tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHarriet Falls In Ch. 02

Harriet Falls In Ch. 02


Once Harriet realized that it was indeed someone and not something that was now thrusting in and out of her, she began to try and look back harder. It was all Jennifer could do to hold her head in her pussy, until the Colonel came over and knelt down beside Harriet.

"Your lucky Harriet." Sarah said softly into Harriet's ear as she licked and nibbled at her ear and neck, "I can't wait to take that big cock that's inside you right now.....mmmmm.....and..." The Colonel stood up as she said with a sly grin on her face, "well you'll see soon enough."

After a while of good hard fucking, Harriet began to pant much harder and moan a lot louder. She had noticed the Colonel going back and forth between making out with Coates and the stranger behind her. She felt a hand from the man fucking her love from her hips to her shoulder, and although Jen still held her head in place, she could see the hand out of the corner of her eye...it was the hand of a black man.

Her mind began to race out of control as she had never been with a black man before, or even thought of it before as her parents would kill her. As her mind raced around the idea of the man fucking her at that moment was a black man, someone who she would consider 'forbidden', she suddenly exploded in orgasm. She screamed into the Petty Officer's cunt, causing her to climax as well. Harriet's body shook while she had the most powerful orgasm ever! She lapped up and swallowed Jen's cum and let her body slump from exhaustion.

"That's...quite the show Lieutenant." the man behind her said panting, close to cumming himself.

Upon hearing his voice she knew who it was, and since Jen was no longer holding her head in place she whipped it around to see Commander Sturgis Turner. Her mouth dropped open as she stared at her superior officer, who was now on the brink of cumming inside of her.

Sarah Mackenzie was kneeling beside him, smiling back at Harriet."I don't think she was expecting to see you Sturgis." Sarah said playfully.

"Well then she definitely won't be expecting this" Sturgis said as his head flew back and unleashed inside of Harriet.

Harriet's face turned from a look of surprise to a look of pure lust and satisfaction as Sturgis was now dumping his load inside of her. Sarah's was now the one with a surprised face as she didn't expect him to cum inside of her, seeing as how he wasn't wearing a condom. Once he was finished filling the Lieutenant, Sturgis took his cock out of Harriet, which left he pussy stretched somewhat. Harriet was about to let herself drop to the floor to relax when Sarah stopped her.

"Oh no you don't Harriet, your not finished yet...far from it." Mac said as she slid under Harriet.

She could see some cum starting to ooze out of her pussy and began to lick it up. Soon Sarah was licking and sucking away on Harriet's pussy once again. Harriet wondered how much more punishment her pussy could take. Sturgis moved in front of Harriet and held his dick in front of her mouth. She knew what he wanted, and also knew she really wasn't in a position to refuse, even if she wanted to. Harriet opened her mouth and began to take the cock, inch by inch. She could taste herself all along his cock, although her pussy wasn't a new taste anymore. She managed to get about half of it in, which was about 4 inches, before she began to gag. Sturgis pulled his cock back and began to rock in and out of her mouth, now knowing her limit. Harriet was quite surprised that he began to get hard again, although slowly, right after fucking her. She also found it a bit difficult to maneuver her tongue around such a big cock, as it's diameter stretched her mouth.

After about 10 minutes of licking Harriet's pussy, Sarah instructed Jen to stop pleasuring her and to take over on Harriet. Sarah had remembered the other surprise of the night and figured she had better explain that there was now a slight change in plans. Sarah got up and left the room, and looked around the office. She heard footsteps and soon saw Commander Harmon Rabb come around the corner. He stopped and looked at her surprised.

"What?" Sarah asked as she raised her hands.

"Well I can see you started without me." Rabb said.

Sarah then realized that she was standing in front of Harm completely naked.

"Look, there's been a small change in plans tonight," Sarah started to explain. "Harriet saw me and Coates, so I decided to bring her in on it to."

"WHAT??" the Commander exclaimed, "why the hell did you 'include' her? She could get us in a lot of trouble Mac."

"I know, that's why I decided to include her, she'll be less apt to tell anyone," Mac explained as she cocked her head to the side, "besides, she's fun...and she doesn't taste to bad either."

Rabb raised an eyebrow, "Oh? So she's ok with this then?"

"Well me and Coates have had our way with her, Sturgis just came inside her and she's now giving him a blowjob, so yes, I'd say she's quite ok with this." Mac said trying to put Harm at ease.

"Sturgis is here already? Well I guess I'm definitely the last person to join in then." Rabb said, "wait, if he already came inside her, I don't want sloppy seconds."

"So stick it in her ass!" Mac replied as if it were obvious.

"Has she ever had anal before?" Harm asked.

"How should I know?" Mac exclaimed, "I doubt she's ever had a lesbian threesome or been fucked by a big black cock before either, but she's done all that already tonight. Look, I'll help get her ready, you just have Jen suck you off, I know how much you've wanted her ever since I invited you tonight."

"Lead on!" Rabb said.

Sarah turned and began walking back toward the room, shaking her ass a little more than usual for a certain Commander now staring at her nude ass. Rabb reached out and slapped her ass, "Coates isn't the one I've been waiting to fuck." he whispered into her ear. Sarah turned around and leaned into Harm as if to kiss him, but stopped short and just stared into his eyes for a few seconds. Harm immediately got hard as Sarah stepped back and opened the door.

Harm walked in to see Harriet on her knees sucking Sturgis cock, while Jennifer Coates was lying on her back eating out the Lieutenant. He began to strip his clothes off as Sarah had Jen get up from Harriet and go 'warm up Harm' as she put it. Mac then resumed her position under Harriet, eating her pussy. Jen began to suck Harm's cock and he still couldn't believe what was happening to him, or what he was seeing in front of him.

Sarah made sure that Harriet was good and wet as she began to finger fuck her, getting her fingers lubed well with Harriet's juices. She started to wipe her fingers around Harriet's asshole, getting it lubed up as well. Harriet hadn't noticed the Colonel's fingers around her asshole as she was far to busy taking care of the cock in her mouth, and holding her composure as Sarah Mackenzie was expertly eating her pussy. Harriet's eyes grew ten times as she tried to gasp, but got little air in from the cock that was taking up most of her mouth, as Sarah sank her index finger into Harriet's ass. Her finger surprisingly went in without much force, after she got the tip of it inside her that is. She began to push her finger further into her until she couldn't go any further, at which time she began to slowly pull it back out, and back in. She quickened the pace of her finger fucking Harriet's ass every time in and out, while making sure that she was keeping the pain down by making her pussy feel all the better with her tongue. After a minute or two of fingering her ass with her finger, Sarah took it out and lightly bit down on Harriet's clit as she forced two fingers into her ass. Harriet tried to scream at the simultaneous feeling of her clit being bitten down on and two fingers being shoved up her ass.

"Enjoying yourself Lieutenant?" Sturgis asked with a smile on his face, "I know I am."

Harriet could do nothing but look up at him. As Sturgis looked back at Harriet, her eyes seemed to beg for this to stop, but the fact that she began to suck his cock again told him that she was enjoying this. Sturgis, always begin on the safe side, pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"OHHHHHH, FUCK!!!" Harriet screamed, "what the hell are you doing ma'am...I mean Mac...ummm, Sarah?"

Mac stopped licking Harriet's pussy as she ripped her fingers out of her ass.

"HOLY FUCK!!...OH SHIT!.....AHHHHHHH!" Harriet screamed again.

"I'm getting you ready." Mac said as she looked at her fingers that had just been in Harriet's ass.

Her fingers were pretty clean, to her surprise, but she still felt like iping them off. Jen had stopped sucking Harm's cock when all the commotion started, and how moved over to the Colonel, took her hand and began to lick her fingers clean. Sarah looked at Coates with a very surprised look on her face.

"Better than soap ma'am!" Jennifer exclaimed as she finished cleaning Harriet's ass off of Sarah's fingers.

"I'll say!" Mac replied as Jen leaned forward and kissed Sarah deeply.

"Getting me ready for what Sarah?" Harriet asked just as the answer was made apparent to her. Harm placed his dick at the entrance to Harriet's ass .

"Oh no, that's impossible." Harriet started to say as she got more and more hysterical, "it's to big to fit in there, and it will hurt ma'am...I mean Sarah."

Sarah went and laid down in front of Harriet and instructed her to lick her pussy to take her mind off any pain, while Jen moved beside Harm and spit at Harriet's ass to help lube it up more.

"Don't worry Harriet, everything you've done so far tonight has felt great hasn't it?" Sarah asked her.

"Well ya...I guess." Harriet answered.

"You guess?" Sarah asked again as Harm pushed the head of his cock into her.

"OH FUCK!" Harriet screamed again, "OH...OH FUCK."

Harriet was now in quite some pain as she had never had anything up her ass before tonight, and the size of Harm's cock was a bit to much for her. She held two fingers together, spread Sarah's ass cheeks and rammed her fingers up the Colonel's ass, dry.

"THERE, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!" Harriet yelled at the Colonel as she realized what she had just done.

"AHHHHHHH!" Sarah gasped as she had no idea Harriet would do that to her, "OOOOHHHHH YEAHHHHHH....fuck me Harriet, fuck my ass."

Harriet was somewhat confused now, as she thought what she had done would make the Colonel mad, but she figured if she liked it, maybe it wouldn't be all that bad. She began to fuck Mac's ass with her fingers as Harm slammed the full length of his cock into Harriet's ass after seeing what Harriet had done to Mac.

"OOWWWWWWWWWWW!" Harriet yelled, "Please sir, I can't take that, it hurts to much. Please go slow" she begged.

"Don't dish out what you can't take Lieutenant." Harm responded to her.

Harriet knew he was right, she had deserved what he did to her, in a way. Harm now began to move in and out of Harriet's ass much slower, letting her get accustomed to his size and length, while Harriet began to fuck Sarah's ass quite hard and fast, as requested by the Colonel. Harriet soon realized that the pain she had initially felt was fading fast, and was being replaced by a pleasurable feeling she had never felt before. She was actually starting to enjoy getting fucked in the ass, and was moaning quite loudly to express it. The room was soon filled with moans comming from the three now engaged in an anal threesome. Jen, now feeling a bit left out, looked to Sturgis.

"Feel like a good ol' fashioned fuck sir?" she asked.

"Of course Petty Officer, how could I refuse?" he replied.

Sturgis laid on the floor and Jen got on top of him. She slid down onto his huge cock slowly, getting used to the size as she went. 'I can't wait to have a cock up my ass' she thought to herself as she watched the trio in front other fucking away while she began to get pounded herself.

The room filled with moans and screams of lust as everyone went about their 'business' for quite a while. Harm, feeling close to cumming yelled out, "I'm gonna cum, OH YA!".

Jen quickly got off of Sturgis and went over to Harm, kneeling beside him.

"Right here sir!" she said as she opened her mouth wide.

Harm wasn't in any condition to argue, so he pulled his cock out of Harriet's ass and shoved it down Coates' throat. As soon as she wrapped her mouth around him and began to suck he lost it, and shot his load down her throat. She swallowed all of it, as if she had much of a choice, and proceeded to lick and suck his cock clean. Watching Jen clean Harm's dick put Sarah over the edge as she came as well. Harriet lapped up the Colonel's cum and pulled her fingers out of her ass when she was done. Harriet looked at Sarah, wondering what to do about her now dirty fingers. Sarah figured that if Coates loved it so much, maybe it wasn't so bad and started to lick Harriet's fingers clean, not that they were very dirty either though. Sarah soon came to the conclusion that it must be an acquired taste, as she didn't much care for it, although she didn't hate it either.

Sturgis had now laid down beside Harriet and told her to flip over, so her back was to him. She complied, clueless to what he wanted, but it was soon apparent to her as he lined up her ass with his cock, and slowly let her weight push him into her. Harriet had given up and decided to just enjoy whatever happened. She had now fucked more people in one night than the rest of her life added up.

"OHHHHHH, OHHH YAAAAAA!" Harriet began to moan as her ass was once again stretched wide.

Sarah took Jen and laid her on the floor and got on top of her in the 69 position, with her ass lined up with Harriet's. Rabb knew what she was doing, and went over to Harriet. He straddled atop of her and pushed into her. She was amazingly tight, mostly due to Sturgis huge dick now lodged in her ass, moving in and out slowly.

"HOLY FUCK!" Harriet moaned as she closed her eyes, "this is amazing, fuck me faster sir...sirs."

Harm began to thrust into her faster and harder as he noticed Mac looking back at him with a look of complete lust. He then saw he shake her ass back and forth as she gave him a sly grin. Harm pulled out of Harriet and placed his dick inside Sarah's pussy. He felt Coates' tongue lick his shaft as he pumped in and out of her. Sarah returned to Jen's pussy and Harm went back and forth between Sarah and Harriet for some time.

After quite a while of feverish fucking, both Sarah and Jen had explosive orgasms into each others mouths, which they both happily lapped up. This caused harm to announce his oncoming orgasm, to which Sarah turned around and began to suck him off, taking his cum into her mouth and swallowing.

"I'm...I'm cumming!" Harriet yelled out as she was bouncing up and down hard onto Sturgis cock.

"Your not alone Harriet." Sturgis replied to her.

Jen went over to Harriet's pussy and began to lick her, taking her cum and enjoying every drop of it as Sturgis pumped his load into her ass.

They all collapsed on the floor for a few minutes, each catching their breathe. Harriet was the first to speak;

" I better get home, Bud is going to wonder what happened to me.....OH MY GOSH...what am I going to tell him?!" Harriet said as she realized that she just had sex with two women and two men.

"Just tell him that you'll be working late every Friday night." Sarah said laughingly.

"Working hard every Friday night." Harm corrected her with a wink as they all started laughing.

"I have to get home as well." Jen said as she looked to Harm "would you mind giving me a ride Sir?"

"Sure Jen, I haven't had a chance to do that yet tonight." he said to her with a smile.

"Well then you'll have to drive me home first sir." Jen replied smiling back.

Mac leaned into Harm's ear, "Come over when you'd done, I'll leave the door unlocked. If I'm asleep just rip the covers off of me and..." she licked her lips "...fuck me...fuck me like your going to every night."

Harm couldn't believe what he just heard, he was about to take Jennifer Coates home to fuck her, only to spend the rest of the night fucking Sarah Mackenzie when he was done.

"Do you need a ride Harriet?" Sturgis asked her.

"I think I've been ridden enough for one night sir." Harriet replied as they all laughed. "I think sitting might be a bit of an issue for a while though."

"That'll get better with practice Lieutenant." Sturgis said.

"I'll look forward to it sir." Harriet replied.

With that they all got up, dressed and left the building. Harm took Jen to her place and made sure she was tired out and fast asleep when he left. He then made his way to Sarah's where he found her fast asleep in bed with a single white sheet over her, which was semi-transparent. He slowly pulled it off of her which made her stir due to the sudden coolness on her naked body. Harm quietly and carefully got on top of her and began to fuck her softly. It took her a few minutes to wake up, and when she did she was awoken to Harmon Rabb fucking her, to which she wrapped her arms around him, closed her eyes and began to kiss him.

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