tagInterracial LoveHarry Sadler's Deployment

Harry Sadler's Deployment

byJust Plain Bob©

Harry Sadler stood on the fantail of the U. S. S. John Pershing and scanned the evening sky looking for the North Star. The Pershing was making turns for twenty-five knots as it churned toward the Mediterranean to join the US fleet supporting the invasion of Iraq. Harry had promised his wife Cathy that he would find the star every evening and be looking at it at exactly 21:00 hours and then he would tell her how much he loved her and how much he missed her. Cathy would be looking at the same star at the same time and telling him the same things. In this way the two of them hoped to continuously reinforce their undying love for each other. Harry found the star and looked at his watch, it was 20:49 hours and he leaned on the rail, thought about Cathy and waited for his digital watch to tell him that it was twenty-one hundred.

Eighteen hundred miles behind the wake of the Pershing, in the sleepy little town of Kempsville, a short distance from Norfolk, Cathy Sadler was also watching the clock tick toward twenty-one hundred. While she watched she was seductively dancing and stripping in front of three friends of her husband. She had known when Charlie had called her and asked her to have dinner with him what was going to happen. Charlie had promised Harry that he would look in on Cathy from time to time to see if she was all right or needed anything and Cathy knew that Charlie knew just what it was that she needed when he had called. When he had shown up at her door with Jake and Jeff she had only hesitated a few moments before stepping back and letting the three of them in.

It would be Cathy's first time with a black man, actually three black men, and she hoped that the rumors that she'd heard about black men were true. Cathy danced naked around the three black men sitting on the living room couch and watched as they unzipped themselves and took out their cocks. Jake and Charlie had cocks that were half again as big as Harry's, but Jeff's cock was massive. She twirled around the couch running her hands over their shoulders and their cocks and wondered who would be the first one to make a move. It turned out to be Charlie. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him and ran a hand up her leg. Cathy smiled down at him and spread her legs enough for Charlie to slide a long black finger up into her pussy. Jake stood up and moved behind her and made her bend at the waist so that her face moved down toward Charlie's lap. She licked the plum colored head of Charlie's cock and then poked her tongue into the slit to taste the pre-cum that was oozing out. She felt Jake's hands on her ass and she spread her legs even wider to allow him to do what he and she both wanted. Jake began to work his cock into her tight pussy and as he began working his hard black cock into her she swallowed the head of Charlie's cock. Jake started fucking her slow and steady as she avidly sucked on the black stick in her mouth and after several minutes of having the two black poles plowing her from either end Charlie grabbed her head and exploded in her mouth. Cathy gulped and sucked trying to swallow all of Charlie's juices, but as hard as she tried she couldn't get it all and some leaked out of her mouth. When he was soft he pulled out of her mouth and moved out of the way for Jeff to take his place.

Cathy looked down at the eleven inches of meat that stuck up out of Jeff's lap and she knew that sucking that monster was going to be a challenge, but she was going to do her best. It took her several minutes to get three inches of Jeff in her mouth and all the time Jake was fucking her slow and steady. Her small mouth wasn't going to take anymore of Jeff's cock so she started bobbing her head up and down on him as Jake picked up speed. Cathy was moaning, "Oh god, oh god, oh god yes" around Jeff's cock, but her mouth was so fuck of meat that the words didn't make it out as recognizable sounds. Cathy felt Jake increase the speed and power of her strokes and he began to pound her pussy hard and fast. Her moans got louder as she felt her own climax start to build and as it hit her she screamed around Jeff's cock and only seconds later she felt the flood of warmth inside her that told her Jake had cum. She felt Jake start to soften and as he began to pull out of her she jerked her mouth off of Jeff's cock and cried out "No!" But Cathy's pussy didn't have long to wait. Charlie was hard again and he moved behind her and took Jake's place. He drove himself into her and Jeff reached up and pulled her head down onto his cock so far that she gagged. "Suck it you fucking white slut. I want to fill your unfaithful belly with my cum." Cathy didn't object when he called her a white slut because that is just what she was on this night. A virgin at her wedding and faithful to her husband through three years of marriage and here she was fucking and sucking three of her husbands friends and Harry not even gone three days. Her mouth was bobbing up and down on Jeff's huge pole when he grabbed the back of her head, pushed his hips up at her and blasted a huge load of cum at the back of her throat. As she had done with Charlie she gulped and swallowed trying to get it all, but there was just too much of it and it gushed out of the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Charlie pulled her down to the floor and with Cathy on her hands and knees he fucked her as hard as he could. Cathy had two orgasms as Jake knelt in front of her and fed his cock into her mouth and Charlie pounded her pussy. Charlie grunted and unloaded in her and then he got out of the way and made room for Jeff. Jeff hoisted her legs up onto his shoulders and then drove his huge cock into Cathy's pussy. She felt his cock touch places that she didn't even know she had and she screamed out in pleasure as Jeff fucked her as hard as he could. Even as she screamed out in pleasure she had on eye on the clock. Jeff gave a loud grunt and filled her pussy with it's third load of the night at 20:58 and when he pulled out Cathy staggered to her feet and ran out onto the rear deck of the house.

She quickly located the North Star and glanced at her digital watch. It was 20:59:43 and she concentrated on the star even as Jake moved up behind her and poked his hard cock at her ass. She spread her legs as far apart as she could and held onto the deck railing as Jake drove his black cock into her unfaithful white cunt. Jake bottomed out at exactly 21:00 and he reached around and grabbed Cathy's tits as she cried out, "I love you Harry. God keep you and bring you safely home to me." She cried a little inside at what she was doing to Harry, but she was a slut and she knew it just as she knew that there was no way she could go without sex for a week, let alone for the six months of the Pershing's deployment.

Harry looked up at the North Star and at exactly 21:00 he said, "I love you Cathy. Keep safe and wait for me."

Back in Kempsville the three black men looked down at the beautiful white housewife lying on the clean white sheets, legs spread and waiting for them. She smiled up at them and said, "Hurry up guys. I'm your slut until Harry gets home." The three men looked at each other and smiled and then they approached the bed and their smiling, eager white slut.

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