byNakod Apa©

EVEN SHORTLY AFTER dawn the early summer heat weighed heavily, seemingly muffling all sound except for the rhythmical rap, rap, rap from the floor above as the bed head struck the wall each time He drove his large cock into her mother.

Waiting below young Holly stood naked in their kitchen, one hand toying with a firm breast, the other rubbing her shaven, lusting clit - both fearful of Him, yet wanting Him, for He would enjoy her next.


IT WAS NIGH ON a year now since, having celebrated her eighteenth birthday, Holly had been preparing to leave their farm for a place at college. The crops had been growing well, promising a fine, bumper harvest; one so plentiful it was obvious her father would be unable to get it in alone. Consequently when He arrived - an itinerant labourer claiming to be a former soldier newly returned from the wars - her father had hired Him.

Then came what was declared an accident and her father was dead.

College was postponed, for how could she leave her grieving mother to manage the remote farm alone. In time they might sell up, but for now it was all hands to salvage the harvest - especially His hands.

At first He did little to change his status then, bit by bit, He used his position as the muscles around the fields to usurp the privileges of the owner. As the harvesting progressed He came to have His meals with them in the kitchen, to use their shower and then to sleep in the house instead of the barn.

Finally all was gathered in. Yet He showed no sign of moving on but stayed, spending His free time lounging before their television. Not that He was in any way obnoxious - not at first.

Later it became clear He had been patiently waiting for the right moment. A moment which came when the first big storm of the winter temporarily confined them to the farmhouse.

With her husband gone it had been several months since Holly's mother had last enjoyed the attentions of a man - although given her curvaceous figure and attractive features, as well as being just the right side of forty, she had not been without offers. In the autumn it had been too soon, but now winter was upon them and she was again feeling the need for a man. Thus she was receptive to His approach.

So He took her.

Whether she made any attempt to protest or simply welcomed Him with open legs Holly never knew. Just that by the time the storm moved on He was a fixture in her mother's bed.

Now He was to be deferred to. The decisions were His. Her mother might just as well have sworn the old "honour and obey" - especially the "obey". He ran the farm, did as He wanted, took all He wanted, except for one thing - Holly.

Though that was not to be long delayed.

Over the next few weeks His frequent possession of her mother made it apparent that His former celibacy had been bought with severe self-restraint. Now He was seeking compensation. As His demands grew and grew her mother became more and more exhausted servicing Him. Finally her energy failed and she pleaded for a respite.

He appeared considerate. 'Take a rest. Get your strength back. Young Holly can substitute for a few days.'

'W... W... What?' stammered Holly. 'You're expecting me to give you my virginity?'

'Oh, I didn't know you were still an innocent.' He rubbed his hands together. 'Even better, it's not often I get a chance to pop a cherry.'

'No way. You've wormed in here. You're making a whore of my mother. But you're not having me.'

'Oh, but I am. . . . I shall start by taking you with wild, heated sex. Then, once you're pleading for more, I shall train you to be my slut.'


She appealed to her mother who looked uncertainly from one to the other before reluctantly deferring to him and declaring, 'You're old enough, daughter. It's time you learnt to be a woman.'

Holly stamped her foot, 'Not with Him.'

He frowned, 'Don't be disobedient, girl. Do as your mother says or I'll have to discipline you.'

'You and who else?'

At an inch over six foot He was a big man - in all respects, as her mother was already fully aware and Holly was about to discover. She, on the other hand, was a mere five foot three. And while attractively built with wide child-bearing hips, narrow waist and full, high breasts was no match for his strength.

Grasping her legs He threw her over His shoulder and marched up the stairs. At the top He paused - which room? Her's or her mother's with it's double bed? His first aim was to dominate, to prove she had nowhere to hide, so He chose to dump her on her own bed.

She looked up at him, 'Bastard! I'll . . .'

'Enjoy it.' He ripped off his shirt to display the corded muscles that came from frequent physical labour. 'Don't attempt to fight me, you can't win, you'll only get hurt. And I don't want to hurt you. Hurting women gives me no pleasure. Indeed it lessens my enjoyment of them. The more pleasure I give you the more I expect in return.'

Holly knew he was lying but she couldn't win, could she? Resigning herself to the inevitable she lay back.

'Come on, get stripped off.'

She ignored Him.

'If that's the way you want it.'

He reached down and grasped her T-shirt, tugging it free of her jeans. She tried to pull it from His hands but He just spread them apart, ripping the material along a seam. A second yank and it split at the neckline.

He let it fall to the floor. 'Do you really want me to ruin all your clothes?'

A reluctant Holly decided she had little choice but to capitulate. Lifting her shoulders from the bed she unclipped her bra and held it out to Him. 'Is this what you want?'

'It's a start. Now the rest.'

Watching her slide to the edge of the bed and stand, bending forward to first unzip, then lower and step out of her jeans, He appraised the enticing swing of her pendulous breasts.

'Yup, thought so. You've got a great pair. We're going to have fun playing with those puppies.'

'We! What's this WE. It'll give me no pleasure to have you touch my boobs.'

'I'll make you change your mind soon enough. I'm noted for my skill at handling tits.' He held His hand out, 'Right give me the rest.'

Reluctantly she let Him take her jeans and panties and throw them after her bra.

'Hmm, need a shave don't we?' He inspected her already glistening slit topped by a light brown, straggly bush. 'Still that can wait for a while.'

Unbuckling His belt He removed His jeans and shorts. Freed from its cloth prison His hefty cock jutted toward her. 'See what you do to me. No preliminaries required, just the sight of your splendid assets and Mr. Shafter is ready to go.' He folded his fingers around his erection and gave it a quick rub.

Holly's mind was numb, her thoughts disordered as she stared at the hefty organ waiting to deflower her. She hated Him, was horrified at the thought of His ravishing her. Yet the dampness between her legs declared that her renegade body wanted to be used by Him, wanted Him inside her.

He studied the way her bountiful boobs jiggled as He pushed her back to sit on the bed. Licking His fingertips He gently tracing them along her lips, then ran them down to her large nipples, which He began to quietly stroke and pinch, sending a chill up her spine.

His hands gently fondled the undersides of her unsullied young breasts before expertly kneading them with work-roughened palms, His thumbs delicately rubbing her buds. Despite herself her body was responding to His fondling; her cunni was soaking and her nipples were erect and hard. It was so good. She moaned, abandoning herself to His caresses and leaning into Him. Never had she felt anything as pleasant as the tingles in her private parts.

How could she accept Him? She tried to make herself resist Him, but to no avail for His mouth was now exploring her. While He licked and sucked hard on one tit his hand was squeezing the other, every touch making the fire grow between her legs.

Taking her wrist he placed her fingers by His cock. Instinctively she grasped and rubbed Him until he groaned, 'Enough.'

Pulling her down the bed until she was lying flat He lifted her knees - His fingers digging in as he pried them apart. Lowering His head He gently kissed the inside of her thighs, gradually working his way up to her pussy.

'Already wet and ready for me, aren't you?' He smiled, nudging her labia with the tip of His cock, then laughing with amusement at her cry of dismay.

Perhaps it was the work in the fields, or maybe the gym classes, but the pain her former classmates had reported as accompanying that first, deflowering, entry didn't come. Instead, as He pushed smoothly into her, stretching her, filling her, she felt a carnal delight. This is what it meant to be a woman.

Briefly He paused, settled her calves across his back, then began to ride her hard. Each time His cock slammed into her the pressure inside grew.

Instinctively she crossed her ankles and lifted her knees higher to take Him deeper. Any thought of resistance was long gone. She wanted this, she needed release, her fingers had never given her this pleasure. She was gasping and moaning as He ploughed her - thrust, retreat; thrust, retreat; thrust . . . the pleasure started behind her navel, flowed down through her belly muscles to her hips, her thighs, her legs, but above all to her tender young furrow.

His hips pushed harder, faster driving Him to her depths. Her back arched. She felt something inside her was about to explode. Her cunni spasmed, clenching around Him, squeezing and milking His seed from Him. She cried out with the rapture of her first orgasm.

He could hold back no more. With a deep, satisfied groan, He filled her.

'You see I didn't hurt you. And you enjoyed being fucked, didn't you? Though I won't be so gentle in the future.'

She no longer cared. She wanted that ecstasy again.

'Well, we've made a start. You've a bit to learn, but I reckon you'll make a worthy slut come spring. Good and ready to take over from your mother as my number one pussy.

The night after taking Holly's cherry He ravished her twice more. Then, true to His promise, spent the next few days playing with her buxom young boobs and training her to pleasure Him.

As He repeatedly reminded her, 'You're mine. Especially those great tits and tight cunt. And though you're still short of experience you're beginning to please me. Keep learning and improving - how to honour your karma, how to satisfy a man - and we'll get along well.'

By the time He decided to again take his pleasure from her mother Holly's tender tits were a mass of bruising and her cunni was sore and aching - a condition He made permanent through the succeeding winter and spring months as her sexual appetite increased.


A SHRILL CRY from above declared that her mother had climaxed. Two, three more raps of the bed head and all became quiet. He'd had His first fuck of the morning. Soon He would be down looking for Holly to serve His breakfast - a full plate of eggs, ham, waffles and toast usually set Him up for a day around the farm as well as His persistent use of their cunnies. Reluctantly she turned to the stove and began cooking.

Wet from the shower He was still drying His belly and balls as He entered the kitchen. After long practice through the winter and spring her timing was precise and she set His meal before Him at the exact moment his backside touched the chair. Standing beside Him, her thighs apart, she waited as, fork in one hand He started eating, the fingers of His other hand gently stroking the inside of her thighs and clit.

She detested the way He assumed she welcomed His use of her, that she was always ready and eager to be taken. Yet - and yet - He was partly right - she was already becoming wet. She might not want Him but He'd done what He threatened and made a slut of her - she'd come to need a cock inside her - frequently.

Soon He was finished and leaning back in the chair watched as she cleared the table and proceeded to wash the dishes. Which would it be today? A simple doggy fuck as she leaned over the sink, or a long, leisurely session on the table, her wrists and ankles fastened to its legs.

She could see His reflection in the window over the sink as He moved behind her. Now His large, rough palms were warm on her body. She quivered slightly, groaned as He massaged her muscles.

When His fingers slid round to grasp and rub her breasts she stopped working, her palms flat on the bottom of the basin, straight arms supporting her torso. Head down, arse arched toward him, heavy tits hanging into His palms she waited for His entry. Running a hand down the wide, soft curve of a hip He smoothed her full, round buttocks, slid into the valley between and pushed two fingers into her dewy folds. She groaned with her need.

He chuckled, 'Even after all these months you still can't get enough of me, can you my lusty slut?'

She didn't answer. If only . . . if only, but now it was too late. He had found and nurtured the nymph within her and what other cock but His was available?

'Remember when you wanted to stay a virgin? When you said you wouldn't let me have you? I was right, wasn't I? Aren't you going to thank me?'

In a flash of temper she shouted, 'Stop it! Don't be more of a bastard then you already are. Just fuck me.'

'If you say so.' Pulling his damp fingers from her slit He slid the head of His stiff cock along her swollen furrow then drove straight inside, stretching her. Groaning she felt her cunni open to to His thick tool.

Enjoying both the feel of her hot, wet flesh clutching at him and the way she quivered and moaned He thrust to the hilt. His balls slapped her hard. Powerfully, brutally, He pistoned into her, giving a guttural grunt with each thrust. Reaching around He again grabbed her jiggling tits making her whimper, moan and shake violently. Suddenly she cried out and slumped, panting and groaning against the sink. With a triumphant laugh he erupted. Spent, His hot sperm rushed into her depths.

His cock slowly wilted and slid from her, yet still he painfully grasped her tits. 'Aren't you going to say it?' He asked.

Testily Holly spat it at Him, 'It was great. Just what I needed. Thank you. Please fuck me again, soon.'

Releasing her tits He gave a chuckle and stepped back. 'Of course I'll enjoy you again, my dear. That's a promise. After all, a real man keeps his slut filled, that's what he chose her for.'

'One of these days. . .'

'You'll what? Get your own way, take charge, find some other cock?' He collected his shirt, jeans and shoes from a chair beside the door and briskly dressed. 'Get real. You'll never give up my cock. You want it too much.'

'That's what you think.'

Walking somewhat stiffly, her mother appeared. 'Do you both have to shout.'

'Sorry, Mum. But some days He just riles me.' Holly turned and glared at Him.

Giving them a two finger salute He said, 'Got some work to do in the barn. Just be ready for me when I come back.' Leaving the kitchen, He let the door slam shut behind Him.

Holly looked at her mother, 'Must we go on like this?'

'What do you mean?'

'When he just fucks me it's fine. Even the fact that we're little more than His sex toys is not too bad. But when He's in the mood to enjoy hurting me - I hate Him.'

'Yes, I see what you mean. But, there is a possible answer.'


'Yesterday, when He let me go to the village, Lulabelle in the store was saying that with this recession there are a number of quite young farm workers around looking for jobs. Reckoned she wouldn't mind one or two of them getting in her panties.'

'So? Anyway you know what Lulabelle's like - she'll spread her legs for anything with a good sized prick.'

'I know, but I reckon there must be one that will suit us.'

'But how do we fix an exchange?'

'Leave that to me.'

Going to the kitchen sideboard her mother opened a drawer and selected a large carving knife. 'Wait here!' She went out into the yard.

Holly waited, distracting herself from the awful possibilities by sliding her fingers in and out of her sorely used cunni.

It seemed but a minute or so, though must have been longer, when her mother returned. Going to the sink she carefully washed the now blood-stained knife.

'If you're feeling strong again we have some digging to do.' She refused to look Holly in the eyes. 'After that, say tomorrow, we can go and get us a new hired-hand.'

Joyfully Holly smiled and threw her arms about her mother, 'One with a good big tool, for preference.'


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