tagSci-Fi & FantasyHarriet Hotter Ch. 13

Harriet Hotter Ch. 13


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


Later on, Harriet went back to her dorm room, and began outlining her plans in earnest. She idly twirled her pencil through her fingers, occasionally glancing at the door as if expecting something.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Heather stormed in fuming mad.

"What in the hell did you think you were doing in the cafeteria?"

"Exactly what you wanted," Harriet said, unperturbed.

"But-but," Heather stuttered. She couldn't help glancing down at Harriet's crotch, the curly haired girl wasn't even wearing her robe. Just a tight pair of BVD's which did little to hide the phallic shaped wand within. Heather found she couldn't keep her eyes off the protuberance. "Y- you're drawing too much attention . . . and why aren't you wearing your robe? We have class in a few minutes."

"Because it's hot in here," Harriet said. Her hand went down to her crotch and slid up and down bulge, outlining the shape. "Don't you think it's hot?"

Heather felt herself growing aroused and more than a little flushed at the erotic display. "Maybe a little," she admitted.

Harriet spread her legs wide and pressed down on her underwear, causing the mushroom shaped head to peak out from the fly of the briefs. "Maybe a lot," she said. Heather was entranced like a moth to a flame.

"Say Heather," Harriet asked in a unconcerned voice. "Where's my share of the money?"

"What money?"

"The money you've been making selling me - selling this." Harriet pointed down to her crotch. Now, two inches of the wand rose of from the band of Harriet's briefs.

Heather was clearly growing more and more anxious from this line of questioning and from the sight of her near nude roommate. "Ah-ah I'll give you your share later."

"Just how much is my share? What percent?"

"It's enough." Heather snapped. She was annoyed by Harriet's presumption. Heather knew it was high time to put the little upstart in her place.

"Greedy slut," Heather slyly whispered, advancing on the semi-nude girl. "My little whore-lock, you'll get what I give you and smile like the good little bitch boy you are."

Harriet couldn't help but to react to the dreadful filthy words. Her hands moved over her body caressing small breasts and nipples of their own volition. While she might not have control over her body, she still retained control of her mind, but not by much.

Heather reached beneath her robe and her panties fell into a puddle at her feet. She advanced on the writhing girl on the bed. "Come here," Harriet urged. "I'll do you. I'll do you just like I'll do everyone else. *For free*."

Heather stopped in her tracks.

"That's right," Harriet grinned. "I'll give it away. I'll flood the marketplace with wooden cock. Law of supply and demand Sweets. Let's see how much you can sell it for then."

They didn't cover economics at Frogwart's, but Heather wasn't stupid either. What Harriet said made sense. Who would want to buy a fuck, when they could get it for free? She stopped and stared at Harriet with a sudden new respect.

"Okay," Heather said. "Seventy-thirty."

Harriet took off her BVD's and leaned back against the wall. "You can do better than that Babe," she said, waggling her cock at Heather.

"Sixty-forty." Heather pulled her robe over her head. Her mousy brown triangle of hair was matted with moisture. She crawled into Harriet's lap, flung her hair back out of her face, and attempted to mount the hard phallus.

However, Harriet stopped her at the last moment. "Fifty- fifty and you ride for free."

"Deal," Heather gasped, as Harriet teased her with the wand, but didn't penetrate her.

"Good," Harriet said, finally allowing the blonde to mount her wooden cock. She wrapped her hands around Heather, firmly grasped the girl's tight arse and buried the dildo to the root. "Let's fuck on it."

And they did.


After that, things were working out much better for Harriet. She had money. She had a map of the Frogwart's and its surrounding grounds courtesy of Candice. She had her homework being done by a young Redrobe.

Her only problems were: She hadn't been caught slipping the wand into any of her classmates and gotten thrown out of school as a result. It wasn't for lack of trying either. There had been some close calls, but so far she had escaped detection by the teachers.

And though she had more sex than she would have ever imagined - she was still no closer to an orgasm than she was since she arrived.

Her last problem had to do with the map of Frogwart's that Candice had given her. She had the map sure, but she didn't know how to use it. Well, she knew how to use a map alright, but Frogwart's was big and as impossible as it seems, it was even bigger inside than it was on the outside. Too big to search with her limited time.

But Harriet knew there had to be some way to scientifically approach the problem. Otherwise she could spend weeks exploring the massive structure. Yes, there had to be a mundane solution to this very magical problem.

"Hey, how-ya-doin toots?" asked a voice from underneath her, a voice that ought not to have been there.

"Oh shit!" Harriet screamed, jumping up out of her seat and landing hard on her bottom.

"Hey, watch the tail . . . watch the tail," warned the sleek black cat beneath her chair.

Harriet's heart was beating a mile a minute. She clutched a hand to her chest. "You scared the bejesus out of me. You shouldn't sneak up on people like that."

"Hey, I walk through walls. How-am-I *not* gonna sneak up on people? Besides, you've been a busy chick. I haven't wanted to interrupt you when you were shall we say 'occupied'", the cat said, it's whiskers wrinkling up as if in a grin. "Damn girl, you've been getting more pussy than I have."

Harriet felt her quim quiver. It even seemed to respond when the cat cussed - a cat that shouldn't be speaking, much less cussing and sounding a bit too much like Joe Pesci than a anyone should be allowed to.

"Are you the cat I saw back home?" Harriet asked.

"Who else would I be? There some other cat been impersonatin' me?" Blackie said.

"No," Harriet said, trying to calm the agitated cat. "But I wanted to be sure. You never know."

"Yeah, you never know." The black cat swished his tail indignantly then jumped up on the table Harriet was working at. "So, what's cookin'?"

Harriet picked the cat up and unceremoniously put it back on the floor.

"Hey!" the cat protested.

"You stay down there. This is people stuff." Harriet said, straightening the map on her desk. "Jesus! Shit!" she gasped, her chair screeching as she backpedaled, when the cat moved through the table and perched back on top of her desk. Yes, that's right, the cat moved through the table as if it wasn't even there, perched on top, and studied the map.

"Look Toots, I'm your familiar, so you better stop thinking of me as a cat. How many cats you know can talk? How many cats you know can jump through a table? How many cats you know can do this?"

"Do what?" asked the young sorceress.

"Close your eyes. Close your eyes and picture me in your mind."

Harriet did. Amazingly enough, she saw herself sitting there with her eyes closed. It was different though. It seemed more clear - brighter - bigger! Then the view shifted, and she was looking at a black furry paw right in front of her face. She licked it. It was then she realized what had happened.

"Wow! I can see through your eyes," Harriet said in amazement.

"Not bad huh?" said Blackie.

"Not bad *at all*," Harriet said. "Okay, you can come up on the table and see what I'm working on, but don't mess up anything. I'll tell you what I know so far. . ." The young sorceress filled the cat in on what she had seen and what she was trying to do to get to the bottom of Paige's mysterious death. She left out the part about getting thrown out of school. The cat didn't need to know about that. ". . . .and maybe now that you're here and can walk through walls, together we can solve this mystery."

"Sounds pretty good o' wanded one, but there is a slight problem with your plan," the cat seemed to swell in size, leapt up, and landed at the edge of the table. "I've already been looking! Even without a map, I've combed this cold dreary school from one side to the other and I haven't found a single thing - not one blasted thing. Then again, maybe I have, but I just can't remember it. What good is it going to do to search again, if I forget what I find?"

Harriet scratched the cat behind his ears, and his angry demeanor disappeared into a series of purrs. "You look so cute when you get mad," she giggled.

"Hey, stop it you. I'm a familiar, not a freakin' house pet."

"Listen, Blackie," Harriet said, picking the cat up, and holding it in her arms. "We don't just have to depend on your magic. Using the map, you are going to check out each room and the surrounding grounds in a logical manner. When you are done, we mark off the areas you remember visiting. If you don't remember an area, then *that* area is the one we want. Get it? The spell might make it hard to remember, but as long as we can still think, we can beat this thing."

"But how do we know if I forget?"

"Simple. You look at the map and pick ten rooms to search. You search them, come back here, put your little black paw in the ink well and mark the map, if you remember the area. The area without a black paw is the one we are looking for."

"You're pretty smart for a chick, Hotter . . . now give me a good scratch underneath my chin. Yes- there, right there," Blackie purred.

"I can see why they don't let housecat's talk," said Harriet.


Back at the Black robe's hall, there were plans being made as well. Not about matters of life and death, but far more important matters. . . the upcoming championship Macrosse match in particular.

It was to be the defending champs, the Black robes, against the gray robes. It was the first time the Gray robes were in the championship match in over fifty years.

"The Black robes have won ten years in a row, and I for one, don't want this to be the year we are defeated. I could handle losing to the whites or even the reds, but the grays - it would be an affront and a tremendous humiliation."

"Well, they've got a good team. They've also got the best Macrosse player."

"Yeah, that Harriet bitch. It isn't even fair to play against her . . . she doesn't even have magic."

"What are we going to do?" several Blackrobes asked.

"Same thing we always do," said Julia. "Cheat."

"Lovelle, Harriet sort of trusts you. Here's what I want you to do." She whispered something in Lovelle's ear and then continued to the other Black robes. "And make sure no one tells Candice. I think she might be a little too close to that Hotter whore."


The next few days passed without event. Blackie continued his search of Frogwart's, but as of yet hadn't found anything suspicious. Black paw prints now covered most of the first floor of Frogwart's.

Harriet was doing pretty well in her schoolwork. She was still unable to work the simplest of spells, but she performed the motions and incantations well enough to earn a passing grade. Her plan to get thrown out of school had been a failure, but she kept trying.

Why just this morning she had taken a young White robe and gave her an education in love. Which in itself was not a big thing, only the where and when of it was unusual. . .


"Here?" Serena asked with disbelief.

"Here," Harriet replied, a wicked gleam twinkled in her eye.

"But this is a classroom," said the nervous blonde.

"What better place for you to get an education." Harriet moved behind the girl and pressed her hard wand between the valley of the girl's fleshy bottom. "And you did pay to be educated -- to be taught, didn't you?"

"I can't." Serena tried to pull away. This wasn't going the way she had planned at all. She pictured herself being romanced in Harriet's room, not being fucked in a classroom where someone could come in and catch them in the act.

Catch her and know she paid to be fucked - fucked by this strange girl with no magic, save a mysterious power of sexual attraction. For when she looked in Harriet's eyes, she saw an intensity - an intensity of sexual hunger she had never seen in anyone's eyes before. Little did she know it was caused by Harriet being in a state of constant sexual excitement and yearning, that was never fulfilled.

Harriet held the girl easily, not letting Serena pull away. She nuzzled her way beneath her curly blonde hair and nibbled an earlobe. "Yes, you can."

"No please, I can't," Serena begged. She could feel her nipples hardening from the effects of this devious girl's attention. "Look, keep the money. It's too risky."

"Are you saying no to your teacher?" Harriet asked, tweaking her captive's twin hardened nubs of flesh beneath the soft cotton robe.

"No-I mean yes. . ."

Harriet's lips curled in a deviously wicked grin. She worked the white fabric of Serena's robe up until she held the hem securely in her hands, then tugged up in a surprisingly quick motion. The reluctant blonde tried to stop the forceful disrobing, but this only served to leave her far more helpless than if she had been stripped.

Instead, she found herself with her arms and head trapped in the robe, naked from her breasts down. Harriet held her trapped in such a precariously vulnerable position bent over the teacher's desk.

"Do you know what happens to naughty girls who disobey their teachers?"

"No-no-no!" Serena cried, wiggling her inviting body in such lovely contortions.

"That's it - a little louder so someone will hear you and come look," Harriet said.

"Oh you wicked monster," the trapped blonde said, her body ceased struggling, surrendering to her tormentor.

"Now tell me what happens to naughty girls." Harriet grinned, stroking the vulnerable plump bottom in front of her.

"Oh please no. . ."

"Tell me."

". . . they get spanked."

"That's right. They get spanked on their naughty bottoms. Now ask me nicely for it."

"Oh God," Serena groaned, the muscles of her twin cheeks clenching in anticipation. "Please-please spank me."

"On my naughty bottom," Harriet encouraged. "Go on say it."

"Spank me . . .please . . . on my naughty bottom." Serena blushed inside the prison of her robe. "There I said it. Are you happy? Ohhh-I hate you, you horrible wicked fiend."

"You hate me do you?" Harriet's fingers pressed against Serena's tightly clenched thighs.

Serena burned with humiliation as she felt Harriet's fingers wiggle their way through her tight defenses. 'Oh God, please no. Don't let her discover the secrets of my secret place.'

But her thoughts were in vain as nimble fingers wrestled the truth out of her.

"Is that why your little honeypot is leaking you naughty girl? I think you want your naughty bottom spanked. I think you want it very much." Harriet withdrew her fingers from the wet folds of flesh and groped and pulled at Serena's plump globes of flesh. "And such a lovely bottom it is - so plump - so white - so soft - so delightfully spankable. I think we will start off with a nice shade of pink."

Harriet gave the soft white moons a few slaps, leaving several pink handprints decorating the innocent white flesh.

"Ohhh, I wish you could see how your chubby cheeks dance for me. They jiggle and wiggle so delightfully and they look so cute now that they have a few of my handprints on them. But you know what would be even better. If they were a solid shade of pink all around."

"Oh no please!"

"Oh yes!" Harriet spanked the squirming girl in earnest, starting first from the tops, then working to the insides and flanks, before finally settling on the bottom cheekswell. That was the best part, Harriet decided, taking delight in the way it made the whole mound of flesh press up in a tight mass, before descending back down and expanding and returning back to shape. The sound of Serena's pants turned to groans, and finally to soft gasps beneath the white robe.

"Mmmmm, that's much better," declared Harriet, casting her gaze down at the pink globes Serena's ample arse. "I've evened it out to a nice shade of pink." She caressed the tender bottom with her hand. It felt warm-almost hot to the touch. "You've always had a hot arse Serena, and now it's even hotter," Harriet laughed. "Speaking of hot, do you have the hots for me - the hots for teacher?"

"I don't have anything for you. I hate you - you fiendish monster," came the muffled response from beneath the robe.

"Such a disobedient bottom on an impudent girl. You'll learn to show more respect to your teacher. Just for that, I think we will go for a nice shade of red."

"Wait," Serena cried. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry . . . Miss Hotter." She burned with humiliation. She couldn't believe she said such a thing.

"Miss Hotter . . . I think I like the sound of that," Harriet said. "Now, straighten your legs you wicked girl. Let me see if you really have the hots for me."

Serena was furious. Mad with herself for being stupid enough to consider paying for sex, mad at that viscous Hotter girl for heaping such atrocities on her, but most of all she was mad at her body. Mad because it was betraying her lock stock and barrel, selling her down the river that ran between her tightly clenched thighs. Reluctantly, she straightened her legs, causing her back to arch and her legs to spread in the process. She was exposed, totally laid bare to this depraved fiendish girl.

Harriet ran her fingers through Serena's rapidly blossoming sex. "Yes, I do believe you have the hots for me and you look so pretty like this. It's a shame I can't see my favorite student's pretty face. Do you think you could promise to behave if I let you out from under that hot- stifling robe?"

"Yes, Harriet - YEOW!" Serena yelped, as she was surprised by a particularly hard smack to her already tender and very warm bottom.

"Miss Hotter," Harriet corrected.

"Yes, Miss Hotter."

"Good," Harriet said, moving to the other side of the desk and trailing her hand up Serena's body as she did so. "Raise your hands; I know it must be hot under there."

Serena, thinking that Harriet was going to pull her robe back down, raised her arms up. To her surprise, the robe was promptly pulled off and tossed in the corner.

"No!" Serena squealed. "Give that back!"

"Shhh." Harriet captured Serena's head between her hands, tilted it up and kissed her firmly on the mouth. As Harriet's tongue eagerly explored the young blonde's innocent mouth, the distraught girl couldn't help but to respond. Soon she was even kissing her back and sucking at Harriet's full lips.

Harriet pulled away, shrugged her shoulders, and her gray robe slid down her lean body into a puddle at her feet. She was naked, but for her shoes and a pair of bulging BVD's. "You're a very beautiful girl Serena. Has anyone ever told you that?" Harriet quickly shed her boy's underwear, standing naked, her wand only inches from Serena's face.

Serena cheeks burned. She shook her head. "I've been told I was cute or pretty."

"You do have pretty blonde hair," Harriet said, running her hands through the girl's hair. "And you have a cute little pixie nose." She lifted Serena's face by her nose, until the blonde's mouth was level with her crotch. "And a sexy mouth. Would you give me a kiss with your sexy mouth?"

With the wooden phallus mere millimeters from Serena's lips, it was clear what Harriet wanted her to do. Serena puckered her lips and kissed bulbous head of the wand. She looked up expectantly with large blue eyes the size of saucers.

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