tagMind ControlHarvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 01

Harvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 01


This is my very first try at erotica. Please leave comments and feedback so I can improve my stories.

This is the first part. A bit of a slow build, the mind-control aspect will become clearer as the story unfolds.



From Bar to Boarding

Fiona sat at the bar, sipping her frozen cosmo. Sure, it was only 11 AM, but she was on holiday. Boy, did she deserve a break.

While she ran her slender fingers through her chocolate-coloured locks, she caught her reflection in the bar's mirror. Her almost black eyes looked back at her, standing out in a face that was just a touch too pale. She blew a mock kiss at herself and then smirked. That was the most action she had gotten in months. Another reason for the spontaneous get-away.

"All passengers for flight DIX-314, please proceed to board."

Checking her phone - of course, there were no new messages - Fiona left her drink standing and slid off the bar stool. Two steps away, she decided, what the hell, and turned on her deep red espadrilles, making her summer dress twirl enticingly.

'Bummer, no one's except the bartender,' she thought to herself. It really was time for a good night again. As much as she enjoyed her own hand, there was something about being at the mercy of another person...

Fiona shook her head clear and downed the rest of her drink, after all. The bartender, a freakishly thin guy that looked way too young to be there, stared at her. She winked, ran a hand down her side as if to straighten the dress and strode away. Well aware of his gaze following her, she used the big windows to look back unnoticed. Sure enough, he seemed to be adjusting his slacks. With a little head rush, Fiona giggled, nearly missed a step and immediately scolded herself for starting the vacation before she had even left town.

By the time she had made her way to the gate, she was feeling pretty sure on her feet again. Unfortunately, she was feeling pretty sorry for herself again, too. It seemed that just a few minutes without distractions were enough for her to reminisce about what she had lost.

"What he had lost, dammit!" she muttered under her breath. 'Stupid bastard. Couldn't have gone off with anyone else. No, it had to be my supposedly best friend. Bitch. Stupid cunt. I hope they're miserable together!'

She pulled herself together. This had been months ago. Fiona had tried to bury herself in her work. It had worked to some extent. She still found herself missing his touch when she was lying in bed at night, the silk sheets smooth against her naked skin.

Arsehole that he was, he had always known what to do to her. The way he would surprise her in the hallway, sneaking his hand under her shirt, up her back and around to the front. How his slightly callused fingers made her skin tingle with lust. His favourite move (hers, too) was to grab her perky little boobs with both hands, grinding himself into her ass.

Running his hands roughly down the front, he'd stop just before he reached her aching centre of passion, grab her wrists and pull them back. It made her arch her back and brought her neck into the ideal position to nibble on. With goosebumps cascading down her body, he'd spin her around, pin her against the wall and kiss her hard. Every time his tongue overpowered hers, she would melt into little puddles of desire, moaning her approval in the throaty way that drove him wild. The worst / best piece of it was that he'd stop right then, walk away chuckling and leave her, shaking and cursing him and pushing her own hands in between ...


Before she knew what had happened, she found herself on the floor, handbag contents strewn around her, looking up at what she presumed to be Aphrodite herself. The goddess-in-human-form started apologising profusely, extending her hand to help Fiona up.

"I'm so sorry, I was in a rush to get to the gate, I didn't see you, I can't believe I ran into you like that, are you alright? You must be so sore! That was quite a bump, and the floors are hard. I'm such a tool, you must for-"

She cut the appearance off with a wave of her hand, immediately feeling a pang of guilt for being so curt.

"Ugh... don't worry, I'll be fine. Thanks," she said, grabbing the outstretched hand and pulling herself up. "I didn't mean to cut you off, I was just - I mean, I couldn't help but, uh..."

The two girls stared at each other for a second. Fiona managed to take in all of her opposite's features: the straight, blonde hair that framed a face unmarked by freckles (she did not much care for her own) with a mouthful of lips and extended down past the girl's gorgeous boobs, all the way to her narrow but shapely hips. She wore shorts that looked like painted on and a white tank top that showed every bump on her obviously lacey bra.

Although Fiona was always able to appreciate beauty, her reaction to this masterpiece left her a bit baffled. She had considered girl-on-girl action before, but always fleetingly and certainly not in so much detail as right now, staring straight at this girl's toned, long legs, basically positioned right in front of her -

"You're beautiful!" exclaimed the other girl, catching Fiona by surprise.

"What, me? Are you kidding? You're beautiful!" squeaked Fiona in return.

They stared at each other again, both with a dangerous twinkle in their eyes.

"This is ridiculous," the girl laughed. "I'm Charlie, nice to meet you!"

Fiona wanted to shake her hand but realised they were still clasping their hands together. So she shook it anyway and giggled when Charlie pulled her in for a tight hug.

"I'm Fiona," she said to Charlie's hair, breathing in its intoxicating scent of strawberries and cream. They let go of each other and, seeing at the same time that Fiona's possessions were still lying scattered on the floor, almost knocked each other over again trying to pick them up.

After lots of laughing, they finally had everything together.

"Thanks again for the help, Charlie," Fiona said. She found herself unconsciously drawn to the other girl, speaking with a slightly huskier voice and standing up straighter. This also had never happened before. Maybe this trip would be the chance to try something new...?

Charlie laughed again.

"It really was my fault. I just completely knocked you over. Luckily your dress didn't move too much. It looks horribly flimsy," she said with a wink.

Fiona had to agree - her sky blue dress with the skirt she oh-so-loved to twirl around in looked like a piece of twispy fabric. Cleverly arranged, however, it stuck like a second skin. Fiona twirled around once, catching the appreciating look in Charlie's eyes and chuckled, "It's worth the risk, don't you think?"

"Oh yes," Charlie sighed. "It's magnificent."

She looked around, Fiona following her example. It seemed like the gate for flight DIX-314 was filled with people under 35, all in great shape and even greater outfits. The gate was decorated for the trip, with cut-out palm trees and beaches lining the wall. Even the air smelled fresh and delicious, like suntan lotion and sand.

Charlie sighed again. "Man, I'm glad this singles' trip is so well-stocked. I was afraid it would be like a boat cruise."

She shook her index finger at Fiona and smacked her lips, putting on a frail accent.

"Can you imagine, lassy, us two and a whole lot of old people?"

Fiona laughed heartily, and said, "I was worried, too. I'm so glad this ad popped up in my news feed. It was exactly what I needed."

Charlie tilted her head and eyed Fiona questioningly. While she did that, her nose wrinkled up in the most adorable way. Instead of taking away from her tall beauty, however, it made her look an oddly fascinating mix of sexy and cute. Fiona imagined herself rubbing her own nose against it, teasing the wrinkles out before softly nibbling on those sensuous lips, moving further down and feeling the goosebumps build as she found that sensitive spot on the neck...

She waved her hand in exasperation. 'I really need to do something about this. If I'm already slipping off my metaphorical chair just talking to a girl, I must really need a good fuck badly.'

To Charlie she said, "It's a story for another time," glad that the girl accepted it without question. Charlie wrapped her arm around Fiona and pulled her closer to the doors.

"Don't worry," she whispered in her ear, "we'll make this a trip to remember so you can forget whatever's troubling you."

Before Fiona could respond - which would have been difficult anyway, considering how Charlie's breath on her skin made her see stars - the unknowing temptress launched into a detailed evaluation of every person's "assets", saving Fiona from what she was sure was going to be total embarrassment (after all, throwing yourself at a girl you just met when you never really entertained the idea seriously before was guaranteed to end in a disaster).

It quickly became clear that the trip organisers must have had some very fancy algorithms to target their ads because, indeed, every male or female traveller seemed to have won the genetic lotto. Clad in tight, revealing or loose and suggestive dresses and pantsuits, the girls ranged from short and curvy to tall and lean and back again. Every skin colour was present; dark-skinned Africans with short hair, a proud look in their eyes and perfectly shaped asses chatted to fine-built Asians with jet-black hair and pouty lips, while tall, fair-skinned beauties stretched their well-toned limbs between curvy South Americans chatting animatedly.

The men, standing together in small groups, were rugged and tough or smooth and sexy, but all stood tall, showing their muscles through quality shirts and clearly eyeing the ladies with serious intent. As could be expected at such a gathering of physical beauty - all singles, nonetheless, the air was simmering with politely repressed lust. Everyone stood a little closer to each other than was necessary and a lot of accidental brushing against bodies happened when people made their way through the crowd.

It promised to be a fun trip, just like the ad had suggested. Only 100 spaces available, two weeks under the Caribbean sun on an exclusive island. All singles. All inclusive. Fiona was determined to get her mind off her ex, in whatever way was required. Looking at Charlie, she thought to herself that "whatever way" might end up being a whole lot more than she bargained for...

When it was finally their turn to board, Charlie and Fiona discovered they had seats next to each other, fairly to the front of the plane. Excitedly, they rushed through the gangway, bumping into one of the better-looking guys (if that was possible) walking slowly along.

"Hello there," he drawled, openly checking them out. "I like what I see... Why don't you come... and visit me later in the plane? You can sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that comes up."

Fiona stared at him for a second before Charlie pulled her along while the guy whistled after them.

"Can't everyone be a star," she said, rolling her eyes. "There are 97 other people on this trip. We'll find the ones we like soon enough - I've already got one!"

Fiona blushed, glad she was behind Charlie. It seemed like she wasn't the only one having fantasies.

'Maybe Charlie's just being friendly, you horny idiot,' she scolded herself. Still, it was nice to indulge for a little.

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