tagLesbian SexHarriet Hotter Ch. 10

Harriet Hotter Ch. 10


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

Okay, I received a lot of emails recently asking what was going on with the Hotter series. What went on was that I released two chapters of Harriet Hotter and only received one email regarding it. So, to be honest, I thought no one was reading it and went on to write other stories. When I started getting requests to continue, it was hard to get back into the characters again.

I've got lots of stories. If you like a series in particular, please try to send me a note . . . even if it just says, "Liked it." Just so I know that it is being read.


Harriet's sleep was fitful that night. Every dream was full of images of sex and greater perversity. She was dreaming that she was a boy and Heather was bouncing up and down on her cock. Her hips began to buck, as she felt cum from a glorious orgasm welling in her balls.

"Argh, I'm cumming!" she cried.

However, just as Harriet began to cum, the orgasm dissipated and the dream came to a crashing halt.

"Argh, I'm cumming!" Heather cried, as she bounced up and down atop her prone roommate. Her body bucked, trembled, and finally collapsed in a heap.

She looked up at her roommate through her sweaty disheveled blonde hair. "You didn't cum, did you, my poor little boy whore?" Heather grinned.

"N-no Mistress," Harriet groaned.

"Awwwww, poor widdle thing." Heather hopped off Harriet's wooden phallus, grabbed it, and pulled the protesting dark-haired girl to her feet by it.

"Come on, slut, time for a shower."

"B-but Mistress, I-I can't go like this." Harriet blushed a crimson red and pointed below at the obscene wand pointing out from her crotch.

"Well, put some underwear on and let's go."

Harriet opened her lingerie drawer and discovered to her horror that in place of her panties, the drawer was loaded with boy's underwear.

"B-but I can't-these aren't"

"Put them on or go naked, my little boy slut," Heather interrupted.

Reluctantly, Harriet put on a pair of tight white BVD's, pointing her faux cock to the side and out of the way. She placed a towel around her body, and prayed that the lump wouldn't show. She was able to walk discreetly to the showers and slip in unseen, sliding the curtain to the wall for utmost privacy.

"Oh my, our little witchie's grown a dickie. . ." one of the golems said.

"Hey everbody!" another announced.

"Shhhhh. . ." hissed Harriet. She could ill afford for the other girls to overhear the golems.

"Ohhh, the witchie's got a secret hmmmm? Come closer witchie, and I'll tell you how to keep it. . ."

Fifteen minutes later, poor Harriet walked out of the shower, her body trembling from her prolonged frustration. Her secret was safe from her fellow students, but there was little in the way of secrets that she held from the marble golems once they had finished having their fun.

It was a poor start to the day, and it rolled steadily downhill from there. Heather laid out a gray robe on the bed for Harriet to wear that was made out of an elastic material. It barely concealed the bulge in her underwear, but did nothing to hide the jutting hard points of her nipples.

"Heather, I need a bra."

"Boys don't wear bra's little twit and that's what you aren't you? My little boy whore - my cocked cunt."

"Please stop calling me that." Harriet begged as her body was wracked with need.

"Stop calling you what?"

"Boy whore-ahhh-oh shit-oh fuck-ahhh." Harriet moaned in a tormented state of ecstasy. She had forgotten what happened when she heard those dirty words, even when they came out of her own mouth.

"But that's what you are, aren't you? Come along little Hari-whore, let's go to class." Heather handed Harriet her spell book and satchel. "Here, boy, carry my books for me."


The day provided Harriet with little relief. Thankfully, she didn't hear any of the words that seemed to set her sex on fire with lust, but she remained in a sort of horny haze anyway. She wasn't wearing a bra and she could feel her breasts moving with every step. It didn't help when it felt like every eye in school noticed her freely bouncing orbs and jutting nipples. Then there was the matter of the wand attached to her sex. It moved with every step, and fear of discovery kept it always on her mind.

Her Unlearning class was the only class that took her mind off these things momentarily. There, she learned about the first witch, Azreal. Azreal could part the mists of time and on occasion look into the future. It was Azreal who saw man's rise, the ultimate destruction of the other magical creatures that shared the planet, and the ultimate destruction of man as well.

Azreal set about finding and training other witches to help move the magical creatures to Avalon and then she sought to seal Avalon away, until it would be needed again. At the last moment, she was betrayed by her son Mordick, who slew his own mother and left the sealing undone. Azreal's sister sacrificed herself in order to kill Mordick and thwart his plans. This school, Frogwart's was built to fill in the breach that opens from this world to Avalon.

She learned that education of new witches was only the secondary duty of Frogwarts. The primary responsibility of all the witches here, including herself, was to safeguard Avalon until it is needed again.

'Well, they are depending on the wrong person to save the world; I can't even save myself from my perveted desires, let alone help anyone else,' Harriet thought to herself as she sat down for lunch with two of her new friends, Lovelle and Paige.

Lovelle and Paige both wore newly acquired black robes. The new students with gray robes shunned them, and they had not yet started eating with their black garbed sisters. Since most of the gray robed students shunned Harriet as well, she easily made friends with the two other outcasts.

"Hey Harriet, having fun?" asked Lovelle.

Harriet blushed in response. How could she tell her two friends of her sexual problems - of her inability to have an orgasm - or of her phallus shaped wand held snugly in her BVD's.

"It's been alright," said Harriet.

"Are you looking forward to the Macrosse match later this week?" asked Paige.

Harriet's eyes gleamed with her old fire. "You bet your ass - oh," Harriet gasped when she mistakenly uttered a curse word and her cunt clenched in response.

Harriet friends looked at her suspiciously. Something was obviously going on with Harriet. They couldn't quite place it, but judging from her hardened nipples and blushing cheeks, she almost looked as if she were sexually aroused.

Harriet heard someone come up behind her, and when she heard the sound of her roommate's voice, she quaked with fear.

Heather said, "Come with me boy-bitch, I've got a job for you."

Harriet bit her lower lip to keep from embarrassing herself by moaning in front of everyone. She could feel shooting sparks of pleasure stabbing through her nether regions. Flustered, she struggled to get up and obey Heather, before her friends found out what a pervert she had turned into.

Harriet's two friends looked on the scene with wonder. Why was Harriet putting up with this kind of treatment from her roommate? Why was she obeying?

Lovelle put her hand on Harriet's thigh and held her down. "Leave her alone Heather." To Harriet: "Don't worry about that bitch. You're staying right here."

Harriet prayed Lovelle didn't feel her pelvis hump at the mention of the word bitch. 'Please don't curse,' she inwardly begged.

Heather pointed her wand at Lovelle's hands and performed an incantation. By the startled look on Lovelle's face as she struggled to move her hands, it was apparent they were stuck fast to the table.

Paige saw her struggles and turned to Heather, her smile innocent, yet her eyes full of malice. "That's a pretty good spell from someone who's nips are on fire."

Heather looked puzzled. "My nips aren't on . . ." Her eyes suddenly widened in surprise. "Aigh!" she screamed, clutching her chest. She scrambled to pick up the milk filled cups and pour the contents down the top of her robe.

She sighed with relief then turned her attention back to the black-robed girl. She was just about to perform another spell, when she heard a few faint giggles from around the dining hall. She looked down to see her nipples showing clearly through her wet robe. Her face turned a bright red. It was impossible to tell if it was from embarrassment or anger.

"You'll pay for that bitch, big time. I'll make sure of it." To Harriet: "And as for you. I'll deal with you later little toy."

Lovelle stretched her fingers, now that she was able to remove them from the table. "What a creepy bitch."

"Are you okay?" Paige asked Harriet.

"Yeah. Thanks." Harriet shifted uncomfortable in her seat. Paige's hand was on Harriet's thigh to reassure her, but its presence was anything but. It was too close to the new lump that resided in Harriet briefs, and she could feel her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her robe. She knew she had to go before she embarrassed herself.

"Uh, I'm not so hungry anymore. I'll see you later." Harriet got up and clutched her satchel to her chest to hide the eraser-like stubs sticking from the fron of her robe, but she didn't realize she was showing something much more obvious.

"Is that what I think it is?" Paige asked Lovelle, pointing to darkened stain on Harriet's retreating rear.

"I think so. You don't suppose she is a lesbian do you?"

"I don't know, but she is definitely into something. I swear she tried to rub herself against my hand when I touched her thigh."

"No way."

"Yes way."

"What did you do?"

"I put it there again."

"You're so bad. Wicked even."

"I'm going to get even badder if we don't hurry up and have the school dance with some boys. It was supposed to happen a month ago, but the teachers haven't even mentioned it. It's like there is a conspiracy to keep me pure. Well, I got news for 'em. If I can't get a handsome boy to dirty me up, I might just get some of that Hotter girl."

"God, I can't believe you sometimes, Paige," said Lovelle, suddenly serious.

Paige began to eat. "Well you better believe it, Princess Priss. I bet she will fuck. Hell, did you notice she wasn't even wearing a bra?" she said between mouthfuls.

'Great, I guess I have to stop wearing bras in order for you to notice *me*,' Lovelle thought to herself. Harriet was a nice girl, but she couldn't help but feel jealous of the new girl. Lovelle felt like she couldn't do anything right. She was the weakest witch wearing the black robe. She had even been bested by a mere gray-robe, and now her best friend liked the new girl who was even less magically inclined than her, but seemed to be much more athletically and sexually endowed. Suddenly, Lovelle didn't feel much like eating either.


Later that day Harriet returned to her room after practicing Macrosse with the rest of the team. Well, the rest of the team except for Heather. Harriet was scared of playing sans bra and wearing tight briefs which covered a hard six inch wooden wand in the shape of a phallus, but she actually was playing even better.

The worry of someone seeing these new additions and subtractions to her wardrobe made things problematic. But, as strange as it seemed, being as horny as a just-docked-sailor gave her a newly found reserve of strength and a healthy dose of attitude.

Too bad that attitude couldn't be used to get Heather to practice. 'Well, maybe I'll try the indirect approach and use some child psychology,' Harriet thought, as she opened the door to her dorm. She was shocked to see Heather and the whole Macrosse team. Only it wasn't her team in the room, but the Red's.

"Ah, there she is," said Heather standing up. "My little boy bitch. Come on in. We were just talking about you."

It wasn't as if Harriet had any choice in the matter. Several of the girls shut the door behind Harriet and pushed her forward into the room.

"Yes, don't be shy. Heather was just telling us all about you. It seems that you are a little boy . . . or should a say a little boy whore," said Stella.

Harriet cringed from fear when she recognized the girl that spoke. It was the girl she had taunted during the Macrosse game and apparently she hadn't taken it as gamesmanship.

"I-I'm not a boy," Harriet said.

"But are you a whore?"

Harriet could feel questing fingers seeking the hem of her pleated skirt. She batted them away, easily overpowering the other girls. She could feel her sex leaking from hearing the dirty words that set her desire ablaze.

"N-no, I-I'm not a whor-ahhhh," she moaned, as she felt an orgasm approach and then dart away.

"It sounds like you are slut. Let's see about the boy part. Girls, what is it that boys have and girls don't?"

"They have dicks!" the girls shouted and then pounced for Harriet's skirt again. Harriet moaned in response and this time she was unable to resist as the raised her skirt, exposing her tight white briefs and the outline of the phallus contained within. She was so turned on; her legs couldn't even support her body. Instead, she was forced to hug one of the girls that was lifting her skirt.

The girls laughed. "Ewwww . . . she does have a dick. Let's see it."

Stella got up and approached Harriet, who was busy looking at Heather with pleading eyes. When Heather got up and stood between the two girls and ordered Stella to stop, Harriet sighed with relief. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. "Enough. You remembered what we agreed on," said Heather.

"Awwww," the girls groaned.

'Thank God. I'm safe,' thought Harriet.

Then Stella reached in her satchel and took out seven shiny gold coins and gave them to Heather who said to the girls, "Have fun girls and make sure to use *her* bed." Then she whispered to Harriet: "I think this makes us even for lunch. Now, I just have to figure out something special for your little black-robed friend." With that she turned and left Harriet alone with the room full of girls.

'Dear God, they just paid for me. Does this mean I am a whore now?' Harriet was horrified.

"Now let's see the merchandise." Stella reached for Harriet's crotch, freeing her wooden phallus from the center slot of her boy's briefs.

There was a gasp and then the girl beside her said, "It isn't real," as if disappointed.

Stella slid her hand up and down the wooden phallus, jacking it off. "It's real enough. I paid good gold for this boy-bitch and we are all sure as hell gonna get fucked."

"No-I won't do it," Harriet protested feebly.

"You won't huh?" Stella said. She walked over to on of her teammates and took the girl by the hand. "Come here Ginnie," she said, as she led the red-haired girl to the bed. "Here, let's get those panties off."

Ginnie hesitated. "You mean-in front of everyone?" she whispered.

"There's nothing to worry about. Everyone's gonna do it."

Ginnie relented and soon her panties lay in a puddle at her feet. "Now lay down on the bed. Make sure you use Hari's."

"God, this is so embarrassing," Ginnie said, sliding out of her robe and then laying down on Harriet's bed.

Stella walked over to Harriet. "Are you sure you don't want to fuck her whore?"

Harriet could feel her juices drying as they ran down her thighs. She did want to do it, but she couldn't bear the thought of the consequences. "Uh, no I don't . . . I'm-ah-sorry."

"Don't tell me. Tell Ginnie. Come on, get closer." Stella led Harriet by the cock that was attached to her sex to the prone girl on the bed.

"Ginnie, I'm sorry but-"

"Typical male. Don't you dare hurt her feelings in front of everyone like that. Bend down and whisper it in her ear." Stella led Harriet on the bed, until Harriet was positioned directly on top of invitingly naked girl. Then she whispered in Harriet's ear. "Now repeat after me: The whore is sorry-"

Harriet steeled herself against the maddening pleasure that assaulted her with every filthy word. "The whore is sorry."

"But she wants to fuck and suck."

"But she wants to fuck ah and suck-oh-god," Harriet moaned.

"Your delicious tight little pussy."

"I want you Ginnie." Harriet growled. She thrust her hips forward to fuck the delightfully becoming girl.

The girl yelped in pain. "Easy, please-" she whispered in Harriet's ear. "I've never done it before."

Harriet forced herself to slow down. She took her time inserting the wooden rod in the girl's tight sex.

The girl grimaced in pain, as Harriet pressed against her tightly bound gate. Harriet nibbled her ear and whispered. "It will only hurt for a minute. Then you will love it."

"Oh," Ginnie gasped, her maidenhead torn asunder. And then, "Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-my-God!" as Harriet fucked her lovingly. Ginnie wrapped her short pudgy legs around Harriet's lean muscular back and soon the tender strokes gave way to fast furious thrusting.

"Oh God, I never knew," Ginnie moaned. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Oh shit Harri, give it to me."

Heather had told all the girls that it turned Harri on when someone talked dirty to her, and it didn't take long for even the most proper girl there to learn to cuss like a sailer, when every time she did it, Harriet would thrust into her with more vigor.

"Fuck-Fuck-Fuck-that's it-oh fuck-I'm cumming!" Ginnie screamed in a long drawn out wail.

Harriet couldn't help herself. She slid down the bed and kissed and licked away the evidence of the girl's first time. It was Ginnie's gift to her and she was proud to take it. She was also glad that she had been able to make her first time a good experience.

Afterwards, Harriet's body was tired and every muscle burned in protest, but the promise of an orgasm that was just out of reach always spurred her on. It spurred her on with Ginnie and then on through all the rest of the girls but Stella. Four of the girls had been virgins.

Stella herded the rest of the girls out of the room.

"What are you doing?" asked Ginnie.

Stella said, "I want some private time with the whore. Do you remember whose gold it was that paid for your little bit of fun?"

Ginnie left with the other girls after casting a long glance back at Harriet.

Stella grinned an evil grin as she advanced on the exhausted form of Harriet and ran a hand through her damp curly hair. "You poor dear. I bet you are worn out, aren't you?"

Stella grabbed the wooden phallus and said, "Here, how 'bout we get this thing off of you?"

Harriet was too tired to tell her that it wouldn't come off, but surprisingly Stella performed a little incantation and it popped right off.

'Finally, I can be rid of that cursed thing,' Harriet thought.

Harriet watched as Stella placed the wooden phallus over her own crotch. "Affix," she said, as she performed an incantation.

Stella stroked her hand up and down her new appendage, testing it out. She looked menacing. "Don't worry little whore, I have plenty of energy."

Harriet gasped as Stella's cruel intentions became clear.

To be continued . . .

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