tagSci-Fi & FantasyHarry Payat Physicist Ch. 03

Harry Payat Physicist Ch. 03


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No resemblance to persons, places, or events, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.


Chapter 3: Ching, Love and Peace Activist

Ching is a gorgeous, intelligent woman, Chinese. She is 5'5.5", 118 lbs, 36(D)-22-35, dark brown hair, brown eyes, flawless, blemish-free oriental complexion; furthermore, she is telepathic, with a effective range of at least 100 yards. For the time being, Jane has acquired most of these measurements and parameters. However, telepathy is not in the android menu of attributes.

Harry Payat, Physicist, must choose between his caregiver Jane (on loan from his former employer, maker of weapons, munitions, and other implements of war,) and Ching, a vegetarian, peace activist, and submissive human girl. Life with Jane affords Harry all of the conveniences and creature comforts enjoyed by man! (well to do man, even.) To lose Jane and the support of the shadow military-industrial corporation would force him to live like the "little people." [They are] Hapless troglodytes struggling to pay for health insurance and continually facing economic ruin from a bloated, blind, bellicose government. The government's creed is "War is the Natural State of Man."

Exploring the possibilities, Harry looks to the hypothetical events. Should he choose Jane, could he expect blow back from Ching, the vegetarians, the Vegans, PETA people, animal rights advocates, neo-Luddites, technophobes, the ASPCA, the Eco-terrorists, and their fellow travelers? Maybe nothing direct. Jane updates Harry on the chatter among the liberals: "There is a major voice here in our city. It is Peter from PETA, as he calls himself. He is radical but has no history of violence. He drives an old Ford pick-up truck and gives rides to his operatives here and there in the city. He takes Ching to a nearby grocery store, where they shop for natural foods. One may assume that Ching is casting out telepathic thoughts towards you, less than 100 yards distant. Any sweet, sweet dreams lately?"

"As a matter of fact, yes," Payat declares. "Yes there's a bucolic, rural setting. There is an oriental girl, but I can't focus my myopic, presbyopic, astigmatic eyes. Oh if there were more light! I need just enough to overcome the cataract clouding and cut through the miasma of disturbed sleep. And she is wearing gossamer, translucent, diaphanous, pellucid, pongee silks. Those red silks reveal more than they conceal."

"That is the hallmark of telepathic thoughts!" Replies Jane. "Their operative, alias 'Ching,' will follow the orders of the dedicated life stylers. Before elevating your situation to direct action, they will probably seek to use Ching to lure you into their web. Every old lecher believes that there is some beautiful woman waiting to fall deeply in love with him. This is true despite the fact that his mind knows that a decrepit old man is revolting to a barely-legal, statuesque, svelte, slender, slim slave girl. No matter how absurd or improbable, the lecherous old goat always swallows it: hook, line, and sinker. The only defenses are our customs, laws, and mores. Never underestimate the court of public opinion. Every appearance of impropriety drives another wedge between the protagonist and the antagonist!"

Leaning towards Jane and her demands, which would virtually limit Harry to the apartment, Ching pushes her position to Harry during his hypnogogic state. She makes him a deal that is hard to resist.

"!! We want you on our team, animal rights and peace, harmony, and freedom. I, Ching, of my own free will, will become your Net Girl. I will permit a data port to be installed behind my left ear where you can sense everything in my mind. Couple this with my telepathy and you can be satisfied as if you were no longer impotent or suffering erectile dysfunction. You can arouse me at will. Force me to masturbate but deny my having an orgasm. Maybe have me climax in public or with friends. Enjoy a young girl's dreams and imagination. Enjoy being watched. You will be able to punish me, if you so desire, and all without physical content.!!"

The idea of having a Net Girl is something above and beyond anything Jane has offered heretofore. Harry understands the creature comforts that comes with Jane; however, his atrophied body can barely digest normal food. One by one his favorite dishes have been proscribed. Now it's just oatmeal and veggies, totally dissatisfying. Being at the end of his lifetime, this octogenarian imagines the passion and crass carnal craving of a barely-legal girl. Especially a girl anxious to sacrifice herself for a "higher cause."


"You seem distracted lately, Harry," Jane inquires. "Could it still be that Chinese girl? Well, what does she have to offer that I can't provide? I definitely have a need to know. You haven't made much progress on your physics lately and more toward those naughty web sites.

"True, Jane," Harry replies. I have been drifting. It's like 'writer's block' mathematics is. As far as that girl goes it's 'out of sight, out of mind. If you get my drift."

"Well," Jane continued, "you have some credits. Buy yourself some time if you want to. I won't squeal on you."

"For sure you will rat me out on anything that's not suitable for general audiences." Harry concludes.

Jane warns: "Get a grip on yourself you lecherous old pedophile! There is no reason that a barely-legal Chinese girl would have any interest in you whatsoever. To begin with, you are not Chinese. Consider the sentiments of the Chinese community, not to mention her parents. And you are old, old wrinkled flesh, a tired old curmudgeon at the end of his years. And you have enough money to keep you in an assisted living environment but little more. Barely-Legal females are wooed more by money than ideology, life style, or activism. Vegan diet is bland--double cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate milk shake is as American as you can get. The thing that puzzles me is how vegan disdain dairy products but insist on breast feeding. I see human milk for sale in the grocery store. Please explain that to me. IMHO it almost looks like a contradiction."

"What about the boson?" Harry asks Jane.

"You gave away the credit," Jane reminds Harry. She then blurts out: "Losers weepers."


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