tagInterracial LoveHass' Girls Ch. 01

Hass' Girls Ch. 01


Hass gazed at the dark chocolate in front of him happily.

A month had passed since Doris began to work for him, and he couldn't get enough of her. Black girls had always been his lifeblood, and Doris was one for the ages. She came from a Christian home, adopted and raised by white parents; a supposedly good student and serious award-winning swimmer. Looking at her bubbly ass swaying as she counter at the register, he could see it.

Hass had known her father a long time. The guy used to come into Hass' shop as a kid all the time, always trying to beg his way into doing a chore for some sweets. So when he came in whining about how his daughter was an antisocial wreck, too shy to do anything, Hass suggested he let her work in the candy shop with him. After all, he was getting old and could use some help; and what better way to get comfortable with people than to work as a salesman?

The guy had been charmed by the idea and brought Doris in the next day, presenting the curvy eighteen-year-old before Hass, remarking on her beauty without the slightest idea of what he was getting her involved in.

"I told her there's no reason to be shy," her father said eagerly. "A girl as pretty as her - why, folks will be delighted to talk to her if she only smiled and chatted them up a little."

Hass was delighted just to see her. Even in the austere clothes she had on, he happily noticed her wide hips and busty chest, and nearly drooled at the thought of claiming them as his own and breaking them in for the first time. Virgins were always the sweetest, no matter what people said. And the darkest chocolate tasted best to Hass, always.

"Well then, I'll leave you. Good luck, sweetie."

When he was gone Hass approached the girl kindly. "I know it's hard to be dropped off here all alone. Hell, I told your old man I don't want to put you on the spot. I was shy too when I was your age. But tell you what kiddo," he said, taking her hand in his own. She winced and kept looking away, but the warmth of her hand, along with its silky skin, only made Hass want her. "I won't make you do anything, unless you feel comfortable. If not, you can just sit by my side and watch. How does that sound?"

Her full, yet dry and cracked lips, opened hesitantly with a pop. "I don't know. Dad wouldn't be happy."

"He doesn't have to know, does he? It'll just be between you and me. Come on." He gave her hand a final squeeze, then let go and started giving her a tour of the shop.

What her pop said was not an exaggeration in any way. Doris said next to nothing, and the times she did talk, it was only to respond with a clear "Yes, sir," or "No, sir" and nothing else. It would be hard to get under her skin, but Hass wasn't worried. He had never failed, after all.

The first two days Doris just sat there, almost like a doll, looking around with disinterest. She even pull out her phone or bring a book or another. Far too rude for her. But on the third day, after endless questions, Hass had gotten the hang of her, and was starting to make progress. When he broached the topic of a boyfriend he noticed that she had stiffened visibly, and he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

"Don't you ever wish you had a boyfriend, sweetheart?"

Doris shook her head. "I don't know, sir."

"Or maybe you have one already and you're not telling anyone." Doris winced. "You know you can tell me. I won't tell anyone. It must be hard to keep a secret all by yourself."

In the end Doris broke, and told the whole story. She had met a boy from France, and talked to him on a regular basis. He was in the exact same situation as she was: black, but adopted by white parents.

"You must love him a lot," said Hass with a warm smile.

Doris, starting to get comfortable around him, smiled back. "I think so too. But I couldn't tell Dad. Not even Mom. Dad would be mad no matter what, but Mom would be mad I kept it a secret for so long."

Hass went over and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him with big wet eyes, framed by black curls that ended below her chin. And those lips, Christ, those lips. They were halfway open now, her shadowy front teeth showing, and all he wanted was to stick his finger inside and let her suck.

"Your secret is safe with me, baby." Hass had gone out of his way to call her by all sort of pet names. It seemed innocuous coming from a man more than thrice her age, but it would have a subconscious effect on her by the end.

Doris smiled again. "Thank you. I never told anyone, and - they'd kill me."

His gnarled white hand squeezed her shoulder. "I wouldn't let them. I'm starting to like you too much."

"You aren't as bad as I thought either," she blurted. She was aware of the faux pas and quickly said: "I mean, I didn't-"

"Calm down, sweetie. I understand."

And from there on things got a lot easier. Doris started telling him all about her life, and confessed to all kinds of secrets - not only of her own, but regarding her family as well. She explained how she was home alone once, looking for tampons in her mother's bedroom, when she accidentally came upon a ballgag.

"I was so shocked," said Doris, giggling nervously. "I never thought Mom would be into that - ever!"

Hass started touching her more and more as they talked. Sometimes he was afraid he went overboard, but in fact, Doris only started touching him back after a time, pushing him jokingly and fingering his chest to make a point.

Then one day she herself asked if she could try to serve at the counter. Unsurprisingly, she did rather well; the older customers were curious who the new face was, and were thrilled with her, while the younger boys all complimented her and had a bad time flirting with a girl twice as awkward as they were.

"I'm proud of you," he said to her near the end of her first day serving, putting his arm around her shoulder.

Doris beamed, raising her hands to her face. "I can't believe I did it. I really did it."

"You really did. Good girl."

The day after that he explained to her that he had to go to the hospital for an hour or two, and was wondering if she could keep the shop open. If not, the both of them could take a break.

"No, no, I can..." said Doris, a little hesitantly. But it was clear she didn't want to let him down.

Hass wished her luck and went out, then headed in search of Cassidy.

Cassidy was the closest thing he had ever had to friend or a relationship, and he had practically raised her into the person she had become. Well, she was a big word. Cassidy had been born as a boy, but her progressive-thinking parents decided early on it was better she get a hormonal treatment and transition early.

They weren't wrong about her passion for cock, at least. But they were wrong in thinking she wanted to be girly. If anything, Cassidy was a total tomboy, though the years of treatment had done their job in giving her a completely feminine look. At first glance, she was just another pretty girl.

After thirty minutes he found her in an abandoned playground where she and a bunch of other nobodies from the neighborhood hung out. She had run away from home a long time ago, and spent her days either sleeping at Hass', or crashing in some abandoned building.

"Cassidy!" he cried.

She rolled her eyes upon seeing him, then jumped off the rail she was on and shuffled to him unhappily. "What the hell is it?"

She was dressed in a ripped pair of jeans, with one side torn off completely at the thigh; a thin Metallica shirt came down her torso, cropped at the perfect belly, the pierced nipples poking through it. If anything could be said about Cassidy, it was that she had an incredible pair of tits. The rest of her body was covered in small tattoos and remaining piercings. The surprisingly feminine face of what should have once been a boy was framed by short blonde hair spiked with pink. She also had a pink heart was tattooed under one eye.

"Why don't you answer your phone?" he asked. "Why did I buy you a phone?"

"Because you love me," she said matter-of-factly. "And it isn't charged."

"So charge it, goddamn you."

Cassidy stepped back and stretched her arms out towards the abandoned everything. "Where?"

Well, she certainly made a good point. "Look," said Hass. "I need you to do me a solid."

"Such as?"

"The girl I told you about."

"The nigger?"

Hass clicked his tongue harshly. "Don't call her that. In fact, don't ever use that word. Where do you get off anyway? You're a goddamn street rat."

Cassidy grinned. "But not a nigger."

Hass smiled in spite of himself. "You are the worst, do you know that? In any case, I need you to go and convince her to give you some money. Pretend it's a short term loan - come up with a sob story - then come back to me. Tell her you'll be back in ten minutes."

"Do I get to keep it?"

"You get to keep your home, which I opened to you out of the goodness of my heart."

Cassidy clicked her tongue. "Look, I'd like to help you, but I can't. I just promised these guys I'd go with them to this-"

Hass grabbed her wrist forcefully and dragged her behind a dumpster outside of view. His left hand went down to her crotch and he gripped the chastity cage he had her cock locked in, hard, while his right traveled up and grabbed her neck roughly.

"What if I told you doing this gets you unlocked tonight, huh?" Cassidy's blue and beautifully lashed eyes widened. "Yeah, you want that, don't you? You little fucking slut."

He unhanded her and pushed her into the wall then gave her a final look. "Go," he said, pointing in the vague direction of the store. "Before I change my mind."

Cassidy smoked a quick cig with him, then set off. It was amusing just what a powerful effect the chastity cage he put her in had. Hass never unlocked her unless she did something truly deserving, and often went out of his way to torment her by denying her pleasure. Yet, for all her rebellious ways, for all her grim thinking and twisted imagery and metal worship, she had never made the attempt to take it off herself. He was proud of the psychological hold he had instilled in her. Her parents might've gone out of their way to make their little boy into a little girl, but Hass had taken that girl away from them and turned her into his bitch.

He waited patiently till Cassidy returned, temple shining with sweat, money in hand. She passed him the cash, then lit up another smoke.

"How did it go?"

"Easy. I came up with some story and told her I'd be back in ten minutes. Man," said Cassidy, laughing. "She is easy. I can't even act. But this dumbass fell for it."

Hass watched her as she smiled, and he felt something in his heart stir. As bad she was she... had a special hold on him. Every other person he could use and abandon without issue, but when it came to Cassidy he just couldn't help himself. And God only knew how many troubles she had brought, from lice in his house, to potential STDs, to breaking his house apart in anger.

But whenever she was truly happy, it made his heart explode.

"Here," he said, and passed her the cash she had taken. "Keep it."

Cassidy stared at it. "You sure?"

"I am. Now go."

Cassidy grinned, then gave him kiss on the cheek and ran off.

Hass sighed, shaking his head at his own weakness.

When he got back to the shop, he could see the distress written plainly on Doris' face. She confessed immediately, crying all the while, shaking with fear of the consequences.

Hass went over and hugged her, for the first time feeling her soft breasts pressing against his chest. "Don't worry, honey. Everything is going to be okay. It wasn't that much cash."

But for the next few days he could feel the guilt weigh down on her.

It was at that point that Hass went in for a serious move.

They told stories as she stood at the counter, and Hass started bullshitting her about an ex he supposedly had. As the story went into descriptions, he went up and spun her around as if for a dance, then pulled her in close.

His wizened hand cupped her ass. The scared brown face was mere inches away, mouth open, warm breath washing over his face. Then he kissed her on the mouth.

At length he pulled away, and looked at her horror-stricken expression.

"Oh my God..." he said, feigning disbelief at his own action. He made such a spectacle of his weakness and the mistake he had committed, that it was Doris begging him to forget about the whole thing.

Yet he could see the change that overcame her. Clearly the kiss was on her mind, and she no longer looked at Hass in the same way. He was pleased to see it wasn't fear so much as apprehension. For the first time in her young life she had been treated as a woman, a prized possession, and it stuck with her.

The event was brought up next day due to her boyfriend. Doris was down, and it turned out it was because she had confessed to him what happened.

"He's mad at me for letting it happen, and he wanted me to stop coming. I told him he should trust me, and that you're nice, but he just-"

"He's paranoid."

"Yes!" said Doris, her gentle tone getting as close to anger as it could get. "And I don't know why. I mean, I told him. Should I have not? Isn't that a sign of trust? I just don't know..."

"I'm sorry I put you in this whole situation."

"It's okay."

"Though," started Hass, "I have to admit. Horrible mistake though it was, and unfair to you, I don't think I ever had a better time kissing any other girl."

Doris smiled in the goofiest, most uncontrolled manner. "Shucks, Mr. Hass. Don't say that. I don't believe it."

"I mean it," he said, boring deeply into her eyes. "You're so gorgeous, Doris... I'd give anything to kiss those lips again." He waited a second then babbled: "I mean, if I was younger. And you were the same age. And you wanted to kiss me." He talked in a panicky, stammering voice, seeming to lose control and to come apart in front of her.

But Doris kept on smiling, saying nothing.

And that was when Hass knew he had her.

The following two days he did nothing to touch her at all, and their conversations were kept relatively casual. He even made excuses to go out and leave her by herself for most of the day.

On the third day, though...

Doris came in looking her best. She wore a loose white dress with a strawberry print, and her lips were done all red and glossy. Standing near her, Hass realized she even smelled like strawberries, the fragrance taking his wits away.

He spent the whole day staring at her delicate brown hands work the register, gazing absentmindedly at the toned calves and little ankles that protruded from the bottom of the dress.

At sundown the streets were empty, and a few dying rays of light were slanting through the shop's windows. Hass watched Doris count up the register, then slid behind her.

She froze as soon as he touched her. His pale fingers traced the silky dark skin of her arms down to her hands, and he held them.

"Mr. Hass, sir..." said Doris, breathless.

He squeezed her hands and drew them to her stomach, pushing harder into her from behind. The big soft ass was pushing into his cock.

"Doris..." he whispered in his ear.

Hass could hear her swallowing. "Yes?..."

"How are you so beautiful? So perfect..."

Her shudders fed his confidence.

He started to kiss her neck hotly, wrapping his arm around her completely.

Doris softened in his embrace, her legs growing weak, her breathing come out sharper and sharper, till at last he heard her moan.

The battle was over. Hass had won,

He dragged his left hand up over her body, letting it pass over her stomach and breasts, then gently tilted her head towards him.

Her black eyes were locked on him, gaping, scared, but wanting, her mouth open and wet.

Doris was the one to kiss him, turning around to place her arms around him, her tongue swirling awkwardly against his.

Hass moved his hands down to her hips, and began to lift her dress. Then he grabbed her ass and kissed her even deeper.

His white hands cupped her black booty lovingly, then slowly, began to push into it, at first massaging it, then kneading it with passion, which only made her muffled moans sound all he louder.

What would her parents be thinking if they saw their little girl making out with a man old enough to be her grandpa?

What would her black boyfriend think when he heard that a white man had claimed his black girlfriend first?

Hass could not care less.

She tasted sweet, and her body was so soft.

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