Harry Meets Her Angels


After about 20 minutes back in her room there was a knock. She looked in the spy hole and it was Sky.

"Hi!" was all she could think to say.

Sky came in with a small bag. "Are you staying another night?"

"Yes, several more."

Sky smiled a smile that rivaled the Sun!

"Great! We have another show tonight. This time we'll come here right after. Oh and we'll need this."

She hugged her and squeezed her ass again, then kissed her until Harry was both breathless and weak in the knees. She left her holding a small bag small bag.

Harry looked inside the bag and took out the contents. She sat on the edge of the bed wondering what she had gotten herself into. In her lap was a leather harness and three toys of varying size, two were obviously made to go in the harness. She knew the technical term, a strap-on. The third was three times longer and had a cock tip on each end. She tightened her sphincter and felt herself moisten in anticipation about a return engagement.

The two-headed toy was heavy in her hands. It was thick, but not uncomfortable looking. She touched it to herself, between her breasts and the other tip fell naturally between her legs. She opened her legs and squeezed the tip between them without a rational thought. She took off her top and put the toy on the bed while stripping off the rest of her clothes. The clock faded away, the fact her friends were coming over so they could shop faded away. The sight of that double-headed toy was only mixed with the image of what Jan or Sky might do with the other end. Harry took the toy as she laid back on the bed. She licked the end, like she did with he own personal vibrator at home, and touched the tip to her small breast. Her nipple was already hard and seeing it touching the tip of the toy was indescribable!

She lowered it at the same time she raised her knees and opened them wide. This was so different than when she masturbated at home. At home it was always late at night, the room was black, and the only sounds were her intense breathing and maybe a passing car. She could imagine herself in many places and with many people, but it was a quiet dark affair. Here the room was brightly lit, even though the curtains were closed. She could see herself in the dresser mirror looking . . . looking like Sky had said, like a slut! She touched the tip to her pussy and let out a moan that sounded like it was coming from someone else! She inserted the tip and it slipped in easy between the lick and how wet she found herself. She slowly inserted it and went well past the limit her vibe ever hit. She had to stop because she had never felt so full! Harry leaned back and closed her eyes letting herself physically and mentally adjusted to this penetration. The few cocks she had in her entire life never touched her in this way.

She took her breasts in her hands and remembered how Jan's had felt. Her sharp nipple and small breasts felt incomplete, but when she pinched her nipples, as Sky had done, she cried out with pleasure.

The toy moved out and she opened her eyes to grab it, thinking it was falling out for some reason and a very naked Jan was there. Sky was there as well just stripping off her clothes.

Jan was smiling and when Harry tried to say something Jan whispered, "She swiped your key card knowing that you weren't going to be able to resist." Jan withdrew and slowly re-inserted the toy. "You have no idea how sexy you look right now!"

Harry thought "Sexy?" for just a second. No one had ever thought she was sexy before.

Jan slowly moved the toy from side to side and then touched her finger to Harry's clit. Any and all opposition to what was happening disappeared from Harry's mind! She arched her back and made a guttural noise that made Jan and Sky look at each other and smile widely!

"We're going to make love with you now, dear Harry. Earlier was just a prelude, but now you are ours! Look at Sky."

Harry's eyes opened and she blinked to clear them and turned her head.

Sky was standing on the side of the bed buckling on the leather harness that Harry had taken out of the bag. She turned to face Harry and stood tall and powerful. Jan was taller, but there was solidness to Sky, a powerful look that made Harry quiver. She looked back up at Jan and saw she was smiling. Jan didn't look as all-powerful; she was much sweeter and softer than Sky. She leaned down and kissed Harry, her tongue pushing into Harry's mouth as her fingers worked the toy in deep and back out again. With each stroke in she rubbed a finger over Harry's more sensitive spots and watched Harry react.

Harry didn't see Sky place the smaller and thinner of the two strap-ons into the harness, nor did she see Sky add any lubricant, but later she would be very glad of both things. Jan stopped moving the toy, which caused Harry to open her eyes again, this time in confusion. Jan lay back next to her and told Harry to get on top again, just like this morning.

Harry's balance was affected, but she got to her knees with help and held the toy within her. She stroked herself once and then looked down to see the end sticking from herself. Jan's legs were splayed wide and she was rubbing her own clit. No words needed to be spoken as Harry managed to put the tip of the other end of the toy to Jan and push it inside her. Jan said "Yes!" as it sank into her pussy and pulled Harry down on top of her. The toy bent in the center, pushing it against places Harry had never felt pressure before.

Jan wrapped her legs and arms around her and kissed her again. Harry tried to support herself, but Jan had pulled all her completely on her. She tried to get up on her elbows when another weight moved on top of her.

"Remember me, Harry-dear?"

Sky pushed her down onto Jan and started rubbing her ass and lower back. She pushed her hand down and forced Harry's legs to open wide. Then she touched Harry's perineum and asshole with a well lubricated finger.

Harry tensed, but Jan's body against her and Jan's hands helped her relax. Sky was also quite gentle as she slowly finger fucked Harry's ass. In a few minutes Harry and Jan were writhing on each end of that double-header and Sky had two fingers opening up Harry's ass further.

Harry and Jan kept kissing, swapping breaths and spit, and moans as they each climbed their individual peaks then Harry felt something harder and bigger touch her anus. Sky has just popped out her fingers and before Harry could react put the narrow tip of her dildo at the opening and pushed into her well stretched and lubricated hole. The dildo was narrower than her two combined fingers so it slipped in easily. Harry made no move to complain as she was double-penetrated.

Sky stayed up on her knees as she gently fucked Harry's virgin ass. She smiled down at Jan, but Jan didn't see it, she was lost in her own world. Sky felt Harry orgasm and then paused for a moment laying across Harry's back, her breasts flattened on hr back as she talked to her.

"I told you I was going to fuck your pretty little ass! I warned you and now you know what it's like. Do you like me fucking your ass?"

Harry couldn't do more than nod.

"That's a good girl!" Normally Harry would have resented the term 'girl' but she couldn't care less at the moment.

"Do you want me to fuck you some more?"

Harry nodded.

"Are you my slut, Harry, my own personal little anal slut?"

She didn't answer right away so Sky pulled out and pushed back into her all the way. The combined pressure nearly had Harry cumming again. This time she said "Yes!"

"Yes, what Harry-dear?"

"Yes, I am your slut, yours and Jan's!"

"Both of us, you can't belong to both of us. You need to pick one."

Jan picked that moment to kiss Harry again while Sky fucked her ass a little more.

"Whose slut are you? Who do you belong to, Harry-dear?"

Harry was confused but as good as the feelings Sky was generating, Jan was in front of her, her eyes glowing and holding Harry's eyes!

"Jan's!" Sky smiled knowing what the answer was going to be, what the answer always was.

"You're Jan's slut?"


Jan kissed her again.

"So I should stop fucking your sweet ass?"


"So you are my slut?"

"No, I mean yes, I mean . . ."

Jan spoke and thrilled Harry. "Don't stop Sky; fuck my pretty slut's ass till all three of us cum!"

Harry smiled and met Jan's eyes, the look told her she had been manipulated somehow, but she no longer cared. Sky's movements made her move up and down on the toy in her pussy and at the same time fucked Jan's cunt. The three ladies were well past the point of no return and never heard the knock at the door.

Harry was first and she screamed out in orgasm as loud as she had ever yelled in her life. She kept cumming which set Jan off in a huge way. Sky took up the rear, literally as well as orgasmically, and she added her yell to the others.

Finally the three fell down across the bed; Sky on her back with the narrow toy standing straight up. Jan lay in the middle with her legs still spread and her pussy looking extremely well fucked. Harry fell to Jan's other side; the toy still deeply embedded in her as she slowly rolled over on her back.

As the three women tried to catch their collective breath, the door opened Harry's three friends stood there with a hotel representative staring at the three ladies!

The hotel rep made a quick exit. Janie and Margaret stood there paralyzed in surprise. Sally took the initiative and closed the door.

She also was the only one who could talk, the three women on the bed were out of breath and the two standing next to Sally were still in shock.

"Harry, we heard the scream and thought something was wrong. We're sorry to intrude, but we were supposed to go shopping today." Before Harry could answer Sally started disrobing.

She swatted Janie in the ass. "You were fantasizing about this all night, Janie. Get your ass undressed!"

Janie jumped and Margaret was laughing. "Harry, you have no idea how long this girl has wanted to be more than just a friend with you! We just never knew you had such other sexy friends in town!" She eyed Sky and her dildo as she too started removing her clothes. Janie couldn't tear her eyes away from the two-headed monster sticking out of her straightest and best friend, but that didn't stop her from making her clothing disappear on the way to the bed!

Harry never knew everything that happened for the next several hours and even the next couple of days. She remembered food sometime and a few hours of sleep while Sky and Jan went and did their second show. She also never realized that Margaret and Sally went to the show while she and Janie slept and gathered energy for their return! To this day, as she looked across the large house at Sky, Janie, Sally, Margaret, and Jan, she can only catch quick glimpses of all that happened that night that changed her life!

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