She was still half asleep when he grabbed her roughly by the hair and pulled her off the couch where she had been napping. She stumbled along with him as he dragged her to the bedroom, trying to keep her feet while she figured out what was happening. They crossed the threshold and he tossed her to the floor where she fell in a moderately graceful heap.

He grabbed her hair again with a renewed grip and she allowed herself a high pitched gasp as the hair threatened to pull from the roots. Using more force than might be necessary, he dragged her to her feet, pulling her close to him and shoving his tongue deep into her throat. She felt a shudder all the way to her cunt as he moved his tongue inside her. She kissed him back, using her tongue and teeth and lips like she knew he liked.

He pulled his tongue away from her mouth long enough to pull her shirt off over her head. Her bra quickly followed and instead of bringing his tongue back to her mouth, he lowered his head and wrapped his lips around her nipple, squeezing her breast with one hand. She moaned, low and deep in her throat, and he allowed it. He switched, back and forth from one to the other, licking, nibbling and biting her until she felt like clawing her fingers down his back to make him... what? She didn't know. Stop... do it forever... feel some of the pleasure pain that she was feeling. She thanked God that she didn't get to have the choice.

She knew that he didn't like it when she talked, but it was fast coming to the point where she would beg him to fuck her if only to get him to move on to the next step.

He kept sucking on one nipple, flicking his tongue over and over it as his hands gripped the waistband of her skirt drawing both it and her panties down in one long pull. She let out a sigh of relief that was tinged with an unmistakable tone of regret. She always felt that way when he stopped torturing her, whether it was a spanking or lashing that she so richly deserved, or slow persistent circles of a finger in her cunt until she felt like she was going to die if he didn't stop.

He stood in front of her and swept his eyes over her body, she was naked and he was still fully clothed. One of his hands returned to find a grip in her hair and the other grasped her wrist, placing her hand on the front of his pants. She could feel his cock, already hard, straining against the fabric.

"On your knees bitch." He said in a soft, sure voice and she felt something twist inside her again sending a pulse through her body. On purpose, she didn't move fast enough to make him happy, so he forced her down by his grip on her hair and pressed her face tightly against the fabric of his pants. She could feel the heat from his erection as her hand stroked along his shaft.

"Take out my cock." He said softly again, but his voice was so steady, so sure that you could never argue with it. She reached both her hands up and untied his belt, his grip in her hair keeping her on the level that pleased him. Slowly, she pulled his zipper open and freed his impressive cock. She stroked it lightly with her fingers, letting herself enjoy the feel of it in her hands. She heard a low rumbling start in his chest and he pulled her head closer to him. "Suck it." He said, this time with a little more urgency. She smiled, and wrapped her lips around him and started sucking lightly.

She felt him growing harder within her mouth. At first she was able to take most of him into her, but as she sucked, he got bigger until she only had the head between her lips again. He moaned, and with an iron grip in her hair, he pushed her head further down onto him, shoving his cock deep into her throat. She felt her throat spasm around the head as she tongued the rest of him with enthusiasm and was rewarded by another short groan.

She ran her fingers along the base of his shaft as he started a thrusting rhythm, pumping his cock into her willing mouth with short, firm strokes. She pressed her tongue tightly to his shaft so every time he pumped into her, he felt it stroking him. He released her hair, and the second that he did, she pulled her mouth back and flickered her tongue lightly and rapidly over his tip, holding him and stroking him with her hand. She did it over and over and over again, just light touches like angel kisses on his cock as he grew harder with each touch.

She was doing this on purpose, like what he'd done with her nipples. This was her tiny way of taking control. His hand returned to her hair and he pushed on her, the clear indication that she was to resume the more vigorous sucking that he had so enjoyed a moment before, but she was lost in the moment and pulled away from him, still just giving him the tip of her tongue.

With force, he yanked her head back and slapped her hard across the face with his other hand. She cried out as she hit the floor and just lay there for a moment, slightly stunned. Standing over her, he shoved his pants the rest of the way down and pulled his shirt off over his head. He was still hard for her like she knew he would be. She smiled, feeling a light trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth.

He used his foot to push her until she was lying on her back on the floor, he then straddled her and lowered himself to his knees, pinning her arms to the sides of her body. She didn't struggle against him. He looked at her and shook his head, his eyes were cold and hard. She'd been bad, and she was going to pay for it tonight.

"Open your mouth bitch, wide as it can go." She obliged him by opening her mouth and he quickly shoved two fingers inside her scissoring them, forcing her jaw to open. He grabbed his cock and looked at her. "You want this in your cunt, don't you pretty bitch?" he asked her, she nodded, his fingers still filling her mouth. "They you should learn to behave."

He pulled his fingers out, positioning himself above her and drove himself into her mouth, and deep into her throat. She choked as he thrust himself into her, gripping her hair again to pull her head up higher, forcing himself into her over and over, his cock touching the back of her throat, pounding against her. She couldn't stop herself from struggling anymore, she wanted more air, more movement, anything. He was at an angle that gave him all the control and all she could do was suck him and swallow and try to keep up.

"You like that don't you bitch?" He asked her again, his breathing getting faster as his strokes grew more rapid. She couldn't nod, although she wanted to. She did like this. Liked that he had this control and that she could make him so crazed that he'd come in her mouth, hot and hard. He rose up higher on his knees, driving himself into her, and she opened her throat as best as she could and tried to relax as he fucked her mouth.

Finally, he let out a shout and shoved himself down her throat, she swallowed convulsively as he groaned and shuddered above her, coming hard.

He held her there, sucking his cock until it started to soften again, her throat feeling raw and used. Finally, he pulled out of her mouth, settling himself back on her chest as he looked down at her. He touched the spot of her lip still leaking blood from his earlier strike.

He stroked his finger fondly down her cheek.

"Fetch the rope." He said softly and her cunt clenched in anticipation. He was going to punish her tonight.

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