tagIncest/TabooHash Brownie Stepmom Seduction Pt. 01

Hash Brownie Stepmom Seduction Pt. 01


The following is part 1 of the account of a mature professional woman's seduction by her stepdaughter and her boyfriend. It is told from Danni's (Mom) perspective. Occasionally, Tina (stepdaughter) needs to have her inner voice heard as well and you'll find that in italics. As with all my stories, there is a grain of truth (!) and lots of fantasy and fiction. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Jane


The ring tone startled me as I ended my weekly partner conference in my downtown Austin office. It was the song 'Cat Scratch Fever' by Ted Nugent. I recognized the tone as being from my stepdaughter. I let it go to voicemail as I finished up the meeting. I'm Danni Duncan, a senior partner in a downtown Austin accounting firm and I share my life with my 19 year old stepdaughter, Tina, a sophomore at the University of Texas. Tina's father, Mike, the love of my life, died tragically 4 years ago. We were only married for 2 years, but never have I felt so alive as when we were together and to this day, I still miss him tremendously. As I exited the boardroom and entered my office I listened to Tina's voicemail:

Mommy, I sent you a video link that you have to see! It's on your private email account. FYEO!

Hmmm, I thought to myself. For your eyes only, huh? Tina only sent naughty videos or those of a very suggestive or sexual nature to my private email account. I know what you're thinking. Why would a stepdaughter be sending sexually explicit videos to her stepmother?

Well, I'll have to explain. About a year ago, Tina accidentally caught me masturbating in my steam shower with my large dildo. I always kept these sessions very private and I always kept the few sex toys that I have locked up. I used to always close the door to my bathroom and Tina was supposed to be at school, but she decided to surprise me when a professor suddenly cancelled a scheduled lab. My bathroom door was wide open and the glass shower doors were slightly steamed up. I was luxuriating in my shower, suction cup dildo deep in my pussy and the hand-held shower head pulsing against my aching clit. Tina happened to yell for me upon entering the house, and when I didn't answer, she began searching. Of course, she walked right thru the open bathroom doors and before she could call for me, she eyed my fat ass bouncing up against the glass shower wall while I impaled myself on my toy. I never did see her.

My stepmother, Danni, looked so fucking hot slamming her tight, soapy ass up against the shower door that I almost creamed my jeans! I realized that she didn't see me, so I snuck out of view and got my phone out. I would never use the video for any nefarious purposes other than my own pleasure as I loved my stepmother more than my own mother, who was a lazy, no good gold digger. As I started to record, her pace increased and she began to moan something about a big cock! She got louder and faster and, as her orgasm overwhelmed her, she slowly slid off the giant black toy and sat down on the teak shower chair. She reached for the black dildo, unstuck it from the glass door and promptly tried to deep throat it, while the shower water cascaded down over her large, surgically enhanced breasts. As she exited the shower she dried off and sat down in front of the large bathroom mirror. She let her Egyptian bath towel fall to her waist while lifting her tits to her mouth, gently sucking each nipple to total erection. Her nipples were huge! I secretly wondered whether the surgeon enhanced her nipples as well! After she was done gently biting each nipple, I feared she would spy me, so I quietly backed out of the door and, momentarily, also out of the house.

Tina, slightly embarrassed but also completely turned on, later showed me the shower video over a glass of wine. She said it was one of the hottest things she had ever seen! She said she hoped to be sexy like me someday! She noted that she was proud that I was her Mother and that her Father would want us to share our lives, every part of our lives! She encouraged me to tell her about my sexual yearnings since her Dad died. She said that I could teach her a lot and, in return, she could help me to get some hot dates! I was initially angry about her spying but my resolve melted as she continued heaping compliments on me about my body, my sexiness and how much she loved me. We eventually agreed to be more open with each other. Little did I know what this would come to mean.

Tina soon began sending me sexy videos to a little used email account I had. First, they were R-rated, then fully nude, then XXX! She would tell me about dates she went on and how good, or poor, her boyfriends were. Occasionally, she would send me emails while I was at work with messages to watch the attached link, but only behind closed doors. Often, these very explicit emails would contain videos of mature women, like myself (42), engaging in sex acts with very well endowed young men. The thing that bothered me was that I was strangely looking forward to these internet videos. I knew it was wrong for my stepdaughter and I to be communicating like this, but she was completely okay with it. She told me that college kids watched porn all the time and that my generation could learn some things if we'd just loosen up! She continuously reminded me that she was my stepdaughter, not my real daughter, but that she loved me very much. She never sent any videos of herself, however, which brings us back to the start of the story.

I promptly locked the door to my corner office and had a seat at my desk. I took a deep breath, clicked on my mouse and opened the email from Tina.

Hi Mommy! Attached is a video from me! Although I'm not the star, I do have a co-starring role. You see, my new boyfriend, Conner, lives with his Aunt Jerri who likes to smoke dope way too much! We were over at her house the other night having dinner when she broke out the Mary Jane. Don't worry, Conner and I didn't touch the stuff, though we did drink some wine. As you can see from the video, Aunt Jerri was soon buzzing and horny. Conner and I were getting busy with each other and soon Aunt Jerri joined in! Please enjoy the movie I made for you. Text me after you watch it and I'll tell you the rest of the story. Love, Tina

You can imagine my shock! Now, I understand that my stepdaughter is very sexual and I do consider that a positive thing, I think. This, however, may have been taking things way too far. I struggled to get through the end of my day and when I was sure the office was clear, I kicked off my Jimmy Choos and opened the video. I took one long gulp and turned up the volume. It seemed to start in the middle of the action.

"Give her what she wants Connnnnerrr,...yea, give it to her, babeeey."

"You like that, Aunt Jerri? Look how my cock stretches out Tina's pussy. Does that turn you on Aunt Jerri?"

The phone must have been held by Conner. It clearly showed his huge prick, condom encased, sliding into Tina's shaved pussy from behind with glassy-eyed Aunt Jerri beside him looking awestruck down into my stepdaughter's hot holes.

"Yea, it does, Conner baabeeey."

"Well then, Aunt Jerri, why don't you climb down there under Tina and munch her hot box as I get ready to unload."

"Mmm, yeahh, I'd love that."

The camera jiggled as Aunt Jerri, a Rubenesque milf with salt and pepper short hair, big breasts and a nice, trim dark bush climbed down under Tina. Soon you could see Aunt Jerri start to lap my stepdaughter's beautiful, hairless snatch and Conner's pole as it plunged in and out. The camera also revealed Tina's amazingly clean, puckered asshole which seemed to be opening somewhat as Conner stretched her out below. As the camera panned up over Tina's back, you could tell she was also diving into Aunt Jerri's closely cropped pussy lips. Within a minute of Aunt Jerri's ministrations, Tina grunted and sprayed several clear volleys onto her surprised face. Conner soon followed suit, grunted and began to groan. He was still inside Tina! I surely hoped his condom held out, although I was pretty certain she was on the pill as well. His cock seemed to swell as he slowed down his pumping before Tina said something about letting her see it.

"Conner, let me show your Aunt why I love you. Pull out now! Keep your condom on."

Tina scampered away from Conner's covered cock, leaving it to drip pussy honey onto his Aunt's face! The camera bounced around as Conner laid down on his back as Tina was obviously doing the rearranging. The next thing the camera picked up was Tina grabbing Conner's stiff, upright cock at the base, trying to hold his condom in place while Aunt Jerri sat on the other side of Conner across from Tina, who began to narrate.

"Aunt Jerri, watch and behold, the magical cum fountain!"

Tina began to jack off Conner's fat, latex encased cock while, simultaneously, holding the overworked condom tight at the base. The beautiful, completely engorged penis began to jerk in Tina's hands and Conner began to groan. The first volley of hot semen filled up the reservoir tip followed by 6 or 7 more voluminous sprays. The condom now looked like a water balloon being filled up by a hose as the reservoir tip transformed into a plum sized cask of lovely cum. Aunt Jerri remained mesmerized in a lusty stare, continually licking her lips. When Conner eventually went limp out of exhaustion, he laid the camera down and the video came to an abrupt halt.

Although the video was only 4 minutes long, it had me clawing at my finely coifed pussy. My own stepdaughter with her boyfriend and his Aunt! Oh my gosh, that was so incredibly hot. The hottest thing I had ever seen! So much hot cum! I was practically in heat after watching that cock spurt! How did it end? I had to know. My fingers were rummaging through my purse for my phone. I had to text Tina right away and see how the story ended. I did not want to have to drive the whole way home with my clit and nipples throbbing. I had to finish rubbing out a crashing orgasm. I was so hoping that Tina had her phone nearby. I texted her an emoji of a banana and a request to please tell me the end of the story! I soon received a chime indicating I had another email from Tina.


Well, what did you think? Very hot, huh? Have you ever seen a guy dump a load like that? Plus, his cum tastes soooo good! Maybe you'll get a taste soon? Well, let me tell you how the story ends. His Aunt was so high and horny that she asked us to coat her bra and underwear with Conner's hot cum! It was so wild. I grabbed Conner's magnum condom and dumped his thick load into the c-cups of her expensive Chantelle bra and smeared the remainder on the gusset of her panties! Can you believe that? The woman is wild! More later!

Below the email was a photo of the blu lace shelf bra with pools of cum in the bottom of the cups. My sopping pussy gushed all over my leather work chair and I frantically tried to clean it up. I could not believe how depraved, but completely erotic my stepdaughter had become. My own stepdaughter having a threesome with her boyfriend's Aunt...and filming the entire thing! I slowly composed myself and gathered my work for the ride home, difficult as it was to get my mind on anything other than sex.

I knew my stepmom would be an orgasmic mess after the video I just sent her. She would never admit it, but she has a very dirty imagination and all I did was add fuel to the fire. I didn't need to tell her that it was my idea to pour Conner's cum into Aunt Jerri's bra and panties, lest she think I'm a total perv! My ultimate plan was to seduce her into giving herself to Conner and his fat cock with me along for the ride. Conner was a little apprehensive at first, but I convinced him after showing him some pics of my curvy mom. So much for apprehension. I decided to be patient as I knew Danni would be referring to my video every time she got an itch. I had to figure out a way to capitalize on that! I eventually settled on a plan that would involve a Friday night mother-daughter happy hour, clothes and some help from Aunt Jerri's famous JillyBean strain brownies!

Several days passed before Tina reached out to me from her off-campus house. It was good that I was able to get focused back on work and catch up on all of my accounts, but I missed hearing from her. When she finally called, I anxiously picked up my phone. Tina was inviting herself over for happy hour cosmo-style tomorrow night, with just us girls. Cosmo style meant drinking cosmopolitans and trying on new outfits...in my townhouse. You see, ever since Tina and I first met, we always liked dressing up in new outfits for each other. It was a way of bonding between us as we both loved clothes and shopping. She said she'd make the drinks and bring the desserts and I was to supply the clothes. We were a similar size, but ever since having my breasts augmented a couple of years ago, I was larger up top. I figured that I had a couple of new bathrobes, skirts, yoga pants, jeans and shoes that we could both try on, so I agreed. Tina said she'd be over by 3:30. I anxiously agreed as the evening sounded like fun. I wondered whether she would bring up the threesome video or whether I would. We would have to wait and see!

Friday in the office flew by and before I knew it, I was laying out outfits in my bedroom for the evening's catwalk activities. I pretty much had all the new clothes that I had purchased in the last 6 months all ready to go when I heard Tina yelling from downstairs.

"Mom, I'm here! I have all the goodies!"

"Okay, hunny, I'll be down in a minute. Go ahead and make us a couple of cosmos!"

I stopped in the bathroom before heading downstairs and couldn't help but be pleased with my reflection in the full-length stand alone mirror. While looking at my outfit, a completely wicked thought occurred to me and I moved the mirror to a position opposite the toilet. I stripped down, sat on the commode and began to lightly stroke my moistened pussy as I began to piss into the bowl. I bent my knees back to get a good view of my newly trimmed landing strip and the forceful piss stream emanating from directly beneath. As I watched my image in the mirror, I ran my manicured fingers through the hot golden stream, feeling the heat and power of my own micturition as I wondered what the evening would bring. I rolled my pee soaked fingers around my nipples and my full breasts, relishing the dirty way it made me feel. As my piss flow completed, I gave my nippIes one more twist, gathered my clothes and headed down the steps with the first round of the evening's clothes, new denim jeans.

"Mommy, you must have one of these brownies that Conner's aunt made. They are to die for! I also have one of these cosmos for you to try out. It's a new recipe I found online. Tell me what you think."

"Oh, thank you so much, hun," I replied, as I began to sip the delicious cocktail my stepdaughter had whipped up.

We caught up on small talk while nibbling our brownies and sipping our cosmos. We giggled our way into the the tight BLK DNM jeans I had recently purchased, each of us having to shimmy our butts into the tight denim. We admired our asses in the easel mirror, each giving the other a playful smack. Even as she pranced around in the skinny leg jeans, I couldn't help but be reminded of that beautiful booty she was hiding underneath. She must have caught me staring momentarily and she pounced.

"Like what you see Mommy dearest?"

"Those fit you very nicely dear. You have a lovely figure," I countered, trying hard not to look too flustered. "I'll go get the bathing suits, wraps and the shoes I found. Stay here!"

I had my stepmom just where I wanted her! She had unknowingly finished a large marijuana brownie and topped it off with a cosmo. Now she had her mind on my body and, hopefully, sex! In a little while I would unleash the rest of my scheme. Mom ran to get the recent shoes and swimsuits that she'd purchased while I hastily made another round of cosmos, heavy on the vodka of course! The second part of the planned seduction was to tell her a recent true story from my sorority.

"Tina, what do you think of these little numbers?"

"Wow, Mom, very sexy shoes!"

"Yep, I decided to splurge on a couple pairs of pumps by Christian Louboutin. Here, you try them on first."

Tina instead insisted on me trying on my new 2 piece suit, while she tried on a new silken bathrobe. I retreated to the bathroom with my new suit, cover up and the black pumps. The suit was a high end silver sequined bikini that I had ordered from the Orchid Boutique. Although it clearly wasn't skimpy, my larger breasts filled out the top very nicely. I shimmied out of my jeans and underwear and into my bikini bottom. It did seem a little odd to be modeling swimwear in front of my stepdaughter, but as the afternoon was wearing on, I felt slightly more sexy, warm and uninhibited. It was a feeling unfamiliar to me, but it felt good. Must have been the cosmo. I spritzed on a little of my favorite Gucci and sauntered back into room.

"Wow Mom! You look so hot! That suit fits you tremendously well. And look at those bazooms! Wow! So sexy Mom, really!"

"Thanks Honey, and you look great in my new silken robe," I added.

Tina continued her encouragement, "Mom, turn around and let me see you. Drop the cover up. Let me see your suit with those sexy shoes. Show off that suit a little."

I pirouetted several times on my pumps before I got a little lightheaded and plopped down into one of my oversized chairs. I couldn't help but giggle as I felt like a school girl after her first drink. I grabbed my cover up and draped it over my shoulders.

"That must have been some cosmo you made me. I'm feeling all funny inside."

"And because you've been such a good girl, here is another one for you. After all, we're not driving anywhere tonight. Just us girls having a good time," Tina giddily exclaimed. "Mom, let me just sit down here on the floor and give you a nice foot massage while I tell you a little story."

"Oh?" I inquired.

"Yes, Mommy dear. I figured since you like my videos that you'd also like this very sexy true story about one of my sorority sisters."

"Go on."

"Well, I have a sorority sister whose name is Nicole and she's quite the little sexpot, but she is very nice and funny to be around. Well, her parents had this terrible break up a couple of years ago and Nicole always said her Mom was at fault. Well, since that time her father has been spending a lot of time in an apartment near campus. At first, it seemed that this was normal and we all thought it was just so he could see his daughter more often. Now, there is nothing wrong with that per se, but rumors started flying around that he was doing more than visiting Nicole, that he was actually hooking up with some of the girls from school!"

"No sir!" I gasped. I couldn't help but notice that Tina had removed one of my pumps and was not only giving me a very sensual foot massage but was also lightly stroking my calf as well.

"Yep, and the rumors are that he is handsome, like Richard Gere, has a great big cock and turns girls into orgasming zombies!"

"What? That is ridiculous!" I was very skeptical, but the cosmos and the gentle touch of Tina's hand had me feeling giddy, so I played along. "Tina, this is clearly the work of young college girls and their vivid imaginations. Surely, you didn't buy into this?"

"Mom, I thought the same thing, but then one day, in chemistry class, I was talking with a friend of mine who told me the rumors were true because her roommate had been sleeping with him!"

"Tina, there is no way," I intoned incredulously.

"I know, I know. But, she told me all the details. Mom, it seems that Nicole's dad, Mark, is very charming and seductive. Evidently, for an older guy, he is very easy to lust after. My understanding is that Nicole and her dad took her friend out to dinner near his upscale apartment and they all partied until it got dark. They decided to go back to his apartment for a nightcap and then the fireworks began! According to my chemistry friend, Nicole and her girlfriend spied on him while he showered. Well, the friend got so turned on that she was eager to take the natural next step."

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