tagLoving WivesHarry's Bar

Harry's Bar


By Oldfarticus (formerly Dom)

I checked the answering machine as soon as I walked in the door and the first message told me I had fucked up big time. I was supposed to have met my wife up at Harry's Pub two hours ago!

The message was short and not so sweet -- get my own damn supper and pick her up at Harry's at 9 sharp! She and Maggie were going to catch an early movie then dinner and a few drinks while I found my way out of the house.

Shit! Yes, I had screwed up, but the idea that she and that bimbo friend of hers were going to be dissecting me over dinner and margaritas was really pissing me off! Well, I had talked my way out of deeper shit before and my wheels were turning now. I would get to Harry's first and be waiting with roses and a great story -- it works every time.

I was a little surprised when I got to the parking lot. There were only about five or six cars and Maggie's Jeep was already there. So much for beating them to Harry's. I guessed the movie must have sucked and they were already inside. I hoped I got to them before Hillary had hit the sauce too hard -- she really wasn't too logical after a drink or two and that would be BAD for me.

As usual, Harry barely had enough light in the place to walk around and my eyes hadn't adjusted yet. He was behind the bar and flagged me down. He slid a cold one down the bar; "first one's on me."

"Are Hillary and Maggie already here?"

"Oh yeah! They've been here for over an hour. I wouldn't have given you a plugged nickel for your ass if you had come in here awhile ago."

I nodded my head as I knocked back the brew, "how's the weather now?"

"I think I covered you pretty good -- I brought them a round of drinks with a note from you."

"From me?"

"Yeah, I had one of your cards and I wrote on the back like I've seen you do. Your note said you got a call and had to leave. You also told them to have dinner and drinks on you and you would be here after 9."

"That was brilliant Harry! Did they buy it?"

"Not until Mable dropped off the single rose 'you' had left for Hillary."

I grinned and slipped him a couple of 20s and left another for Mable.

He handed me another drink, "well, you're not suppose to be here for a little bit, why not slip back into my private room and enjoy a steak and another drink. The game's on and that will give them a little more cooling off time."

By the time I settled into one of his big chairs, my eyes had finally adjusted to his dungeon lighting. Looking through Harry's one-way glass, I finally spotted Hillary and Maggie at a booth by the pool table. They had already eaten and, from what I could see, had been through about four drinks each. Neither of them hold their booze that well and I knew I could sell my story big time now -- especially since Harry had provided my cover. I just kicked back and relaxed.

Just then, Maggie picked up her purse, patted my wife on the cheek and waved as she left. Hillary was just sitting in the booth, playing with the rose, and nursing her drink -- without the bitch from Hell, I was home free.

A couple of young guys came in and started to shoot a little pool and Hillary turned to watch. The drinks had made my prim little wife a little on the careless side. Her pose wasn't very "lady-like" as her skirt had slipped up a bit and was showing a fair amount of leg. She had also forgotten her rule about keeping her knees together in public. Each time she moved, I could see a little further up her dress. That's when I realized the guy bending over for his shot was actually just staring up my wife's skirt.

At first, I started to rush out, then I laughed. My wife has never "flashed" anyone in her entire life and now this young guy was openly watching her and she was too potted to know it.

I called Harry over, "you've gotta see this. That guy is staring up my wife's dress hoping to see pussy. All he's gonna see is pantyhose and ironclad white cottons! Hillary is always dressed to the teeth!"

Harry reached over and aimed one of his security cameras at my wife, "maybe, maybe not. Take a look at her shopping bag."

Tucked neatly at my wife's feet was a Victoria's Secret shopping bag.

"They were both carrying those bags when they got here."

Just then, the players took a break for another beer and, as one left the room, Hillary accidentally kicked over her bag and out fell a pair of wadded up pantyhose and her "sensible" white cotton panties.

The guy walked over and bent down to help my wife. Harry flipped on a speaker so that we could hear them talking. "Here, let me do that." He stuffed the pantyhose back into the bag, but held Hillary's white panties up and looked them over. We could see my wife turning red.

"What is a fine woman like you doing with these?"

She giggled and grabbed for the panties, "those are my work clothes, give them back now!"

He laughed as he handed them over, "Well, since you're not at work, what are you wearing now? It looks like you've been doing some shopping."

Harry tapped me on the shoulder; "maybe you ought to get out there. Larry nails every gal he looks at."

I looked back at him, "not this time -- Hillary has to be behind closed doors with all the lights off before I get my semi-monthly fuck."

"Well, I would put money on him."

Grinning, I asked, "How much?"

"20 bucks!"

I sneered, "make it interesting if you're going to say that!"

"OK, $200 says he'll be done and gone before you're supposed to arrive at 9. If I'm putting up that much money, you can't interfere before 9!"

I knew that I had screwed Hillary last night and she wouldn't be ready for sex for another two weeks or more, "you're on!"

Harry flipped on a VCR as his camera and mike brought our attention back to the poolroom.

We hear Hillary stammer her answer, "I'm meeting my husband here at 9 and my friend talked my into going into that shop."

"Well, I'm sure that hubby will love whatever you bought."

"That's none of your business."

To our surprise, the dude backed off, "I'm sorry! I really didn't mean to insult you! But, speaking strictly for myself, I know I would love to see you in anything from Victoria's Secret. I just thought your husband might like it too."

He continued, "please let me buy you another drink as an apology. Maybe we can start again. My name's Larry."

When Hillary didn't protest fast enough, he waved Mable over and ordered a couple more drinks. Larry slipped into the booth beside my wife and they started talking.

As they sat and sipped their drinks, although I noticed that my wife's skirt was still well above her knees, she turned aside his every attempt to talk about anything sexy. My $200 looked pretty safe to me.

Just then, the second guy came back into the poolroom. My wife's new "friend" leaned over to her, "That guy's been taking me every game tonight. I've lost a small fortune to him. I sure would like to beat him at least once."

Hillary's speech was a little slurred, "aren't you good enough to beat him?"

"Not really and he's really rubbing it in. Say, I've got an idea! Maybe you could help me!"

"I don't know anything about pool."

"Well, that's not what I had in mind. When you knocked over your shopping bag and those panties fell out, I nearly tripped over myself. I have to admit that knocked me out! I couldn't help myself - I watched you like a hawk hoping to see more than a little leg."

My wife's eyes narrowed, "So that's what brought you over here. What's that got to do with pool?"

"My buddy has a real eye for a woman with great legs and he was already watching you. If he's beating me again, when he gets ready to shoot, could you wiggle around in your seat just a bit and kick that bag over again? If those panties fell out, he'd go nuts and screw up his game."

Before Hillary could answer, he continued, "If you help me out, I'll pick up the tab for all the food and drinks you and your husband have tonight."

I nearly fell over as my wife looked around the room and saw that no one else was around. "Well, OK. I'll try your silly idea."

It was almost halfway through the game before Hillary caught the guy peeking at her as he was trying to shoot. She slowly wiggled around and stretched over the table to get her pocketbook. When she did, the hem of her skirt barely covered her bottom. His shot nearly went into the next room. I could have sworn I heard her giggle when she saw his reaction.

As she settled back into the booth, her skirt was still pushed fairly high and she was showing a lot of leg. However, each time either of the two players tried to move to a "better" view up her skirt, my wife closed her legs or pivoted slightly as she toyed with her drink. She was really getting into teasing both of them.

The game finally resumed in earnest and Hillary's new friend was about to lose his ass one more time. Just as the critical shot was about to be made, she "accidentally" tipped over the Victoria's Secret bag and let her panties and pantyhose spill out one more time. Naturally, the guy blew the shot and Larry had one more chance to win. Unfortunately, he was also trying to get a good look and missed his shot too.

Before he came back for a second chance at the winning shot, the second guy wanted to get another beer. He knew he was on a roll and wanted to rub it in.

My wife's friend came over to her, "I've got over $1000 riding on his next shot, you've got to do something else to help me."

Hillary looked very perplexed, "What can I do? He's seen all of my tricks and I don't think he'll go for the 'panty in the bag' routine again."

He grinned, "He actually hasn't seen anything has he? I know I haven't and I've been trying too."

"I couldn't do that. That wasn't part of our deal."

"Well, maybe not, but I'll add another $200 if you'll help me one more time."

Hillary's mental wheels grabbed that money and had it spent even before she smiled, "I'll see what I can do!"

By the time shooter #2 returned, Hillary was nursing her drink and idly toying with the hem of her skirt as she was "lost" in thought. As she turned to watch his last shot, my wife's legs opened wider and wider and her finger slowly pushed her skirt higher and higher. At the precise moment he began his stroke, Hillary reached over for her drink and "accidentally" opened her legs even wider so that all of us were treated to a full view of sheer, flame-red panties. My wife's pussy was on full display to two strangers -- not to mention me and Harry's camera and VCR.

Predictably, the ball went wide of its mark and my wife slammed her knees together and yanked her skirt down. This time, Hillary's friend sunk his shot and scooped up his winnings as the other fellow threw down his cue and left.

Harry slapped me on the shoulder, "Get your money ready my friend, he's still got almost 45 minutes left on our bet and he's already seen your wife's pussy!"

"That was greed, not lust! Didn't you see how she snapped those legs together? A 30 second flash of pussy isn't going to win the bet for you!"

"We'll see! How about another drink while we wait for him to plug her?"

I didn't know that Harry had instructed Mable to put a "reserved" sign on his back room so no one else would drop in on Larry and my wife.

We turned back to watch as Larry walked over to my wife's booth, "Well, THANK YOU! That last little stunt did the trick! Here's your $200 and another $100 to cover your dinner and drinks."

My wife was still cherry red, but she still scooped up the money and slipped it into her purse. "I really didn't think I could do that!"

Larry grinned at her, "With a body like yours, you need to dump those white cottons and pantyhose for good! Those were fantastic panties -- we could see absolutely everything! As a matter of fact, I think you enjoyed it!"

"Oh No, I couldn't ...."

"Oh Yes! From what I could see, those little panties are soaking wet!"

"Maybe I was a 'little' excited, but that was all!"

"Yeah right! I guess that's why your nipples are about to poke a hole in your blouse! I'm betting that your bra matches the panties and I think that's fantastic! If you husband doesn't screw you to the wall tonight, it will be a real shame."

It must have been the booze, but before she thought, my wife answered, "Oh No! We had sex last night and I just can't do that twice in a row?"

"Why not? You're a hot looking woman and that dripping pussy of yours wants attention real BAD!"

"Momma always told me that a woman keeps control in a house by keeping her knees together. All I have to do to get my way about anything is to let my husband make love to me. If he can do it anytime, it'll get boring to him."

Larry had already moved over next to my wife in the booth, "Well, that might be true for him, but aren't you horny as hell right now?"

Before she could answer, Larry started slowly rubbing her leg with his hand. Harry and I could see him gently bunching her skirt up and more and more of my wife's legs come into view.

"Don't you like the feel of my hand on your thigh? Doesn't it send a tingle right to your twat?"

Hillary was shaking her head and put her hand on his to push it away but he just leaned in and started nibbling gently on her neck and earlobes.

My tipsy wife was shaking now and pulled her hand back to pull his head even tighter to her neck. Larry's hand was busy as he continued to push her skirt higher and higher as he stoked her inner thigh. Seconds later, those magic panties were in plain view once again.

Larry was right, they were soaking wet and Hillary's damp pussy hair was matted against the sheer material. His fingers were sliding across her panties and gently probing my wife's cunt. We could hear her labored breathing and she exploded in an orgasm.

Larry was showing no mercy now and pulled the wispy material to her ankles. He slowly spread my wife's legs, totally exposing her gaping pussy. He fell to his knees and began to kiss his way up Hillary's legs until his face was buried in her twat and he was happily lapping pussy and my wife was squirming in lust!

He raised up and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Her new bra did match those discarded red panties and her nipples were absolutely rigid as he played with first one, then the other. He pushed my wife's bra aside and sucked a bud while he tweaked the other with his fingers.

Harry tapped me on the shoulder as he zoomed the camera in for a closer view. We had been so fascinated with Larry's pussy eating and playing with my wife's tits that we had not noticed that his jeans were down and a raging cock was rubbing over Hillary's cunt.

Harry held out his hand for his money as Larry slid his dick into my wife's slippery channel and started smoothly pumping for all he was worth. He was fucking my wife silly in the back room of a bar when I couldn't even nail her in our own bed!

That's when something else hit me -- he wasn't wearing a rubber!

It seemed like an eternity before he slammed balls deep one last time as his cock poured blast after blast of hot cum deep into my wife's pussy! Hillary gave a scream of pleasure and exploded in another shattering orgasm.

When they finally came down from the peak, Larry's slowly pulled out of Hillary's twat. As he did, a tremendous load of cum oozed out of my wife's well-fucked gash. Larry reached down and picked up the sheer red panties, wiping up the mess with them. After wiping their juices off of his cock, Larry told Hillary to put the sticky panties back on.

After they had both cleaned up a bit more, Larry picked up my wife's shopping bag along with her old panties and pantyhose. "You won't be needing these ever again."

As he turned to leave, Larry gave my wife's ass one last squeeze, "I shoot pool here every Wednesday night -- just in case you'd like an encore."

Hillary squirmed around on the bench as her cum-soaked panties pressed against her twat. She was coming back to normal now and thinking about what she had done. So was I! I had no idea how I could face my wife after watching her fuck another man. She had been wild with a lustiness I had never seen. My mind was spinning -- was this the only time she had screwed around or was he just another one in a long line?

Harry rewound the fuck tape of my wife and settled back in his chair, "we can watch this once more before it's time for you to reclaim your loving wife."

I turned to tell Harry to go fuck himself but stopped short as the big screen filled with my wife moaning in pleasure as the pool player ate her pussy. Then, I saw it -- a tear in her eye! Maybe, just maybe this was just one out-of-control incident!

Now, I was swept up in the video as I watched for any hint of remorse as Hillary was fucked to orgasm after orgasm. All I saw was a wild-eyed slut with cum pouring out of her cunt!

Harry killed the video and the live picture of my just-fucked wife huddled in her booth. Then I heard her sobbing and listened a little closer.

"How could I have done something so stupid? ... What am I going to say? ... What can I do? . .. How can I make it up to him?"

Harry tapped me on the shoulder, "well, neighbor, don't know what you're going to do, but it's time to get to it."

My mind was still reeling as I walked toward the door. I still had the flowers and Hillary didn't know what I had seen so I managed a big smile as I entered the room. "Hi, Honey, sorry I'm late!"

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Hillary rushed to greet me. "I Love YOU! Please forgive me for being such a bitch all these years!"

As I hugged her tightly, I felt her nipples grow rigid against my chest. I caught my breath as I felt her hand on my crotch. She had never put her hand on me first!

To my surprise, she pushed me back slightly and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it open enough for me to see her sheer little bra. "I bought some new things today, I hope you'll enjoy them!"

She pulled me closer and guided my hand under her skirt, "the panties match, but they're soaked right now. I've been so horny waiting for you!"

My wife's gash and panties were certainly still wet -- however, I knew that it was from another man's cum rather than lust for me! Still, she was hotter than I had ever seen her! My cock and lust betrayed my resolve -- I had a boner you could drive nails with!

Hillary gasped when she felt how hard I was and fell to her knees in front of me. I glanced around and was relieved to see that there was no one else in the room as my wife slid my zipper down and pulled out my rigid cock. She slowly sucked me into her mouth and began a gentle up and down motion. Hillary had always told me to take a hike when I tried to get her to blow me and now she was lapping my dick like it was a lollipop.

When she felt me start to tense up for my orgasm, Hillary locked her lips around my cock as I pumped the biggest load of my life into her mouth and throat! She sat back and wiped the cum dripping between her lips. "I hope you can get that hard again by the time we get home, I need to fuck real bad!"

I could have sworn my dick was already twitching again as I zipped up. For the time being, I had forgotten my anger. I didn't even care that Harry probably had videotaped this too. I only wanted to see my cock buried in my wife's hot pussy. We made it home in record time and we barely made it inside the door before she had ripped off everything except her new bra and panties, "Well, how do you like the 'new' me?"

Seconds later, those wispy bits of cloth were gone and we were fucking like newlyweds. We screwed in the kitchen, the den, the dining room, and finally in our bedroom. I hadn't cum that many times since I was a teenager. If this was my reward for her fucking another man, IT WAS GREAT!

I was in a totally forgiving mood as I looked down on my wife in our bed, legs spread wide and MY cum gushing from her twat. I even managed a smile when she looked at me, lust still in her eyes, and asked, "Tonight was so special, could we celebrate it every week? Could you pick me up at Harry's at 9 every Wednesday? I'll be wearing something even hotter..."

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