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Harvest Season Special


Dominic looks towards the garden. His latest prize is practicing tai chi in the gazebo. Fall fills the air and her auburn hair flows peacefully with the cool wind. Her nipples press against the sheer fabric of her camisole. He had given her the name Lily, a genie of a water nymph from the hot springs of Asia. Her caramel skin glistens as she moves with such fine discipline. His mind begins traveling back, the night of the Harvest Festival.

Dominic watches as his dancers entice the guests with seductive moves while the first crops are parading in. Lily makes her way to the center of the floor and begins swaying her hips. Her hands slide down her body caressing her delicate curves softly. The crops are laid out before the multitude. Lily's body arches as her hands caress the air. Rain pours down as if she is bringing it into existence. The bells she wears ring with the sweetest melody as she spins around.

Another female dancer approaches lily, their bodies grinding together in the sweetest caress making the men's pants grow tight. With a signal, the slaves of pleasure make their way to the aroused guests. On their knees before them the slaves use their delicate mouths eliciting pleasure, while Lily continues her dance casting a spell upon all. She is no witch by any means but the gods knew what they were doing when they cast her into existence.

Her hair flies through the air like a raven in flight. Her breasts bounce majestically with the beat of the drums. Lily spins to her hands and knees humping the floor with raw intensity. She crawls to her master Dominic with sheer desire for he has not touched her in weeks. Her eyes glisten with passionate lust. She rises to her feet unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the ground. The ropes about her breasts and pussy hug her aroused form euphorically.

Each knot that has been tied by his hands artistically weaves around her soft delicate extremities with care and passion. His own desire grows as she backs away proudly displaying the knots that bind her to him. She circles a male dancer sliding down his body with hunger. Her eyes glow with intensity as she shimmies. The male dancer guides her to her knees before him, her lips traveling down his body as she moves. Turning at the last moment she crawls back to her master. On her knees before her master she leans back presenting herself as the song ends.

Dominic possessively grabs her collar and pulls her to him. He kisses her passionately before dismissing her. The people cheer having gained their much needed release. His guests compliment him on training her and share how much they love Lily's dance. Dominic thanks each of them personally and wishes them safe passage as they leave.

A cool breeze blows rustling the leaves bringing him back to the present as his eyes fall on his pet. He stands and slowly makes his way to her as she finishes her tai chi. Upon seeing her master Lily falls to her knees and bows her head in reverence. "You are one naughty slut pet." Dominic says as he leans against the post. "Your tempting dance pleases me. Acting like a slut, grinding against the other slaves; as if they know how to bring you sweet pleasures my dear pet. Is it not I who tied those knots that caress your body like a lovers hand?" Dominic asks quizzically.

"Aye Master, tis you who have bound me with such tender love and care." Lily replies softly. Her body aching to be touched by the one, who bound her, by the one, who holds her heart, by the one who possesses her lamp. She craves her master's stiff member, his touch, and his caress. Having been untouched for weeks now her body begs to be taken. She knows not to speak out but she wants to tell him how much she needs him, now and before.

Dominic looks about the fall covered yard. The leaves lying on the ground have fallen from the trees like they must in Harvest Season. This makes room for new leaves in the spring. Likewise, Lily's changing, falling, and bringing room for growth. She is all he could every want in a pet. She needs him, craves him begs for his attention. She is willing to do anything for his pleasure. Last nights dancing shows her desire to serve him.

Dominic walks over and kneels down running his hand over her collar. "You are mine." He whispers removing her sheer shirt. His lips caress hers tenderly as his hands slide teasingly over her bound breasts and down to her waist. "You will always be mine." He whispers as he unties her skirt and tosses it to the side. "Forever mine. He whispers sliding his hand between her thighs parting the rope strains running across her soaked treasure trove.

He lays her back on the cool granite tile floor of the gazebo. The leaves about her body adorn like a fall ornament of great value. His fingers move methodically in and out her slick wetness sending fire through her core. Lily gasps as her master's fingers intricately stroke her, igniting a fire only he could extinguish. "Yes master." She speaks breathlessly as her hunger grows for more. Dominic's thumb brushes her tender bud providing the sweet friction she craves.

She is magnificent before him. Her hands clasping together above her head bound within each other like he desires. Her chest rises and falls quickly as he continues stoking the fire within her. His hand plays her like a delicate piano, he knows what she likes what she needs. He feels her body withering in need of release. "Please master!" She begs.

"Cum for me my pet, such a naughty slut." Dominic states with hunger. His thumb brushing over her gem one more time causes her body to wither erotically as her sweet juices cover his fingers. Her cries of pleasure fill the fall air. "Mmm such a good little slut." Dominic says sliding his fingers free. "Clean them." He states presenting his fingers to suck. Lily does as she is told and licks the sweet juices from his fingers.

Dominic moves her legs apart positioning himself between them. He slides his hard member inside her tight treasure trove. Lily moans as he fills her, wrapping her legs about his waist allowing him to push deeper to her core. His thrusts are powerful, full of desire, hunger, love, and need. "Wrap your arms around me pet." Dominic states hoarsely. Lily does as she is commanded and her nails dig into his back. Dominic loves the feel of her scratches like a wild animal in heat.

Dominic growls and bites her neck sucking hard intent on leaving his mark behind. She cries out as he takes her harder deeper. "Yes Master." Lily cries. Dominic feels his balls tighten ready for release. "Cum with me my naughty slut." He growls. Lily arches as she climaxes with her master. Their bodies cling together on the floor thankful for its coolness. "You are mine." Dominic says breathlessly as he pulls her close.

"Yes Master always." Lily replies as they lay there. She thinks to herself what a beautiful way to start the Harvest Season.

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