tagIncest/TabooHarper Valley Revisited: The Party

Harper Valley Revisited: The Party


This story is written based upon the Harper Valley series of stories which are posted on another web site. I enjoyed them very much and they renewed my desire to try my hand at writing again, so I wrote Part 1 of this story and left it ripe for a part 2, which follows. It is written in an attempt to augment and expand on the theme – from another perspective as it were – a female writer writing from the perspective of another father, new to the group.

And again, certainly this story is pure fantasy – none of it true. Comments, good and bad, will be welcomed. Now – the story:

We drove Kylie home, all of us in the front seat, with Kylie sitting beside me dressed again in her little skirt and sleeveless top and Ashton beside her. Kylie and her sisters and father live only a couple of miles from us so it was a short drive with none of us saying much, me lost in thoughts of where our actions seemed to be leading and having second thoughts about the whole thing.

As we neared her driveway and I pulled to a stop, Kylie turned to me, placed her hand on my thigh, and said "You and Ashton are coming Saturday, aren't you?"

"Kylie – I just don't know about this. I mean ......." I paused as Kylie put her small finger to my lips.

Quietly she said, "Shhh. I think I know what you are going to say, Parker. But don't you know that all of the girls are safe at these parties. None of us have to do anything we don't want to do, and what better atmosphere can there be than to have sex with men with some experience who are considerate of their partners. I mean all of our fathers are there and we know they would not let anything happen that would hurt us. Or would you rather Ashton end up in the backseat of the car of some teenager who could care less about her feelings?"

"Yeah, I know – I think the same thing – but then think that I'm just rationalizing it all away. I still don't know about Saturday – we'll see. I need to talk to Ashton about all of this." I said.

She smiled knowingly and said, "OK Parker – I think she really wants to do this and I really think it would be good for her – I know it has been for me. But you talk to her about it and consider her decision about all this – I know she's thought about it a lot and knows what she wants."

Kylie squeezed my leg and kissed me as Ashton got out of the car. She released my mouth and whispered into my ear "Parker, I REALLY want you to come to that party Saturday. I want to be your first when you get there. I promise you'll have a really good time." With that she leaned over, providing an arousing view of her cleavage, and whispered promises of what she would do if we would come to the party. Her soft whispers were accompanied by her warm breath on my ear like a soft summer breeze tinted with young girl smell. Damn, I nearly lost it right then and there.

"Kylie, how can I say no after that sort of invitation. And if Ashton still wants to go, we'll be there." I stammered.

"OK, I don't think Ashton is going to change her mind, right Ash?" She said. Ashton smiled and nodded. "Great. I'm sure I'll see you guys there", she added with a grin and a wink as she slid out of the car.

Ashton got back in the car and I put the car in gear and we headed home. She moved close to me and put her arm through mine and just hugged it to her chest, not speaking but smiling up at me as I tried to keep the car on the road.

The next two days were a blur. Just went by in no time at all. Ashton and I did not repeat our sexual activity – just did a lot of hugging and exchanging "I love you's" often. Ashton was as happy as I have ever seen her and I expect the time went much slower for her than it did for me. We agreed that what she, Kylie, and I had done was enjoyable, for all concerned, but I think we both were a bit more self conscious around each other than we had ever been before. So, we waited for the big party, not knowing exactly what to expect but knowing it was going to involve Ashton, as well as other girls her age, and sex.

Saturday arrived and Ashton was up early. She spent all morning trying to decide what to wear. I was trying to put the finishing touches on an article that I was writing for a financial newsletter I publish periodically. I got very little done with Ashton coming down every so often to model her latest choice. She looked great in all of them and I told her so, but that didn't help her make a choice. Finally we both agreed on an outfit – a short pleated skirt with a sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front over blue bikini panties and matching blue push-up bra. She had applied only light make-up and looked the epitome of the young innocent.

The party was scheduled for 10:00 at Jerry's house, about a 10 minute drive from our place. We didn't leave until 10:00 so were a little late arriving. Ashton rode all the way over on her side of the car and when we got there we just sat in the car looking at each other, neither of us sure what to expect inside. Finally Ashton slid over to me and gave me a very deep kiss. When I could get my breath back, I whispered, "Ready?" She nodded, smiling, hair falling over that left eye said, "Are you?" I gave her an 'I guess so' shrug and opened the door. As we got out of the car, I noticed she had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, revealing the tempting cleavage that resulted from the push-up bra she wore. I frowned a little at her but she just smiled and walked on ahead of me to the front door.

At the door Ashton rang the doorbell. Chimes could be heard over muted laughter from somewhere. The door opened and there stood Jerry with a big smile on his face. "Well, well, you did decide to show up. I was worried that you may have changed your mind. Noel told me that Kylie had convinced you. Come on in, they're all in the den." Jerry put his arm around Ashton's waist and hugged her close as he escorted her, with me following behind, into a large den, with a patio visible through sliding glass doors. The patio overlooked a huge landscaped yard surrounded by a high privacy fence. People were milling around inside and out on the patio – a few on the grass nearby. As we entered the den I heard a girlish shout from across the way - "ASHTON!!!", and saw Kylie running toward us. She glanced at me before hugging Ashton and planting a very sexy kiss on her lips. Ashton momentarily taken aback by such a welcome hesitated only a few seconds before returning the embrace and enthusiastically responding, tongues obviously mutually exploring each others mouths. I remember thinking at the time, 'looks like they may have done that before'.

When they finally came up for air, Kylie turned her pretty head to me and said "Parker, you guys are late – you ought to be ashamed to make me worry so – but I'm soooo glad you and Ashton did come after all. When you weren't here at 10:00, I was worried that you weren't coming at all. I was really going to be mad at you if you hadn't come."

"Sorry, Kylie. It just took longer to get ready than we had planned but we aren't too late. And we have been looking forward to coming as well." I replied.

"OK, Parker," Jerry interrupted, "let me introduce you to some of the other folks here while Kylie shows Ashton around."

"Fine," I said and tuned with him to meet a group of dads standing nearby. Noel was in the group, and although I had seen some of the others before, other than Jerry, he was the only one I had really met before. I offered him my hand and said "Hi Noel, we saw Kylie already. Good to see you again."

He shook my hand and, grinning, said "Yeah, I heard. Kylie has been looking for you and worrying that you weren't going to show. Glad you made it."

I turned to the other men in the group and shook hands as I was introduced to George, Brad, and Warwick. All had daughters there. When we first entered the den I noticed that most of the young girls were congregated together on one side and their fathers and a couple of what I assumed were mothers were on the other side. At our entrance and general incorporation into the group, everyone began to intermingle, as though they had all been waiting on us. Perhaps, more likely we just got there at the right time. As the other men in our little group wandered off, in search of their favorite girl I'm sure, Kylie came running (gosh, doesn't that bundle of energy ever slow down?) back with Ashton and her sisters, Jenna and Natalie. Of course I had met Jenna before but not Natalie. Together their resemblance to each other was remarkable. Natalie was obviously older than the other two but did not look her 20 years. Jenna at 18 was a year younger than Kylie and could have passed as her twin. All three were beautiful young girls, Natalie exhibiting a wee bit more mature sophistication than her sisters but. But it was Kylie whose appearance and manner intrigued me. She was so self confident yet with a sweet innocence that shown through that outer beauty, spiced by that mischievous sparkle that came and went in her eyes.

"Dad, here's Ashton. Isn't Parker a hunk?" and without waiting for a reply, "Parker, you know Jenna and this is Natalie. She's been dying to meet you after hearing Jenna and me go on about you."

I'm sure I actually blushed at this girl's unabashed compliment. "Well, I hope she's not disappointed," I said. "I certainly am not. Beauty in the extreme obviously runs in this family. Natalie, it is a pleasure to meet such an attractive young lady. With three beautiful daughters such as you, Noel is a lucky man."

"You bet he is, and he knows it. We remind him every chance we get," replied Kylie digging her father in the ribs. "OK, now dad, Parker is with me. And I know you will probably end up with Larissa and I think George would be perfect for Ashton." Kylie – taking charge. But I had no objections at all. I looked at Ashton and saw that she was looking shyly at Noel.

"OK, sweetie, that's fine with me if it is ok with Parker and Ashton, but they may want to take it easy at first. This sort of get together takes some getting used to for some people," Noel said. Turning to Ashton he said, "You know, sweetheart, you don't have to do anything here you don't want to do. If you say you don't like what someone is doing or wants to do, just say no. It's as simple as that. Sometimes some of the guys might think you are just pretending you don't want to do something and might not stop. If you really mean no, tell them firmly that you 'really don't want to do that' and they should stop. No one has ever done anything that a girl didn't either agree to or at least not object to that I am aware of at these gatherings and I don't think there will be any problem. But – just in case, either your dad or I will be nearby. Just holler for one of us if you need to and we'll handle it. OK?"

Ashton, nodded and said thanks. I don't know about Ashton, but I was relieved to hear him say this. I expect it was as much for my benefit as Ashton's.

As we talked, George and his daughter Larissa joined us with Larissa going up to Noel. They joined in a distinctly intimate embrace, Larissa turning her pretty head up to Noel's. Noel held her face between his hands and they exchanged a very deep, prolonged kiss. When they broke from the kiss, still hugging each other tightly, she whispered, but loud enough for us to hear, "I've so missed you, Noel." Noel smiled down at her, pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. Didn't catch what he said but Larissa broke out in a big grin and nodded enthusiastically. It was obvious that these two were not strangers, in fact had a thing about each other.

Noel, still holding Larissa by the waist, turned to Ashton and introduced her to George. "Ashton, Kylie is right about George here. I think he is about as good a guy as you'll find at these gatherings, and he has expressed an interest in getting to know you better, so if you and your father have no objections I'll turn you over to him and let you get better acquainted," he said with a glance and wink in my direction. Two other men came over and whispered to Natalie and Jenna who turned and, excusing themselves, left with the men.

George was a very nice looking man, actually what Kylie would call a hunk I'm sure, and with Noel providing the satisfactory reference, I had no objections to his being Ashton's partner. Ashton, looking like the innocent teen that she is, or was, just looked at George and shyly went to stand beside him.

Most seats were taken but we spotted an unoccupied love seat and chair near one wall and proceeded to claim them. Kylie arm in arm with me, our little group walked by several other small groups, usually one or two men with a young girl or two together. One of those groups contained a man, a older woman, and a cute young girl who, except for what was being done to her, seemed the picture of innocence. The woman was smiling at her as her hand nonchalontly fondled the girls breast beneath her thin little tank top. The man with them knelt and was running his hands up and down her legs. Her chest was well developed underneath the little tank top and the very erect nipple was obvious on the breast not covered by the woman's hand. All of this I absorbed in the 10 seconds it took to walk to our chosen seats.

"Down boy," whispered Kylie to me. "Put you eyes back in your head and lets sit down on this love seat. There's room for us and George and Ashton too, I think." I did not see how four people were going to fit on that one love seat but didn't argue. As I stood to let Kylie sit first, she said "No, you sit Parker, then I'll join you. Here, sit right there," as she pushed me down and proceeded to sit on my lap. George sat next to me and patted his lap for Ashton to sit there. (OK, so four could sit on a love seat built for two.) With only momentary hesitation, she did so. Noel and Larissa were similarly ensconced in the chair next to us. Kylie bent her head and kissed me lightly on the lips. I admit that to receive those lovely lips I had to consciously close my mouth, so astonished was I at what I was seeing going on around me that it had been hanging open.

"Comfy?" she asked with a smile.

With her warm bottom sitting directly over the center of the only brain cells that were working at the time, I nodded and said "Extremely," adding inanely, "How about you?"

Squirming on my lap a bit and causing a lump to arise beneath her that she could not help but notice, she whispered "Extremely," breaking into a mischievous grin. Then evidencing a very intensely serious expression, so attractive on such a young girl, said, " Parker, we don't need to do anything right now. I know this is all very new to you and we can just sit here and watch if you'd like." Then turning mischievous again, added in a deep little girl voice, "If I do anything to you that you don't like or want me to, just say no and I'll stop – OK?" I could not help but laugh out loud, causing some heads to turn in our direction, at her imitation of her father's little speech earlier.

"Kylie, I promise. But I doubt that will be necessary." I said.

"OK. I'm just going to snuggle here where it's so warm and let you watch a little bit. At this party we can do whatever we want to whenever we want to, so take your time." She said as she snuggled deeper into my lap, allowing my growing erection to push up slightly between her legs. "mmmmmm," she whimpered as she closed her eyes and lay her pretty little head on my shoulder and continued to move on my lap, first spreading her legs slightly to allow my member to rise as high as the restriction of my trousers would allow, then closing them and capturing that rising between her thighs.


Despite the distraction of Kylie and her 'snuggling', I was mesmerized at the proceedings. All around me men and a few women, who could have been mothers, were beginning to openly fondle the young girls. Things had progressed with the man and woman who had started on the young innocent I had passed earlier. The girl was still standing but they had her top completely off, her panties on the floor, and she was holding her skirt, raised to the waist to allow the kneeling woman to nuzzle between her legs. Opening her eyes and noticing where I was looking, Kylie whispered that the girl was named Kristen, and that that was her mother and the man was a guy named Connor. With the mother so engaged, the man, not her father, was gently suckling her lovely breasts, softly biting at the erect nipples. Kristen was making no objections to her treatment, quite the contrary, she seemed to be enjoying it immensely, actually moving her body back and forth, slowly humping her mother's mouth. It, quite honestly, was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen.

I sat watching for around five minutes before Kylie, tiring of my inattention to her, began to 'snuggle' with more enthusiasm, and, reaching for my right hand, moved it to her breast, her hand over mine. and squeezed lightly. I took the not so subtle hint, and began fondling her breast through her thin blouse, feeling the breast pushing against the fabric of her thinner bra, a hard nipple underneath very apparent. She turned her head up to me, the most beautiful blue bedroom eyes I had ever seen staring at me, lips open, moist and inviting. I leaned to her and we kissed. Such was that kiss that I lost all awareness of anything except the willing, pliant, beautiful Kylie on my lap. As we kissed she worked her hands between us and began to unfasten the buttons of her blouse.

Once all buttons were undone she leaned away from me and said. "Take it off of me, Parker." I pushed the blouse from her shoulders and she busied her hands at my belt, unfastening and unzipping my trousers. My erection instantly freed through the opening in my boxers. "Now my bra," she whispered. I fumbled a bit to find a clasp in her back before she smiled and said, "It fastens in front".

"Oh," I grinned sheepishly, going to the clasp between those perfect little breasts, freeing them and pushing the bra back off of her shoulders to join the blouse on the floor. Next she was at my shirt. I had a casual pull over shirt which she pulled up and over my head with surprising agility. Then she pressed those softly firm mounds into my chest and kissed me again, her hands rubbing my back, my hands roaming down her back to cup the cheeks of her ass through the fabric of her short skirt, pulling it up and touching the bare skin of those cheeks. I thought for a moment that she must not be wearing panties, but she pulled away from me and, with a smile stood, reached under her skirt and removed the thong she had been wearing. Then kneeling she removed my shoes and socks, grabbed the legs of my trousers and pulled them, boxers and all, off of me. I was then sitting on the small sofa totally nude with an erection so intense that it actually was a little painful. Kylie was standing in front of me with only that short skirt on and it riding dangerously high. Smiling at me she pulled it higher, displaying the sexiest patch of honey blond hair at that special junction and allowing her to spread her legs and return to my lap, this time straddling me, wrapping her arms around my neck and sliding forward, stopping when she had trapped my cock between our stomachs, my aching scrotum pressing against the soft pubic hair above her pussy.

She moved – God did this little girl have moves – against me, rubbing, my cock firmly wedged between us, her skirt up above her waist. Then she moved higher, the nipples of those small breasts tangling with my chest hair, to allow my cock to slide between her spread legs. Now positioned beneath her and between her thighs, the upper part of it rubbing along her extremely moist crack and beyond. She moved back and forth as our kiss became a marathon of licking, nibbling, sucking each others mouths and tongues. Then adjusting position ever so slightly she poised my erection at just the right place and lowered her body. I entered her as she slowly, ever so slowly lowered herself onto me. Words cannot describe the exquisite pleasure such friction elicits. Just an inch or two of penetration, then back up. We broke the kiss and I looked up at her beautiful face, her expression so innocent and wanton at the same time, eyes closed, breathing faster causing her small chest to rise and fall rapidly. My mouth gravitated of its own volition to her right breast. There I suckled, savoring the womanly taste of this newly mature partner. She moaned and put her hand behind my head pressing my mouth harder against her soft breast. I bit the nipple lightly, causing more movement from her hips. With each movement, more horizontal now than vertical, more of me slipped into her most intimate of places. She moved my head to the other breast and I repeated my actions there. Her movements increased, now matched by my own thrusts. No more slow insertion. I was now plumbing her depths. With each full thrust I could feel the head of my cock hit her cervix, each time eliciting louder moans and whimpers. I bit the nipple harder then sucked as much of that small breast into my mouth as possible, laving it there with my tongue. Kylie was just an insatiable sex partner, wanting more and more it seemed. My resistance was fading and there was no way I could last more than a minute longer if this kept up. I moved my hands from her back down to her hips to slow her down a little. Sensing that I needed to slow down, she slowed her movements to a near halt, me buried to the hilt. Then, the most amazing thing that I have ever felt, not from any other partner I have ever had, and I've had a few, happened. Sitting perfectly still with me embedded in her, she started squeezing, then relaxing, then squeezing, then relaxing, those vaginal muscles. Over and over and over.

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