tagBDSMHarsh Encounter Pt. 01

Harsh Encounter Pt. 01


Content warning: Primal scene that includes (consensual) choking and humiliating language.


I ring your bell, and you open the door.

You're a striking sight, all dressed up: red box-pleated skirt, black hold-up stockings that end (teasingly) just under your skirt-line, and a white top — a short-sleeved bodysuit that's stretched so tightly I could accurately trace the circles of your areolae.

"You're not wearing a bra," I say. "You're a little slut, you know that?"

A bratty smile.

And now I relish my visit all the more. You'll pay for that, I think.

I enter your house and we climb the stairs to your living room. Halfway up, I grab your wrist, and you freeze, dutifully stunned.

"Go to the kitchen," I say. "Get the jar of coconut oil, then go to your room and bring me the black butt plug."

At this, your eyes widen.

"I trust you've done your stretch training."

"Yes, sir," you say without a hint of snark.

"Go now. I'll wait here."

You climb the rest of the stairs while I admire your derrière. Then, as you perform your tasks, I take off my jacket and lay it down carefully, covering the third step above me. Next, I remove my tie, which I hold in my right hand, ready for use.

A moment later, you appear at the top of the stairs. You come to me without hesitation. Good girl.

You step over my jacket to stand two steps above me. Our eyes are level as you present me with the plug and oil, holding them before you like precious artefacts.

I loosen the noose of my tie, pull it over your head, tighten it around your delicate throat, and flick the blade over your shoulder.

Taking the butt plug, I say, "Open the jar."

With three fingers, I scoop a healthy dollop of the milky white coconut paste. It promptly turns to oil as I rub it all over the black latex plug.

"Close it, and put the jar down... Good."

I take a step up, turn you with a steady hand, and then rotate the tie around your neck so that the knot faces me. Now, while I push my plug-clutching fist into your lower back, I pull back firmly on your collar.

Speaking down into your ear, I whisper, "Kneel down on my jacket and spread your bitch legs till it hurts."

I move with you as you do my bidding, keeping the bond taut so that you're required to fight the resistance.

"Lean forward," I command. "Put your forehead on the step and KEEP IT THERE."

I flip your skirt onto your back.

"Show me your asshole."

You pop the snap-button bottom of your bodysuit, revealing your coin-bouncing bottom. Then, you dutifully spread your cheeks.

My breath is racing. My cock is uncomfortable in my trousers.

I pull the bond to test. You resist in response, choking yourself to keep your head down. That's my girl.

I circle the butt plug around your hole, spreading the lube and preparing you. Then I apply slow, firm pressure. Your ring muscles give way.

"Oh, daddy," you squeak like a teenager. "It's so big, daddy. Ohhhhh."

Just before the plug pops into place, I tug your neck bond, cutting your moan to a murmur.

"I'm going to fuck you now."

I slacken the collar while unzipping my trousers, allowing you the luxury of a few deep breaths.

And then, I pull out my cock and wet my head with excess oil.

The first shove into your cunt brings forth a sweet scream.

My animal-brain synapses fire.

I choke you, hard.

And now, in a state of carnal reverie, I fuck you with abandon.

I barely have the presence of mind to look for your safe-gestures. But of course I do... Your hands are silent, however. You are a good Sub, and I'm in awe of your strength.

Reassured, I slap your whore ass with my free hand, palm up, and then I hit you again with the back of my hand. Right. Left. Right... I maintain this beating while I strangle and fuck you.

My hand is on fire; I give you everything I've got. And soon, you orgasm.

I abandon the tie and grab your thighs with both hands. The soundtrack of your pleasure-lingering gasps play over my own orgasm. Growling, I come, and my legs nearly give out under me.

You gather your breath. And so do I, before I withdraw.

Cum drips from your pussy.

"Good girl," I say. "Now, let's go to your room. I'm not done with you yet."

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