori."

I smiled at his use of the possessive, yet I still hesitated to ask forcefully just how much of his stepdaughter Harold had possessed. How much of that, I wondered, was jealousy, and how much was wishing to savour each detail?

As I pondered this imponderable, I observed the side show by the pool. The young woman rolled over onto her back, allowing me, Harold and anyone else, a lingering look at her tits. They looked natural, but were so round and firm that it was hard to be sure, the size of half a cantaloupe each. The nipples were darker than cherries, and pointy, begging to be pulled. My hand shook with desire as I fought the impulse to reach out, like a little kid wanting candy even when it is beyond reach.

I sighed with relief when she dropped her bikini top over her chest, hiding only the tips of her mounds, but easing my pain.

"Think she likes us looking at her tits?" Harold asked.

"She probably doesn't realize that we are here, or she'd think that we are tired smelly hairy pervs, not the college jock sorts she might desire at all."

"I wouldn't jump to that conclusion," Harold chuckled. "Some young babes would like nothing more than an older guy who knows just how to snake their tongue inside their thighs, lovingly caressing the almost virginal flesh, not roughly, but hard enough not to tickle. Young guys either rush towards the honey pot, or just lack technique. Or so I'm told."

His blush was deepest crimson. Of course, only Lori could have told him this. To reach that level of intimacy required a lot more than flashing.

To reduce his embarrassment, but continue my pleasure, I returned to his earlier narrative. "You were telling me about Lori coming in to use your shower," I prompted, as if he had not gotten ahead of the story.

"Oh, right. Well, I told you how she dropped the towel away from her nipples. I could feel my cock recovering quickly, as if I was her age again, not like the old perv I am. She then bent down to smooth the towel across the floor like a bath mat. I didn't know where to look. Her perfectly tanned ass was prominently thrust towards me, her legs spread just wide enough that her gash was winking at me. But those ripe tits were dangling low, peeking over at me from between her knees and under her arms, and I knew that if I leaned over just a bit, they would be in better view."

"But you had already had a good look at them."

"Not from that angle."

We both laughed heartily, amused by the silly fascination men have with every detail of mammaries.

"She lingered there much longer than she really needed to, and at that moment, I knew for sure that she was enjoying teasing me."

"So you felt less creepy?"

Another, deeper chuckle. "What I felt then had nothing to do with creepy. My cock was surging, not crawling, I'll tell you. All snake, not worm, even though I had just cum a few minutes before. I felt twenty again. Then, Lori gave her ass a little shimmy. There was absolutely no reason for that except to tease me."

"What did you do then?"

"Without even pausing to think, my hand dropped to my cock. If I had stopped to contemplate the action, I might have drawn a line there, but my balls knew best."

I realized that as Harold spoke, my hand was imitating his words. My palm was filled with my scrotum, through the fabric of my pants. My shaft was bulging, trying to burst through my zipper. I looked over towards the pool again, where the young temptress was now rubbing her hands slowly around her tummy. The right one rotated up, tantalizingly close to cupping the underside of her boob, as the left hand dipped lower than her waist, fingers almost touching the scant fabric covering her presumably hairless pussy.

"But then Lori stepped into the shower," I prompted, not taking my eyes off of the show in front of us.

"Not right yet," Harold responded. "First, as she stood up, she totally blew her cover by glancing back over her shoulder towards me. That made my little soldier stand straight up, and there was no doubt then that she saw what I had, so I did not bother resisting the urge to reach down and give it a soft slow tug."

As Harold said this, my hand interpreted this as a command, and dropped across my crotch. I allowed myself to caress my tumescence through my pants, concentrating on not making the elbow movement obvious to the entire resort. I knew that looking towards the pool would not help, yet I could not resist glancing across. The young woman's fingers had dipped even lower, nudging the wisp of fabric down, casually allowing us a glimpse of her gash.

Harold was staring off into space, busy recalling his own private viewing of Lori. "She rewarded me with a grin, and that was when she stepped into the shower. That was how I knew she was not upset that an old perv like me was getting off on the power of her body. Even before the water hit her breasts, she arched her back and stuck her nipples upwards. Her hands slid up her sides and she cupped the undersides of her tits as the spray caressed the mounds."

"How could you tell?"

"She had left the glass door open. As she teased her nipples with her fingertips, she looked over and stared at me, watching my fist sliding up and down my staff."

I chuckled, finally accepting that either Lori really wasn't freaked by her pervy step dad, or Harold was spinning a great yarn. It only made a difference because I too had a stepdaughter.

"I doubt that Marcy would react that way," I observed. This entire bizarre conversation had begun because while we were watching the pretty young thing sunning boldly by the hotel pool, Harold thought a fellow step father of a hot barely legal teen might identify with his urges. While Marcy could get me hard just with a smile, I never dreamed that she might actually appreciate my interest. Well, I did dream of it, and sometimes with my cock stiffening in my palm, but I never would have dared be as brazen as Harold claimed he was. "She would likely scream and then run off to squeal to her Mother."

"If Lori had done that, at least my wife would have to confront the fact that I can still get it up."

"Marcy's Mom has no problems in that regard. She's as hot for me as ever. But despite my age, I'm still as horny as a teenager. Especially when I see a hot teenager. I could have fucked my wife an hour ago, and seeing an eighteen year old hard body in a bikini would make me want to go again."

I glanced back towards the pool. The gal I had dubbed "Scenery" was calmly rubbing her fingertips inside her thigh, brushing her pussy through the scant fabric of her thong bikini, maintaining the slightest propriety - after all, she could tell even the strictest uptight biddy that her leg was itchy - but exciting every heterosexual guy in sight.

"I wonder how she'd enjoy my tongue licking there instead of just her own hand touching," I muttered.

"I thought the same about Lori as she washed between her legs, working the suds all over her groin, but taking great care to rinse inside her pussy without getting suds in it. She used her left hand to pull the lips wide open, bending her knees slightly for balance. If I had any doubts whether or not she was vamping me, they vanished when she turned just enough to give me a better view."

The sunbather turned her body towards us as if on cue, shifting her left leg back to allow her to lie on her right side, but leave her knees wide apart, her tanned oily flesh glistening brightly. Her right hand supported her chin, but her left hand slid down off of her hip to resume rubbing her belly.

"Marcy never even leaves the bathroom door open" I heard myself saying, wistfully. The combination of Harold's reminiscences and the scenery was stirring up deeply buried feelings. A shiver ran through my spine, exploding through my groin. My cock was straining my zipper more than ever, and I could only hope that the precum I felt seeping from my tip was not staining the front of my pants. Still, I could not bring myself to change topics. I had to hear more about Harold watching Lori.

"Did you have to go somewhere to finish off?" I asked Harold.

His laughter came gurgling up from deep within his belly. "Of course not, I finished myself off right there, but you are jumping ahead of the story a bit."

"What happened next then?" I prompted as Harold sipped his drink. I signalled the bartender to set up another round.

"Lori slipped a fingertip across her labia, all the while staring at me choking my chicken. I instinctively nodded a bit then I think, in case, I guess, in case she was pausing to see whether I wanted or dared her to do more. So then she drew the digit upwards, this time letting the joint slip inside of her wetness. I pumped my shaft and she copied as closely as possible, thrusting first a single finger and then two into her cunt."

"Too bad the scenery lass can't do that now."

"True, but what she's doing is almost as good. Especially given that she can't really see what reaction she is causing over her, and we aren't able to flop out our mahogany and demonstrate our appreciation properly. We'll just have to enjoy how those fingers flit over her mound."

As Harold spoke, I noticed that our vixen was becoming even braver, allowing her nails to tease the cloth aside. Like Harold had when Lori ran across the hall, I imagined the scent of this woman.

As I breathed deeply, my cock stretching upwards, trying to nudge above the waistband of my pants, Harold resumed. "I felt like I shouldn't be watching, like I should bolt up off of my bed and run out of the house; let her finish her dirty little teasing game alone. But then I figured that it was my home, and my room, and I could jerk off if I pleased. Or maybe that was just my penis over ruling my common sense."

"As happens with men from time to time," I agreed.

"By that point, she had three fingers thrusting to their full length into her cunt, leaning back against the wall of the shower. It was like she was challenging me, except I didn't know whether the winner was who came first, or last."

"So she wasn't just a prick tease."

"Not in the classic sense, no."

"Not like that girl across the way."

"How do you know already? Maybe she's just waiting a while before she comes over. Or maybe she's waiting for us to approach her."

"For a threesome?"

"Why, aren't you man enough?"

I changed the subject, not sure how far I dared go towards actually acting upon my fantasies, wondering how far Harold had already gone. I was seeing a side of him that I never knew lurked behind the jolly fat man guise.

"So who came first?" I asked, wanting to change the subject as much as to hear more.

"The chicken or the egg?" Harold chortled, his belly rising with the effort.

I could not resist looking down below his belt line where a spied a massive bulge, suggesting that even with his girth, Harold could fuck without having to lie like a turtle on his back. But why was I even thinking about that? I answered my own silent question - it was because I now was generating mental images of Harold fucking Lori. Then I realized, I was also picturing Harold fucking Marcy. I shook my head to clear the images, and looked out at the Scenery. That was no help, because this young woman, the same age roughly as my own step daughter, was the opposite of innocence. I watched as a shiver ran through her body while her fingers tapped her tummy just above her pussy. I imagined that I saw one fingernail actually grazing a cock-like clit bulging against the fabric of her bikini.

"Since she was the chicken with the egg, you might think she came first, but in fact, we came about the same time." Harold resumed, bringing me back to the moment. "Not that I can really tell exactly when a woman orgasms from a distance. Not like when I feel her entire body shudder as her groin clamps tight around my cock, gripping me as if milking my meat is the only thing preventing her head from twirling around. Or like when I lick a woman into cumming on my tongue and I get rewarded with a flood. No, this was much vaguer than that."

The bartender chose that moment to deliver the next round. While we waited for him to move away, we stared again at the vision by the pool.

"Like I can't tell how close that woman is to climax," Harold explained, tilting his glass towards her to illustrate the point. I guess she thought he was saluting her with it, because she grinned and raised her hand from her groin, waggling 'hello' with the fingers. "I only imagine that those fingers smell like a particularly musky honey, tangy with a tiny odour of sweat – not that lady-like 'glow' crap they talk about in fashion magazines, but good old carnal fuck induced sweat."

I instinctively inhaled, as if I could capture that scent. Not that I needed to, since Harold's description had triggered my memories, which connected straight to my throbbing organ. I knew that a single touch and I would explode right there in the bar, filling my own pants with my seed.

"So you came right there with Lori watching?" I finally managed to respond.

"Yup. Well, I can't be sure that her eyes were actually open at the instant that the great gobs of goo spurted out of the yawning tip of my rock hard mushroom head. She had slumped to the floor of the shower as she climaxed. She was biting her lip, I guess to stop from screaming, or maybe just to mix a bit of pain with the pleasure. Then, she lay there writhing and whimpering, her fingers still revolving like a hi tech vibrator, deep inside her wide open gushing young cunt. I know she was watching me then, and the load was still surging out my slit. The first explosion had splattered down my thighs, some of it landing on the bed between my knees, but the rest seeped out, coating my hand and shaft. As my member subsided, the last remnants pooled on my lower belly."

"If it was a porn movie, she would crawl over and lick you clean."

"True. But this was real life and Lori's Mom was calling us to dinner."

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